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Purpose of these websites.

These two websites seek to answer the education debate (as websites they have baffled many people) Should education be free ? or at the other extreme should a student leave University (degree or post masters degree) with $50,000 or more, as a personal debt in their early 20's. Often having reached that age, debt level and education stage many ironically change track and careers as they realised they had made a mistake. The answer is a child's education should begin with their parents (who are not a brick in the wall) and both possibilities of free education and paying are options. If a child were to digest the contents of these two websites before they were 10 or 12 years of age they would be advanced enough to step forward confidently and choose their subjects at 14 years of age having guessed what they might like to do as a career or what they may not wish to do. (family businesses are an exception, but not every child may  wish to follow on in the footsteps. Working 10 months and studying in the summer months is also traditional) Many older cultures did not expect a person to realise their ambitions until they were 26 to 30 years of age. Today we expect a child or young adult to know roughly what they intend to choose whether it is academia or a trade in their mid teens. Then from 14 years of age they begin to choose examinations and university and accumulate the resultant debt. This is aside from the pressure of the examinations. Many of the subjects are weak in any case. The two websites also cross reference the different subjects to show how different subjects are connected. They also add the media itself as a layer of education, and hopefully they also add a sense of wonder, mystery and awe at the world we live in. There are instances on these websites when that possibility should dawn on people. Each chapter can be read on their own also.The websites are aimed at the ages of 6 to 16 and for the very young they are slow and deliberately composed. The elderly also prefer large text. As such they are best read on a large screen, the subject matter will still be relevant in years time.Children can absorb levels of education beyond the current system and 'common core'education in the USA is considered dire.The Dalai Lama's children in Tibet without travelling the world could in theory study it all (see chapter 4) The websites are a self contained University and/or a small 'Yeshiva' in certain chapters  (That study will be continued in the facebook page named in the book advertised "the uncreated creator" and a new blog to be listed in the future) (Parental education proceeds alongside school education which could begin later at age 6 or 7 yeas of age. Parental guidance only slightly advised here). These 3 websites also promote free speech and seek to consider all points of view




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The two websites hosted here are designed to also aid students of history, finance/economics and politics and other disciplines to research areas otherwise unavailable as reference material. They also provide a chronological media catalogue of news stories surrounding some events over an extended period. Adding a wide ranging choice of political opinions and news sources to past events and current affairs adds one extra layer of research, and the media is framing opinion and attitudes increasingly. Past events and historical context also assist when hoax or fabricated news or articles are in doubt, or when genuine news and input is questioned, hence the subjects can assist with context. The websites also provide insights into ancient history.They will also assist children aged between 6 and 16, to look back and decide which political party,or economist or newsgroup was the most consistent (in their integrity and promises ) and accurate in discerning events

The events of the last 5 years and since 09.11.2001 (9/11) and the Global banking and financial crash of September 2008 (which began on 7.8.2007) in which the Congress in the USA rejected bailout proposals (29.9.2008) This was followed days later by the Emergency economic stabilization act 2008. when congress accepted the bailout proposals. Oil prices were to blame and the sub-prime mortgages which were bet upon with derivatives.(an each way secondary bet, to fail or to succeed with a payout either way as an option you do not commit too ! Or in other words a $700 Billion bailout). Free enterprise should be free to work not framed by Statism or so called (as defined as) socialism, which is not protecting workers or the middle class, and people prefer nationalism and higher wages. Now (some) mortgages can have a customer insurance "bet" built into the mortgage inclusive derivative, in case of losing work, and accidents or market upsets. Instead of separate mortgage insurance, it is (the derivative insurance) included in the mortgage payment. Sub-primers can win the bet also.This pays the mortgage if problems arise. Yet paying decent wages, to pay a lower fixed term mortgage,(or fixed for 8 years etc) for the term is less considered. This crisis like 9/11 should never have occurred. Promises made from 2004 to 2008 were reneged upon once power was obtained and every criticism of the previous administration was copied and added too after 2008. It is little known that the Democrats accepted a deal after congress had democratically voted not too. Debt has tripled since then, and the world has changed. Many of these events are unique in world history, especially as the visual communications revolution have brought them into every home. The events as far as possible should be recorded and witnessed. The world from the 1880's to the present day have been the most eventful in terms of war, and slavery is still alive. 'Manufacturing Consent' (As Noam Chomsky puts it) or instead 'Manufacturing Dissent' could be equally subjective during these periods.

(Former Feudal Capitalist states which became Socialist and Communist have now reverted to Capitalism again, ...but not all of them to Democracy. Two differing theories suggest, Socialism is the final stage of societal development, others that Capitalism is (the landless in both still require well paid 100% employment)

The chapters below 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 and the adjacent website and chapter 3 and chapter 5 discuss through the media and real events the problem which faces the west. Marxist theory and Capitalist theory dispute who benefits from the exchange of labour for wages, the employee or the employer. Labour and Labour power give rise to surplus value.(first proposed by Adam Smith and then Karl Marx )  Profit it is thought as a worker does not exploit his labour time actually worked against his labour power. Wages being hourly, weekly or monthly a worker can only increase his benefit by higher wages or reduced hours for the same wages. (14 minute lecture) An employer would not hire a worker if the value of his labour was lower than the profit or return the employer experienced.

There are various direct methods and essays analyzing this in greater detail within the chapters named above. An employer would say that without his investment the argument would not exist as a model in the first place (i.e. creating the production, business or company) and so the debate goes on. 

However the West is now Trillions in debt which erodes the contract of exchange between employer and employee, making the exchange more intense and disagreeable. Debt erodes the value of the money and borrowing to begin a venture, which automatically has extra  reduced margins in the long term business plan. Taxes become a wealth redistribution service as opposed to creating local and national services a country requires. Society creates ever increasing tax free foundations to prevent  family land savings disappearing  (see chapter 4 and the pdf named "bank reform 2" which suggests a tax foundation for the lowest class in society but  which discusses all aspects of Labour  value and connected themes 35 - 40 paragraphs down from the beginning of chapter 4 ) and Debt increases taxes on the employer and employee, direct and indirect and less homemade production of food and goods means imports will rise and prices will increase further reducing the margins or profit and a living wage for both. Achieving a higher wage would become more acceptable to employers without these extra national debt burdens, whilst still producing profit (still unacceptable in deep communist thought) whilst prices would also reduce increasing wage value. 

Conventional economics do not cite  the powerful advantages a trust or foundation can add to a cause or societal need. (see chapter 4) Tax free deductible foundations and trusts (as one example) can donate  the interest on the principle amount to a charity of their choosing.(and then avoid taxation) This is a major source of wealth in the world today. Norway has taken the idea further and provides a "oil fund" or Government pension fund which is a rainy day savings (a very rainy day) for all its citizens. Its worth is estimated at $850 Billion and its funds generates 1 Trillion for its citizens  to save or draw from for national needs. Norway turned one idea upside down in effect but still made prosperity and wealth (as opposed to reducing wages and national wealth) for everyone. 

Producing a society which has a very good living wage, high profits and cheap goods (localism) for consumption is a preferred condition for society in preference to chaos, stagnation and growth which is medium but is contributing to the demise of the nation. Germany in its south west region of Swabia along with homegrown corporations has always  tried to achieve this aim against the general economic grain of the EU and achieved not just with time banks or local currencies but nationally available credit which does not hinder stock market trading )  If you follow chapter 2 above and chapter 3 in the adjacent website you will see that debt is actually being used as a weapon (WMD) against the West (from the east)


Basel 1,2 & 3. Banking reforms Since 2008 and the banking collapse one aspect which has changed and which would also allow for increased investment and borrowing are the risk assessment measures put in place to reduce undue risk across all definitions (credit, market, insurance and operational risk etc) These are the Basel 1, 2 and 3 reforms (and the European Solvency Directive) a quote from the Bank of International Settlements Basel 3 is as follows; ' When we realise that the BIS Basel 3 report "Consultative Document Strengthening the resilience of the bankingsector" Page 2 in the Executive summary (point 4) April 2010 states, "Ultimately the public sector had to step in with unprecedented injections of liquidity, capital support and guarantees, exposing the taxpayer to large losses". BIS Basel 3 report April 2010. So taxpayers are also protected
This will allow for increased investment and for credit investment measures expansion without a potential collapse of note or previous magnitudes. Chapter 2 below adds one possible further measure, (the money supply solution) which would stabilize western markets and everyday working practices of workers, business and import / export operations and alleviate credit and market risk and all risk across the board (Even a 10% increase in "MO" would go a long way to achieving this,there are two types of MO)

Chapter 4 (and 3) explores every and any possibility which would end Child and woman slavery of any kind.

Child slavery has also increased despite the communication's revolution, yet so has the potential ability to end it, instead of passively accepting the situation decade after decade.Many victims need to re-learn how to think critically. If Children aged 6 to 16 can be trafficked and bought and sold, then they can receive an alternative education (even it is mistakenly considered advanced for their age or too stark) in order to learn about the real world and avoid and defeat such problems. If parents think their children are not watching or reading far worse online (despite filters and passwords etc) then they are mistaken.

Most children and teenagers on the planet do not get any education at all. Trafficked or abused children who have missed out on education through their ordeal (who were not killed or who have not committed suicide) will also find these two websites helpful. The problem of child and woman trafficking and abuse is vast worldwide. Despite, satellite surveillance, the intelligence services, charities, law enforcement and all possible funds coming forth or appearing, modern slavery and cruelty is alive and well and is not abolished. World political leaders and religious leaders have condemned the modern slave trade, and financial services and financial institutions are also combining to eliminate what amounts to a shameful blight on society. It is is difficult to comprehend in the 21st century such practices exist. (see Human Trafficking map worldwide) For further details see chapter 4 in this page and chapter 6 in the adjoining website. (23.09.2015)

As a quick guide to these two webpages, Chapter 3 in this website page and also chapter 6 and are practical systems of use to society. The adjacent website is educational and will have a new website / blog from Chapter 5 in the future. The rest is supporting and educational. Chapter 3 and began by simply seeking like-minded people who were interested in its aims and whittled them down to just a few, forming different projects which were interconnected. From a large list of people on social media which unfortunately took more than one social media page as there were different subjects. 3 in total but many business's & corporations have different social media pages plus their own personal pages such as Linkedin etc. They can become onerous but as info pages they are useful and rather than "market research" they can bring real opinions and views.

Similar project models over the last few years now complected have been copied in other countries (and each have different designs or approaches for the traditions of that country and which encourage growth and independence or self sufficiency ) and exist already, and they are beginning new freeholds, or communities and small towns (in one case) depending on how open and accommodating the country they reside within is. Finance can be procured from above or from the 'ground up' or both. Anyone can copy it taking the time required and learning as you go. The idea drew inspiration from previous attempts since the internet was formed (even before Facebook or similar social media) Many countries in the economic crisis had 'surplus labour' and the time to begin new ideas

Community Interest Companies (or variants upon it) and the funding (unmentionable) idea.

(December 2015) An idea in the making is a Charity company for social needs to fill a funding gap. The ideal business structure for this will be a Community Interest Company, (as one option and which is a conservative idea) which is half a business and half a charity. This would assist many social projects. (see also Many countries have introduced legislation to enable such companies to begin, whilst others are slow to make those changes.(yet this will go ahead and applications will be made from December 2015 see also the end of chapter 3 and Chapter 4 below)

This funding model (which is not "free") is derided by those who do not understand economics could work with standard bank debt, mezzanine finance, equity and EIIS, venture capital and bonds. It is simply called "funding without borrowing" for internal projects only in a nation (or at small interest to pay costs) The last method "bonds" especially since the Paris Climate summit in December 2015 could also be funded with very low interest free credit and/or complete interest free credit. This last point is derided yet 196 countries have signed up to bonds which will fund development on very low interest free credit. If it is low interest or free interest, the money still has to be repaid hence it is only the interest that is "free" or to cover seigniorage costs. In the past it has also been employed by every nation on earth including America (before 1870) and it is not a socialist idea but a return to conservative economics. This is explained as follows; (by Dr Matthias Kroll who studied political economics, sociology and law at the Hamburg University for Economics and Politics)

" An alternative way of financing and providing sums larger than 100 billion dollars to the GCF could be the involvement of central banks. These can never become insolvent in their own currency due to their monopoly of issuing the legal tender – even if they purchase non-performing assets"

and he adds

" When central banks buy new Green Climate Bonds, and record this in their balance sheets, they also gain a new monetary policy tool. The advantage of this new tool is that it leads directly to the purchase of new goods and services. The real economy is thus stimulated without a need for the usual detour of credit creation by private banks. This means that no new debtors and creditors need be found. The new money is created, debt-free. The disbursal by the GCF would be directly injected into the system of the nation's banks, and their reserves at the central bank would rise. Should excess reserves result, the banks could reduce these reserves by lowering their refinancing at the central bank. The money supply would thus fall again. Banks would reduce their reserves at the central bank, which they do not need to refinance credit creation, and thereby reduce the money supply, because of the endogeneity of the money supply. The Bank of England has recently identified this as the correct description of monetary policy practice.[2] The effect of the endogeneity of the money supply is especially important when central banks buy more Green Climate Bonds (for a short period of time as start-up financing) than needed for actual money creation. This process contributes to the money creation and the resultant money supply reduction offsetting each other, so that the money supply grows as much as the economy requires to expand to full potential

Green Climate Bonds should have a duration of at least 100 years and would ideally only bear small, if any, interest rates. Due to their very long term, Green Climate Bonds would become permanent assets of the central banks and thus form the foundation of regular money creation"

Taking this idea further the resultant debt or money to pay back can be reduced (see along this webpage) to a shorter time even to one year. This is termed producing an asset and reducing the debt to zero. The asset is produced and is paid off. This reduces overheads and costs down the line making planning less volatile for those who cannot help themselves or find work. It has been used to build homes, help oil companies and also social needs.

Extending this idea to help the disabled and children occurs (in theory but a growing accepted theory) as they (in the economic debate) are left in between the ideological discussion and fall through the funding net. Even private funding requires top up funding which can be expensive. This model (community interest companies as described above) maximises funding options to include 1. interest rated bank debt or bonds, 2. interest free credit as described above and 3. charity donations. 4. finance paid off over a very short term. This would also assist disabled war veterans and disabled children. An objection i received from someone "across the pond" is that it was a "socialist idea", but in actual fact it is a conservative idea in origin and this person said they supported disabled veterans? and objected to the burgeoning national debt ? which eats into funds, but which can be managed especially when its purpose is honestly spelt out.

The truth is that this zero interest rate model if a nation employs it alone, then that nation will stagnate in the import / export international finance reality. However if a nation employs a purely bank debt, mezzanine, equity, venture capital model it will implode eventually, and both of these "types" can be viewed in a number of countries around the world especially since 2008. It can run separately (as a MO money supply fund) from the market and stock - market and will not interfere with it. It will ironically stabilize a market / stock market economy (i.e the sub-prime & other problems) It can only go so far. These ideas were once turned into reality by a great economist yet not perfect as no one is (last link has the stamp scrip story) in the 1930's Irving Fisher (Phd Yale, a very clever man, the first economic noble prize winner and a reformed member of the CPLPL A, Congregational Protestants Peoples Liberation Party of America in his youth. He put countless people to work with his schemes in a time of destitution called the Great Depression in the 1930's. This money or "stamp scrip" was spent, creating activity and saved in banks creating deposits for loans again)

To add; that if you pursue certain aspects of this idea which is a boon to society given the caveats above (and the 'lost in translation' problem) you will be threatened with being blacklisted and derided, however since the bridge between the different opinions on this matter is actually mutually beneficial (more than is first realised even) then it is worth pursuing it. For more details see the end of Chapter 3 and the decisions of the Paris climate Cop 21 conference.

Western Banking 2016 / 2017

The choice in banking is either excessive regulation or no regulation which produced the banking crash. Over regulating the banks caused stagnation and some would say this leads to socialism or its successor communism. The idea of increasing the MO money supply (debt free) in circulation allows free market (and services and society needs such as disabled rights) to flourish without as much regulation or restricting economic growth whilst maintaining regulation.

As you read down into chapter 2 and its pdfs and on to the Irish banking inquiry in chapter 1 (which mentions also the film "the big short" or here also ) you could note that senior banking figures including merchant banks in Wall Street and the London banks were concerned about the weak foundations of lending at the sub - prime level which of course if it collapsed would cause all to fall. Once this is corrected it provides a solid foundation for nations and companies. China allows Gold to be swapped for coin at working class, business level which is similar to a buoyant "MO" money supply. Japan once only relied on this method without investing in the market and stagnated but fed everyone and kept them working, and Germany had a form of this circulating in its money supply. All 3 of these countries continued to trade on the markets and were cushioned against collapse although it could be managed better. Bitcoin still has inflation / deflation worries and without the Internet it would revert to a physical lets system. To strengthen the West this problem (solved) would give it a solid foundation whilst still engaging in the Market globally to create a boom and a strong economy (with or without oil prices rising, which will rise into the 4th quarter of 2016, then dip and then accelerate into 2017) which could be 10 times bigger than the last.







Chapter 1

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The following PDF is a background to World War Two and the creation of Israel and modern Europe. Chapters 1 through to 6 are in essence background information which has taken existing theories of politics, economics and spirituality and looked at their validity. In an age where (for instance) the IMF can now state ( October 2012) that austerity is not working, and they got it wrong "IMF: We got effect of austerity wrong" 9.10.2012 amidst massive unemployment, homelessness and poverty must question how any institution or supporting media or journalism in general can be taken seriously especially over the last four years.

The Giant experiment of Austerity (Europe) and Keynesian deficit spending (USA) known as 'quantitative easing' (filling in debt holes) has been wrecking economies across the West since 2008 - 2010. It is perceived that the USA is faring better but at the expense of enormous public debt to the cost of Trillions. Therefore Americans actually own less than before Obama began. (who has ran up largest debt in US history)

Europe has the chance to rid themselves of austerity merchants across the EU, which is based across left and right and all political parties (who have the same policy). Many existing 'Anti-austerity' politicians and hopeful candidates are anti-austerity as they want to retain their salaries (so of course they have been anti-austerity you can elect them out now) see the analysis from the Huffington Post next link down. ( entitled Getting Out of Recession: European Austerity v. American Deficit Finance -- Which One Is Effective?)

(Chapter 1) EU, Rome London Israel

This chapter and website in general is the background to a book of two chapters, allowing further research if required. The first chapter is in the PDF above (EU, Rome London Israel). The Book is entitled 'The Uncreated Creator A middleway consideration of the Temple' and is available as an EBOOK worldwide for the minimum price allowable.

This is the third edition of this book and discussions of its contents through conversation, email or social media has led to a deeper exploration of the issues. It is essentially the same book but has allowed disputes, opinions and problems which have existed for centuries (or much longer) to open up. This book allows this accumulated feedback to enter into its script, and many technical problems which were left slightly incomplete or merely suggested to allow a wider discussion.

For all those who bought the first edition and do not want to re-purchase you can join facebook at and discuss any issues (and see topics relating to the first book edition) with many people and find further information. It is priced to be as cheap as possible and to allow publication as cheap as possible. The information on the facebook page is for people who cannot afford to buy a book (possibly 1/3 of the world) or who do not have apps or technology for sufficient periods of time to enjoy such luxuries. If so they can enjoy some of the books information within the photo albums for free, including also the 'look inside' section of the Amazon book. As such it is presented in this manner. The bibliography is also published in the facebook page the sources of which are as broad as possible. The book is a panoramic view of the Temple in Jerusalem and also the surrounding theology and faith which is of course many thousands of years old. The sources are numerous and designed to be as wide as possible.

These two websites are ancillary to the book and they are to provide background information to it on questions people always ask or inquire into and which often distracts from the main topic, although they are pertinent issues, and interesting subjects in themselves. All of the information is factually correct, which should shock people as the world of history, politics and economics and human suffering is beyond bearing for many countries and communities worldwide. The websites are compiled on old fashioned word press which is often difficult to complete (you may notice)

The book and ancillary websites (and not every chapter in the websites will be of interest to all) are amateur but are educational and enjoyable subjects in what is a fascinating and interesting topic, and they allow further research. It is not fiction, and many people within the facebook page have contributed in some way or other but it does not pretend to be all encompassing. The rest of the explanation is within the books introduction (the Amazon 'look inside') which is also free.

An alternative link is available here

As mentioned it comprises two further chapters with seven subheadings. Chapter 1, 1) The Temple. 2) Zionism 3) Zion 4) The Ark of the Covenant. 5) Sacred Geometry Chapter 2 6) The Truths. 7) The war in the Heavens.

The first subheading ‘The Temple’ is slightly technical in order to introduce aspects of sacred geometry and other subjects as it progresses. Sacred Geometry, Zion, Religion, History, Esoteric beliefs, Ancient Megaliths, Astro-Archaeology and Astro-Theology are all included, and it examines theology, history and politics as taught or as perceived. The Book works best in IPAD or the Free Kindle reader.

The book can be considered an introduction to the very basics of theology and political theocracy, and as such it will guide you through the subjects which are varied and exist today as they did thousands of years ago. It combines Western thought which includes 'Pre-History' and Greek (Hellenism) thought, the Cabala, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Evangelicalism, and finally Hebrew and Messianic Nazarene theology and Zion, and can be considered a basic course into those subjects which were once revered, and an integral part of Western Culture. Two new authors in December 2015 are added, for their insights into theology and history.

30% of the money raised form the book will go to a charity named within the and and/or ‘competition’ Tab.

The two websites here will allow ideas and views to be researched further which has been their aim since they were produced.







Chapter 2

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Money Creation UK Parliament debated Money Creation in 2014. Banking Thesis of 2005 into 2007 / 8, and the financial crash. Central banking uses and problems


Hear this Sovereign money debate in 2014 following the bank crash and bank bailouts of 2007 - 2008 "Michael Meacher MP at the historic debate in UK Parliament on Money Creation"   'UK parliament to debate money creation (20.11.2014) for the first time in 170 years' with Steve Baker MP and Bill Cash MP  see here for full 2 hour version in 2014  or mid length version of highlights from same debate Money creation (Bitchute)  is 'paper money' but fiat paper money and electronic money as broad money and as opposed to MO notes and coins (which is explained below) issued through national treasuries and also see the documentary below "97 %  Money Cut" 


'UK parliament to debate money creation (20.11.2014) for the first time in 170 years'. Money creation is regarded as insignificant in the overall economic debate. Yet with all the banking scandal and austerity and unemployment suffered on the public and business's and banking solutions are sought. The following chapters give alternative's and solutions. Big business shy's away from this topic, (which due to a lack of understanding cannot grasp that buoyant debt free currency supplies solves many wage/margin profit problems for employer or employee) corporations are printing their own currency (electronically as opposed to fiat cash and notes) and global debt levels have now hit $100 Trillion (or here) which could trigger the next global crisis.(this is despite claims inflation of prices in assets cancel out the debts, if so why does the debt continue to rise) Today in 2020 this $100 trillion debt has become $255 Trillion in April 2020. Debt rises every year despite tweaking pension or insurance funds, and the solutions eventually assist the public to discern who is (politicians) actually telling you the truth and protecting the future. 100% employment and money creation solutions are possible, which of course stabilizes, business, employment and government. Having practical examples (say within construction, especially for health and medical requirements which of course also strengthens a population) with contributions from professionals in construction and banking, even at a basic level or starting point helps the public to grasp the gravity of the problem which remains unsolved, but which has solutions for the employed (and unemployed) and business

In 2020 the debate between treasury issued coinage (which can also be notes and both can be classed as 'MO' in the MO, M1 - M5 designation in central banks) and central banking issued currency is analysed for the pros and cons of each system (many societies can have both for instance, and the IMF has called for Global debt reduction and stability in economics) see 'What's Behind the Fed's Manufactured Coin Shortage?'   by Best Evidence or here again once more on Bitchute )  In 2016 the debate on QE for the people took place also in Britain "QE for people" demo at the Bank of England" and information from 'Positive Money' on youtube   and from the World Economic Forum Youtube  (see chapter 3 below on this last link)


Added in 06.03.2024...  Then see Justin Walker: The Bradbury Pound and Fraudulent Banking  (or here again once more ) which should teach people to keep cash. Bear this in mind when considering in 1933 everyone in the USA was turned into a corporation by proxy in order that to avoid total bankruptcy debt was issued against "a person" i.e you and everyone you know to this day as security (collateral securitisation) for central banks to continue issuing debt globally (so it was in the USA but in effect it was for the whole world, and which was certain by 1945 - 1948 see "How US Citizens became enemies of the State within and of their own county, and human 'collateral' for loans. How it spread to everyone Globally"  

Today the monetary system by design from the 1860's - 1880's into 1913 (the creation of the central banks) has captured (you will own nothing and be happy) all debts and even (intended soon) all assets that are not in debt  "The World is now a 'Securitised Tokenized Asset' as are all people on it ? The Financial Meltdown Matrix"  ("You will own nothing and be happy") This shorter version of the film at the end has 5 o6 supporting economists, but the Great taking goes into greater detail

In 1933 fwd over every decade those in debt were in trouble in a crash. The difference now is even those who have assets and are not in debt and have paid off those assets or who owned for generations (even) will also be liable for asset removal in the tokenization of securities and currencies and all the world's assets  and with the last link above (with 5 or 6 other economists adding a view in a shorter version above ) this is fully explained (in what is a difficult subject for many to grasp) by David Rogers Webb  in (a future event....    all world debt should be cancelled without conditions) (for real Law see the adjacent website "The sovereignty of nations"   and an introduction here Maritime Admiralty Law, the Law of the Sea    or here on youtube    or again on bitchute 





In 2005, the thesis below (in the four pdfs) was designed to ask 349 Banks and building societies and finance houses if they will lend interest free credit, and if 428 Construction firms, developers and investors if they would like to receive interest free credit. This totals 777 institutions in total. Many were unaware that this issuance already existed as a method of currency credit or issuance.

80.6 % of 428 Construction companies, Property Developers and Investors, said they would like to receive interest free credit, and 1.8 % of 329 Banks (6 in total) & Finance Houses, said they would like to give interest free credit. Although 19% of all Banks, & Finance Houses said they thought interest free credit would benifit the economy, 36% said they felt constrained from of interest free credit (67% said they did not ?), clearly it is not been offered despite the demand.

Out of 777 institutions surveyed 35.08 % or 273 Construction companies, Property Developers and Investors, Banks and Finance Houses (would) have said they would wish to raise the matter with the Government on the matter of a new procurement model. This is not just thinking it is a good idea, but proactive.

Objections to this proposal often quote the Bank of Japans “lost decades” era (1990s…forward), which lowered interest rates to zero, and demand (GDP) for money as bonds fell, causing what is known as a “liquidity trap”. However monies still circulated and the system worked, but its GDP assessment did not, hence Joseph Stiglitz Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2001) says GDP is not an indicator of real wealth, only bank growth at interest. (a significant part of GDP)

“One reason is that some believe that the charging of interest sets up a growth compulsion in the economy and that, as perpetual economic growth is unsustainable, the development of a no-interest bearing banking system is a key towards building a sustainable economy”
Douthwaite, Richard and Jopling, John (editors) 2004 Growth, The Celtic Cancer, Why the global economy damages our health and society. & (article) How interest free banking works, The case of Jak by Ana Carrie. Feasta Review number 2

Since many institutions wanted interest free credit, and many were prepared to give interest free credit, it is clear that a liquidity trap is created by denying the supply of credit and demand is constant or steady. In a recession (or in a boom) people want credit (and debits) but not as a bond with interest or as a bond in any case. During the economic disaster the banks have created over the last three years, they have not had a “liquidity trap” (quantitative easing) but people (society worldwide) has, (credit crunch) it is estimated that world bailouts have exceeded 100 Trillion dollars, yet money is still found for war, and not people, and inflation worries (which can be cured) are nonsense

The thesis below in one of four pdf’s (Banking reform 1, thesis ) is technical and not designed to be an easy read. The first pdf can be followed, and the second pdf (4.0 Quantitative analysis) is a part of the first but separated to make it easy to follow.

Pdf 3 & 4 are the lists of the institutions contacted, the entire responses are not included as 777 pieces of paper are too large for a pdf.

Banking reform 1 thesis.pdf
(correct pdf now uploaded)

4.0 Quantative analysis.pdf

Banks and finance houses list.pdf

Construction industry list.pdf

What is interesting about this unusual approach is many of the banking (wholesale and retail and construction companies) thought it was a good idea. The ones that understood the point of the exercise in my opinion are the ones which should be employed to run an economy. Many agreed this method could indeed be employed for social needs.


Video Documentary for those who do not wish to read the thesis contents, a documentary made in 2009 entitled,

"97% Owned - Positive Money Cut" available on youtube follows its theme very closely. It is also an excellent documentary which relates how democracy & economic democracy is subverted, but also how full employment on high wages can produce stability.

(Alternative link )


Very similar to the thesis, the documentary differs slightly. Private Commercial banks are creating money out of nothing, but not into employment and manufacturing, (Jobs) hence there is no demand, no spending. More effort is put into convincing society that it can do nothing than actually doing anything. Collating this money back into one central bank under public control preferably, would direct these funds into work, wages and spending, and an economy can service its own internal needs creating work for it as a society, before it worries about exporting and currency fluctuations. Nominal interest rates at zero will produce real interest rates at zero without inflation. That is the point of a stable economy. Private agreements in the high street or commercial loans after this (for large amounts) are a private deal which could expect a rate of return and a profit, but that is a private deal albeit the benefit for them at 0%, real interest rates to pass on at 1- 4 % privately (without bailouts), the capital sum from the public bank is then repaid, and the public will have the benefit of employment and infrastructure. Every private company cannot borrow, those that cannot are not the client but the employed, this very low (zero) inflationary model is not a taxpayers burden. Those that abuse the system will be barred and those that do not will be prudent, private businesses that really are entrepreneurs instead of the pretence we currently have. Savers also benefit from this private arrangement; society requires the right to work, have shelter, food and the right to happiness.
Public ventures, local councils, local authorities and the elected naturally are funded by this system DeJure.

Another example is Seigniorage, it can be made to zero cost, and a debt free system instead of 2, or 3- 4% debt free currency, (as currently exists) it could be 100% or indeed 97%. Further following the logical direction employed construction and infrastructure and social needs (as assets with value set against the currency produced) can also offset the national debt figure without further taxation. As of course profits by Seigniorage have been exceeded by national debt and subsequent interest payments by a very large margin. Inflation also does not reduce bond debt over time, as of course debts in every country have consistently risen over the last 100 years. Debt free circulation, hard money cash can be made to last hundreds of years, offsetting costs. Electronic money created by society can also be debt free, interest free and a large circulating total amount (97%). Circulated for society. (Families, employment, self employment) The Bank of England have recently introduced the possibility of plastic money (people may laugh but if it survives wear and tear then the cost of Seignorage depreciates ). Also if it is not backed by Gold and Silver, which are also inflationary if charged or loaned at interest then it does not matter if the money is plastic, paper or wood. Genghis khan in the 1190's once used tree bark as money, it was accepted under his immediate authority so to speak)

Once taxpayers bailed out the banks the link between money creation and public liability as the real owners through the treasury and finance departments of "government" became clear (2008 -2013) it was also realised that private banks cannot always be sued. (The libor/euribor scandal being an exception) In which case elected representatives are surplus and powerless to this system as is the voting system. Partly nationalising central banks and former private banks has only produced nationalised debts to the public, whilst banks are now back in profit. Fully nationalising the central banks and allowing "the people" to create their own money is real economic democracy.



The 'MO' money designation for internal circulation (cash and notes for freedom) with Money creation and 95% of the World's population. 

It also points out that MO as a part of the money supply existed as high as 21% in 1963, and previously it could have been as high as 100% compared to 3 or 4 % which exists today There is no economic reason why it has to exist at only 3 or 4% and you can see it does not increase debt levels as it circulates (see down below under the Occupy movement and beside the Irish banking inquiry headings) This is because it is not charged at interest to the public. A nation does not charge itself interest to distribute its own internal money supply. It exists outside of the M1 – M4 money designation. Today in Britain it would take around £70 billion to circulate for it to achieve fair value against prices. It is the interest at source which causes first inflation and this is a separate issue from ‘Fractional reserve banking’ which occurs after first money is printed. You can have ‘MO’ with or without fractional reserve banking. This MO supply was reduced down slowly over time from the 1960’s (but even then it was circulated at 21% of the money supply at 0% interest known as narrow money notes and coins) It was then taken away slowly, yet without public debate and for no reason at all over than to profit from what should be free. It is however not ‘free money’ as it requires work and reward as normal. It flow and amount is regulated for the sake of fair prices at fair value. The other money designations M1 to M4 (broad money) can exist at interest or not and MO circulating does not hinder import export or the stockmarket.


See ‘Zeitgeist - Money Mechanics Part 1’.  At 1 minute 30 seconds fwd. Interest on the money created, creates a need for more money to be printed to pay the interest. Money and interest are two spate items. Money 100% is not the same as Money with interest as this requires 100% +  2 or 3% or whatever. So it can never be paid back as the missing money to pay the interest is printed again .... at interest !. In other words it is the interest which creates the inflation requiring new money to be printed.

(‘Zeitgeist - Money Mechanics Part 2’.)            ( Zeitgeist Money Mechanics Part 1 on Bitchute  and again Zeitgeist Money Mechanics  Part 2 on Bitchute )


Crypto The End of Freedom! 1988 Economist magazine until today


For M1 to M4 interest can be attached, but this thesis particularly wanted to draw out that non electronic money circulating at 0% interest internally can remove inflation and price instability in an economy. It made sure that the question could not be ignored. 

Participants in this thesis/survey (in the 4 pdfs above in the last heading to understand this mercurial subject ) responded by  52 % (and not every reply is contained with the 4 pdf's above, 100 or so arrived after the due date and could not be counted ) who understood what this means passed comments as to how this could work. The public is told this is a non - issue of low importance. Most people do not have Gold or Silver and live day to day from wages and it is more important for them, but they make up 95 % of the world's population.  Of the 261 questionnaires returned in time 82.4% said they thought interest free would be a good idea, and surprisingly 35.08% of the returned questionnaires said they would wish to raise the matter of a new procurement model in banking and construction along these ideas. It could work in any procurement area and still provide profitable banking and construction.. Many pointed out occasions when it had been employed. They were also directed back to this website to read the results, and many MSM media conversations began as well as alternative media, and continued beyond 2005/6 into 2007. Most people do not have Gold or Silver and live day to day from wages and it is more important for them, but they make up 95 % of the world. Essentially every transaction made in any nation every day, year in and year out and in every nation is devaluing the currency. It is also adding Trillions in debt to every economy and/or every economy unnecessarily against every transaction everyone makes every day. Why would any nation need to charge interest on its circulating money supply (produced in a private bank by printing or in a nations treasury by printing out of nothing) This method increases prices by inflating the economy. It is interest which inflates at printing source in an economy, after which a secondary interest charge is introduced to reduce borrowing which will reduce 'inflation' but as every note (except for 4%, it was 21% in 1963 see images above) by putting borrowers off from borrowing extra. This is absurd. (the four pdfs above also contain instances when the MO was employed to help construction. If every item on a quantity surveyors list is purchased at interest i.e. every brick and any item, then inflation is built into the very fabric of society )  Private construction can be charged interest if they borrow from banks, but those monies are or should be equity not loans charged at interest from the central bank, as this acts as a hidden tax on taxpayers and many PPP/PFI loans do the same ) Every day stable prices keep prices low and wages higher producing a boom in spending without inflation for working and middle-class consumers. see Ron Paul on prices 'Ron Paul takes on the Federal Reserve'    or here Ron Paul  'Ron Paul, Fed is going to self destruct'  or here  'End the Fed | Ron Paul'    The MI to M4 designations are not affected by 0% MO it also does not affect the Stock market negatively. The culprit is printing interest on MO which acts then as a hidden tax in direct proportion to the amount of MO in circulation at interest. Solve this first and see prices stabilise and keep their stability over decades. MO is of course monitored and its circulating amount determines value whether it is Gold, silver, notes or coins, but taking the money supply back into the treasury is essential. A solid economy only produces a better stockmarket and increases 100% employment. As every transaction unnoticed contributes to this debt in Trillions the IMF is worried about (but who never seem to mention this problem or 'MO') then this solution is good for the debt reduction they are so concerned about ? It is either ignored or the public are told it is not important or worse an illusion. Look at the worlds total debt of $250 Trillion by those who manage or economies as experts ? (this method also separates the world from oppression especially 'digital money' AI demands as long as you keep cash) (see also chapter 3b on the adjacent website)




The deliberate failure? of the "Occupy" movement (are they ‘Extinction Rebellion’)

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Many left wing movements can organise and protest and create upheaval but are they motivated to go further, or is the leadership instructed to go no further than a certain point. In the USA during the Presidential elections it transpired that the Democrats had hired people to create violence at the Republican meetings and then blame those meetings for the violence. After the election riots and destruction took place across America which was also blamed on George Soros who has been behind the Russia investigation in his purple revolution, and also the recent Ukraine impeachment ‘inquiry’. A few years before this in 2010 / 2011, the ‘Occupy movement’ surrounded the banking sectors of the world. If they had taken possession of the banks? what then ?

The banking reforms (Basel 3 regulations see chapter 1 above) were already taking shape by the time the Occupy movement began, and the demands of the occupy were secondary or third demands. Demands were met but Austerity followed, and George Soros encouraged Austerity year after year. A pointless act which did not defeat inflation problems (as suggested they would) but created up to 30% unemployment in many countries. Stockmarket traders would not have been able to bet against housing sub - prime mortgage tranches / bundles, if the problem had not existed in the first place. Are these demonstrations bourgeois, with a hint of  twee "I phone" ? Anarchists sometimes provide energy in transforming situations, but later in life babies of Anarchists need feeding, over an extended period and they will not liberate themselves from selfish eating habits and sleeping desires and Anarchists who are now elderly or retired need help and care. Therefore a question arises as what is the point of many actions if they achieve nothing or they deliberately achieve nothing. Constructive changes to society are positive and build society up. Society has always (eventually) employed a intermediary method of exchange (currency) as capital for trade and it has always run into problems ( always in every era, including labour as currency) These problems effected the 2008 financial crash, they effect the working class in prices of goods and services, they decrease margins in cash-flow between employer and employee and eventual they make exports un-competitive. This is a problem which is undermining the western economy along with bad trade deals.

Many people in the Dublin Occupy movement commented that nothing was happening, after a week, this a was correct observation. Tens of thousands were camped out around the banks around the world. Therefore the only rational decision was to enter the bank (you are allowed to exchange old Punts for Euros at a set value) and ask them what they would want. I did this and surprisingly they were not averse to an extra currency (for internal circulation only) circulating like a giant let system. As long as it did not cause external exchange or inflation problems. Occupy were informed of the developments as outlined in the next paragraph but were not really interested. One idea for instance regarding the ‘parallel punt’ was put formally to the Occupy movement. This idea was also discussed and formulated within Trinity University in Dublin with lecturers contributing to the scheme.

What the 'parallel punt' (or similar) is not; 1. It is not an increase in the money supply above what is the norm. The MO - M4 money supply is the supply method we use it simply replaces the money taken from the economy in a recession, it can be subtracted again also. The MO money designation is notes and cash which currently accounts for around 3 - 4% of the supply debt-free and interest-free. All the rest is charged at interest and is debt money and is worse than paper or coins which are supplied free (debt money is simply money we owe ourselves but which now is never paid down or canceled unlike other times in history) The MO is not technically fiat currency as it is backed by the people and the treasury government. It can be backed by Gold, Silver or Platinum. These precious metals in the past have also been lent at interest = debt. 2. As such it is not 'doubling money' as QTM (Quantity theory of money) and it is not a method which John Law mistakenly employed in the late 1700s.  3. The vast majority of people in the world cannot afford Gold and Silver or any precious metals to provide value. Their governments cannot afford Gold or Silver, therefore they exist in this economy (97% Owned, Positive Money Cut) 4. In the USA pundits advise people to buy Gold or Silver and that is good, except if they cannot afford it. In the EU in the bloc individual nations have no fiscal control and would have to break free and then buy Gold and Silver or the ECB would have to change its policy but which does not seem likely. 5. Cryptocurrency is a Trojan horse. Even though they state bitcoin is finite (and that is good) it takes more energy than it would require to power a small city. Energy = money and in the future bitcoins is going to have to produce more to keep up with demand. Further, the myth that it will decentralized is mute when the powers that  be own the logarithm as they do in China (thanks to Eric Shmidt and Google) The cashless society has led to dramatic predictions but this is occurring (without the chip yet) in China  via 5G / 6G see 'China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System'  or here in the USA (version)   6. Most people want a reset, not a collapse and for the stockmarket to be put on a sound footing (as opposed to the recent past) yet if al this did collapse the vast majority of people would not care, as it is outside their area of 'trade' (food, housing, travel etc). 7. A collapse in the world system will lead to the Maoist China system, a new monetary unit (SDR or XR) has to be based upon Gold and Silver or the people who are honest, running the treasury. The parallel punt (which can be temporary to allow a transition) idea or similar is not hard to work out (as one idea ) and recessions are deliberately created, where they begin is the question, the parallel punt or parallel franc, or Deutschmark or pound or Drachma etc. The freedom to earn as little or to be content, or as much as you like is down to the individual as Liberty not the state. The parallel currency is a remedy to recession.

Gold-backed currency In 1907 during the Gold-backed currency era, the central bank (before the central reserve bank was created in 1913) too many promises to pay (IOU'S) were distributed for the amount of Gold held. Shares were issued for a new venture in the United Copper Company. When depositors wanted their shares recognized and eventually their notes exchanged back for Gold (which can be done internally in China today still)  of course the bank could not match the demand. This shows the flaw or possible flaw in the Gold-backed system, although the notes themselves do bear the 'promise to pay' contract on them and depositors can force a court to uphold that promise. The resultant bank run ruined lives and business's (video youtube 'Panic of 1907' ) 

It simply parallels an existing currency. (or it can be employed if a country leaves that currency area such as the EU or Yen etc) Every recession is created by withdrawing currency form circulation (Austerity or poverty is created as one example) When money is added to the economy and it circulates an economy recovers. It is that simple. The Occupy movement were not interested. This is because these so called movements of the left are run by Socialist / Communist millionaires and billionaire’s who want everything for themselves, and need socialism to convince the masses to live in poverty, austerity or in a ‘finite’ world an also to reduce the population. ‘Scarcity’ as a concept is a con, but in realising this, it does not mean you want or have to be ‘rich’. Materialism (whether it is the possession of things or a belief that Spirit does not exist ) is not real wealth and a Billionaires money is but a drop in the ocean. As the saying goes you cannot take it with you at the end, yet increase and looking after your family and home or town and country are your rights. There are many groups and peoples around the world who value (paid down or paid off) land ownership and home ownership as a means to eradicate their poverty. Liberty (to repeat) means you can earn as much or as little as you like without stealth taxation and new increased taxes (with a nation having 100% employment and a controlled emigration system not bowing to slave labour, by importing cheap labour and outsourcing jobs and industry out of the country) 

In 2011 Following the Occupy movement, and before it came the 'Arab Spring' (2010 /2011) uprisings, it resulted in massive Christian persecutions, which morphed into attacks on any spiritual belief as is currently occurring in China under the Communist party, including enslavement by digital social credit systems.(and eventual 'chip' cashless system for all as prompted by Obama et al as UBI or universal basic income. (except for themselves as millionaires including Obama)  Christians are by far the biggest group to be killed and beheaded. The USA has rights such as free speech, privacy and liberty written into its constitution which is why it is under attack. 

Christian Genocide(s) The long-running Arab Spring uprisings which began in 2011, and which increased in intensity into 2014 and 2015 and still continuing today, were recognised by the current US administration as an urgent problem and Genocide against Christians of all denominations in December 2018. This is not the first attempt by the West to resolve the terror in the Middle East. 

Pope Francis named the Christian Genocide in 2015. The UK parliament on the 21.04.2016, voted unanimously to declare the Christian Genocide as a Genocide in the Middle East. This followed on from John Kerry's pronouncement of the Genocide on 17/03/2016 and also the US House of Representative's pronouncement on the 15/03/2016, followed by the European Parliament's announcement of the Genocide on the 04 & 05 / 02/ 2016. Following the UK parliament vote, the government did not then fully name it as 'genocide' and has not officially recognised the designation. Although the vote does make that statement, it was still not far enough for MP's who have fought for the vote. President Obama on his trip to the UK and France in 2016 reluctantly named the Armenian Genocide of 1.5 Million Christians by Turkey (1915 – 1925) a "mass atrocity" following the protest and demonstrations of 60,000 people, who marched in remembrance of it, and who protested outside the Turkish embassy in Wilshire boulevard in Los Angeles at that time. 40 US states out of 50 declared the Armenian genocide, a genocide as calls for action were made in the spring of 2016 by the Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Donald Wuerl and the then  Secretary of State John Kerry. It is Christians who were murdered and who are being targeted for Genocide.

The Sacramento Bee concludes Obama's legacy is Genocide, in reference to the Christian genocide in the Middle East, and today areas like Nigeria, Egypt and the lesser reported areas of the Levant are still living through the tribulation Christians are facing extinction in the middle east pleads the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2017. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols made the following joint statement on the 17.04.2019 The Knights of Columbus, and a broad array of faith-based organisations supported President Trump's bill entitled 'H.R. 390, the Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act of 2018'. It is a start writes the Baptist Union, which is reporting on ongoing connected persecutions and terror, as hopes continue that President Erdogan of Turkey (as he has promised in his dual attempt to re-establish the Ottoman Empire by force) will press on with the safe zone plan for the Middle East for the Kurd's and Christian's and wider.  However Erdogan has said instead he hopes to 'recreate' the former Ottoman Empire  and which began in 2011 with the attacks on Greece (economically and upon its borders)  

The whole United Nations migration protocols  (the UN migration compact  UN Agenda 20/30 ) is a scam which is using deception to force nations to accept 240 million (to begin with) people from other nations to take over countries. It is lucrative trafficking and when trafficking is tackled and stopped 'migration' stops as it is a criminal scam overseen by the UN who have themselves been caught trafficking children. Destroying the family is a part of that agenda as is destroying local communities. When the trafficking ban was in full force (in Jan 2019) ‘migration’ slowed into the EU. This trafficking/migration has been a concern for decades Even as 70 traffickers are arrested in August 2019 in the EU (and see Lauren Southern’s ‘Borderless’ documentary) and for example 103 were arrested in 2013 in the EU and in 2016 Europol coordinated a mass arrest of traffickers in the EU (and yet it continues) it is an epidemic. There are so many arrests but estimates suggest only 20 % of trafficking is discovered. The final approval is overseen by EU technocrats who have used a smaller fact that Matteo Salvini (last link who was recently replaced by a ‘migration specialist’ similar to communist migration specialist  Federica Mogherini ) the leader of Italy, banned a boat from landing. The ‘boats’ were / are paid for by George Soros for many years. Many on the left are paid to facilitate the trafficking and it is ideological and not an emergency that requires western assistance and taxpayers in aid payments (when there are homeless and unemployed nationally at home ) any more than climate change is an emergency.  Nations are not consulted, neither are local communities as they are discovering. Useless politicians are simply installed to assist with the agenda and that is all they do, but you can vote them out or as they did in Romania, jail them. The ultimate aim of the UN 2030 agenda (and see The David Knight show and video 'ID 2020: Global Digital ID Pushed Via Vaccines'  ) is to create a global slave system for  everyone worldwide. and it has already in motion. worldwide in every continent, and it is the open border 'progressive socialist-communist' left undertaking it on your behalf (XO Extinction Rebellion etc) and which is the social credit system +  the chip processed at new October 2019 quantum speeds via blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is not a ''singularity" new age  evolution but regression, into a global gulag resembling North Korea or China (see chapter 5 below)


In 2019 we have seen the rise of Extinction Rebellion who are the occupy movement mark 2. Consider the following videos.  ‘ The Truth About Extinction Rebellion Apr 26, 2019 or the next video ‘Extinction Rebellion Are Paid Professional Demonstrators - The Proof!’  

A recent article states they are paid by Soros. The media also repeated each other on the ‘dire warning’   (facebook video “ Democrats Announce The Date World Will END!” ) of the end of the world in 12 years ( exactly 20/30 ?) It is of course nothing to do with environmental concerns.  Similar claims by the United Nations dating back to 1989 were made concerning the year 2000. In 1998 rising sea levels could destroy the earth the UN warned in 1989, and by the year 2000 we would be underwater. See video ‘The End Is Nigh! Over 40 Years Of Doomsday Predictions In Media’ Melting ice caps (with a higher mass than liquid water) reduces sea levels as they melt by displacement, but it seems they are not melting in any case, and this is according to Leonard Nimoy and scientists who formed a consensus in 1979 (video “Ice Age Scare 1979 Leonard Nimoy”) In 1979 it was estimated that a tax was needed (climate carbon tax) to the tune of 37 or 39 $Trillion to cover ice with a black soot to prevent the ice from taking over the world (see vids above)

Next see recent people’s parliaments in action (they have called for a peoples parliament not to bring Democracy or a Constitutional Republic but to enslave and remove existing rights and common law. ‘SOYCIALISTS OF AMERICA’   (or here) Production was the mantra of the Marxist left before 1933, (before Cultural Marxism) but now they would be classed as environmentally unsound and possibly ‘triggering to his anxiety’ (see vid above)  or they also would be ‘mis-gendering terrorists’ However if you consider what is actually going on in China and which is the aim of Marixst theory into Cultural Marxism and Post- modernism (and have an insight on how they are exporting into the USA and Europe see ‘Social Credit Score USA’   or here )  or alternatively here ‘Everyone In China Is Getting A 'Social Credit Score'   &   ‘Exporting dystopia: China’s social credit system | The Weekly’  All prepared courtesy of Obama, Soros and Clinton. 1. ‘Exposing China's Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent’        2. ‘China to assign social credit scores to citizens by 2020’   3. ‘China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System’      (or longer version here ‘CHINA’S SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM IS THE MOST TERRIFYING THING EVER’  ) when openly China says it wants to rule the New World Order 

What the Soycialists of America (to repeat ‘SOYCIALISTS OF AMERICA’   or here  or here as an MP4 Video file) do not tell you.  (the 'jazz hands' and other hand signals were a part of the occupy movement in 2010/2011 also, and were in efect brought in to stifle debate into 'progressive stack' lists usually ending in those who were pre-chosen to speak).   The last video here cuts off just before a Chinese Communist tank bursts through the back wall, and flattens a third of the room, killing them instantly (a recent example of tanks in Hong Kong  August 2019, and see ‘The Truth About the Hong Kong Protests’ prior to the five demands and after their first demand was met,  and which is not a ‘colour revolution’ as they are fighting Maoism and Communism as also the new social credit slavery system which is also now in the USA) The other 1/3 were removed for organ harvesting, with the last 1/3 sent to gulags for re-education. Yet the ‘Soycialists’ were still waving ‘Jazz hands’ or  complaining they were ‘mis-gendered’ as they were put on the surgeons table in Communist Beijing to remove their actual gender parts ( or here or over the years for the Fulan Gong  and the links show recent tribunals confirming the ‘medical practice’ of selling  organs for money from the millions of prisoners in the thousands of internment camps) or they were still shouting you are 'triggering my anxiety'. The peoples paid representatives in Soycialism are the useful idiots who are the first to be shot along with the ‘intellectuals’  Contrary to many views the intelligence services oppose these ideologies.

Extinction Rebellion grew out of a campaign group called 'Rising Up!' in 2016. Rising up in turn included smaller groups which formed out of the 'Occupy movement' of 2011 and 2012 and which also protested in Ireland and New York." but achieved very little. (see the adjacent website and chapter 2 and sub heading The deliberate failure? of the "Occupy" movement  Rising Up! was formed by activists who have also been part of Compassionate Revolution, Earth First! Occupy, Plan Stupid, Radical Think Tank and Reclaim the Power.' Rising Up!' as a campaign group is also linked to 'Compassionate Revolution' which was birthed in the Occupy movement" Planned Parenthood the world’s leading suppliers of abortion on demand via its abortion clinics also teamed up with the Occupy movement in 2011 Saving the planet from extinction but by extinction, are the "anti-natalists" who believe the world is overpopulated, and we all should stop having children, and perhaps humanity itself should end. Why does extinction rebellion not protest outside abortion clinics with now 1 billion abortions since the early 1980’s ? American citizens are forced to take out Obamacare (with no choice) but it offered to illegal immigrants for free ? Abortion is extinction as yje US administration signs to remove the Obamacare abortion mandate. The BBC reporting upon the anti - natalists, in August of this year noted one of their philosophical positions "Judging from posts in the anti-natalist groups, there's clearly a large overlap between their ideas and environmental activism. "I feel that it is selfish to have children at this time," adds Nancy a vegan, plastic-free, animal rights enthusiast and yoga instructor from the Philippines."The reality is that the children being born into the world are creating more destruction for the environment." (etc) The world is under-populated.

Of course there are many sincere people protesting (to move towards 100% employment) a lack of new business and jobs, to reduce the overbearing and unnatural debt levels which includes the national debt, the derivatives bubble (last article; Warren Buffet as the world Derivative debt bubble hits $1 quadrillion = $1000 Trillion in 2018 and now a lot more) and future unfunded commitments which are shared with all the EU nations far beyond the derivates debt bubble (unfunded commitments can plan ahead 50 years)  and which amount to untold €Quad- Trillions. No nation can reform its economy when irresponsible derivative products are allowed to ruin stability. In the USA, the derivatives bubble is over $500 Trillion dollars whilst the US national debt is $22 trillion) This is a terrible problem. Organic locally grown food is great for urban areas and communities, but farmers who have been growing foods before Monsanto began spraying them, know more about the environment than any Green party. Farmers and any small trader can now become producer and merchant cutting out the middleman locally (localism) and export any excess as nations can also. Local small and medium manufacturing can begin again with high technology but also people will return to manufacturing hand made objects, this is why people collect old furniture and odds and ends as they were made well and were beautiful. This is real free trade without the inflationary debt. Whilst people have been looking up at the skies at ‘global warming’ and ‘global cooling’, soils have been destroyed hardening them with chemicals requiring new GMO seeds to grow in the soils which are dry and do not have nutrients within them (hard ground and less trees = water rain runoff = flash floods) yet farmers are not given the means to change products at the wholesalers ? and are told they are safe ?. Years later we learn that vaccinations do cause harm to people, such as the Thalidomide babies ?

The carbon tax is just a tax (one more) a fraudulent tax to pile upon people. The ETS (emission trading scheme) is seen overall to be a fraud with multiple frauds at many levels. Many scammers were jailed  (for buying cross country permits) but it is not just that the measurement and verification process (‘ M & V’ of carbon emissions, see chapter 3 ) is incorrect and badly estimated or counted against actual carbon reductions, but also the price of carbon and carbon permits is itself a flawed price trading system in which the value of carbon bears no relation to a commodities actual price (whether it a cartel price and fixed, or supply is limited to increase the price, or whether trading itself sets the price as open market value). These problems also extend back into 2009 ( The EU - ETS was launched in 2005) and the cap and trade system (which caps emission’s a nation can emit but which is ignored by China and Russia also) has caused serious job losses and restricted expansion of companies in the west as far back as 2014 and before  Carbon tax cybersecurity fraud has also increased and the VAT carbon tax scandal The Global Carbon tax fraud and its trial in 2016 and ongoing has repercussions around the world and which began as far back as 2007.    It is not just an EU problem but also a Global debate. Many people wonder what is the nature of the contentious problem. Many countries protesting against the carbon tax in just preventing a Carbon tax rise does not go far enough for them they state as they continue to protest. Citing the carbon tax as a fraud they feel it is an unnecessary tax which is directed by the ICCC. (International commission on climate change ) via the UN into the world’s governments. The only country Greta Thunberg did not ask to reduce emission was China, yet they are increasing production of coal and buying the carbon credits making sure the money comes to them. It is ideological and also stymies western economies.

It is this aspect of the world’s economy i.e. global derivatives in the Quadrillions combined with the (now) $244 Trillion (Jan 2019) global debt bubble  (IMF estimation and which is owed by everyone on the planet) which is the real cause of the instability in the global markets and world economies ( especially at fiscal / tax levels) not the USA trade war with China.

These activities and more recently from Extinction Rebellion and Great Thunberg are to distract you from the rolling out of 5G / 6G (the real ‘weather’ problem on terra firma or in space ) which is aimed at imprisoning the population around it (slowly in the west) by the destruction of free speech, (virtue signalling and politically correct neurotics who are assisting that aim) A recent ‘climate change’ in the USA involved a Chinese port in the USA being removed from their control and back to the USA, as outsourced jobs were haemorrhaging into Asia. (thanks to Clinton and Obama and human trafficking etc) Extinction rebellion distract from this.

The similarities with the US 2016 election and the Occupy movement of 2010 / 2011 are obvious. Their roots are also within ‘Common Purpose’  which has now hijacked the crypto currency craze, which is why any nation should keep cash (or Gold) circulating within its economy for freedom and privacy (for further details see the adjacent website and chapter 3a)

An example (although of course poverty does exist and there are groups who need social consideration such as the disabled, disabled veterans etc) is the Social Justice 'Warriors' and their con  video the 'social justice scam artists' the 'sharia law' of the west who have deceived all the protesters which is no longer on you tube (video ' the social justice scam '  which in this video points out they scammed the protesters and the church, protestant and catholic with good deeds or perhaps not so good deeds) Supposedly against statism it is fronted by controlling soviet style entities which have no achievement only to control. During the occupy movement many select SJW took money from the causes, fellow protestors, the public and took the money from the oppressed minorities the same as an extortion racket would. This turned the movement under the control of SJW and the higher groups controlling them by bizarre methods. Social justice ( 'You tube video 'SJW Progressive Stack idiots' ) warriors like this were (some and by other groups who are not working class or interested in social justice but to mislead) trained by 'common purpose' who also hijacked the protests (forcing a select few to progressive stack and take over the meetings but essentially doing nothing and using 'jazz hands' or 'virtue signalling' to determine who speaks) away from genuine aims and genuine people. CP are not 'conservative' in origin in Britain or the EU or even any working or middle-class initiative. (see also you tube video 'Cult of Indiscriminateness - SJW's Explained' ) In the EU they encourage any form of instability, and even the EU is rejecting its ideas. It is even rejected by the EU think tanks, who have changed position and direction, largely because its policies are nothing to do with the working class, manufacturing or jobs, nothing to do with the middle class or any class as its associated organisation relates. It also promotes Islam above the traditional faith. Like North Korea it is a hybrid communist idea. Lunatics)  Aside from critical theory there is also a briefer explanation of the ever increasing (video; Steffen Königer German AfD Politician about Gendermania English Subtitles) layers of identity and classification which is also shown here as the(video you tube ''The Progressive Stack Explained'  'progressive stack'   (Manufacturing and exports and/ or common sense are hijacked in any discussion as one example) And see you tube video 'SJW Explained properly Everyone should listen and understand'    The 'Whiteness test' and critical theory, the system of classification of 'types' turned into a neurotic system of manic causes and endless distinctions which are never addressed and the genuine people are left mystified. In other words, this movement was not generated in the working or middle class but in a think tank outside the west, then imported into Universities and is completely artificial. It is scientific and blends many 'types' of neurotic ideas (not just non-existent sexism or racism, but it creates them first) but they are not beneficial, organic or wholesome. North Korea exports terrorism, and soviet brainwashing is evident in the movement i.e. a cult according to those who have left it (See also chapter 4 and the heading 'Family planning as an ideology' & under it the heading 'The USA & the Presidential, National and State elections November 2016 and the media' ) 

It is important to know this, as it exposes the "austerity" ( which later Obama and Hillary Clinton backed in Europe and the USA,  and her intended policy post the US election in November 2016. In the EU unemployment reached up to 30%) and quantitative easing errors, which ultimately failed. These currency ideas which the central bank ultimately would agree too if it remained an internal currency only (as Trinity college and the parallel punt spokespeople pointed out from the beginning) This then allows for SME's and jobs to grow as there is more cash and business start up cash in circulation. It could help the moratorium on hiring in local councils and encourage hiring in business. Anyone in Ireland can walk into the central bank and change an old punt for euros and then experience an economic theory in practice. ( it is also the same in other countries) The left live in the never never adding everything onto the debt. Everything will be ok even down the  line by a few decades (and they will have left office or retired anyway) Consideration that debt can be paid down or projects can be accounted for against the produced asset is not on their radar. These last two examples can occur in small government scenarios, (they are not 'free' money examples) that's what banking is for. These issues only underpin society and prevent  a collapse at the lowest income level. (Disabled, Children and the elderly and even job creation start ups) The west needs some of these ideas.

During the Occupy movement in Dublin, and on entering the central bank in early 2012 (instead of simply just camping outside, or worrying that 'Common Purpose' the Lucis Trust or George Soros was behind the occupy movement as was claimed) it was ascertained through staff in the central bank that it was possible to change old Punts (Irish currency) into Euro's. It was also possible in theory to change Euro's back into Punts. An old £€ 20 punt note was exchanged for €25 euro. In theory it could be returned for €25.00 receiving the old note £€20 back, staff agreed this could be done. Therefore using the central bank as auditor of accumulated punts (The Parallel Punt ) could circulate as a secondary internal currency within Ireland. The Parallel punt was an idea formulated by Trinity College Dublin and Feasta. The context of the idea simply replaced money taken out of the economy during the collapse of the economy, by floating a secondary internal currency like a giant lets system, or as a similar idea to Nobel prize winning economist Irving Fisher 'stamp Scrip' His stamp scrip which was put into practice (as a macroeconomic national policy within the USA) to employ the unemployed in the 1930's great depression. A theoretical idea which alleviated poverty and hardship in which millions were returned to work. Inflation would be checked and stabilised as currency lost in the economy was simply replaced to levels in circulation before the collapse. Inflation arising after months or years above those levels is further stabilised by reducing the amount of circulating notes in the country and during a recession, hoarding (or savings) is less likely to occur as people need to spend. This means inflation or deflation is also reduced. Taxes could be paid with the parallel punt but since they can be exchanged for Euros then complicating the levels of currency in the economy need not need be a concern.

The Punt or Irish Pound can be studied here. The printing press to deliver an internal punt again is still in operation (and the central bank staff were aware of this) and still exists, and many of the notes and coins were designed by William Butler Yeats the poet. The parallel punt DOES NOT replace the Euro, and it does not mean leaving the Euro. A new circulating currency can have any name or designation. The Occupy movement were informed of the development and in theory the central bank had no objection nor would any bank as it creates a deposit and new business. But the Occupy movement were not interested at all and no intention of actually providing a or any solution other than just endlessly protesting, hence it was all fake. You could just walk into the central bank and ask them ? Hoarding and other circulation problems may mean a review of the amount in circulation every year but debt and balance of accounts for internal currencies are easier to manage and correct. It also eases international monetary policy.

Once circulated both could co-exist with each other or one could replace the other. Organising committees, people's courts and councils are ineffective without a means to fund them. If the economic system cannot be changed why do we vote for politicians at all? especially when they explain they cannot interfere with commercial decisions. It is also the solution against Austerity and quantitative easing (which is still a problem in Greece for example?) This could enable (at least) funding to reach vital social services (the homeless, the disabled, the elderly and children etc) but could go further to create employment, and it could be utilized in every European Country EU country to add to the economy (in place of current austerity and quantitative easing which seems to be the narrow choice of left and right political parties ? ) as an emergency backup and/or to bolster the economy if required.


This is how ALL currencies began and floating any new currency has to start somewhere.

An example of politicians and bureaucrat's scaremongering the public in 2008 – 2010 was the announcement that money would run out If a bailout (and in Ireland a bank guarantee) was not procured.

By using this available debt free funding even (ironically) the 'markets' will never face liquidity or subprime problems in the future, and in the event of separation from the virtual stock market economy any society can empower itself into full employment and prosperity.

The occupy movement did not occupy any bank but threatened to do so unless banking reform occurred.

1. The Parallel Punt

2. Greeks write off Billions with more to come

It is within the European Unions Constitution that Bailouts from the internal Central bank (ECB) or from any external sources like the IMF are illegal. This original treaty requirement has been set aside. It would naturally lead to debt cancellation if applied, as its Economic Democratic rules stipulate. Every European country (and any other country or nation should also adopt these rules) is under this rule including Ireland. Greece the founder of democracy should demand its referendum or overthrow its new coalition government to form an anti-debt, anti austerity coalition, with a return of all assets, and reverse its privatisations.

World Economic Forum, Davos Switzerland 2012 Economics

European Stability Mechanism treaty referendum 31.5.2012 or (as the link keeps changing, the you tube link is entitled) THE SHOCKING TRUTH OF THE PENDING EU COLLAPSE!! MAKE VIRAL ALL!! Or THE SHOCKING TRUTH OF THE PENDING EU COLLPASE !! MAKE VIRAL ALL !!

Does this Empower Europe or emasculate it?

The Stability Mechanism born out of the Stability and Growth pact, but which has changed its fiscal agreement, is anything but stable, as events since the Lisbon treaty have shown. The City of London (financial centre) fund will require British taxpayers, and European taxpayers to bail out the fund, which will have one fiscal office/dept of finance (instead of the 27 currently). Taxpayers are in effect borrowing their own money at interest ? when other sources aside from Bonds are available…so why do ministers (the Greek &/ Italian Prime minsters are unelected) keep pushing the Imf ESM fund ? Sweden for example has many concessions on this treaty and total debt cancellation should be a term of the treaty and referendum, but Fine Gael have ignored this question (and should resign)

Its new Bretton Woods IMF / EU rules are designed to wreck the economies of Europe, Britain and America. Politicians who persuade you to vote for it or similar are simply working for it and nothing more.

The IMF although a United Nations body, like the World Bank was born in the City of London. (Financial centre)

How could a stable money supply actually work?

Firstly Central banks already have this supply. All money (with or without central banking) is classed as MO, M1, M2, M3, or M4. (See the 3 graphics following this paragraph)
MO, M1, M2, & M3 Combined = M4.(the total money supply of any description) The recent advancement of Bitcoin for example is actually in one aspect of its operation a digital currency or bitcoin It is therefore classed as 'MO' in theory. All non debt currencies like lets systems or non interesting bearing money as coins or digital is 'MO'. Let sysytems eventually become Credit Unions and credit unions Building societies, then to major banks.

"MO" is a source of debt free money which already exists, but which has been reduced dramatically over many decades. Today economists say debt free money is not viable either politically or academically. Further if it did exist ? (it is stated) it would not be viable economically. Yet it is viable, and is capable of sustaining an economy and creating jobs and of course it already exists ? and has for many hundreds (thousands) of years.
Further the Bank of England as one example funds business directly without going to banks of second instance on the high street, although they could in some instances pass on the loan as a public service, if the bank was public (this occurred during height of the the recession, which could be 'MO' funds in theory) and use's enticements to let other banks offer cheaper rates under its authority.

An increase in 'MO' would help open market operations defeat inflation and build investment and create jobs. The recent announcement by the EU to perceivable reduce carbon targets in part was to create jobs, in part to stabilise the EU/ETS carbon trading platform which will be enhanced (ironically) by more jobs and SME (small business enterprises) development, over single non European countries (any country) or over the whole of Europe producing a sustainable boom (in effect strengthening the weakest part)

Under CSR corporate social governance and ESG environmental social governance (which includes banking) it could help fund REAL sustainable development and jobs. In other words our existing banking/central banking which is also pushing this agenda could open the way for this type of funding to renew society. It could also work alongside LETS systems and BITCOIN and others without contradiction. This is a part of 'Natural Capital and Nature's Fortune and banks are just as likely to comply.

Therefore at working class or small business levels of society an increase in existing "MO" could also exist below the level of exchange trading and stock markets. It consists of Billions not Millions of funds which self regulate (with financial management also) for societies needs. It could stabilise mortgage bonds by job creation, without excess interest, thereby reducing inflation and a spiralling mortgage crash into subprime lending, which causes the whole of society to crash. This protects society, homeowners, schools, hospitals etc.
100 % employment with no inflation and stabilised housing. The current building regulations for example will need to meet passive house standards by 20/20.This (with debt cancellation to clear the way) would produce a boom and stability which of course for risk analysis long term projections are calculated accordingly.

To understand how debt free money has been removed from society over many decades and how it would stabilise society now see the examples below (technical illustrations with text which apply to any countries central bank or financial system) which are also contained at and A.

Please note 'MO' is not Quantitative Easing nor is it Keynesian economics, it also does not mean existing or traditional banking, bonds or capital raising loans or finance are affected. Rather it stabilises the whole system of the western economy and could re-invigorate banking investment.

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Alternatively the 3 Images above are also reproduced in the pdf entitled 'Banking Reform
Thesis 1' pages 18 - 20 , a few paragraphs up


Irish Banking inquiry. (March 2015 fwd) following the Irish banking collapse of 2007 - 2011


Following the destruction the Irish economy collapsed in 2009, and a bank bailout ensued with the largest being Anglo - Irish bank. In December 2020 Fianna Fail claimed that there had not been a bank bailout in 2010, (under their term in Government) echoing claims that the Tara complex also was not damaged. yet subsequent prosecutions and secret tapes (see Bitchute and 'Anglo Irish banks, and the admittance of a bank bailout in 2007 - 2010' and see the description box for more links)  show clearly that indeed there had been a huge bank bailout. Therefore why did they agree to them (the road destruction and the bailout ?) or here on facebook but taken from the Niall Boyln show and 'Anglo Tapes - The Reality'  (Iceland collectively as people in 1 country all decided not to bail out the banks) The Irish bank bailout is still within the media (MSM) today ? beginning in 2007     

Since 8.2.2020 the Irish national debt has how’ve changed. The debt was €198 Billion in 2017 and in 2019 it was €217 billion. Now it was €230 Billion (but suddenly lost €9 billion on the 15.08.2020 to €221 billion)  In August 2020 it has grown to €236  from €198 Billion  (Interest Payments Per Year 10,413,049,249 & Interest Payments Per Second & 330€ National Debt Per Citizen 49,340€ Debt as % of GDP 75.01% GDP Of Ireland 314,030,076,156€ Ireland Population 4,774,087) Each citizen now owes €50,000aisde from mortgages and private debt. Each citizen owed €42,000 in august 2019   and 50 % of all tax take goes into paying this debt. In August 2020 each citizen still owes €46,384 ? which would mean the National debt is now at €236 Billion not €221. This debt clock says €195 billion  whilst the national statistics office has €231 Billion as of July 2020 and here again this debt clock confirms €236 Billion as of June 2020

From 2008 – 2010 the decision to pay the bank bailouts was taken and most of it was not Irish debt. Iceland chose to not pay. In March - June 2020 in Germany, a recent German court case or German constitutional court found “In summary the GCC found that a hugely significant part of recent European Central Bank (ECB) monetary activities – some €2.2 trillion of bond purchases – had no legal authority, negating an earlier ECJ ruling. It was saying in effect that whatever the ECJ might rule, if that were against the German constitution, the latter was sovereign, and the ECJ subservient. And the German constitution, at least for Germans, is immutable” )  It is easier to get rid of the technocracy left communist dystopia as every year it is simply plugging holes when the  whole EU / IMF debt should be cancelled ) All EU bailouts are illegal and this is in the Lisbon treaty and is a part of EU law but is sovereign law also. In 2009 Ireland guaranteed global debt 40% of which was not even Irish debt in the bank bailout of 2008 / 2009. Today for each person in Ireland (without personal debt or Mortgage) each person owes €42,500. The debt (see below) was €198 Billion in 2017 and in 2019 it was €217 billion. Now it is €230 Billion. The public finances are not being handled in any way. Anglo Irish bank and via smaller banks offered 10% return on borrowing in most cases, but in the collapse they could not repay, but had to meet the loan obligation. This was part of the ‘bail – out’ under Fianna Fail, and towns in rural Ireland are still closed down or just getting by. Ireland pys 16.5 million per day (in 2018 it is now higher) towards the national debt bailout and 50% of all taxes go to servicing the debt.


Professor Alan Ahearne of NUI Galway University in Ireland appeared before the banking inquiry and his views are available on various recordings on the internet. One of his most interesting propositions which he mentioned in detail suggests that economists in public service or private analysts did not have or include a model of banking in their analysis or in their forecasting models ? this was apparent to him since 2004 or before (when he also suggests that banking concerns should have began in Ireland) He also suggests that he warned the Government before the crash occurred and these concerns were based upon models and bank crashes which occurred in other countries. Comparing the Irish banks to those circumstances he suggests showed comparable cause and effect patterns. (which could produce credit flows which are not quantitative easing or austerity, and the EU is looking to produce growth by quantitative easing in March 2015 fwd). Alternatives such as the KFW bank produce planning in housing and services and utility (which can offer low interest rate bonds on credit to satisfactory building energy saving (beyond building regulation) standards which produce an income for home owners in energy savings and home energy production.(and a cleaner, organic environment)

Departments that do not specialise in economics (such as Property or Surveying departments which in Ireland's economy was the biggest tax intake for the government) wishing to establish a model which included banking analysis (would have to invent one) and if it could be accepted as an appropriate form of research could inquire of construction firms or banking institutions as to the form of loan or bond they preferred. Although this may on the surface give basic results and a basic model to work from it is a beginning. It seeks to ascertain if loan requirements in the economy are based on actual demand or is the economy being inflated by the banks. Of course banks are a business but the national interest (of any country) is paramount and a concern which ultimately benefit the banks anyway.
(see all in this chapter above)

This may also give an insight into the anti-inflationary model open market operations and monetarism (in the MO/M4 currency flow) could alternatively produce. (See further in chapter 3 Take Britain's low inflation which is (in effect) lowering prices and therefore increasing wages, which have been forced down by the falling oil and gas prices. This result is proving popular with consumers, and loans of course could also benefit form cheaper interest rates, spurring growth and economic activity, 100% employment and stability eroding the sub prime risk market in any area of economic funding. Other comments so far on the banking inquiry are from the Irish Times and US expert William Black 1 The Economist 2, & Economist Peter Bacon 3, Patrick Honohan has two opinions, A & B ( B= Anglo should have been allowed to fail) The banking collapse could have been avoided, and Ireland should be loosed from the bind it is in guaranteeing Europe and let its economy and others prosper. There are obviously mixed opinions on Nama which as a holding company for property could have also held property for free, for start ups and hospitals and schools and increased the governments property portfolio value. (taking profit beyond the discount debate) The fear of regulation and surveillance (IMF Surveillance conference 2013/2014) which produces austerity and backward economies is a fear which is lost when societies have 100% employment and a high standard of living.

Ireland's economy in 2015, 7 years after the crash is now viewed as Europes fastest growing economy. Further the low inflation model which has been boosted by falling oil prices, have produced a windfall for the British exchequer. The result in Ireland is not due to quantitative easing since the EU did not employ this method for recovery. Britians low inflation boon began before the oil price slump during Austerity but, it is low inflation which has solved the price/wage problem (ignored by the Labour / Liberal Democrat parties and earlier Conservative parties). So quantitative easing and austerity do not bring solutions, yet both of these boons above in Ireland and Britain could have occurred from 2009 onwards with a political will behind such a drive. Unemployment, homelessness, suicides and emigration could have been avoided with a cross political party effort and will which acknowledges the area of economics which (see 3 or 4 paragraphs up) Professor Aherne suggest did not have a working model to aid political analysis (2004 and before and now in many cases)

Oil prices falling have vastly reduced inflation (many countries do not have an oil economy or a economy of note) which is secondary inflation after currency creation. Opec acknowledge it as a crisis. The meeting produced a decision not to raise oil prices around the world (see also chapter 3) Non OPEC and OPEC countries battle out the call for oil prices yet the cost of oil is largely 80% taxes which of course have also reduced as energy prices fall. The real oil price could be brought up (eg $44 or $20 for a barrel of oil but £25 or $10 are taxes) to £48 to help fund exploration and which could see investment in renewable energy as an alternative. Taxes reduced on a barrel of oil, further lowering the price will (as mentioned the low inflation low oil price British exchequer boon) continues to bring in increased Exchequer funds. Less imported oil also raises the exchequer coffers and increases national investment. These principle's of price/taxes could also apply to renewable energy. The USA is continuing its oil boom and maintaining low inflation, and increased job creation. Finding a balance in oil taxes and a barrel of oil price by keeping it low will mean OPEC can no longer inflate the economy creating unsustainable economies. Renewable energy output is increasing worldwide regardless of oil prices (as is oil output) as legislation carbon / targets for renewable's are enshrined in law nationally.For 100% employment (deflation in prices for workers and households is a good thing which stabilizes eventually in stable money currency circulation, giving business's certainty) in a low inflation economy with a high standard of living is possible, and the current situation should be allowed to continue. This is how a long boom can be sustained and a boom / bust avoided.

The Irish banking inquiry is not an abstract exercise as current world economics is looking to make changes to governance and economic concerns. (the recession has not befitted anyone) A key finding in the banking inquiry concerns the Wage calculations which were as high as 8 or 11 times a wage in order to afford a Mortgage (a home) before the 2008 crash. ( as mentioned no working model existed to analyse this process.) Asset investment inflated home prices (heavy oil and gas profits for example) and wages could not keep up. with rising house prices.Workers exposed to this in a downturn were left without a plan, the problem then collapsed the whole mortgage system (sub -prime). Currently the EU is seeking a partnership with the EU - US TRANSATLANTIC TRADE DEAL and aspects of it especially in relation to Wages are discussed in the EU Monetary union meetings. (Brendan Keenan article in the Independent) Yet if wages are restricted, then how can people meet Mortgage obligations ? Renewable Energy will check the rise of Oil and Gas prices, forcing down inflation and its system does not just place value on a property by being a energy efficient building, it also allows homeowners (including also business, farms and local authorities the latter could begin new a new division as an Esco within their remit) to make money from their homes in energy production with forthcoming changes. As house prices rise a different outlook could sustain a boom for decades, and a new renewable industry hundreds of thousands of jobs, aside from the boom currently ongoing. Ireland's economy is well placed to prosper.

This would still allow for the market to flourish and stabilise the west which has been floundering from boom to bust for decades. This includes every EU country and America and the East Australia and New Zealand. Once analysed and put into practice it strengthens Western economies and is one of the reasons (i.e. without correction the west is in a deteriorating malaise) economies are hindered. Proffessor Yunus in the next para corrects an economy from the ground upwards. Yet top heavy / volatile economies often crash from the top. Correcting these facts only strengthens employment and trade and produces a high quality of living.

A further view from Muhammad Yunus, Nobel peace prise winner, founder of the Grameen Bank, an institution that provides microcredit to poor people with no collateral, to help its clients establish creditworthiness and financial self-sufficiency, Muhammad Yunus and Grameen bank won the Nobel peace prize in 2006. Professor Yunus explained quite simply that in setting up a bank with no experience he would simply do the opposite of what a bank would do*. Consequently his loans were repaid and people built and carried on business without debt, and with dignity.

Yunus, Muhammed. (2007) Creating a World Without Poverty, Social Business and the Future of Capitalism. Public Affairs
And also
Creating A World Without Poverty You tube, School of International and Public Affairs conference 27.1.2011 (*see youtube video at 16min 35 seconds and 17 minutes and 10 seconds)

Professor Yunus differentiates as to what is an economy, the poor and the rich.

Basel 1,2 & 3. Banking reforms Since 2008 and the banking collapse one aspect which has changed and which would also allow for increased investment and borrowing are the risk assessment measures put in place to reduce undue risk across all definitions (credit, market, insurance and operational risk etc) These are the Basel 1, 2 and 3 reforms (and the European Solvency Directive) a quote from the Bank of International Settlements Basel 3 is as follows; ' When we realise that the BIS Basel 3 report "Consultative Document Strengthening the resilience of the bankingsector" Page 2 in the Executive summary (point 4) April 2010 states, "Ultimately the public sector had to step in with unprecedented injections of liquidity, capital support and guarantees, exposing the taxpayer to large losses". BIS Basel 3 report April 2010.So taxpayers are also protected

This will allow for (even) aggressive investment measures and for credit investment measures expansion without a potential collapse of note or previous magnitudes. This Chapter 2 below has discussed one possible further measure, (the money supply solution) which would stabilize western markets and everyday working practices of workers, business and import / export operations and alleviate credit and market risk and all risk across the board (Even a 10% increase in "MO" would go a long way to achieving this,there are two types of MO) The information below examines the economy of Greece and the Ukraine and connected information. Chapter 3 is related to it namely the economy of energy supply.


Irish banking enquiry 08.12.2015 (draws to a possible close, although many issues are unresolved and may take a further enquiry)

As the Irish banking enquiry draws to an end (maybe) and regardless of the fact it may never be published as some have refused to sign off on the report, it has emerged that the Irish banking enquiry is not actually all Irish debt related. There are various levels of disquiet about the report which as yet have not been vocalised. The spectacle has shocked people around the world and the evidence has shocked and outraged Irish people at home. It is suggested that the report does not go far enough yet if that is the case, then the reduced amount on view has been enough to convince many already. They are convinced that the banking fraud as an event in 2007 / 2008, which has surrounding criminal prosecutions even during the investigation, really is not a Irish made fraud alone, if at all.

Ordinary people feel the enormous burden of the debt has been thrust upon the Irish banks and the guarantee was thrust upon the Irish people. The banking guarantee, guaranteed other banks which held foreign debt without a referendum or vote. Anglo - Irish bank was closed insolvent. Many have suggested Ireland should pull out (like Britain, Catalan and Greece) of the EU and also pursue legal action, but at the very least there is a call to refuse to pay other nations debts who have not been questioned or examined and which are not subject to Irish finance history in any way. This is not just the view of a " few rebel farmers " but of Patrick Honohan the Central bank governor, in conference to the IMF. Clearly the issue is not resolved. Ireland's overall debt is €350 Billion of which nearly €200 billion is not their debt.This should be forgiven.

Iceland has shown that freeing up debt allows genuine bondholders to be repaid once the engine of the economy kickstarts again. The event called the 2007/2008 banking crash was not its fault, it was not Irelands fault either. As an event it was out of both countries hands. However the suggested debt cancellation is not a system practice or a suggested precedent but solely due to this irregular event in history. Iceland's abrupt attitude (The Viking or VI – King, or 6 Kings Spirit ) actually speeded up the banking reforms the finance sector required and helped the Basel reforms to focus. Icelands decisions to let failed banks fail, actually helped its banking sector to recover and this is now the conservative view (2015) Today its functions are more secure than ever. Its economy reaching liquidity albeit in a hostile atmosphere soon produced more than it had in previous years making it attractive for investment again. The resultant activity and profit, created increased investment and confidence instead of stagnation, and there are alternative payment methods to consider also. Ireland's economy freed from the debt burden could shorten repayment times especially if a deal was done to reduce individuals debts (amounts) in return for a large singular payment. Ireland's share of its oil and gas revenues could be increased to pay part of its actual debts. It has also allowed other countries to recover which is another reason debt forgiveness should be given.

As the matter has dragged on for many years the freeing up of this onerous and time consuming debt issue, into a resolution could pave the way for a faster recovery which would make more money in the short and long terms than the current slow begrudged payments ever could. Land management decisions are negatively impacted in this negative debt environment as are energy issues in a micro-economic respect. Resolving this issue and cancelling or mitigating €200 billion (approx) incrementally could bring about a faster recovery making the former €200 billion seem like a drop in the ocean compared to a liquid economy producing wealth and sustainable economic growth which to date Ireland has managed, yet it could do far better with the anchor up, and still fulfill genuine bondholders terms. It astounds people who wish to see the EU succeed and advance that sensible policies are not pursued in relation to ongoing debt from the unforeseen banking collapse. Europe would be in a much stronger position today if it had followed Iceland's example (and also had the Basel 3 reforms in 2008/9 which would have made it even stronger, and this may well be the way forward as a future combination. If these provisions had been in place Irish debt would not be nearly as high ) in genuine areas, which begs the question of who (or why) let the implosion go so deep with scare stories and overly dramatic scenarios. A second public enquiry may reveal these questions. Irish debt is grossly unfair. The freed up connected economies could bring a renaissance to Northern Europe, Europe and the USA.

Irish banking enquiry 20.01.2016

The Irish banking enquiry report is due to be published by the end of January 2016. It suggests the ECB could have done more, but in any case property developers have threaten to sue certain aspects of the report. They feel NAMA has taken their properties and it also should be held more accountable. The developers succeeded in their requests in part.

One news item states the following; The Irish Times understands the draft report dismisses the suggestion that Anglo Irish Bank would have defaulted on the morning of September 30th if a guarantee was not agreed the night before. The committee is expected to find that the Central Bank lobbied for a guarantee on the night of September 29th but had a plan in place if one was not agreed. The report, which runs to 450 pages, is said also to dismiss the idea that the blanket bank guarantee was decided on the night of September 29th, 2008.
It is expected to outline how the option was being examined for months ahead of the decision being made by the Fianna Fáil-Green coalition. The report, which has now been agreed by the members, is said to criticise successive governments for ignoring advice from the Department of Finance. The inquiry heard that the department had been warning of risks to the economy for 10 years before the crash.

Obviously this conflicts with earlier reports on the urgent requirement to guarantee Anglo Irish bank or that a guarantee was actually required, and a warning on the problem was received and known before the department of finance from the London banks a week (only 5 days before) who were warned by the ECB and German banks that something catastrophic may be wrong. The public were not warned in time however, and this is the point of the Basel 3 document " When we realise that the BIS Basel 3 report "Consultative Document Strengthening the resilience of the bankingsector" Page 2 in the Executive summary (point 4) April 2010 states, "Ultimately the public sector had to step in with unprecedented injections of liquidity, capital support and guarantees, exposing the taxpayer to large losses". It is agreed that the sub-prime mortgage problems in the USA had a knock on effect causing the meltdown. Yet as warnings were given up to 10 years before and Professor Morgan Kelly who was threatened with incineration by Anglo and the Anglo tapes, speaks here in April 2007 at 4 minutes 30 seconds fwd) and others had given their warnings in many universities.

The alternative plan the Central bank had in place (see above) needs to be fully explained ? but Ireland's debts should be cleared in whatever way is reasonable.

Professor Kelly's advice was repeated in evidence from Professor Alan Ahearne who suggested past events do give an indication of a future bust. These past events were not statistically quantitative, but qualitative parallels in numbers and circumstance from previous housing booms and busts ? why, because as Alan Ahearne stated in his banking enquiry evidence, there is no real time model which lets analysis monitor risk, appetite and capacity, not just in banks of second instance (highstreet etc) but in central banks also. Theoretically there is no limit to mortgage lending as long as people have wages to meet the payments which requires an income (work) but as the lending amount increases the search for profit drills down to the street level (sub-prime) and ignores their lack of wages and liquidity. Although repeated many times increasing the MO (non debt amounts) would counteract this and provide breathing space for small business and shops to employ more staff etc. Rigorously checking wages to mortgage ratios and not accepting very high risk clients is the other, but these people would then still require work to rent and buy a house. At this general election time what proposals do the left have to build homes and how will they actually pay for them without hoisting it onto the national debt (the usual escape and defer plan)

What is going on in Ireland to the backdrop of the banking enquiry ? Recently the Pope ( Jorge Mario Bergoglio) has passed a law (recently in cannon Vatican law terms or "Motu Propria" of the Jesuits) stemming the nature of corporations. (see chapter 4 below and heading down further "family planning as an ideology" & chapter 5 below "St Karl and Comrades and the importance of being Ernesto" and the North Korea paragraphs which mention also the Irish banking inquiry. See also the adjacent website and chapter 4)

In January 2016 if you bet sanctions (only half the sanctions are lifted ) lifted against Iran selling oil would be lifted then you would have gone short on it and earned a lot of money. Or bet on the panic surrounding the Shemitah 7 year or 49/50 laws, which can run on two nearly the same calendars and new year start dates. Today all central banks including the federal reserve bank in America and including the Saudi share have the right to fund the Bretton woods , IMF SDR (drawing rights on demand at approx $42 dollars an ounce of Gold) Ireland's debt should be forgiven in this regard.

A film which was released in 2015/ 2016 was the 'Big Short', (Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrel and Marisa Tomei) which tells the true story of Michael Burry a hedge fund investor played by Christian Bale who earned a personal profit of $100 million betting (shorting) the financial system in 2007/2008. Another character in the film played by Steve Carrel is Mark Baum aka Steve Eisman who stopped to check out who sub-prime mortgages were being sold to, and the various visits to estate agents and credit default swap experts. Between them (and obviously they were correct) they made a model of sorts in their heads and scraps of paper and actually Michael Burry compiled a list of (recent) sales and wages figures against loans excel sheet so to speak. If he and Professor Kelly and Ahearne and the others in the film had got together and put a bet on the market then to the tune of €65 billion they could have paid off Anglo Irish bank. Of course the film proves it was entirely predictable and the central bank now admit (i.e. from above "The committee is expected to find that the Central Bank lobbied for a guarantee on the night of September 29th but had a plan in place if one was not agreed" ) What plan ? Could it (whatever it is aside from non quantitative easing absorbing the losses like any other business) also have involved producing green bonds or equivalents to get people back to work straight away, as of course this is possible although it does not reduce debt levels like austerity tries to do.

Once some overlooked basics are known then it is possible to have capitalism and investment and go forward for decades without a problem or hitch creating wealth happiness and prosperity.(see the adjacent website and chapter 4) Making prosperity viable by manufacturing (as Ford did) is a vital area of he economy.

Michael Burry and the Ben Rickert (Brad Pitt) aka Ben Hockett character analysed data, whilst Steve Eisman checked on the ground to see if it is was true. In a similar vein in 2004 the four pdfs above (banking reform thesis 1 pdf) the three click on images above were also an attempt to analyse such data to make the beginnings (a bootstrap if you like) of such a model in order to see if construction was viable and under which loan type would be best for construction firms. Many people or groups were researching this area to provide solutions.This would mean making a basic model to add further data later. Obviously such information would be useful if collected and collated and you could bet against the market as Ben Hockett did, and buy an Orchard like Ben Hockett, or (or both) you could use the data for national interests.

Interestingly in design (which is not appealing to most developers but does not take architectural or high level economic skills) many people and communities cannot buy orchards but many towns in the world plant them and orange and pear trees, fruit and berry trees all over the urban pavements and streets in hundreds of thousands (for eating also) making an orchard appear around people as one more alternative.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you can make and without manufacturing and valuable available natural resources a nation is dependent on houses as capital which retains its value and remains in good condition. As mortgages were gambled in bunches of huge mortgage bundles they became volatile without full employment. Land is still valuable and in the future its real increased value will be affected by different measures as real estate, including its design (as one example) and its materials and its clean and pollution free status. (see next chapter) which will help raise house prices and land values in the future.

(01.12.2016)   Ireland's debt is not likely to be paid off until 20, 30 or 40 years have passed, it still owes (as of 1.12.2016) over €200 billion after deducting also net worth (and Ireland owns some of Americas debt) across all categories in total in a population of 4 million, which it would have to remove and pay down in order to prosper long term across its financial areas and its exports to ease the problem.




The Ukraine & Greece (July 2015)

Developing a new energy grid system similar to Germany, Austria and Sweden could become a reality for the Ukraine with Tesla's (the company) new battery storage breakthrough Tesla's home Lithium battery storage system (domestic or business use) could revolutionise its options. Providing generous government incentives against the drop in imported fuel bills (imports cannot sustain the domestic economy for ever which would need a storage option also ) could mean its EU membership could be dramatically expedited. There are mixed opinions on its viability (Tesla storage batteries) but energy storage in micro or macro is the problem renewable energies are overcoming worldwide. Solar PV farms and domestic (or business) storage could revolutionise the Ukraine's energy crisis and its potential in the north or south of the country could also provide mass employment opportunities, internal revenue and freedom. Greece could also benefit. Massive solar farms can exist alongside oil fields and of course they would also need security, they can also be a microgrid system for small communities which can sell its energy back into the grid reducing imports, clearing its debts and its austerity.

The Ukraine like Greece has excessive debt and although blame is placed on fiscal policies, eventually rates of borrowing exceed the intake of any country no matter which shade of the political stage is taken. Robert Schuman (with Winston Churchill and Jean Monnet etc) one of the original founders of the EU and the Council of Europe opposed communism and fascism (which of course includes communists who are fascists, and fascists communists). The 'Supranationalists' approach includes reactions against destructive nationalism (perceived as right wing) and oppressive state or anarchic socialism (i.e Stalin who killed twice as many people as Hitler) which produced 'Supranationalism'. Looking at other countries and for example Americas deep south after Lincoln freed the slaves, it is still suggesting people north or south, black or white are not free, whilst Britain wishing for freedom may also reject the United States of Europe as an ironic parallel to Americas war of independence The Ukraine prefers the EU to Russian imperialism, the contradictions to suit every shade of political opinion cannot be legislated for, yet the internal divisions of the west are exploited. The new slave trade (see chapter 4 on this page and chapter 6 on the adjoining website) which is alive and well and still in existence. Slavery is not a past tense condition and Lincoln freeing the slaves (past tense) is a misnomer.

Robert Schuman however did not pursue the Humanists agenda excluding communism as it does, but allowed for traditional beliefs. 'Nationalism' itself could be exerted by a Left Wing government in Greece (today) who may choose to leave the EU, along with Britain under the Conservative nationalists who will shortly hold a referendum on its EU future and nationalism may mean Britain chooses to be independent. Both of these positions from the left and right are obviously against the aims of the founding tenants of the EU. Greece has been through the Supranationalist adventure since it joined in 1981, but has been brought to a €300 billion euro debt by (some have accused) fiscal policies adhered to at national level by the few within the government or banks who are working against Greece, and yet who employ policies set at higher levels of governance ? Since this debt opposes the aspirations of Robert Schuman, it opposes the original aim of the EU and the council of Europe and NATO (which Robert Schuman was also a founding father). Fiscal policies as a framework are not constructed at national level, and the question remains for Greece i.e. if it leaves the EU does it also leave its debt behind ? Despite Greece having high unemployment immigration into Greece continues to escalate, and its borrowing leaps from one crisis to a solution (June 2015) until the new or next crisis with Austerity levels not increasing but remaining intact in the latest round of crisis talks amidst renewed riots (June 2015) whilst the economy continues to stall ? Syriza as a left wing mass movement promised to end Austerity, yet it has complied with it, but would other parties also have followed suit. Campaigning with solutions which do not materialise is usual for every world political party. The stock markets did not falter when Syriza were elected nor after the latest deal was made. The prospect of an influx of funds providing stability boosts market optimism. It is also just as likely to be boosted by an increase in the 'MO – M4' but as 'MO money stock' which provides stability.

July 5th/6th 2015 Greece on the 5/7/.2015 held a referendum after the long negotiations on its future and it rejected finance measures to say NO (Ναι vs Όχι: Yes and No) to more austerity. EU ministers stated that 'the people' have the final say on their future (not the elected government) in this referendum which should now be honoured, whilst the other fiscal monetary measure of quantitative easing continues in the EU. Once again as in the Irish debt crisis scare stories were released saying that 'money would run' out of ATM'S They bombarded the Greek people (funds were down to €500 million at one point it is suggested) when the referendum was announced. Yet it did not run out ? the banks closed and/or people removed cash and took it home but the money supply (MO see above) did not run as was imagined. Banks taking the money is not the same as the money running out, it could only run out if Greece leaves the EU. Foreign withdrawals by tourists etc are not affected, yet their money must be Euro's also calculated in an exchange ? The money supply is analysed and is known throughout Europe and all its nations on a daily basis, and every country automatically and electronically tallies its amount daily, weekly and monthly (and if stocks are low, more money is printed to balance the amount) If people decide to spend hoarded money back into the economy, it is deposited and the electronic data registers that some money literally needs to be destroyed (burnt, starting with the older notes) An interesting insight into this banking method is shown in the film 'mad money' If you also look at the diagrams / charts above (3 side by side above the heading that says 'Irish banking inquiry') you can see that in 2004 Britain had 44.5 Billion circulating as MO money supply. Europe with 10 times the population would require around €600 billion which rises and falls as people hoard or spend this money. It is not stored in a warehouse of the central bank to the tune of 1000 billion (or so) and then shovelled out and around. the EU until it runs out. Any deposit of funds gives the bank the right to print 10 times this amount again.

Taking the example of the Greek tourists who are flocking to Greece at the moment, the vast majority are working and have wages and savings in their accounts as do many Greeks who are also working and have savings. However Tourists do not have restrictions on their accounts in Greece as their balance is in another country. However they still withdraw Euros in any amount at ATM's ? Greeks who are working with savings do not. The banks worry is when the banks closed Greeks would withdraw all money they have and deposit it abroad, not that it would run out. Real money (cash and coins) which circulates is spent in Greece, bank accounts can be distinguished electronically (and a Euro countries of origin is marked on the Euro which are almost identical in every country). If all savings were taken abroad the deposits which are marked in accounts electronically would reach zero, but the cash and coins ('MO' money supply) would remain at its fixed level and its circulating amount would increase or decrease as needs be. It acts like a float which every business enters into trading when it begins and keeps the 'petty cash' throughout the trading period. Before electronic banking rush on the banks were common but the 'MO' or cash and notes have a limit or exit from a country even before a crisis. Money which is not spent is tallied and the MO increased. This is why tourists at the same ATM can withdraw more money from the same circulating money supply ('MO' can also be produced debt/interest free without borrowing, or is charged at interest, see Britain and 3 diagrams above)

Greek accounts when they are bereft of funds are recognised as empty, and money to that person is stopped, but there money/wages were paid in electronically and not as cash and notes.

The Bank of England has supplied interest free loans and also business starts up directly without the borrower going directly to the high street banks. Or reduced interest loans, (matching industry rates) or very cheap rates (0.5%) Oil and Gas companies can front load interest free loans as required for national interests and vice versa. This is in a nations (interest free loans for homebuyers from the Government) benefit to do so and at times it is more beneficial to do so. At times it is simply an extension of 'MO' cash level finance. Many economists say these loans do not exist yet they are numerous but not for international use. Funds from central banks interest free occur every day. Only when seigniorage (described above) becomes onerous does the MO have to breakeven or make a profit (hence the ratio was 80 – 90% debt free with 10% charged at interest. This is one more reason personal debt and SME business do not prosper, business rates escalate and rents rise faster then wages. Irving Fisher when he invented his stamp scrip was not a socialist and it circulated alongside the dollar internally in the USA in the great depression, but it was socialists who prevented its growth.

Needless to say Greece was supposedly on a 'drip feed' of this money which is real money compared to loans/borrowing which is a separate money stock (M1 TO M4) of electronic money." (watch again 97% owned positive money cut ) which is also inspirational to Britain as it faces a real choice on its future with its EU referendum. The reason this is important to understand is that the world can stop panicking and/or be scared into resolving the problems it faces or is pressured into negotiating itself into a worse problem which as you note continues to lurch on from crisis to crisis. And the anger is continuing (with some suggesting the Greeks owe nothing) from the USA sub – prime fallout disaster in 2008 which is why 100% employment for the lowest paid workers is vital to stop another meltdown in the future.

Many economists and on the right of the political spectrum predicted this collapse in 2008 because it did not economic sense to borrow 6 - 10 times a wage in order that 'sub-prime' lenders cold buy a house. (high risk and exposure) This is repeated today after the referendum by conservatives not the far left.(again only 100% employment in Europe will solve the problem, and genuine homelessness in the USA and Europe rose sharply in a financial crash and recession. Europe has a tradition of renting as opposed to buying, although many countries own one family house, and pass it on without penalty in inheritance laws. i.e not a mortgaged society) It is easier to assume that there will be 'sub-prime' people who should be classed as automatically needing quality social housing stock to get them back into the housing market and house the homeless and needy. This way there is no homelessness or 'sub-prime problem' mathematically or in market risk, and stocks of social housing should be expanded China is experiencing the same problem now as it loses $3 trillion on the stockmarket on the 3/4th July 2015.

However this is not the full story in this Greek tragedy which only the Greek people have withstood since this crisis began in 2008. The truth was spoken by Wolfgang Schäuble who is from Baden Germany and who helped to unite East and West Germany in1991 and who became a minster for finance under Angela Merkel. Considered a hard liner on keeping Greece and austerity going, but who has contributed to this article entitled Greek referendum: Germany says it won't leave Greece in the lurch by Matt Hooper, who writes that Wolfgang Schauble appeared to support the no vote suddenly.

The article states "Having previously insisted that a No vote on the lenders' last terms would see their country forced out of the euro, Schäuble told the Bild newspaper that the choice before them on Sunday was between holding on to the Euro and being "temporarily without it" & "It was far from clear what Schäuble had in mind, but economists have mooted the notion of a period in which Greece might go back to its national currency, the Drachma, while its economy recovered"

For many Greeks returning to the Drachma although temporarily may be a leap of faith but a better but similar idea is of course the Irish parallel punt solution which parallels the Euro (temporarily or for as long as people do not want austerity etc) which is mentioned above at length. Every EU state could have this solid idea in reserve to bolster its economy and to ensure 100% employment which is a popular idea put into practice in Baden Wuttenburg today. Germany itself recovered in 1945 by making itself a circulating currency from the Reichsmark (until 1948) called the Deutsche Mark, which did not just circulate but had to parallel other attempts to make new currencies and this despite the Marshall plan aid. This currency was in my opinion also successful because of the ancient tradition of local democracy and burgomasters etc.

Solution? With this support suggested above in place all around the EU, the best idea with this extra support providing stability, would be to cancel all EU debt (a popular move also for prospective countries wanting to join the EU, or those who may leave but who do not want to leave) and then in a collected pool of money from each EU nations and ECB for the creditors, they could then make a large single payment figure to all internal or external creditors (which is a better return on their long term bonds expedited and better than waiting 10, 20 or 25 years etc. It is also less risk per year or quarter than the current constant uncertainty) and begin again from a clean slate, which would also be very appealing to investors. This is also the most sensible solution for all other EU nations which must be also be born in mind and in which they could also benefit. This is real economics and it is actually real Conservative economics. It is not a sign of failure as other continents and countries also have huge debt levels, which is the problem of growth since Sumeria rose as a civilisation 2000 years before Greece. (According to the indo - Sumerian seals which were largely IOU's and who could not then blame Greece of course) It strengthens the economy and the nation state and the EU and the Council of Europe allowing prosperity to flourish which is why Greece began a democracy in Europe 3000 years ago. In such an event Greece would have to stick to making a real economy as all EU states would, but then the whole of the EU could have a party and a celebration. (Possibly the biggest ever) Robert Schumann probably would have backed this idea which could only occur every 50 years or so, but such a move would not increase risk as investment would still be a guaranteed re-imbursement and Euro economics would reach stability. This is what makes the EU different and would make it a great enterprise. It also means the ECB would take control from the IMF. Forcing draconian measures only encourages the break up of the EU. Austerity was only meant as a temporary means to an end and not to enslave a people or nation, and this has caused Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis to resign (and his explanation after the No vote which states debt is ruining countries and continents) Countries which do not have an energy import bill to manage have fared better in the crisis.

Solution 2 ? Abandon Austerity (Wachstum nicht Spar) and begin a growth programme for immediate employment and financial growth for millions all over the EU and Greece which is celebrating Robert Schuman the Architect and founding father of Europe said in 1950 'Starting from the very different conditions in which the production of member countries is at present situated, it is proposed that certain transitional measures should be instituted, such as the application of a production and investment plan, the establishment of compensating machinery for equating prices, and the creation of a restructuring fund to facilitate the rationalization of production' (une faible inflation et de la dette minimum) in his Schuman declaration of 9..5.2015 (The Eu's birthday) which then as now indicates a need for a solution to prevent an EU break up.

Now with austerity still in place a solution is sought again after the referendum No vote. Ireland is coming out of its recession, jobs are being created and its binding negative equity is vanishing as house prices rise, but circumstances (from 2008, 6-8 years ago) which caused the Celtic Tiger crash remain and the social cost has been immense and tragic. Making a choice for the future is something Greece has provided with its stance, and which ultimately benefits the markets, industry and employment.(mankind)

July 20th 2015

What is really going on in Greece and the Ukraine.

Much of the above two chapters relates how a society can stabilise itself and analyse economically which political party (if any) can provide the best solution for it. First it would need to guarantee a reliable method of exchange (trading and food production) Secondly, below it needs to solve its energy needs.

Since the Greeks rejected the proposals in the Greek referendum, the Greek National Government voted to accept them. Syriza the political party leading the Greek coalition has been rejected by left wing parties around the world who formerly supported them.

In the background (including the media background) is the real issue. The issue is not so much a Greek exit (Grexit) from the Eurozone but a Russian (Rexit) from the Eurozone. The destabilisation of Greece follows a long and dubious path in which Russia wants Greece to exit the EU. The second world war remains a major cause of injury and the current debt restructuring and economy problems (Germany also suffered heavy casualties and loss in WW2) may cause Greece the founder of democracy to separate itself from its European aims originally shaped and instigated by Alexander the Great. However Athens and Sparta differed in the past and that tradition still exists today.

When Russia could not secure its Gazprom gas pipeline through Ukraine it took option B, which is to place it through Hungary /Turkey and Greece (Hungary is a member state of the EU and IS also in Nato and the OECD, and it is also currently building a 100 mile fence to keep out immigrants) Greek debt (which is not as high as Ireland's in GDP debt / ratio terms) is the fulcrum on which the current deal to privatise its assets are made. In effect a trust fund which will take the assets established as a pre-condition of a bailout. If the debt had not accrued the assets would be safe now. If Greece and the EU did not import so much energy there would be less debt.(etc)

All of the above provides a brief backdrop to the other value currency requires to support it, namely energy and commodities. Russia however uses its energy supply to reel in countries by offering cheap energy, and in Greece which may not get all bailout funds until 2019, Russia has offered to front load money upfront if Greece agrees to using its land for the pipeline. Once this is established it blackmails them by offering to cut off the supply as occurred in the Ukraine in earlier years and in Europe this year

As is noted in Chapter 4, the soviet communist practice of actual socialism is for other countries not for itself.

Greece as a nation voted against austerity and privatisation but voted for (in effect, staying in the EU) Frau Angela Merkel says Greece should be entitled to debt relief (unofficial estimates put this in the region of €10 - €30 billion but it is not on any mainstream media outlet, but is a concession) Along with this it would be expedient if a part of the €10 - €30 billion was spent conservatively on the latest Solar PV, wind and CHP units all over Greece.(with many other choices in renewable energy) For example 15,(as an example) 1000 megawatt solar pv farms (the current largest is 597 megawatt, but proposals for larger exist) could produce a lot of energy and maximise energy reduction forecasts, many could be placed near beaches and water parks (Providing ease of access for the Greek people) and could provide a lot of employment.

Solar energy is improving all the time. 15 (fifteen) 1 Megawatt solar farms could be considered ambitious, but this amounts to (1000 kw = 1 Megawatt) (1000 kw x 1000 Megawatt = 1000 x 1000 kw = 1 million kilowatts.) x 15 = 15 million kilowatts. India as an example is planning 100 Gigawatt farms (1000 megawatts = 1 Gigwatt & 100 of them = 10,000000 / ten million KW) to power enormous energy grids in India. It will also create 1 million jobs which could be duplicated in Greece. Greece could also construct 100 Gigwatt farms upon one or two deserted islands, with supplemental islands which could also still produce food (produce and livestock)

To put this into perspective the highest (averaged) kw consumed by a households per year is 11,000 kWh per year. Another view is the true average worldwide is 7000 kWh. As the price of solar panels falls then the energy bill/carbon saved amounts to energy for 4 million homes every year (which 100-Gigawatt farms could supply) is reduced every year for falling capital outlay. 7000 kWh averages could supply 6 - 7 million homes. Many Greek jobs could be created and Greece could export energy to the North of Europe. Every Greek Island and the Greek mainland would be renewed by earning money from individual homes and business selling power into the Grid. The Ukraine could also expand its grid to accommodate and produce solar energy and wind power from people friendly wind turbines. In rural areas these solutions erase noise, are bird friendly and although 30 % less efficient, this allows more turbines within the same area as a conventional blade turbine. (An opposing view) They are making the bladeless turbines larger every year. Manufacturing and heavy engineering using oil is still required but is more affordable with reduced import costs. Ireland (which is the wealthiest country in natural resources) is reducing its negative equity mortgage problems which is creating active long term employment over the Island, yet it is contemplating selling its forests despite previously rejecting this idea. It is a fallacy, as real wealth creation is held in bio-diverse (mixed species hard wood and soft wood, fruit, berry and cobnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, heartnuts, pinenuts and almonds etc) of tree planting. (the whole of the Islands were once covered in dense forest, and replanting 2 trees, for every tree used in timber frame housing ensures stocks are maintained) Reducing debt by selling assets is a quick solution leading to long term decline, instead of funding widescale job creation and reducing energy imports, and turning its debt into equity against carbon reduction which would erase the debt and retain the assets. Every renewable area would reduce costs twice once in ongoing imported fuel bills and twice in future carbon savings. Instead of a 25 year debt over generations, a smaller time period follows.A third benefit is the land and water are renewed for future generations as is the quality of life in clean air & water, healthy food and growing exports. Ireland currently has the fastest growing economy in the EU.

Why would India want to invest $100 billion in renewable energy ? (solar panels) Renewable energy has skeptics also within the industry, and Bladeless turbines are a source of debate and doubt, although smaller scale Urban wind turbines are already in use even without the official recognition, important for bank funding and expansion, whilst other types of Turbines based on appearance are considered unreliable technology. India is not using 'doubtful technology' and the cost of 100 Gigawatt solar farms would be $100 Billion which is only an amount similar to oil and gas project investment, but in this case solar energy is then 'free' after.

India's energy bill in 2012 was $140 billion per year and in 2014 it was $240 billion per year a jump of 40% which would ruin many countries, but it has since reduced energy costs, and falling oil prices and cheap gas mean it is back to lower than 2012 levels in imported fuel costs. Oil and Gas could remain low forever, but geopolitics and war will mean it will rise again. Any project in peace or war only benefits from low rates, in 2007/2008 the economy imploded worldwide.The benefits of low interest rates and ample energy supply has helped the world economy recover. Given the amount of imported energy costs over a 10 year period in India (say $1200 Billion approx) a 20 year or more Solar project costing $100 billion now seems much less expensive (for one capital outlay over a long time period of 20 years +) The project will be broken down into smaller $15 billion and £2.5 billion projects. Decentralising the grid should occur simultaneously with the expansion of the renewable grid. Some renewable projects echo the 'dot com bubble' of the 1990's (seeking initial full funding for a bogus product) Conversely many innovations patents are bought out before they can change the world and then hidden away. Water based ground pumps are very efficient but receive less funding than ground based heat pumps for example. Funding (see further down in this chapter) is the key to alternative energy succeeding with realistic energy output estimates. Investment is continuing despite the maze of decisions investors need to make.

Energy solutions are central to the Ukraine's future, and alternatives to natural gas are (only) liquefied natural gas (LNG). Norway is currently advising the Ukraine on a energy transition programme. All countries could avail of the expertise. Since the EU supergrid is already in the Ukraine (and extends oversees into Africa also ) energy could be transferred (or offset) up through Macedonia and the Balkans into also the Ukraine. There is a storage related problem which TESLA may have solved and will no doubt become 'tested technology' which can be readily financed (like many renewable 'untested' technologies which should be now considered tested and less of a risk) Turkey could also become dependent on the EU down into the Middle East and East to the Caspian sea.

One of the conditions of the onerous bailout of the trust fund is "The fund, which still needs to be approved by the Greek parliament by Wednesday, will then raise money for Greece either by selling the assets off or by running them profitably" (since then it has been approved) This last remark i.e. 'running them profitably' whilst it looks like a Greek problem is actually a problem which has existed since the stock market took over the term 'profitably' many decades ago.

This problem of long term fixed capital has contributed to the west's downfall over the past 70 years or so.

A further problem is quality of production and export and distribution. Using the famous analogy of the child setting up a lemonade stand as idea of free enterprise, used in the PDF in chapter 1 entitled 'The EU, Rome and Israel' the story has a Greek twist. In Greece on an Island which produced popular delicious thirst quenching real lemonade, (you had one, you wanted another) sold its rights to a giant corporation which tried to re-produce the product but could not. Not that it did not try. Its production techniques did not allow for natural capital and local production methods and quality produce and lemons. People stopped buying and wished the original cheaper real lemonade was still sold as before.

Quality can only be maintained by local production in this case, preferably from organic sources and in traditional village production methods, ideals which should be planned against long term fixed capital solutions.

What then should Greece do in its post 'NO' position?

Greece needs to escape its problems and develop an economy which holds its young people at home.

The EU is trying to merge all aspects of its operations. This has left EU countries with only their national fiscal policy to determine its internal economic position, which is the same with other accession members within the EU. Any changes in methods of inflating or deflating the economy would only arise if politicians directly determined monetary policy or chose some other method of the Euros circulation. A direct change in philosophy by the central banks would also affect EU economic policy and would require national fiscal adjustments to balance the national budgets. As it is ECOFIN (The Economic and Financial Affairs Council) and the Broad economic policy guidelines (BEPG) would have to change that policy philosophy or a crisis and/or collapse in the economy would need to occur. Other than that, this aspect of everyday EU policy is outside of the control of each member state and its citizens. Problems or miscalculations during the four or five year period in-between election voting could either spell disaster or parity for any budget, which in trying to discern the actual budget balance and difference between the cyclically adjusted budget balance voters often are left baffled or bereft of actual choice. Moving from Keynesian deficit spending (requiring definite borrowing) to structurally adjusted budgets to hopefully produce parity or surplus in the economy, and still require borrowing at interest is a harder feat to achieve in the eyes of the public realm.

In Germany the Hanseatic League of craft guilds, who did not value a commodity on its ability to 'turnover' quickly, but rather upon its intrinsic value, viewed the fixing of prices based on the law of supply and demand as a fallacy, when a price should be its intrinsic value alone. Karl Marx published Das Capital but many professional economists rejected Marx's contention, but they were troubled by the widespread acceptance of his idea among leaders of the working classes. As result many economists felt a need to recast economics as a science of exchange rather than production.

Currency values and banking methods were debated at length in the 18th century, but Going beyond the controversy of the Currency School versus the Banking School, the previously overlooked Free Banking School, which questioned the basic premises of the other two, drew them closer to the Austrian school than the Keynesian view, but not to the USA and the Chicago school promoted by Milton Freidman amongst others, who did want to check inflation, but who viewed or preferred an elite structure to the 'ownership' of money.

The gold standard was abolished in 1973, and it is place, a similar arrangement to the 3% deficit was undertaken under the petro dollar system. Making 6%, and therefore 3% either side of 0 allowed the Dollar to fluctuate and became known as the Snake within the tunnel. Most budgets and borrowing requirements are set within this 3% limit either side of 0 and interest rates are set to allow for this fluctuation. This allowed bonds to fluctuate and realise price differences electronically and today's spread betting and currency gambling grew from it.

"The arithmetic is, unfortunately, quite clear. To avoid large and unsustainable budget deficits, the nation will ultimately have to choose among higher taxes, modifications to entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare, less spending on everything else from education to defence, or some combination of the above. These choices are difficult, and it always seems easier to put them off, until the day they cannot be put off any more. But unless we as a nation demonstrate a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility, in the longer run we will have neither financial stability nor healthy economic growth" (Bernanke, Ben S 2010) It is obvious that monetary initiatives are framing fiscal objectives. (Former national treasury work is already determined by the larger group the nation belongs too)

Against this backdrop the misnomer and perpetuated illusion of Perfect competition is created. (although trying to achieve it is preferred) "Above all economic theory teaches us that we should rejoice that markets set prices at a level that equates supply and demand" Economists and economics and its assumptions and models assume that in the world of 'perfect competition' a normal rate of profit is determined. A standard explanation is the cost of production is the extra cost of one more unit of output, combined with a extra amount (undefined) to allow for the normal rate of profit, known as the marginal cost. "this idea that with perfect competition the cost of all commodities will equal marginal costs is the foundation of conventional economics, the notion of marginal costs is the lynchpin of price theory".

Yet merely selling the lemonade to meet demand on the Greek island will already have set a desired price in the exchange for the lemonade, however once others join the market and the supply increase's causing the price to fall, and the normal rate of profit will not earn enough profit. Entering and exiting the market causes the normal rate of profit to fall and rise creating equilibrium, and the best of all worlds. This model is based on the price theory of exchange rather than actual production. Of course the company could have claimed to have intervened in the market if it had state assistance but was the real lemonade in the nation's interests to produce. (many private corporations were subsidised when they began and after) Competition producing decreasing returns (decreasing returns to scale) in agriculture however meant that increased weeding and more seeds increased production, but it did not double the farms output. Profits fell and were not as efficient as the company's lemonade business. Assembly workers producing cars on the other hand were efficient compared to one person constructing one car, as the tools and machinery in use was continuous, no stopping and starting and would be constantly working a return on their investment, and bigger firms had these costs advantages.

A Corporations overriding primary function is to produce a profit for the stockholders by law with no legal concern for the public good (not all corporations, many see their success as being in the public good). Aided by limited liability which the group of people known as the corporation as a legal person are semi – immune from. The requirement in law to put its profit motive first ahead of competing interests which can be interrupted as society in general. The profit motive gradually streamlined a corporations operations to narrow its responsibilities to the minimum legal requirement to ensure its profits. Communism has a similar outlook except the profits are kept by the state and also not shared with the workers. In the Ukraine's recent example the profits went to funding a satrap salve state to Russia and former president Yanukovych (now abdicated) had palaces and many fine motorcars. Ukrainians were not allowed to feel they could profit or better their lives.

Rational decisions are rare in business, and if they were not the irrational model around us would change. With the added realisation of a quick return with little investment, business moved away from the corporations which ironically having incorporated many smaller firms, due to winning the competition in the short term, and having moved away from the laissez faire of the aristocracy to the new money of the 'robber barons' and its model of production, found that long term fixed capital costs, which needed updating due to competition then realised the added burden of investment, which is not as appealing as investing in the short term or stock market.

Henry Ford was persuaded and some like Carnegie (who with Lord Milner and of the Round table Cecil Rhodes had endowed so many new Universities) persuaded industry to invest in long term fixed capital and new accounting measures to ensure decreasing returns and associated problems did not arise.

A few decades later and a new model of forced centralised monopoly led Lenin to describe the Russian revolution as "the state apparatus 'borrowed from Tsarism' and hardly touched by the soviet world", which in local villages and towns resorted to abandoning revolutionary collectivist ideals and "resorting to individual aspirations arising out of their individualistic forms of work. Each sought to maximise his own standard of living through his activities on his plot of land. (like Germanys original Hanseatic league which produced quality well made items) Leninism became Stalinism, and this class by themselves as Marx had described bureaucrats echoing Lenin's concerns in his book State and Revolution had turned a workers revolution into a gigantic Corporation which eroded real wealth (for everyone) over time, a process which was also arising in the west in capitalist corporations. (which crashed in 1929 on the stockmarket and since)

After world war two, companies began to realise that profit and their own consistency could be maintained by the stock- market as opposed to manufacturing. A firm's management and business leaders in general changed their approach to instead make a firm attractive to Wall street finance, when their companies stock rose so did their profits. "This process became so thorough that the distinction between finance and industry became almost meaningless"

"Neither alternative – the competitive capitalism that the corporation opposed or Morganised capitalism that the corporatists supported – was largely capable of efficiently directing economic activity in an economy that largely depends on long lived fixed capital"(for all quotes see PDF the EU, Rome and Israel in chapter 1 above)

Corporations also suffered traditionally from long term fixed capital costs. Neglecting this investment area, corporations either went into a malaise (Soviet state capitalism) or adopted shorter term financial strategies which kept profits healthy (Enron) as opposed to keeping production as its primary function. A major cause of this problem is long term fixed capital which if not neglected (as Carnegie and the Welfare capitalists proved every day) brings advantages of steady profit and new technological breakthroughs through research and development pressures. The burden of long term fixed capital goods and stock if not modernised produces eventual losses as they become inefficient, since this investment is also subject to borrowing then the perfect world of competition is also subject to diminishing returns through inflation. Debt is the result and soon the expected way to operate.

Investors need a quick return, company managers need to report a profit or investors could desert, a company could be vulnerable to takeover, and in America a craze of buying firms to strip them of assets cascaded until even financial managers and industry warned of the dire consequences. In error however many did not listen and instead blamed management of these companies (for the wrong reasons) especially Michael Jensen who in taking over firms and who fired lazy and 'bueracratic' management. If the firm was performing poorly, it would in fact impede resources to it rather than solve its problems (letting it die) freeing up resources to flow to productive activities in another branch of the firm or even another firm increasing the highest rate of return. Money managers ran firms and they often preferred to shut down a company to please Wall Street, and not to be seen as failures, whereas industry and long term commitment which society requires were unprofitable.

Whether it is State Capitalism Monopolies as Corporations or private Corporations, the longer term view of employment, finance and a nation's security are both unwittingly and deliberately brought to ruin, and profitability is a pursuit which is eating its own tail. Both have failed (although many have succeeded into a monopoly but then fixed capital problems begin again) yet continue to blame each other, but new attitudes and goals are required to build them back into employment centres of well paid 100% employment nations.

Therefore when a nations profitability is determined as in its national interests by building long term planned companies which produce products instead of gambling their future on the stockmarket (and its share price when seen in these terms cannot be assessed by shareholders as the price alone, but in the long term stake of the business and people employed within it, which it has a stake and a dividend. Dividends are not just cash payments but community or town innovation benefits and long term family employment. Quality is also like the Greek lemonade business a benefit to the local community) Quality also raises the share price which then supports leveraged borrowing instead of pumping the profit by inventive accounting or subsidiary ghost companies. Taking a short cut instead of developing a strong business or corporation that could support long term share prices became the norm leading to increased debt and to countries which do not make (manufacture) anything. Outsourcing to cheaper wage economies does not produce home made goods.

Funding models in 'natural capital' methods or similar can bring debt reduction and solve long term fixed capital costs.(which are always going to exist) Africa for example (and it is mooted every year) if you take a geographic map of Africa's deserts (Sahara, Kalahri and the Namib desert situated in South West Africa on the coast) there is so much land which is not utilised and has held Africa back over a Millennia. Solar or wind (as only two examples) could fill the barren places solving the debt fuel import crisis and solving the energy crisis and emigration crisis. Solar panels which allow upgrades for innovation and maintenance will succeed, whilst others will fail.Powering 100 Gigawatts like India (see heading above 'what is really going on in Greece and the Ukraine') would also provide irrigation energy and water to make the desert bloom. Europe (& every continent) could also do the same, and having funding models which partner continued investment instead of lurching from loan to loan would make more opportunities and expedite a sustained economy. Debt / Equity swaps against future carbon emissions reductions of heavily indebted countries and future bonds costed against energy savings and future carbon credits is almost the same as starting an economy (OECD) from the beginning.

Should Greece choose to leave the EU and join Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania would be a good source of information to base any decision upon.They now wish to fully join the EU. Ireland had long term fixed capital cost problems in its water supply industry. Its debt meant it was forced to sell or privatise its water supply infrastructure and install water meters (amidst riots) It has not fully privatised its water yet, but concerns that it will, and then send water charges higher are escalating. Dominique Strauss-Kahn a supposed socialist made this request in the IMF memorandum of understanding (pages 1 & 30). Then following this socialists asked everyone to protest ? Syriza in Greece were hailed as the new socialists but now they are rebuked by the socialists, but ownership of the means of production has moved also, but not to the proletariat. (i.e The workers who should be wary of labels in political parties which say they are one thing but are another. Debt analysis policies helps determine the actual politics of the party or party member)

Given the amount of debt which had accumulated the Government in Ireland were given no (borrowing) choice but to agree to privatisation or default on the debt. Greece took this one stage further and voted no to any new loans. Alternatively you could follow the Vikings in Iceland and decide not to pay (with the back up plan of possibly invading Europe and other continents acquiring assets and land) Iceland has a Viking tradition of meeting collectively in the hills as a community for the whole Island at its sacred sites. (established in 930 ad for collective national democratic decisions) It decided not to pay (but did not invade the world again as yet) and it is now benefiting from renewed FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Again their economy like all western economies faces long term investment costs.

Water charges are estimated to be €150 per annum and protests and delays in collecting the full price will mean (accounts over the last year show a loss so far) the shortfall of income will be met by new venture capital or private loans (bank debt) finance, and a new contract of ownership will follow i.e. full privatisation. Russia also employs this method to acquire assets abroad, via energy exchange or finance for short term profit or to control a country with an iron grip. Wars would occur without the added incentive of high energy prices, but supply restriction is also an act of war, just as finance theories at fiscal level have a ideological political agenda 'privatisation' is not solely a right wing aim. In Russia aims to separate companies from the corrupted 'public' but owned by individuals in the state, were motivated by reclaiming the ownership of the institution or service/utility by and as the proletariat (the private people). Russia also had long term investment problems in its fiscal/ finance model Since protests have not succeeded (to date) and whether a new government is elected or not then Dominique Strauss Khans (the 'socialist') aims will be realised either way. The Republic of Ireland in many respects falls between these two ideologies since its creation, and even with the full privatisation of a company the new owners still face the problem of Long term fixed capital costs, which as a cost, left or right finance ideologies inherently fail to solve. Privatisation for short term capital gain (prices at €400 - €500 per year) which is then banked and the company / utility is sold or abandoned is also common. Setting up a company to be acquired at a later stage by another company in another country is common, again Russia and Western countries use this cloak. Companies which actually build up a nation are rarer but do exist. Protests against fiscal measures over preceding years which led to the debt (which is now exchanged for the water asset) were/are not as loud, numerous or as obvious in the media. Recent prosecutions (30/07/2015) in Irish banking (ongoing in the inquiry) show surveillance of the debt (not regulation as such) simply watches it accrue and afterwards blame is then juggled between institutions. Many blame the system itself.

For those in Ireland who were employed in the rivers and water corporations which were once numerous as smaller facilities and were more difficult to change (i.e. it was not centralised) it was still obvious that investment (fixed capital) would be required. Alternative plans (a,b,c, d, & e) and variants on them are also rare in practice. Placing turbine blades as one idea (the actual turbines are outside of pipes) with water pipes would pay for any shortfall in costs and provide electricity for countless thousands.

Many countries simply introduced a flat fee of €20 - €30 to improve their water, and also introduced turbines into the reservoir pipes or wherever they were viable along the infrastructure of the piping as the water flowed downhill. The turbines generated electricity for consumption which now could be stored in a TESLA battery powering your house for free.(almost) Slowly the long term fixed capital costs were met and the problem was solved. Investment over the preceding years (in many countries including Russia and the USA) was lacking causing the leaks in water supply we have today. Since wind energy in Ireland produces too much energy for the countries needs, this energy is then dumped. Britain is already allowing domestic energy producers and business to sell their electricity into the grid for profit. There are plans to pump water up a hill (to solve the storage problem) at night under a cheaper tariff (and this happens in other countries) and then release it hours later to pump turbines for electricity, yet the water reservoir pipes could be doing this already.(ἀνάγκᾳ δ᾿ οὐδὲ θεοὶ μάχονται )

Greek Elections 2015 19th & 20.09.2015

The Greek Elections of 2015 follow after the resignation of Alexis Tsipras on 20.08.2015. Despite the Greek referendum giving a resounding No to Austerity, the next bailout was put into motion following the result. On August 8th 2015 Greece, Cyprus and Israel signed the Tripartite Energy memorandum which establishes the EuroAsia Interconnector to allow a 2000 megawatt energy supply to reach them and to a wider Europe (via the Greek island of Crete, and Crete to the Greek mainland in the southern Peloponnese area, and from there on to Europe and Israel. See also the end of chapter 5 below)

Ending Austerity is still the election topic for the Greek population. Who will win the Greek elections 2015 ?


Greek Election 20.09.2015

A month after Alexis Tsipras resigned; the leader of Syriza won a second election following the first in January 2015 (3 elections in total including the No vote referendum) The context of the election and the history of Greece is a very complex and difficult history. It is worth recording the events also around the September 2015 election, as aside from Greece making news outside the norm, world events have also been unusual and some extraordinary in this period. If for no other reason other than the Greeks looking back over the last 8 years could hardly believe what has happened, yet they have struggled on and formed a new outlook as a nation.

Within only 2 hours &.30 minutes of the polls (9.30 pm Greek time, 7.30 pm GMT) closing and 35 % of the votes counted, Syriza are confirmed as the Greek election winners with predictions of 144 seats with 33 - 35 % of the vote, approx (therefore gaining the 50 bonus seats) with New Democracy on second with 28.5 - 30 % of the vote approx. A low turnout of only 55% was recorded with the new party 'Popular Unity' predicted to get 2- 3 %. Popular Unity broke away from Syriza following the 3rd Greek bailout as they are anti-austerity and anti – bailout. This breakaway contributed significantly to the new general election as the Greek people had voted No to Austerity only a short time before.

As the day (20.9.2015) began only a narrow victory was expected. Earlier "A Star TV poll put Syriza's share of the vote at between 30% and 34% compared to 28.5% to 32.5% for the conservatives. The ultra- nationalist Golden Dawn came in a distant third with as much as 8%" At 5 oclock Greek Time the BBC predicted that it was too close to call, but ;

"A combined exit poll from five TV stations suggested Syriza would get between 30% and 34% of the vote, with New Democracy securing between 28.5% and 32.5% but the exit polls have in the past been unreliable"

But..... Rueters at 10.30 Greek time (3.30 EDT time) with percentages that are closer to those who suggested a narrow win stated;

" Greek voters returned Alexis Tsipras to power with a strong election victory on Sunday, ensuring the charismatic leftist remains Greece's dominant political figure despite caving in to European demands for a bailout he once opposed. With about a quarter of votes counted, Tsipras's Syriza party was on course to claim 35.3 percent of the vote, easily seeing off his main Conservative challengers New Democracy on 28.1 percent. The interior ministry said that would give him 144 seats in the 300-seat parliament, just five fewer than when he first stormed to power early this year. New Democracy swiftly conceded defeat"

These were very accurate poll(s) which are interrupted as a sweeping victory, or a close victory or a reduced victory but with more or less the same numbers either before, during or after the election.

In the January 2015 Syriza were predicted to win 149 seats (only 5 more than 20th September 2015) when they swept to victory? The article declares ' Tsipras declares end to 'vicious cycle of austerity' after Syriza wins Greek election – as it happened ' & (Germany was alarmed by the prospect)

  • The anti-austerity far left party Syriza has won the Greek election by a decisive margin, but just short of an outright majority. With more than three-quarters of the results in Syriza is projected to win 149 (32 – 34% of the vote) seats in the 300 seat parliament.
  • Leftwingers across Europe have hailed Syriza win. Spain's anti-austerity party Podemos said Greece finally had a government rather than a German envoy. Britain's Green Party said Syriza's victory was an inspiration (Jan 2015)

Yet the austerity continues as do the bailouts? (Sep 2015)

Alexis Tspiras (his own view ) who is a Communist, and leading up to his resignation speech (21.08.2015) on and the new election said on the 21.08.2015 (in the article)

"Then, late on 26 June, as Greek negotiators were locked in talks with their European partners, he summoned them out of the room by text message. Mr Tsipras told them he was calling a referendum on a deal that was not even on the table. In a late-night TV address, he spoke of the bailout as "unbearable" and a "humiliation". It came out of the blue and was viewed either as a reckless gamble or a masterstroke, casting into doubt Greece's future in the euro. Cash support for Greek banks was frozen, and the government imposed capital controls, shutting the banks and limiting cash withdrawals. Opponents questioned whether he had ever really wanted to stay in the eurozone, and EU leaders were infuriated by his decision. But when Greeks surprised the pollsters and backed their prime minister's stance, he told them their mandate was not "rupture with Europe" but a mandate for a viable solution .As Greece's economy teetered on the brink of leaving the euro, Mr Tsipras agreed a deal for a third bailout that many of his colleagues refused to back, and even he admitted he did not believe in it"

& following the rejection by referendum, "The country overwhelmingly rejected the bailout, but the Eurozone refused to budge. Greece was almost forced out of the euro, capital controls were introduced and long queues formed outside Greek banks. Mr Tsipiras then enacted a dramatic U-turn, signing up to an even tougher menu of reforms. As such many of his supporters feel betrayed, and there are signs that turn out in today's election will be low"

The eventual numbers in the Greek parliament 35% Syriza (95 seats + 50 for coming first and only four less than the January victory) 28% New Democracy and 75 seats, Golden Dawn 18 seats. A new co-alition however was formed with the nationalist Independent Greeks with 10 seats.

Incredible predictions and polls which either set the tone or influence the voting.

Greece & the Migrant crisis.

With humanitarian plans in place for decades and many suggested for the current Middle East war all ignored, the migrants have in themselves become an agenda for other non EU countries. Not only have they (not taken any migrants) they have also subverted real humanitarian plans (anti-trafficking systems in place for decades?) and forced a direction the agenda would take.

The Golden Dawn party newly elected again in Greece speak out against the migration problem, yet despite the protests against immigration, and despite Greece's economy suffering and growing worse, The Golden dawn state "Even before the 2015 surge, 84 percent of adults in Greece wanted decreased immigration — the highest proportion in the world" but do the polls and elections reflect this attitude at all ? Alex Tsipras and Syriza said in early August Greece could not handle the migrants, both in economy and infrastructure. This is an EU wide impossible problem, which cannot be solved by migration, which is not just happening in the EU it is happening on every continent to every culture.

This is unity across left and right in Greece (and nationalism is a good concept, it is not fascism) as the refugees are not fleeing any war and are not refugees. Official figures from the EU state that only 1 in 5 are from Syria ?

On the 13.09.2015 Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri issued a call to renewed Jihad against the West (and in Chechnya in Russia), followed by Irans leader Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threat to again wipe Israel off the map. Isis (both men claim) is illegitimate and only Al – Qaeda are legitimate. This message is timed to go with and for the migrants who are 70% male, hence Hungary and others have closed their borders.

Following the Syriza election forming a government, the immigration problem was brought to the attention of the EU public when EU Council President Donald Tusk called a summit on the issue, and suggested that migrants be housed nearer home (their point of origin) Many countries rejected the proposals but they do not have a Veto and are in effect forced to have quotas from people who are not (1 in 5) refugees. Why ? the Heritage Foundation (2008) explain a long war, with Christians in the Middle East in Genocide, which began in 2001, and intensified in 2003 – 2008. In 2001 this side of the war was rarely mentioned or imagined, and it is also a marker for the failure of Islamic society at home on the whole. This also reflects the Greek view from Tsipras or the Golden Dawn, and in Germany also, demonstrations and marches (Central European countries) against the forced quotas began immediately (Belgium, to Hungary, Ukraine to Russia, Norway to Holland also see The Schengen agreement ) Donald Tusk and Angela Merkel are changing their minds, although they did not create the situation. She (Frau Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Deutschland) has admitted that multiculturalism has failed, because it is forced, artificial and a social experiment by economists and eugenicists, and as a result of slavery economics (on every continent) no matter which way the traffic flows. (trafficking and millions of pregnancy terminations in countries which are accepting migrants is of course crazy and contradictory in terms of population boosting. See more on the inverted Multiculturalism a few paragraphs down) )

This is why EU countries and member states and non EU countries will disregard the quotas, and the EU summit on the migrant crisis (23.09.2015 – 26.03.2015) as of course there is no emergency summit happening on the migrant crisis in the Gulf States, China or other continents ? China and Russia are pushing the migrants onto the EU and using their influence to force the votes into the no veto position. The summit decided to send aid to nearby countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey instead of allowing more migration (Donald Tusk stated the war may deteriorate, hence Syria needs a safe zone) These and other suggestions for safe zones were ignored 4 years ago to date, but political pressure is growing.

During the 2nd Greek election the Middle East has escalated A summary of the Syrian war (brief video which is an excellent brief analysis but does not show any Christians or Syrian Christians as a separate grouping) for a wider view see the adjacent website and the end of Chapter 3 and upwards. The Syrian refugee crisis and immigration (bad language warning in previous) in general were also topics which dominated the elections in which it was becoming apparent the perpetrators of the immigration scam were administrators and elected officials/politicians (even in the EU) who had accepted bribes.

The only question which remains is Obama allowing Russia to move into Syria since the demonstrations against the Wests intended action, (but not as yet against Russia's. Obama boasted he had bombed 7 countries to defend the Iran deal. Contrast this against Alexander the Great 9who was clear in what he was trying to do) who marched through Turkey defeating and at the battle of ISSUS, and then south into the Lebanon and into Israel. It was clear and concise, and over very quickly. Alexander did not make slaves of the conquered nor prolong their misery.

Russia has placed troops on the ground (but Obama would not) and supplied WMD, and it has created enormous causalities in Syria, (without protest from the anti-war / war brigades) it is also encouraging the EU to take more refugees as it causes more and more refugees as part of its plan to destabilise the west. It rejected the safe zone for Northern Syria a further cause of the resignation of John Allen but the USA is viewing Russia's involvement as "canvassing US officials on Monday, reported: "Privately, many seemed to welcome a Russian intervention if it alleviated the burden on the US for fighting ISIS." However Russia who will avoid Islamisation of its own country has brutally put down constant Islamic uprisings in Chechnya, but wants to defend President Assad.

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri and Irans leader Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claim they are the true Islam, which of course is disputed between countless groups, but who will prove they are by killing each other and Christians in the Middle East and in the west. (attacks on Denmark, Tunisia's beaches and Charlie Hebdo, as well as rapes and individual attacks and declaring Sharia law no go zones, which aim to extend over entire towns and cities are not enough) Some of these attacks have occurred in Greece and its economy is already overstretched.

The war has two narratives 1. Basher Assad is very unpopular. 2. Basher Assad is very popular. No 2 is less reported upon. Yet the changes which are coming to the Fertile Crescent will be fast, but they are nothing to do, or are everything to do (as is suggested in blogs and articles) with 'Shevit' (the Shemmitah) which is happening but which is simply the biblical agrarian and agricultural land and financial laws of which Jubilee is a part and has been for three thousand years regardless of the financial system around it. It applies only to Israel (although the definition of 'Israel' is a Judeo- Christian concept of who is Israel) and they are good laws if adopted by all. They recognise that men and woman will eventually make a mess of things in land or debt or finance. Then every 7 years a correction is made by all (the 50th year of Jubilee began 23.09.2015) so that life (the most important aspect) and families can go on farming and trading. This aspect is missing in the West's economic philosophy. To join it you must become Israel and this is a part of the two olive trees mystery. Under the Shemmitah Greek Jewish families from Thessaly (named after Theseus some suggest) especially could also be 'Israel'. Combined with the Greek financial situation this could be a real headache for Mrs Merkel and the debt problem. Many Greeks of Jewish descent who were also polarised between left and right, suffered in world war 2, and were also taken to Auschwitz and other camps, and this also occurred when the Italian Jewish brigades and Jewish brigades in other countries were branded as rouge brigades by the UK. ( up until the blockades to the temporary 'Palestine' were lifted by the UK, the term was used to distinguish it from the Ottoman empire) From 1942 – 1943 the situation of the second world war, already underway for four years in Europe turned even more sinister.

Adolf Hitler wanted to have a safe efficient railway to the Middle East and to Baku and Iraq, but Turkey and the Turkish Nazi brigades and units played a double game suggesting that the railway could be built, but insinuating that the railway could also be sabotaged (by Turkey itself ) and made many new demands of Germany for the prospect of the railway. With the USA in the war and the prospects for a Jewish homeland in view, the Turkish Nazis(increasingly influential since 1942/1943 , whose beliefs relied on secrecy and deception by a minority over a majority) were instrumental in fermenting and planning the Holocaust. The Berlin to Baghdad railway was only completed in 1940, although it began before world war 1. In 1915 Turkey instigated a holocaust on 1.5 million Armenians and in WW2 a holocaust occurred against the Jews. contrast this with 1933, and Germany (under Hitler) and other countries made a transfer agreement to send Jewish families to Israel which continued up until 1941. Haifa in Israel was largely settled by German Templers in 1868, who modernized the city and developed it, it was a German colony, and the Templers were not just motivated by commodities. Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd met Theodore Herzl in Jerusalem in 1898. This analysis in central to understanding the current war in the Middle east today and belief and idealogy.

The Holocaust occurred almost 43 years later. Antisemitism in Israel and surrounding today in children as indoctrination by Islam is present just as it was in WW2, or for over 3 thousand years. Propaganda & an invented history (r.e. Palestine) forcing Denial when Turkey (Islams history and repeated genocide) is the perpetrator of genocide, combined with mockery as political denial in Iran (of the Holocaust) still occur daily. Invasions of Greece by Islam have occurred over the past 1600 years. Many Jewish populations under Christianity (many were not) were forced into low paid work and poverty in order to survive, and from this position they rebelled, (revolution) further since the identity of the Messiah was in dispute Jews and Christians differed, widening the economic divisions into deeper revolution (see later in these paragraphs) Today Syria denies the holocaust as does Iran and Turkey and making an Islamic Caliphate is Syria's aim with or without Christians having a say in it. Christianity is not compatible with Islam, and Planned Genocide is a quasi - spiritual pursuit or crime which against the Jews extends back to the Old Testament era. Western pre-christian beliefs did not waste time in planning long drawn out executions. The Vikings for instance invaded and slaughtered anyone who stood in their way, and planning drawn out meticulous campaigns over years was not their preferred method (Christians slaughtered over the last 4 or 5 years could have benefited from a safe zone, or an enlarged Greater Israel) .

in August 1939, Stalin made a pact with Hitler called the Molotov - Ribbontrop pact (Joachim von Ribbentrop ) and promised to rid the Russian state of the Jews. Stalin had already sanctioned a separate area named as the 'Russian Zion' in 1934 (i.e. the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in eastern Russia) and he relocated many thousands of Jewish families there. AAfter Stalin was dead Khrushchev let them return to Israel.(see later a few paragraphs down) The area was designed and set aside so that its experiment could ascertain if Judaism could be changed to a socialist version of the religion ?

Persian states when they were pre-islamic, planned the extermination of the Jews and Israel since the time of King David and Saul 3000 years ago. The long Greek - Persian wars have also continued into the modern era. In World war 2 the mixture of Nazi ideology and Islam produced an abberation unknown in previous Jihads. It had very little to do with the ancient Volk beliefs of Northern Europe. In 1941 Germany and Hitler signed the Turco-German Non-Aggression Pact (Turkish Nazis in the German army IN WW2 or in Turkey today) The lost tribes of Israel in Europe and the assimilation of Jewish people into Germany in the 1930's combined with Islam in later years, produced a confused and twisted ideology called the final solution or the Holocaust. Just as many Jewish Russian nationalsfought and died against Germany under Stalin, many German Jewish nationals (in WW1 & WW2) fought and diedagainst Russia for Germany. Assimilation meant they fought against each other and died. This last point is relevant in the dispute of who was controlling certain activities of the war. From 1930 to 1942, 500,000 Jewish nationals served and fought in WW2 for Stalin, and 150,000 Jewish nationals served in the German army for Hitler. Russia conscripted up to 34 million men in WW2, Germany up to 20 Million men. Out of 54 million men combined, 650,000 were Jewish.The fact that they fought each other and were killed, means a change in policy from 1941/2 moving towards the Holocaust also involved other ideologies which wanted to prevent the creation and re-birth of Israel in 1945 and into 1967. It was known before the war this could occur. Poland suffered massacres under the soviets (22,000 Polish officers and other prisoners in the Katyn forest and other locations in 1940) and Russia may have Gulags and concentration camps still in existence today which require liberation, dating back to WW2 or earlier. Stalin's secular Judaism and Jewish assimilation into Germany, combined with Turkish Nazi parties Islamic beliefs did not as is evident, ultimately change or prevent Israels creation, which internally is also a question between Judah and Israel (the lost scattered tribes) and the unification (the two olive trees and Ephraim) of those covenants and prophecies, and a secular atheist Israel. Turning anti-semitism into a holocaust was a decision the Nazis took, (see paragraphs below) but they had also assisted Jewish families in the transfer agreement to Israel.

The Holocaust was called the Final solution as without Jews who are either christian or who practice Judaism, Israel (it was thought) could not be reborn. Israels return was planned for many many decades from Britain to the USA, and there was a continuous Jewish presence in Israel from AD 70 to the present day.Transferring Jews to Israel who hated Communism was a priority for Germany, whilst in Russia allowing Jews who were Communist to transfer to Israel after Stalin was dead was a priority for the soviets. Replacement theology also only recognizes Israel as situated in the middle east, as opposed to other views which see it as the worldwide church. which replaces Israel entirely.This is also a debate as to whether Rome is a Bishop seat in that view, or is the head of the church in that view. As events unfold the question becomes clearer, but is not in any case detrimental to both opinions, as theGreek orthodox church (for instance) could insist, that it is the head of the church, or another named bishop seat named in the New Testament. Rome today helped in the rebirth of Israel in 1945, 1967, (as it did in the middle ages) a position Vatican 2 seemed to usher in. The Holy Land is in Israel not Russia or Rome or elsewhere. There is a growing awareness of Israel in theology in the Roman Catholic church, with the Jesuits and especially the Franciscans. These theological and ideological divisions still exits today, and secular Judaism seems an impossible aspiration to many who practice Judaism, and Rabbi's and Cabalists (who pursue the full knowledge) also today connect something new to occur around and in Jerusalem. The Judeo - Christian tradition has internal questions but Islam does not recognize the Covenants of Israel to exist or Judeo - Christianity.

Those differences in ideologies were not as threatening as the Islamic ideology. Islam believes a '13th Imam' will return, but since Mecca is not in Jerusalem this theory is convoluted if trying to connect its existence to Jerusalem.The direct link between the Muslim extermination of the Armenians and the Jews is here ( or here "Nazis, Turks Connected in Their Respective Holocausts" ) Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a 'Nazi' did more to influence the Holocaust from 1940/1941 than anyone else. Turkey, the former Ottoman empire before Israels rebirth in 1945, played Germany and Britain against each other and used techniques perfected in the Armenian genocide IN WW1 in the Holocaust in Germany in WW2. Islam in plotting extermination has continued with this weapon since 650 ad, (hence it is primarily a revolutionary organisation only) but current views of Islam deepened (into a renewed religious apocalyptic destruction, which includes war with Europe and the USA and Greece as we have witnessed in the middle east via ISIL / Islamic state of the Levant) and became prominent in 1502. and remains today (quote from the article below)

" Khomeini's speeches and writings invoked a panoply of Judenhass motifs, including orthodox interpretations of sacralized Muslim texts, and the Shi'ite conception of najis, ritual uncleanliness. More ominously, Khomeini's rhetoric blurred the distinction between Jews and Israelis, reiterated paranoid conspiracy theories about Jews (both within Iran, and beyond), and endorsed the annihilation of the Jewish state "

These views were instrumental to the Holocaust. Anti-antisemitism in Judeo - Christianity fails to recognize the Jewish roots of (ironically) Judeo-Christianity, although its theology is also shaped by these verses in Genesis 9, 27. Israel now not only exists but is likely to expand its area into its full size. ISIL (Islamic state of the Levant)

Israel and President Netanyahu and the Holocaust. Israel has now (22.10.2015) formally recognised the Islamic movement as the ideological catalyst in the Jewish Holocaust (which has ancient enmities from the Akkadian Assyrian empire Iraq / Iran / Syria. After Alexander the great the whole of the Levant came to be called Syria) and which, as a perpetrator has remained hidden, in the same way the suppressed Armenian Genocide against 1.5 million (1915 - 1923) Christians, was suppressed for 100 years. (see sonas Chapter 2 and Greek elections 20.09.2015)

Adolf Hitler wanted access to the Middle East through Turkey and into Iraq and despite the Jewish refugee transfer agreement with Germany the Holocaust followed. It is clear and according to Benjamin Netanyahu and in agreement with Frau Angela Merkel, Adolf Hitler wanted to deport the Jewish populations to the New Israel (in waiting) but the Muslims wanted other solutions, (The Holocaust) which had deeper theological reasons that just hatred. This Genocidal plan was kept from the majority of the German population who brutally went to war, but to fight openly. Many were sent overseas to Israel, but many were sent to the camps (in Russia or Germany) No one denies anti-semitism (or anti - Japath-ism) but the theological misconceptions have not been helped by the translation difficulties of Torah and the New Testament. That is a a long story. As can be seen in Sonas chapter 5, Russian Gulags / Concentration camps were in operation from 1918 and through WW2, and contained German Communist and Nationalists. Germany's camps contained a multitude of nations. The Holocaust was murder and it had deeper purposes. It is not an absolution of the Holacaust but the opposite. Turkey and Iran played both sides in the War to achieve their aims. Muslims ideaologically and theocratically believe that keeping Jews away from Jerusalem will stop their Messiah, Europeans do not. This has a precedence in 1541 and forward to today (see the sealing of the Golden Gate) Islam still today states Israel does not have the right to exist as individual people or as a nation (in 1942 or 2015)

Greece which protected the West over centuries, bolstering Europe suffered under Germany's occupation, and Turkish Nazis offered advice on that occupation and the rounding up of Jewish families in Greece. Greece remains the founder of western democratic ideals. Today its financial crisis threatens the West and if Austerity is not reducing its debt, then the ideology behind it, is not for Western benefit. Russia is not a communist socialist country but a corrupt national socialist state capitalist country as is China, hence the need to analyse fiscal policy to determine a political parties ideology rather than its public manifesto position. Most political parties on the left encourage debt policies. War is bad if the west seeks it, but good if the east seeks it, and that is shown as a fact, especially in the last 6 weeks (since 29.09.2015) see also the adjoining website NNJand chapter 3)

The Middle East is a war zone between an Islamic state or a Greater Israel and between secular, liberal and faith inclusive states, and a real full scale war will come unless compliance occurs. (Americas war with Islam and the Muslim brotherhood, extends back to the 1750,s and John Quincy Adams) In the Middle east, it is of course impossible to try to run business or normal life during this, but the situation is not normal or new over the past two thousand years (for further information seeSayyid Qutb and also the adjacent website chapter 3 and the Marxist indoctrination of Islam, which first exploded in Algeria, into a civil war self inflicted genocide. When neighbour killed neighbour and/or even father against son, stating only they as individuals or a group were the true Islam multiplied by 20 million opinions or more in a never ending revolution). Russia and the USA will make those changes, either by war with each other or as allies. Many groups over ten years ago (which many on the left ignored) made efforts in the west to change the fate of the Syrians, but Syria is unusual in world history. The changes will occur with either mass slaughter or by agreement, which is part of the war that is coming to the Middle East to Muslims, Christians and Jewish populations without agreement on the expansion of Israel. Other stories which are left out of the media concern the conversions of thousands of Muslims and Jewish people to 'Christianity '(or rather to the Messiah / Mashiach as opposed to just a religion) over the last two years in the Middle East and the numbers are rising, it is unusual considering what is occurring.

Pope Francis will soon be meeting with the Greek Government and Alexis Tsipras

Pope Francis was in Cuba when the Greek election was held on 20.09.2015 and has congratulated Syriza, and he met with Fidel Castro. Warning on the dangers of ideology (from either left and right) clearly the timing of the message to Greece was to encourage the Jesuit theology of 'Liberation Theology' (but do not be too Marxist or Capitalist in doing so) Alexis Tsipras (a Communist Atheist, who for Ideological reasons will not marry in the Church or at all, but who also feels it is also necessary to reach out to the Greek Orthodox church) has said Pope Francis is the Pope of the poor Yet is this message or avenue of thought by Mr (and Mrs Peristera Batziana...Betty) Tsipras that he will not marry unless the Church (any Church) gets its act together in helping the poor, or is it a entrenched ideological position, in which the agenda is to destroy the church and marriage (as is admitted by some activists) Alternatively as atheists are they just honest and see it as a contradiction that if you do not believe in God, then why are you getting married in a Church. This is a ridiculous scenario, compounded further by suing a Church. Many gay people said they just wanted a marriage license not a religious argument, but then the aim legally is to sue a church in court ? instead of finding one that will. Churches that want to opt out should be left alone. (Kim Davies voted Democrat but she may change now) Why would the Greek orthodox church agree to any of this. Theology and philosophy has shaped Greece, and it has had many wars and invasions. Just as Frau Angela Merkel has said Multiculturalism has failed in Germany, in reality it fails everywhere as a 'system' as opposed to a discovery which is not then forced.

'Multiple cultures' homogenized into one is not a cultural experiment but a scientific economic experiment, it has nothing to do with different cultures getting along or living together, but the breaking down of ancient history, knowledge and tribal collective consciousness. Multiculturalism now means something else. It is of course not to spread diversity but to eliminate diversity (on every continent). Diversity is then also under threat from 'transhumanism' which is why transgender hysteria is pushed into the media and not because they have no rights, as they more rights than other groups. When will there be a global Heterosexual pride day with families and children ? 6.99 Billion people need one to protect their rights. This does not exclude other 'pride' days, as Equal rights but with no rights equally is what is happening. The Human Geno experiments which are growing more bizarre every day, including the artificial womb, egg and sperm experiments which under 'diversity' if successful will demand human rights and equality etc (over Human's, gay or straight) This is Eugenics and the base of planned parenthood used by the Nazis but invented and employed without restraint by the Left.

Homogenised people, i.e. The genetic engineering of children by 'parents' or private companies who own and patent the genes, three parent DNA cells, stem cell harvesting from aborted fetus, trans-human experiments, sterilization, the human genome experiments, surrogacy, anonymous adoption, child trafficking and slavery, the removal of 'bad genes' in the embryo as defined by eugenicists with a continuing definition of the 'bad gene' which will accumulate growing more controversial with each definition. Modern alchemy of the trans-humanist religion also known as 'directed trans-humanism'. Social & Economic Darwinism and Secular Humanism. It equates to no privacy for individuals or families to be a family from those who supposedly know better. (People and nature have been capable of populating the planet on their own for thousands of years) Many in this industry do fit the criteria of the academic 'pointy-headed' nerds with an obsession for other peoples privacy, and the worst of them have an obsession to remove the natural and to re-design people, animals and food. Yet the origins and diversity of all life are up for sale. Playing God without God. GMO seeds the ultimate weapon against Humanity. Why allow one company to own the rights to all the worlds seed stock. GMO seeds are sold through their unproven benefits, but why would Germany (successful farmers and ecological organic food specialists with high levels of renewable clean energy) ban GMO seeds ? following Scotland's example who have also banned Genetically Modified Organism's.

Allowing one company to own the rights to them alone is a form fascism and ultimately bad business. People made to fit the economic system rather than the other way around is a form of eugenics's and economic & social Darwinism. Eugenics was predicated on Darwinism, which denies there is only one Human race, and there is only one Human race, and therefore racism as an ideology is dead. (see below in red) This subject appears in later chapters on this page in chapter 4 and 5 Countries with economic problems should solve them at home, and forced mass migration should be abolished as nationals resident in their own countries need work and 'aid' first. Modern migration is modern slavery posing as refugees, depending on the whim of the trafficker who can class anyone as a refugee and pocket the 'aid'. The EU Council via Donald Tusk and Anegla Merkel the president of Germany has also called for the EU to secure its external borders (15.10.2015) The violence in Israel means they may do the same.

The notion that Anthropologists who are interested in the history of Northern Europe/Scandinavia and Europe (who are interested in every culture) and the Middle East are racist is also ridiculous as is the apologetics surrounding it. Students of the world can study every tribe and nation on earth, combining it with ancient history to understand the fascinating world we live in. They are still finding lost tribes in the Amazon.(although they wish to stay lost and they think we are the lost ) Yet as soon as any European (Scandinavian, Saxon, Celt, Balkan or Russ) starts to study and enjoy and understand their own indigenous history it is then (only then, as it is acceptable to study the rest of the earth as anthropology) they are then classed as Racists ? (even if they are unaware) This is ambiguous and relies on conditioning. Western culture is then allowed to malaise, stagnate and be forgotten, and is suffering its own population loss (as a modern from of genocide)

The outrage expressed against the aborted fetus industry and planned parenthood which is basically a house of horrors nightmare disguised as health services and science, is defining politically policy and is an election issue for the vast majority of voters in the USA. (e.g. Donald Trump, & on Planned parenthood defunding & Ted Cruz ) Why ? because the mad scientists are now employed in health services as an integral part of health as planned parenthood. Defunding it does not defund health services everyone needs. Genocidal maniacs who in 2015 (alone) have carried out nearly 900,000 abortions. just in the USA. It is not integral to health services to have these ideologies (see para above) defining healthcare. Ever since the democrats broke their election promises in 2008 in the Emergency Economic Stabilization act 2008 and the subsequent debt raising bills which trebled the national debt despite promising to bring it to Zero, the advance of affordable care promises have also vanished. In Europe and Greece, Emergency services and hospitals have almost collapsed (in some countries) due to the debt repayment problems.

In America, Eugenics has been challenged by Dr Ben Carson (American Presidential election candidate) The science behind Eugenics is a fairy- tale and some recent scientific discoveries reveal a different story.(see the red paragraphs just below, and see also chapter 4 on this page r.e. Ethiopia under the heading Tibet and Nepal) Controlling populations and breaking down ancient history is Marxism and is applied to any nation, including Europe, Ethiopia, (Africa) Tibet and Nepal for political gain.

The Nation of Islam (USA) also supports this credo. (Eugenics) Malcolm X was rescued by the Nation of Islam (which advocated armed resistance and the right to bear arms as protected under the American constitution), yet he later left because of its racism in 1964 having joined in 1950 / 1952. (Muhammad Ali criticised him for this but later changed his view as of course 'Dialectical materialism' has been employed by African states against other African states and within all continents ) Islam maintains this doctrine even in the "moderate" Muslims and Islam as a whole maintains this religious doctrine for all its members against its "sub members" . With 1.5 Billion people it is estimated that 20 % only are Jihadists, but this means between 6 and 40 million people (depending on which assessment is used) are in active Jihad (war by violent means) with 400 million actively supporting it. Mainstream American politics and Al Sharpton also support CAIR the Nation of Islam school drive, which has recently seen its leaders arrested for the sexual abuse of 'foreign' (which is also a form of Jihad) children and this has also become a campaign feature of Dr Ben Carson. CAIRS tax exempt status has been revoked amidst calls for CAIRS leaders to be deported. Speaking to Megyn Kelly Ben Carson (both have also criticized Saudi Arabia for funding the Nation of Islam) explained why he shares Al Sharpton's views.(next paragraph) The grand Mufti of Saud called for the burning of all Middle East churches. Saudi Arabia deports its criminals and migrant workers and up to 1 million in one go and 350,000 in another. Norway does the same This is what Donald Trump proposes but from America, what is the difference ? Hillary clinton has also criticised Mexico because it is has strict laws on immigration as many countries do worldwide as normal (but who are not in the us election debate) and why ? should Greece accept immigration. ? (when during its elections it was becoming apparent the perpetrators of the immigration scam were administrators and elected officials/politicians (even in the EU) who had accepted bribes.

Why therefore do the Gulf States refuse to take 2 million refugee's which would also prevent Jihad and terrorist attacks in the west. The Petro - Dollar system is not decreasing and will not but the wealth which has been accumulated cannot be used against the west. Dr Carson explained why he accepted Al Sharpton's invitation who is supporting The Nation of Islam. No lengths are spared to achieve the overall aim, one of which is to create Chrislam ? a union of so called Christianity and Islam, which the Greek orthodox church has condemned for 1500 hundred years. Both of course are incompatible. This is not Racism but just the opposite (since especially there is only one human race) but facing truthfully the current worldwide economic trafficking and mass immigration scam, in which 30 US governors have refused to take anymore refugees Since most other countries including Mexico have very strict immigration laws (severe) why is the reverse criticised in the USA ? A brief history of Malcolm X is given in chapter 5 further down this page above the heading Russian Soviet Gulags.

Today the real story of the 'Human geno' experiment is the real (but less publicised) DNA discoveries. What does this have to do with Alexis Tsipras and Greece ?. The Greek philosophers (and philosophers in India) were the first to really record their thoughts on the 'micro' or the nature of matter. (Actually the Egyptians knew that micro particles existed and the Atom i.e the Aten/ Amun as Amun Ra etc) First (Hellenic bias aside) was Empedocles 490 bc (who lived on the Greek isle of Sicily as it was then) and Leucippus (440 BC) who lived in Eastern Greece (Ionia, see the Ionian league ). They deduced atoms were divisible or each part of matter was divisible. The stoic philosophers were also instrumental in determining divisibility and cause and effect which meant God (to them) was also deterministic, distant and remote (if God existed) i.e. pantheism.

Today 140 years after Darwin it is now understood that DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is required to make Proteins, and you require DNA to make RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) and you need RNA to also then make proteins ! (and carbo-hydrates) hence the circular origin of life and the chain of coding and matter cannot have appeared from nothing on its own from the 'primordial swamp' (a name invented by a Greek philosopher) and evolved into living cells. Which came first ? DNA if incomplete in its code (like a computer code) fails to produce whole and completed lifeforms or species, and if you alter the code slightly in its early formation, it dies, hence it cannot mutate into a new species naturally or at all. DNA is not divisible creating sustained natural life, and Charles Darwin admitted he did not know where the first cell originated (no branch of science or theology can agree on this problem) The early Greek philosophers would have included all the facts in the debate, but today that inclusive exploration does not occur.

When you combine the information above with that of Dr Francis Crick (winner of the Noble Peace Prize for discovering the double helix Structure of DNA, the human blue print within each cell) and his associate Leslie Orgel who both actually claimed that 'spontaneous generation' of these cells did not occur by chance, both of these admissions / discoveries have removed Darwinism from accepted Science. The co-existent search for the 'Lost Atlantis' as the beginning of our origins also centers on Greece (the area of Atlantis in some theories) and this theme is also hinted at in the film named at the end of this paragraph (by Luc Besson, the Big Blue, or Grande Blue) Greece is responsible for so much in western culture. These questions considered by the Pope, the Protestant church and all the major religions have origins in Greece, and the philosophy re-appears as ideology. The Science which is distinguished and irrefutable is ignored as the implications are threatening to ideology but not to society. Evolution which admits it is assuming events is still taught despite being proven false. School curriculums are not given the choice on this issue. It underpins Eugenics. It is worth repeating several times that there is only one Human race and not several species of Humans as is still taught today ?

On the dangers of ideology (a concern of Pope Francis in discussions with Fidel Castro) Greeks and wider are asking if communism is pro austerity, bailouts and quantitative easing ? and Pope Francis was asked after the Cuba trip (although different occasions merit different conversations) why capitalism is condemned and not communism also. Pope Francis is misquoted continually, (but not misunderstood ) Liberation theology, which the Jesuits see as fundamental to the Gospel, has different interpretations in the Greek Orthodox Church in its theology which also does not recognise Islam in Russia.

Alexis Tsipras sees a divided Greece as a problem and this is correct, but he has indeed reached out to many divided factions including the Greek Orthodox Church. Whilst the Greek orthodox church has reasons for splitting with the Roman Catholic church ? can they be healed or repaired by political reasons alone ? The Byzantine Empire bore the brunt of Islamic imperialism (which invaded the West first with beheadings, rapes and murder in the name of a revolutionary Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad) The Greek orthodox church split with the Church of Rome as it believes Christ is the head of the Church and not a Pope or Archbishops, it is a Church in a sense which is less hierarchical similar to many Protestant churches. A Pope who believes Christ is the head of the Church should defer to that belief. Today Vladimir Putin is sympathetic to the (Russian or Greek) Orthodox Church. This difference in belief stretched back to the New Testament and stretches geographically to the Ukraine and Russia along lines that divide and which are still present today. Stalin of course famously asked how many legions does the Pope have, in the 1930's.

And the Pope has called for the world to recognise the Armenian Genocide in 1915 – 1923 (and others including over a thousand years) committed by Turkey and Islam. In 1915 the First World War raged and the genocide had not gone unnoticed in Germany and Britain. General Allenby marched into Jerusalem in 1917. Stalin took over Russia after killing Lenin from 1924 fwd, and Stalin had already been instrumental in the brutal invasion of Georgia in 1921. Like Che Guevara in later years Stalin rebelled against Lenins 'New Economic Policy' , but in 1928 the rapid industrialisation and collective farming took Stalin further away from the NEP ( a long way away) into state capitalism, further away away from all Marxist views. Guevara not only noticed the economic divergence's but also the faults in the NEP and also Stalin's economic plans. Stalin had also silenced all opposition, and to increase production in the grain crisis 'shock brigades' were sent to force the peasants to work and the peasants who had land remaining were forced to hand it over to the 'communist party'. A peasant's resistance was formed against the communist party, and it was formed to prevent famine and economic hardship. Stalin reacted by closing the churches and many were burned, the arrest of Priests followed. These areas included Latvia, Kazakhstan, Siberia, & Ukraine (see the Holodomor) Between the Armenian genocide and Stalins madness, (up to 90 million people died) the west promised to reverse the blight, and this includes all of the west including Germany. Germany promised to invade the East (after the broken Stalin – Hitler pact) and de-collectivise the land Stalin had stolen and return it to the peasants.

In Greece the Communist party or the Socialist labour party of Greece was formed in 1918 (one year after the Russian revolution) and they had of course witnessed the role of Trotsky in trying to destroy trade unions, also Lenin's death by Stalin's hands, and also Stalin's madness and agrarian land reforms and the mass famine. These 'land reforms' were copied by Pol Pot and Chairman Mao (following world war 2) Mao surpassed Stalin with over 140 million people killed.

When Stalin's policies were viewed worldwide as mad, the disillusionment of many on the left also effected the Greek KKE (communist party), many (around 400) went to fight in the Spanish civil war, which has been described as ideologically hostile to religion (any faith or spiritual belief was banned in China under Mao and still is) during the period of the Republic from 1931 to 1939. Aside from atrocities committed on all sides, the infamous and devastating bombing of Guernica in which 850 people died on 26.04.1937 also coincided with the period of Stalin's 'great purge' (1937 – 1939) in which 1, million 600,000 people were executed by Stalin's orders. 700,000 of these were shot at a rate of 1000 per day.(This is fascism)

in August 1939, made a pact with Hitler called the Molotov - Ribbontrop pact (Joachim von Ribbentrop ) and promised to rid the Russian state of the Jews. Stalin had already sanctioned a separate area named as the 'Russian Zion' in 1934 (i.e. the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in eastern Russia) and he relocated many thousands of Jewish families there. By 1939 and after Stalins 'great purges' (genocides) many of the Jewish leaders had been killed or sent to Siberia. Judaism as an experiment was (an attempt and experiment) changed to a socialist version of the faith and Jewish persecution was instigated.This is the same as trying to destroy it without force. Stalin admitted that the experiment was to see if Jewish people could forget Zion by producing a communist Judaism. Perhaps if it worked they would not want to settle in the Middle East, and forget about God and generally stop making politics and economics awkward for the powers that be. However when Stalin was dead, and under Kruskchev even Jewish atheists could not wait to get to Israel. God or not it was warmer, and Stalinist Shabbat may have been uninspiring. This experiment goes to the center of Israel today, as Israel is not like other nations, and Judaism without God is not the Torah upon which it rests. Antisemitism had been a policy in Russia and Germany since 1919, although the NSDAP national socialist party (formed IN 1918/1919) was formed at the same time as some Communist parties, and many Communist party members began life in the NSDAP, which had christian and Pagan members. Many of its members in Germany and other countries were in favour of Jewish freedom and autonomy. After WW2 many Jewish families were allowed to migrate to the newly created Israel. In 1953 Stalin again persecuted the Jews accusing them of trying to dethrone him and destroy Russia, although Stalin had been planning to deport all of Russia's Jews.

Anti-religious fervor and Stalin's paranoia meant all groups were persecuted, despite his son and daughter marrying Jewish people (although one previous Jewish boyfriend of his daughters was sent to the gulags) Trotsky who was Jewish was hated by Stalin (and Stalin eventually had him killed) and after Stalin's death the Soviet Union viewed pro- American activity with suspicion and this included Jewish groups who of course had family in the USA. One theory of Christianity in Europe and the Middle East centers on replacement theology theory. Unable to untangle the mystery, antisemitism was aimed at those who did not follow the Messiah (Jesus Christ in the Greek, or Yeshua Ben Joseph or Jesse / Ben David in Hebrew) or those who still awaited the real future Messiah. Since almost all the disciples of Jesus/Yeshua were Jewish and most of the early Christians or Messianic Nazarene's were Jewish, the argument is circular, and continues today as many Christians are Jewish. Forced poverty creates revolution and a lack of understanding the replacement theology issues deepened the divide. Future prophecies however also dictate the future establishment of Israel (post the year 30 ad) and the Temple. (Jewish from Judah and Israel as the ten tribes with the Levites = 12 ) To suggest that this topic was not discussed in Germany, USA, Britain and Russia from 1850 until 1945 even within the NSDAP is ridiculous.

Hitler did not believe in the "Hebrew God" he said, and he was not a Christian. One aspect of Germanic / Scandinavian belief is "Yggdrasil " The tree of life which is a belief taken from Israel or Eden (which was formed before it) Germanic Scandinavian belief thought of it as an Ash tree which was guarded by a Dragon and an Eagle and Stags. Known as the World tree upon which odin the "all father" or "Fuhrer" sacrifices himself. This sacrifice was only to himself and not for others as such and Odin lived through the ordeal. Odin or Woden appears in the Scandinavian Norse King lists and was a real person. The theological debate occurred within Germany between Christian and Jewish people, both in the Old Testament and New Testament style. Greek debaters 2000 years ago being the recipients of the Greek biblical texts (and the bible exists in Aramaic and Hebrew as a first text) is at least deeper without the angst, on the issues. Despite the Holocaust and the Soviet experiments, Israel exists regardless.

This Greek text was eventually translated into many other languages. Prior to the 3rd century bc, the bible was only available in Hebrew and Aramaic (until the Septuagint) This limited the knowledge of Jewish thought with Greek thought throughout Europe for many centuries, and gave rise to superstitions and false teaching on events in Jerusalem. Without Alexander the Great and Greek travelers, philosophers and thinkers (Hellenism) the west would have developed slowly. Incredibly Greece knew of the 'Jewish God' without knowing before the biblical texts or apostles arrived. In Spain the biblical (in its early years, was a recent historical document) text was only available in Spanish from 1569 (like most of Europe it was not widely available in different languages) and the finer details of the Jewish faith in the New Testament was lost on wider Europe for many centuries.

Spain had suffered in the inquisitions and in later centuries as today very large landowners who kept rents high (which eventually destroys the land/soil, when middle area rents improve yield and quality) , or kept people from the land fermented revolution. Stalin however was not interested in revolution or the poor or landless, but genocide, (against landowners and peasants) and in the 'great purges' when 1000 people (landowners or peasants) were shot per day,owning mass cemeteries, or living as a peasant was a stark choice.

Guernica is especially remembered in the Spanish civil war, however there are those who remember both events, and there are those who purposely chose only to remember Guernica. Guernica was bombed by the Luftwafe known as the 'Wehrmacht' who served in Spain with the Italian legionary air force and General Franco. The list of military equipment lost during the Spanish civil war shows many different factions and also includes many Russian war ships sunk or captured around Spain. Ships that were not captured include the Russian ship 'the Campeche' and the 'Komsomol' which delivered Stalins arms here (Cartagena) (in South west Spain) The armaments delivered were not small rifle loads but included, planes,(800) & hundreds of thousands of grenades, machine guns, tanks, ammunition, submarines and bombs. Just like the proposed invasion of Finland in 1939-40 by soviet forces who assembled a larger force that that of D.DAY in 1944. Finland resisted and won this war against tremendous odds. The armaments to Spain from Stalin began in October 1936, and Guernica (North West Spain) was bombed in April 1937. The Comintern and International Brigades were trained by the soviet military who trained the Spanish Republican forces and many of whom had served in the great purge. Arms distribution over a period of 6 to 8 months would have reached all of Spain, but Guernica was mainly chosen as the Basques country had held out against Madrid.

Just as many Jewish families were rounded up when Greece was occupied and sent to Auschwitz (and other camps; Auschwitz first exterminations took place in September 1941, but increased from 1942 to 1944), they were rounded up all over Europe. This persecution also extended to South America (1930 - 1948) and Argentina. Expelled from Spain in the 16th century Jewish families had already settled other countries. World War 2 also followed the same history. South America also followed with many Jewish families moving to Argentina, but who have also suffered persecution in Argentina and wider. In 1994 the Jewish community center in Argentinian (Buenos Aires )was bombed killing 85 people and wounding 200. The Czech Republic ( Czechoslovakia ) fought Germany in WW2 in a long brutal war, but also suffered in a coup de taut, instigated by the Communist party in 1948, having suffered for decades under the Soviet system, Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic & Slovakia) made a revolution in 1968 which was again brutally crushed by the soviet system. Today as Jewish families return to Israel, the Czech Republic supports its aims in the middle east.

This continues until today, whether it is left or right politicians which are elected in the Basque country who fight for independent recognition for a Basque nation from Spain. The 'Pact of San Sebastian in' 1931 united Republicans and Conservatives in Spain, who held elections to form the second Spanish republic. Those election gains were overturned in 1934 (after many Roman Catholic churches were burned and land was taken) when the nationalists won a sweeping election victory. Today Pope Francis has commented that Catalan may break way from Spain and added to those concerns recently following Syriza's election victory. No one thinks Portugal as a connected but separate country (to the Spanish mainland) is unusual however ? Europe as the EU has been a success, and policies for breaking up the EU are twofold. 1. Policies which seem to originate in Russia or policies which generally make no sense. The 'Lefts' political stance on breaking up the EU is clear (but who do not support the break up of China or Russia etc) 2. The EU (as every country does) own internal mistakes which are not corrected democratically. Switzerland has four referendums a year which could benefit each EU state, and its member states and of course non EU countries. The Catalan Nationalists of the Catalan population have just reached a 'Yes' for separation from Spain (poll 27.09.2015) but a further vote inclusive of the whole of Spain may be required constitutionally. Switzerland's four referendums every year are enacted inclusive of the whole country and this is agreed constitutionally. Catalan has voted on the separation issue before in September 2014, and they voted Yes to secede (leave) at that time also. Refusal by Spain to grant Catalan Independence could lead to civil war, but greater autonomy at least is granted for Catalan now. What is the difference between Switzerland and Spain ?

Catalan in Spain (Dec 2015) is poised to leave Spain and set up as an independent Country. Many are asking if they will also leave the EU or will they be forced too, and if so will they take their share of the Spanish national debt with them or cancel it. This is also a question Britain in the Brexit (and Greece ) ask.

The peasants in Russia made a revolution, then the land was taken away and given to the party, this was extended to any land left or remaining in countries which had been taken over by Russia, or Russian towns that were on the periphery. There was no re-distribution of the land and famine and mass murder followed, this was repeated under Pol Pot and Chairman Mao. The Spanish civil war was described as a rehearsal for world war two, but it did not include the last acts of the land grabs, slaughter and misery that followed. This history has a pertinent effect on the September 2015 Greek election results and the next election results in Greece, as of course austerity has not been defeated and Greek land is being taken by private or state means today. Losing the land twice in land laws.

The Greek Generals who seized power during the Greek Junta period (1967 – 1974) bombarded the airwaves with western music, films and rock music, but suspended civil rights and initiated torture on suspects after 8000 people were arrested and up to 3000 tortured. Greece and the islands were placed in state of paranoia. The Greek communists and nationalists are keenly aware of it, yet by Stalin's standards or others, however distasteful does not compare. The Greek generals should have called an immediate election (to be held after 3 months or so) supported by King Constantine. Behind the scenes at this time Turkey (backed by Russia who needed access to the Mediterranean and for oil and gas) were aiming at just more than the invasion of Cyprus (which eventually occurred in 1974) but also the wider Greek Island's and even onto the mainland. This is also left out of the discussions of the era in Europe, and they had begun the projected coup by planting those ready for the Turkish takeover within Greek society. Turkeys and Russia's plans which eventually only took place on Cyprus in 1974, still threatens other islands (for the oil and gas) Today many Russians just go for the beach, but the Germans always get there first. The Trojan war had its first origins in the Ionian sea. Ideology in Greece because of its traditions and aspirations becomes polarised (unable or unwilling to decide between left and right) and this also occurred in its civil war period from 1946 to 1949. Polarising ideology could be the best ambition for Greece. Turkey in the past has threatened to invade the rest of Cyprus which would then have to attack Britain which has a base there. Would Britain and Russia go to war ? as Russia has already fired upon a Dutch civilian airplane and flown into other countries airspace. Greece could still leave the EU which is currently expanding and so could Britain. Today it is the USA which is facing martial law and fascism from its own government. There are similarities today in Greece with the period in 1967 – 1974 which averted a takeover of Greece by foreign nationals

The Soviets had already crushed Hungary and its democratic uprising 10 years earlier and occupied it for decades. The barbarity of the occupation of Romania until 1956 and the post soviet system set up by Nicolae Ceaușescu produced a North Korea type situation in Romania. Once Ceaușescu fled, the terror (severe isolation and neglect) revealed was staggering to the west. The context of the 1950's and 1960's for Greece, effects it decisions today.(see further chapter 5 and 6 below) Polarised between the Soviets and Germany the 'EU' was born out of such deadlock and to offer a new way forward.

Some political analyst's (who suggest if it is good for one ideology, it is good for the other and left and right are united on many issues in Greece) have seen the timing of the Pope's visit to Cuba and Syriza's election as a clear proposal that Greece could take back Lesbos Island, re-instate Cyprus to its full size by invading the north with the Greek Cypriots, and move onto to other Islands near the Turkish coast and maybe even the Turkish mainland The new Greek defense minister has indicated something along these lines. Austerity seeks to reduce debt and improve prosperity The liberation of these lands would have the same effect and barring immigration would also eliminate high debt levels which is the aim of the IMF. If it is good enough for Fidel Castro and Che Guevara to invade an Island then why not Greece, surely is it their turn ? (Alex Tsipras family experienced land transfer from Turkey to Greece in 1923 and they did not return to Turkey, the collapse of the Ottoman empire beginning with the convention of Constantinople in 1881, was Greek influenced) Ultimately Islam is not compatible (and produces an extreme aberration / fascism) with Judaism, Christianity or European or Euro/Indo European beliefs and history.

Ideology plays an important part in war, the loss of Sovereignty occurring in Tibet and Nepal (June to September 2015) with a change in the constitution, along with racial genocide and the imperial aims of the Maoists who will shape the new secular constitution, (note Tibet is not on the map in the last link) although the Hindu input will seek to protect spiritual aims. In Tibet (Tibet is included in this map) the countries leader the Dalai Lama is excluded and violence rules, this is Maoism and Communism, and in effect Tibet is cut off (see chapter 4 for the brutal history and MARO . Considering Tibet's exclusion from the map in the secular constitution map above, should MARO now intervene to prevent atrocities in both countries. Has John Kerry sacrificed Tibet for ideological reasons and abandoned them ? or has the prospect of trade with China meant John Kerry and MARO have been told to be silent on Tibet.

Greece has fought the longest in the austerity campaigns and is in severe poverty in many areas, it needs Western aid not as charity but as recognition for its place in world history. Russia has stood by during this period but has offered Greece credit against future purchases of oil and gas in the Russian Gazprom supply. Greece now has a cheaper Cypriot gas supply. Poverty in Greece has been acute, however Greece's new energy deals and its potential for renewable energy and food provision is immense. Not just in the mainland but the islands also. Greece business have also suffered in the downturn, but even when times are well, the question arises does socialism simply take away business, which business men have built up and does communism simply take land away from those who have worked it. The economic debate defines political elections. Conservatives would say liberals act like a protection racket, whilst socialists state that consumer prices must be met by a living wage. Conservatives who ask for a wage increase (even if they are self employed or a MD) are they then a liberal communist or a conservative.

Stalin forced workers into slavery and famine, to increase production as a form state capitalism in the extreme. Conservatives who pay cheap wages and cut costs producing cheap products of poor quality in bulk, whilst the remaining consumer prices are high are still state capitalists. Russia avoided total melt down by making prices cheap in line with its uniform subsistence wages. (a frozen statist economy) This is all socialism and Statism (as the communist party had a hierarchy) and not conservatism. Highly paid, highly skilled work in which many workers are also self employed with high wages is conservatism. Craft guilds (which exist still on the older conservative model) who offer apprenticeships with skilled well paid work producing valued products is 'conservative'. Today business cannot pay decent wages or else they really will go out of business, but that is a statist model, but retaining that model has produced nearly $19 Trillion dollars of national debt (USA) and it is artificial. People prefer not to know this and have been indoctrinated that this model is conservative, although every small business man probably / definitely is a conservative. President Jackson was conservative for instance. Small business's the world over should be a part of the solution and allow fair wages without inflation, and business which pay higher wages for a better product will stand the test of time. Poor products & low wages is a race to the bottom for a nation. Poverty ferments revolution not stability. Free enterprise is not a formula, and producing prosperity which allows workers to set up their own business is a model which is the ideal, but inflation and borrowing undermines economies, affecting the worker and business to unsustainable levels. Wages used to go a lot further than they do today hence margins today are tighter and almost impossible to meet. Workers are paid by a standards of a previous business model but the pay does not meet standard of living & prices and the system fails. A circular argument but one which is eased by low oil prices and low inflation (for lowered debt in the petro dollar) in internal national markets, whilst still trading oil for profit.

Greece is not the oldest democracy for nothing and you could argue that the uncanny similar recent Greek election results are unusual. Or you could argue that the Greek people have rallied together with past experiences in mind for their sake of their families and country. To cite an interesting example once In Greece, on a remote Greek Island, there was a long election board some years ago (which temporarily obscured the sea by the roadside) with nine posters of Greek people's face's (men and woman). The middle poster was a man smiling, happy and enjoying the day, the other eight, four either side of the middle were sad and looking miserable, but ironic and comical. Further down the long road, (I was travelling in a jeep) there was a Taverna with folk music, and I asked the Lady who served the delicious food and Lemonade who the people were in the posters. She said they are the election candidates. I asked her; did the man in the middle poster win ? and she said yes, but the election is in three weeks time.

Poverty is also relative; the Spartans taught children how to be strong. In the film 'Grande Blue' or the Big blue' ( or the Big Blue 1 or Big Blue 2 the search for Atlantis or an older civilisation under the sea, now lost) the first ten minutes & 30 seconds or so, (which is also in Greek & English, although the opening scenes do not matter) is primarily an economic fable (set partly in Greece in 1965) Both of the films main characters in the setting are real and they both wrote part of the script setting it in Greece exploring aspects of the Lost Atlantis (new and old). (Jacques Mayol who is American and French & Enzo Molinari who is Italian) Growing up on an Island the young Jacques, and/or any child could imagine they own the Island and the entire ocean. This opening section (10 minutes 30 seconds) has the young Jacques Mayol who is asked to split a coin but refuses, and is next asked by the Greek Orthodox Priest to dive into the sea for another coin and to remember (if he could reach it) that it is only for the poor.

Earlier in this essay on the Greek election results (and Greece debated democracy and economic democracy thousands of years ago and is still doing so) the 'Shevit' (i.e. the Shemmitah) was mentioned and to repeat Shevit the Shemmitah (which is happening but which is simply the biblical agrarian and agricultural land and financial laws of which Jubilee is a part and has been for three thousand years regardless of the financial system around it. It applies only to Israel (although the definition of 'Israel' is a Judeo- Christian concept of who is Israel) and they are good laws if adopted by all. They recognise that men and woman will eventually make a mess of things in land or debt or finance. Then every 7 years a correction is made by all (the 50th year of Jubilee began 23.09.2015) so that life (the most important aspect) and families can go on farming and trading. This aspect is missing in the West's economic philosophy)

If this was combined with German economics, (both are simple but brilliant) which includes its ecological association (see chapter 3 below) both would produce a new system which would be hard to emulate and would provide considerably stability and expansion in world economics. It would of course be unique.

Greece's economics woes need an economic miracle, and it feels the problems are not all its own making. Elections are not changing matters or hastening a solution. The stability of the west (which would include analysis of fiscal theories and debt accumulation) and its economies are deliberately undermined by many on the Left to increase debt and undermine nationalism, without benefit to the poor or the workers ? On the right 'free enterprise' has become a euphemism to often destroy manufacturing and exports, minimizing imports, workers and their wages which meet or exceed prices, when in fact Adam Smith the father of Capitalism would have encouraged these benefits to society. (affordable living requires less borrowing which makes wages affordable) This is how you make a nation or country great.The majority of the left encourage this type of destruction, and China's stock-markets adventures are hardly classic Engels and Marx)

The other Greek philosophy or ideology inherited from the Spartans, and evident throughout the last ten years and which has a successful history is Molon Labe ( ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ)

For further information on these subjects above see the PDF in chapter 1 entitled The Eu, Rome and Israel.

Much of this page aims to look at solutions no matter how difficult or politically (not economically) unacceptable. Fiscal ideas, charities, ending slavery and trafficking, increasing child protection and considering the real causes of mass migration. Energy solutions from Oil, Gas to Renewable energy are also considered as is the need to take control of banking investment solutions and begin investment in business, employment and an increased quality of life with dignity for people. The last points are also usually missing from many world politically prosperity plans. The performance of previous/current ideologies can also be analysed.

There is no reason why the West cannot prosper and go full ahead with its financial system, those who previously have suffered because of a lack of consideration (for those who at the bottom of the system, which the neglect of, ultimately caused the whole to collapse) will find these websites helpful when/if history repeats itself.



In the end, the Left sold out Greece

(this entire segment began in 2014 / 2015 above under the heading The Ukraine & Greece (July 2015)

Greece has also discovered that EU or national referendums are not liked in the EU if the vote goes against them. (as also in Ireland twice in the past) Greece voted in 5.7.2015 to reject a bailout, but despite that vote coasting home for NO, it was ignored by the left wing government who introduced the referendum. Today Greeks rue that betrayal.

The Greek referendum of 2015. The current situation in Greece for the people is as it stood on 5.7.2015 when the Greek people in 2015 voted NO by 61.5% to proposals for a new bailout in Greece.

61.5 % of the people voted to reject the new Troika bailout agreement and its attached terms. The left having campaigned for years against Austerity i.e. Alexis Tsipras and  Syriza and Yanis Varoufakis (finance minister) & et al. Various  unconvincing excuses later, they ignored that vote (having campaigned for it  and then sold out Greece.

Following the Greek Election of 7.7.2019 ‘New Democracy’ won the election with 40% of the vote. The previous incumbent Syriza were swept aside as New Democracy gained 158 seats (out of 300 obtaining the 50 bonus seats) Many of the far right parties (see last post above) also voted for the centre right New Democracy and they were encouraged to do so as New Democracy promised massive immigration reform and reduce the ‘migration’ fraud (trafficking, bribery and United Nations protocols )  in favour of Greek’s or simply put Greek people who live in Greece and their families. A description of every nation’s responsibilities. Since the left failed and now if the parliament fails it will be the turn of the far right in Greece who may gain over 55%  of the vote (soon or in 4 years) New Democracy have also promised to drastically reduce taxation, create (or move towards 100% employment) new business and jobs and reduce the overbearing and unnatural debt levels which includes the national debt, the derivatives bubble (last article; Warren Buffet as the world Derivative debt bubble hits $1 quadrillion = $1000 Trillion in 2018 and now a lot more) and future unfunded commitments which are shared with all the EU nations far beyond the derivates debt bubble (unfunded commitments can plan ahead 50 years)  and which amount to untold €Quad- Trillions. No nation can reform its economy when irresponsible derivative products are allowed to ruin stability. In the USA, the derivatives bubble is over $500 Trillion dollars whilst the US national debt is $22 trillion)

It is this aspect of the world’s economy i.e. global derivatives in the Quadrillions combined with the (now) $244 Trillion (Jan 2019) global debt bubble  (IMF estimation and which is owed by everyone on the planet) which is the real cause of the instability in the global markets and world economies ( especially at fiscal / tax levels) not the USA trade war with China.







Chapter 3

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As the US presidential elections in November / December 2016 draw to a close, World Energy Concerns are central to the worlds finances and security. The world energy council is debating those issues. In many areas the debate  is proving unpopular not just with Oil companies but also with the general population. One area in Germany and Europe ( along with Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and others) has set up alternative energy systems, and has been energy security minded, and has also employed the preservation of nature and society philosophy since the middle ages, with or without a hole in the ozone layer (and we previously had Global cooling  before Global warming) In Biberach in Germany at the Kompetenz Zentrum Holzbau & Ausbau  they take their technical expertise seriously and put it into action. The area strives for 100 % employment, no homelessness and enjoys organic food and locally grown produce including a variety of home made beers. 

Indiana Governor Mike Pence (chosen as Donald Trumps running mate) has seen Indiana's jobs growth rise (more than other states into December 2016) by his own methods and the area in Biberach could boost those efforts and they have a technical center to (see last link in the previous paragarph) to advise. Wages are higher than most areas and the food and quality of life are very good. It is a beautiful area not far from the Celtic fort called the Heunenberg which is an ancient site in Germany and Europe's history very close to Switzerland. (You can learn more on this area in the adjacent website and the end of chapter 2 and the four pictures which begin "At the beginning of this chapter, it is mentioned that the Mounds of the Ukraine are very similar to those of Ireland, Britain, Scotland and Wales" as a guide) Aside from the wood and timber technology which is very advanced (and timber planting involves replacing all trees cut for timber framed housing staggered over 3 to 5 to 10 and 20 years and so on. A variety of trees are grown all over Germany for the past 300 years) and includes all edible fruits and berries and nuts including within the towns as far as possible. Wild flowers are allowed to grow in the town also reducing spaying and pollutants. Many ancient societies believed a wealth of a nation resided in its forests. As a technology center, it has the same attitude as Israel which also has high technological advances. Britain has also endeavored to undertake energy reforms with many towns and cities in the financial crash forming new councils as limited companies or co-ops to organise a recovery and bring employment into those towns, considering all energy types. The financing initiatives of the  region are ingenious.

You can stay at the technical center to explore the area and taste the food and produce to see what benefits their approach brings. Wolfgang and Anna can take bookings even if you are a climate skeptic. 

The tradition of Wood construction and timber engineering is very old and has continued through the middle ages into barn building (or here ) and up to today but they are now highly insulated and technologically advanced. The tradition is not not maintained for nostalgia reasons but for economic and energy necessity and wood / timber constructions obviously can last for hundreds of years. Stave Church in Norway (in the last links) is 15th century and there are older wooden constructions worldwide which have survived intact. The apprenticeships they offer in construction and timber technology could be brought back for all trades and technologies. 

Prices are kept low in the area and wages higher which increases incomes without inflation pressures. The 'Grael' of economics, attempted through all economic conditions and which still allows a market to flourish and then export the excess. Exports are kept competitive as a result of pricing controls. It is something to aim towards naturally. In the USA Libertarians debate these questions. Germany has of course produced corporations which are the best in the world and the local economic approach, which is not the usual in the EU has aided the competitiveness of those homegrown businesses and not restricted them many would claim. They export worldwide of course.

The technical center has apprenticeships which last for 3 or 4 years. When their time is served the apprentice becomes a "journeyman"   ( Wanderjahre / Zimmerman) leaving (and not to return) for 3 years to improve his skills as a tradesman. Young people today want apprenticeships in any area a trade exists in whatever modern context. In Germany and other countries work is found in the older medieval houses which require traditional skills and techniques as they were employed in the medieval period. Pictures of houses are well known but here they are for example. There are many areas which require work in industry. Even the older medieval houses can be converted to 'passive house' houses (which are very low energy) and passive houses and constructions are employed by the American army in the USA and worldwide (they are used in the Antarctic and in the deserts and employ he same 'heat exchange ventilation system' for both types of climate and can be used in global warming science or global cooling science scenarios) They study all subjects including planning, modern construction systems, refurbishment, all timber products, energy and building physics, ventilation systems and design buildings which allow domestic users (homes and business) to obtain an income from energy produced at home or in the business workplace. Excess energy is fed into storage combined with CHP (combined heat and power and variants such as CCHP and co and tri generation and micro generation) units to feed other areas of need also. All energy sources are employed across Germany. Donald Trumps grandparents were from Kallstadt in Germany which is in the neighboring state to Baden Wuttenberg, about 180 miles away from Biberach (which has an American football team and a Schutzenfest)

This system has been in place for hundreds of years since the medieval period and people chose it and just got on with it producing a successful economy from local people (localism) who work and export outside of Germany. It is not just housing design but a conservative organised, free way of life which sustains economies.

The rest of this chapter discusses energy policy and the real advantage of renewable energy and fossil energy amidst world energy security.

Community Interest Companies(or variants upon it) and the funding idea.

(December 2015) An idea in the making is a Charity company for social needs to fill a funding gap. It is not "free" to fund such projects and the idea is conservative in origin and also employs traditional funding models. The ideal business structure for this will be a Community Interest Company, (as one option and which is a conservative idea) which is half a business and half a charity. This would assist many private and social projects. (see also Many countries have introduced legislation to enable such companies to begin, whilst others are slow to make those changes and the idea has been used in every country on earth by all shades of political party (new applications will be made from December 2015 see also the end of chapter 3 above)

This funding model (which is not "free") is derided by those who do not understand economics could work with standard bank debt, mezzanine finance, equity and EIIS, venture capital and bonds. The last method "bonds" especially since the Paris Climate summit in December 2015 could also be funded with very low interest free credit and/or complete interest free credit. This last point is derided yet 196 countries have signed up to bonds which will fund development on very low interest free credit. If it is low interest or free interest, the money still has to be repaid hence it is only the interest that is "free" or to cover seigniorage costs. In the past it has also been employed by every nation on earth including America (before 1870) and it is not a socialist idea but a return to conservative economics. This is explained as follows; (by Dr Matthias Kroll who studied political economics, sociology and law at the Hamburg University for Economics and Politics)

Energy from renewable sources and power on the EU integrated Supergrid

With the advance of the green economy and the increasingly ingenious technology to allow its existence (alternative power) the political difficulties make the advance of clean (and cheaper) power sources onerous. The debate centres around the need to establish whether of not 'Global warming' is actually happening as presented. This short presentation is not going to enter that debate which centres around the Oil and alternative energy industries and the relentless debate draining the energy of all concerned (no pun intended).

Whilst energy savings projected in the future can also pay for long term project management and services management, a trust fund can also assist dramatically in this area. Oil imports and energy imports reduced, increases Governments funds to also pay for new ecobuilds (to high eco standards) and aim for 100% employment nationally and fund and subsidise retrofitting energy savings (not major reconstruction) without borrowing, although borrowing still continues for new housing purchases. As oil and gas imports reduce, the national government energy bill Is spare and is used to fund energy savings devices and technology and fund new housing estates and smart grid systems. Systems which then allow homeowners and business to sell their own energy (they have produced) back into the grid, and/or store excess for export further funding government funds for new services and schemes for energy independence (especially as war escalates)

In September 2014 hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated for climate change. It was also announced that the Rockefellers were changing their charitable trust from fossil fuel investment to clean energy. Many suggest fracking should be replaced by longer term renewable energy breakthroughs. The United Nations meeting on 23/09/2014 also suggested that finance for green jobs and training for banks in risk assessment on green technology was paramount.

Connected to that debate is the planning and ownership of the planning system nationally and internationally to enable changes to be realised. In America it is often stated that they do not need the United Nations to oversee any policy or planning changes or to achieve a new green economy. Since the UN is overseeing the Environmental Protection Agencies in every country and the EPA is helping CO2 targets to be realised nationally, (NAP's or National Allocation Plans, which in the EU are centralised by the new Union registry, the EPA reports straight to them) This in turn is allowing Carbon trading platforms to secure a solid base on which to determine the price of carbon, and in turn a carbon tax, if the UN did not oversee these operations it is claimed nothing would change nationally. Many would say that is fine by them and let the whole system collapse.

Even without the UN or CO2 however communities in the USA and worldwide are concerned about the growing levels of pollution in water, and the ownership of seeds and agriculture by GMO and Monsanto, the unnourishing effect weak foods (with a lack of protein and minerals from forced growth) have on human metabolism and health. Concerns continue with polluted air, polluted soils from pesticides and heavy metals and plastics and waste, again all flowing into the water table and agricultural soils. Livestock are also polluted within their very flesh and are being consumed pollution and all. These concerns exist whether or not Global Warming from CO2 emissions occur.

Carbon emissions in any case do not just cover CO2 but are extended to cover Petrochemicals, ammonia and aluminium's and are also included in carbon dioxide emissions, with nitrous oxides from acids such as nitric, adipic and glyoxylic acid. Heavy metals exist naturally (arsenic, cadmium, iron, lead, chromium, zinc, nickel and mercury) in many soils but new evidence suggests the amounts (especially of lead and arsenic which when weak foods do not produce enough calcium and magnesium in the body, lead and arsenic increase proportionally in the body) are increasing and new additional pollutants are increasing overall pollution. This in turn is supporting Monsanto's claim to produce new tougher (privatised) seeds and crops. (They have been banned in nearly every country worldwide) Yet Monsanto helped to bring those pollutants to bear on soils, water and crops to begin with. (DDT or dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, DDT does not occur naturally and is a mixture of Chloral and Chlorobenzene, when mixed with Sulphuric Acid which acts as a catalyst) GMO's can never supply the body or livestock or humans with the correct fuel balance and can lead to the body breaking down. Livestock with 'stronger' digestive systems are being bred to cope with the new Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) ?

These problems which are acute but if remedied will change the way fertiliser (slurry) in agriculture is applied and then replaced with natural fertilisers, in turn purifying the water table, removing heavy metal pollutants, strengthening soil (also it should be possible to tackle the fluoride issue eradicating the unnecessary amounts of current Fluoride in water which is banned throughout Europe) strengthening the food we eat and the amounts of food we eat, and of course this can be managed with or without faith or a lack of faith in global warming. It will also purify the air and upper atmosphere. Farmers should be subsidised to change over or be encouraged to change and not penalised. Many farmers journey down to the wholesalers and buy what is available on a cost analysis basis and go with it, if a choice of fertilisers was made available, slightly cheaper there would be a change in land pollution within a year (or two years if the land is left fallow. Food production pressures have destroyed the healing regenerative nature of leaving the land fallow for one year so this is an added problem) Agrarian land laws (like the codifying of the Brehon laws by Cormac Mac Airt in Ireland, which existed in antiquity over thousand of years)

Ancient systems of land tenure and monetary systems are considered out of date or insufficient for modern requirements. Without understanding the Agrarian laws (the Brehon laws had similar designs) which were interchangeable with Shmita or Shemittah & the Sabbatical year, (the appointed times) you can never understand fiance and economics or attain true long term wealth (as a nation) Without understanding how the land needs to recover naturally, then no amount of artificial pesticides can do the work of nature (the Agrarian laws are very ancient but also very modern in practice) However since this knowledge is no longer known or employed other methods are placed first.

To achieve any lasting benefit the question also becomes one of Land Ownership. LULUCF or Land use, land use change and forestry is a UN policy to encourage bio-diversity required for eco-systems (which includes you) to survive. LULUCF is highly influenced by the IPCC the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and landscape and Environmental Land Planning are umbrella terms for climate change mitigation (mitigation or abate or adaption). Carbon disclosure projects, business and biodiversity offsetting, green accounting and biodiversity banking allow green bonds to be invested in Environmental Land Planning. Therefore with mitigation credits any proposed development which may negatively effect the environment can be exchanged with developers so that they plan a positive change of land use into their plans to protect the environment. A perpetual easement can then be placed (via the land deeds so to speak) into the land to maintain it as a protected site. This protects biodiversity whilst still allowing environmentally friendly development (buildings and industry).

It is this and other actions under the umbrella of the United Nations which some maintain is tantamount to a land grab and in some opinions a real problem of the system. Of course any legal easement and land protection has to be monitored/supervised and checked, (and they are not in some other opinions) this is backed by (in the EU) legal directives or treaties to establish a legal framework to allow this to happen. People are polluters (the polluter pays principle) and it may be easier to simply designate land as protected and take people off the land to protect the land. These are complaints of stakeholders and indigenous people worldwide.

Hiram Ulysses S Grant the 18th president of the USA and a Republican (who opposed General Robert E Lee of the Southern Confederacy) eventually split the Republican party and later in the economic crisis of 1873/4 the Southern Conservatives regained control.

Ulysses S Grant other initiatives included the setting up of Yellowstone National Park via congress in 1872. Was this a land grab ? of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho ? which the park is placed within.

Yosemite National Park was donated to the state of California by the Federal Government. Yellowstone is considered to be the first national park in the world. What if the southern Confederacy had initiated Yellowstone and banned the United Nations form owning any part of it, whilst protecting the wildlife and population and providing an area children to visit for eternity. (Camping, Biodiversity, the Buffalo nearly became extinct, prepper training, orienteering, fishing, navigating the stars and geomantic pursuits and barn dances as part of a parks ethos and purpose) Without the designation of national park would Yogi Bear have survived to become "smarter that the average bear" .The US Army monitored the place from 1917 onwards when it became the National Park Service signed by Woodrow Wilson, who pleased with this decision regretted other banking acts. In 1966 the National park Service (after 90 or 50 years depending on your view of when it really became feasible and not controlled by the few in Government) the public were encouraged to holiday and roam and holiday (the right to roam) around the protected park. Ironically without any pieces of paper or legalities the Native Americans suggest that's what they would have done anyway (since they owned some of the land) All combined parks became the National Parks System and it is designated a national treasure and they generate profit and hundreds of thousands of Jobs.

Americans have combined ideas and ironically in many instances have followed the direction of President Jackson on independence and economics and have desired to take this ethos of freedom to the rest of the world with or without the special relationship. (with, is the option it has chosen and will continue to do so) Israel is itself advancing science and ecological living to new standards. It is impossible to have clean and healthy food and land, air and water without consideration to the economic realities nationally. Ideas which are gaining traction around the world. Many states are aiming for a zero debt policy or removing existing debts, collectively this impacts on the national debt. This method does not prevent or hinder banking to commercial or international concerns. Republicans have led the way in previous centuries.

As a caveat the Environmental Land Planning ethos is also in place to prevent land developers breaking up land into smaller parcels. 'Development' acts as debit (so to speak) and to develop they have to purchase credits and design and build to (and these standards are increasing every year) protect and blend into the environment. Yet many projects were purchased through this system and the land was purchased and sold for the natural resources, in effect it was exploited and then environmental destruction occurred defeating its original purpose.This did not occur in Yesomite or Yellowstone !

Further many in the US feel that the new Agenda 21 initiative when applied into Urban (or rural) communities simply becomes another real estate company of unelected people parachuted in to acquire land and develop it as they wish in 10, 20 or 30 year contracts. The people who are parachuted in disagree, they state they will develop to Environmentally friendly standards, to Environmental land Planning legislation. This would include compliance with ESG (Environmental Social Governance) which grew from Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Therefore with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) top down combined with ELP planning bottom upwards both ends of the spectrum meet (in theory)

Another problem area is the value of these credits and debits were miscalculated in what is a fledgling market, this problem also arose with CO2 Carbon Credit trading platforms such as the EU …EU/ETS carbon trading platform (why did this occur ? we shall see a remedy further on in this text) The Californian carbon trading platform has stabilised to a greater degree but as measurement of CO2 (PUE, CUE, ERE & WUE) becomes more sophisticated and accurate CO2 targets are going to increase.

The Carbon Tax and its ultimate aim and natural outcome if followed to its natural conclusion would be to reduce carbon emissions to Zero. This in turn would then result in a Zero carbon tax bill for national governments, and in turn retail and wholesale taxes domestically would turn to Zero or be miniscule. The logic is to build new Zero emitting buildings which would not only reduce the fuel bill of households and business to next to nothing but also negate any further carbon taxes. Eventually the NAPS / National Allocation Plans (and NREAP's) would recommend targets which are reduced and the price of carbon will plummet when traded on the trading platforms. To reach that stage the current targets of Zero emissions and 20/20 20/30 and 20/50 CO2 targets would have to be exceeded in order to start reducing targets, carbon taxes and the price of carbon traded on the stock exchange.

Countries who have nationalised their energy industries and who use their profits to fund green renewable energy are in the best position. Norway is one such country, (which owns its own Oil) whilst Britain now regrets using the funds for other ventures. The ownership of Oil is likely to be a pertinent topic in the Scottish independence referendum.

The arguments have stretched out over many decades and continue, yet the increasing cost of energy (some data centres for instance use more energy than some cities) and the risk of War (Ukraine and Middle east and Indo China etc) mean that individual countries and the EU superstate are at risk from War and energy blackmail.

For those who are interested a Survey is available to undertake (below) and the results will be analysed, for those unfamiliar with the subject matter one question asks;

7. A) Do you feel auto-production (or auto-generation) / micro generation projects for renewable energy could help supply the National Grid (domestic and across the EU) in a more cost efficient way providing stability to energy supply and demand concerns.(this also may include Wave power in the future, as well as Biomass as micro CHP Combined Heat Power, Anaerobic digestion CHP, Solar, Photovoltaic and hybrids, Wind and Micro Hydro or all or some or all collectively as combined hybrid energy sources)

B) Do you believe National Grid Parity can be achieved i.e when an alternative energy source can generate electricity at a levelized cost (LCoE) that is less than or equal to the price of purchasing power from the electricity grid.


8. Do you feel domestic household/homeowners (or individuals) excess generation of energy could harness extra renewable energy for the National Grid and reduce imports of energy (see recast European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Directive 2010/31/EU)


9. Do you feel domestic household/homeowners excess generation of energy could harness extra renewable energy and reduce imported energy, and also be purchased by the National Grid to be exported and sold for profit abroad.

With such questions they ultimately lead us to consider Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) and Carbon Usage Efficiency (CUE) ERE (Energy Re-use Efficiency)and WUE (Water Use Efficiency ) or whole business energy monitoring and accounting.

To take this survey whether you are a business, authority or a domestic home please feel free. Survey Link or it here again entitled

Energy management and energy policy measures that will support delivery of secure, sustainable and economic power to industry and agriculture and homes using renewable energy.

The way forward for the Green renewable industry is to change legislation (and in many countries this has already occurred) to allow domestic households the opportunity to sell power back into the grid (and technology can achieve this today). In Ireland NESC (National economic Research Council) has recommended this initiative. Urban households may suggest that it is more difficult for them to achieve this possibility, but city planning in many cities has meant Combined heat and power community schemes (CHP) have supplied power to apartments and estates and if they are very efficient energy buildings such as Passive House designs, which have now been applied to Skyscrapers as well as single individual dwellings with a national Smart Grid then collective energy costs can plummet and excess energy has been fed back into the grid (at a premium allowing energy grid companies and suppliers and exporters to make a profit also) supplying Zero energy bills and a small profit on top to households or communities. Urban micro farms are producing huge quantities of food and of course energy is urban garden farms are planned into planning systems.

In rural communities this is much easier to achieve (especially with Co-operatives) and even farm waste combined with Wave power, Biomass as micro CHP, Combined Heat Power, Anaerobic digestion CHP, Solar, Photovoltaic and hybrids, Wind and Micro Hydro etc.

Financing these projects brings many national benefits including reduced imported fuel bills which eventually could reach Zero and countries could become a national exporter of energy. In times of war a national increased renewable energy system will provide security and be risk averse. (Ireland's annual energy bill is between €6 to €7.5 Billion annually, and savings against this onerous cost could be made to offset a bonds cost to improve improvements and renewable infrastructure) or subsidise generous payments to people German villages are achieving 100% renewable energy and are competing with energy companies too supply power. This allows homeowners and business to sell excess energy back into the grid. (See you tube videos entitled Villages in Germany competing with energy companies for power & 100% Renewable Energy Regions: Germany Shows That it is Possible It of course takes planning and agreement and legal structures to make it possible (see also Island in Denmark produces more energy than it consumes & Smart Grid Denmark - the intelligent power grid of the future

. Many countries are achieving 40% up 80% renewable energy consumption and the EU Supergrid is opening up to allow this. Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Austria are examples of this but of course they began their systems many years ago. (they also exceed the targets in the Renewable Energy Directive, and there is also a new Energy Efficiency Directive appearing in June 2014)

Offsetting the cost of producing these projects is a current banking/financing difficulty but a bond can and should be produced to enable the future development of such systems.

Ireland is one country mooting a Strategic Infrastructure Bank or Green bank which will (or could) also become a carbon clearing bank. A green funds investment market (such as the Dutch Green funds scheme) this extra to REFIT, ACA and the Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Germany has a state owned investment bank KFW, which funds SME's and start ups around the country, it offers bonds at very low rates and could in theory by one extra 0.1 percent preferably (with risk assurances and long term planning) supply Ireland with a very low interest rate bond. At 1 % + for Ireland 1.2 or 1.5 % and so on. Even these low rates could be offset against future energy savings.

This way companies and communities and a Green infrastructure bank could develop separately and combine to provide not just FDI investment but also ground up investment from let systems, credit unions and building societies. Green Mortgages already exist but mortgages which are underwritten and amortized with flexibility to be paid early or set against future energy costs at build stage are proving more difficult to invent. (as different parties wish to avoid risk and exposure, contractors, subcontractors, banks and underwriters) Yet this is what is preventing large scale ecological sound Job producing infrastructure development. This also applies to loans for business and especially ESCo's etc.

The debate stalls when it suggested that countries do not need to build up renewable systems, they can cope with small amounts of renewable energy or in any case it is not a viable enterprise. Yet in Ireland it was recently announced that it may return (it never has but it was mooted once before) to building Nuclear Power plants This shows even with national gas fields expected (possibly) to be on line in Ireland, that there is still a gap between current and future energy demands. And this is so worldwide. Nuclear energy is also considered to be green, yet they are very expensive to build and when you consider power all round as;

1. Power Usage Efficiency (PUE)
2. Carbon Usage Efficiency (CUE)
3. Energy Re-use Efficiency (ERE)
4. Water Use Efficiency (WUE)
or whole business energy monitoring and accounting then the Green Nuclear image (look at Japan and Fuckushima which is polluting Japan and Americas West Coast) looks less quantifiable.

Jobs, employment and higher wages

If single energy micro-generation (even as auto-production) and community micro-generation was available then domestic households extending all the way up to companies producing their own (on site ) renewable energy a network of interconnected renewable energy sources could provide the solution to the energy gap. This could be spread all over the company as broadband fibre will be. Renewable energy is cheaper for households and companies and it provides stability in case of wars and costs. Hence more companies are likely to settle in such countries. It also provides increased employment and targets can be met as is the current law of the EU for the future.

A criticism of the green industry is the expected Jobs are not appearing. Many see population reduction and a lack of industry in operation as a factor behind the need to cut CO2 emissions of Green House Gases. Yet if a carbon trading platform was in place and its natural conclusion was to reduce carbon to zero, then the more industries which appeared in start up and the more people which are employed in green industry then the more the carbon trading platform and mitigation credits (as mentioned earlier) could thrive, as a market cannot exist without areas of activity to expand within and circulate around. (like any currency system or debate, see chapter 2 above) The solution to saving the planet could be 100% employment on high wages.

Ireland has huge potential in the Renewable Energy Sector (wave, solar, wind CHP & oil and gas) An interesting idea regarding Renewable Energy initiatives and Conservation in buildings as well as contemporary constructions in the Green Growth of cities (OECD initiative) and the Green sustainable pedestrianised city is to renew the Heritage industry with Co-operatives (as one option) and manufacturing combined. With the demise of local democracy (and concerns that Local Agenda 21 implementer's are not elected). Fis Nua have passed motions to this effect and have submitted these principles to the Rio Earth Summit held in June 2012) increasing a legal contract Conservation plans or any community plan with elgal status (currently they are not a statutory obligation and as such have no legal imperative only a social one in effect) could assist both the technical and social needs of a community (one example) i.e. a Conservation Plan Next ask professionals if they agree and ascertain what impedes Irish planning and development , i.e. A Survey of Local Authority Professionals over the entire Island of Ireland. Finally with problems identified and planning irregularities corrected (such as applying EIA/EIS and protection orders, zoned areas and designations to areas (Threshold Exemptions) under 0.8 Hectares down to Zero area so that Heritage all over the Ireland can be presumed to be protected and not exempted development. Installations such as pylons and fracking rigs under 0.8 acres have to be debated and ancient archaeological sites can be protected even within an Archaeological Conservation Area which should not allow Threshold exemptions, the EIA directive is to be debated on 22.01.2014 in the EU) and move forward into Planning a Sustainable Green Energy Finance future Green planning then links up with other sectors and provides a platform which encourages development and public participation. A community interest company can also assist local development, they exist in other countries

The history Micahel Davitt is interesting and the Land League may make a reappearance. As mentioned above Environmental Land Planning ethos is also in place to prevent land developers breaking up land into smaller parcels Modern planning changes in Ireland and the need for development to a ecological observance means that people and communities may become disenfranchised from that planning process. Obviously in a recession the process seems even more remote and detached.Under local agenda 21 and the aurhus convention public participation (objections, modifications and implementation) would in my view be beneficial if public participation was increased. Due to planning anolomies in Ireland (thresholds and exempted development) public particpation may be usurped and the heavy financial cost of planning may add further hinderances.

Examining planning procedure in reality a new type of statutory conservation plan which can be a part of local area plans but in their own right they could become a vital tool for local communities. Below the level of a local area plan, the public have the choice of attending a public meeting (and they may succeed at this stage. They may increase contract prices and payments etc) or they can make Submissions to the proposed development, which can be ignored or just noted as received. If it is strategic development, the planners applciation can travel striaght to An Bord Pleanuea (Irelands planning appeals office) and be approved at this stage. To examine the application, the public would have to appeal in the high court, and as the Aurhus agreement does not fully apply, a court may decide that both sides have to share costs (thousands of euro) instead of a ecologically sound case not having to pay costs (in effect Ireland has introduced a half way Aurhus convention)

Currently there is no statutory right for conservation plans to be carried out. They can be completed if so desired. If they were made statutory then the obligation to carry them out can be chosen by a community, or ignored for later years or situations. They can include an audit of all real estate over many era (ancient heritage = tourism etc) and all aspects of work and planning oppurtunites. Once filed into the planning system they are not simply a submission but a legal document. They would be a blanket catch all for everyone in the community (a Bridgets cloak perhaps) Whether they do a in-depth plan or a tick box exercise to fulfill a future statutory requirement would then be up to that local community and obviously if they have a situation in the local community requiring analysis or a concern then a statutory conservation plan will be cheaper than direct appeals (in the future), they would address concerns and help preserve heritage and strenghten local communities rights. They can act as an audit for local communities and also then plan out a furture direction taking care of any thresholds or exempted development, environmental impact statement or environmental impact assessment problems. In my view planning from the ground up would blossom and have a legal right. A minister could make them a statutory requirement. Minsiters alone can control licensing decesions and a stautoroy conservation plan (or similar)To this end I wrote to ministers to ask if they could be made statutory. This would be easier than legally forcing a statutory designation for them. If this ideal situation existed then a further submission or submissions could correct or amend any difficulties as the planning proceeds. This was completed as part of the planning process.

Since the idea of making conservation plans a statutory community action plan (if a community decides to) instead Local Area Plans (which are broader than conservation plans and should be more detailed) have new statutory guidelines on how they should be prepared for inclusion in development plans, and as local communities have statutory rights, the planning process is streamlined and has less litigation (see page 2 in the Government draft guidelines on local development plans "Non statutory plans should therefore not be used as a basis for subsequent planning decisions" see link/document in list),30515,en.pdf whilst this provides planning strengthening this local philosophy eventually makes sustainable development a reality. Local planning can go forward to the top and conservation plans can be made the same if required.

An example of how this could work is in relation to microgeneration or autoproduction of renewable energy, as organinisng this on a community level would need a complete environmental audit through all departments of planning. (it effects them all in the end) Fot those who do not want to participate in UN based system electing members/faciliators to local agenda 21, and not everyone shares a negative opinion public complaince councils can also be sidestepped and planning can go forward.

The obect of this exercise which was also a planning excerise in operation can be seen at (to the right & pdfs) or on the fis nua candidates page.

The ultimate objective is to encourage development and energy independence and wealth for all whilst preserving a national identity. To speed up decesions and bring prosperity, locally and nationally. Like the Swiss, Swedes and Austrians they bring FDI and local prosperous (tourist heritage friendly) planning together further encouraging research and development at which Ireland excells.

'CSR Corporate Social Responsibility. (Corporate Conscience or Sustainable Responsible Business) applying ethics and temperance to profitable business is a difficult task and globalisation and market forces have to take account of their responsibility in these areas. It is an area of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Often these causes require development, development which can come under ESG or Environmental Social Governance which are of course funded by bonds and which could come under the 'Natural Capital' as opposed to industrial and stock market alone and be developed and lodged in areas of outstanding natural beauty under mitigation banking trusts as green bond development' In Rome 'Natural Capital' has a long tradition extending even before St Francis of Assisi (see also the film based upon his life Brother Sun Sister Moon) in the military or in civil society knew how to build for business and for social concerns.Early ideas perhaps could not have imagined the modern stockmarket, yet the goal of achieving clean air, earth water, soil involves a concerted effort which is achievable for all.

Long before words like climate change and sustainable were buzz words, the ideal type of country which could be a model for new planning was simply called 'Gods Country' However this does not mean a few people in a large expense of stunning unspoilt nature, but could also refer to more densely populated areas. (Urban areas can grow food everywhere also) To some the term also has a spiritual significance, but to those who use it most it also carries a belief that nature is abundant and will replenish itself. That debate continues, but even this view has to acknowledge that even in an abundant nature people are called to be stewards of the land. What difference did it make to those early prospector's whether they got rich on Oil/Gas or renewable energy? Would the Clampetts have still moved to Californi if they struck it rich on solar energy? It is unnoticed now but (and you can watch the video) they took their guns to Californi in the car without anyone noticing (nobody cared) or a fuss of any kind, that of course is their Constitutional right and it was enshrined in the constitution for a purpose. Now of course they could have Oil, Solar and other renewable energies for jobs and complete independence, the technology was not available then and energy companies are employing all energy ideas as a mater of national security and diversification in profits. Oil however is not running out. (see in part chapter four in the adjacent website  reading between the lines under the heading 'Space, earth and the oceans and natural resources' and the small paragraph on oil in red) The truth of this question can be compared to its use by Norway and Britain. (Video made largely in Norway; entitled Norwegian Oil Fund v Westminster idiocy). This Oil fund is owned proportionally by everyone in Norway, so even though it is nationalized it is essentially private to Norway, that is a big difference. Norway nationalised its Oil & Gas, made a National trust fund with some of the proceeds to fund society (then worth £300 Billion in the video, now worth £1 Trillion which makes interest, and despite this vast wealth they also managed to control prices and their currency to avoid inflation by not overheating the economy.Too much currency and spending pushes up prices and inflation follows, except if the currency or a % of it is 'MO' which has helped keep prices and inflation stable for decades and even centuries) and sold it as usual on the open market. Britain turned it into bonds for mortgage development. Spending it as it arrived, without paying down debt. This meant its proceeds were used up in paying back loans and interest, and its larger population does not justify not following the Norwegian example as the fund rises exponentially above population increases. When or if it runs out, Norway has invested in renewable energy for energy independence, which America of course could also do which is the point of abundance in Gods country. Therefore Oil and Gas rich countries should operate clean policies because of course Oil and Gas people still want clean water and fish, air and earth. Both the Oil and gas industries are subsidised …so renewable's should not be ? of course both should get equal subsidies. Britain given the choice would have chosen this in a referendum. It is also incredible that throughout our history since the enlightenment some people like the Amish with a German (Swiss and Russian also) disdain (or rather Gelesenhelt and Ordnung) for modernising have accumulated land and wealth without any earthly advisors whatsoever. Israel is now entering a year long Agricultural Shabbat or Shemittah which allows the land to go fallow every seven years. (within this it was a custom in the west also to let one field in four to be 'fallow' every year letting it rest to in effect letting the soil be replenished by compost stubble above and creatures below, you could add natural fertilisers which are available today if Farmers were subsidised to use them in transferring the system over) naturally you store and save in the six years working years, which means hiring people to work is not required in the seventh. Debt forgiveness in the faith of getting back what you forgive 3 times over (an important point) is also a part of the Shabbat LaHashem tradition. Agricultural Agrarian common sense. Producing renewable energy from what is around you for power, for ordinary people to also sell into its own grid or parallel national grid and/or for export is an idea that does not belong to any ideology (Communism or capital Monopolism) but anyone can produce it whatever your view on Capital. Natural Capital seeks to encompass nature and corporations into sustainable development without stopping growth and prosperity. The logical conclusion of trading carbon credits is to eventually not need to as the world is a cleaner place, yet no system including carbon trading can work without 100% employment.

Just as Israel has its Agricultural Shabat or Shemittah, and the idea of public national parks were made available, many groups in the USA settled land and then refused to modernize or upgrade and left consumerism outside of its borders. The Amish and Mennonites (as mentioned) and the Puritans from Germany and Switzerland instigated land trusts for themselves leaving the land to themselves in perpetuity. They do not value guns to protect their lands although they would fight to protect them. People around them (not Amish or Mennonite) have the same values, and will protect their lands with guns and militia and that is their right enshrined in the constitution.

Many countries around the world including Germany and France have stated the wealth of a country is in its Forrest's and varied woodlands. To oppose their destruction in any country, but now against David Cameron intended destruction of Forrest's please sign the following petition 38 degrees Germany builds timber houses, which are grown, Forrest's managed and trees replaced. These trees are varied fruit and berry and nut Forrest's broad leaf and an entire eco system. Development still occurs trains are faster.

Take a few examples of how energy effects economies and politics;

Take Britain's low inflation which is (in effect) lowering prices and therefore increasing wages, and which has been forced down by the falling oil and gas prices. Saudi Arabia (OPEC) is punishing Russia for its support of Syria and Assad which has caused Russia's oil price to tumble (which shows how an artificially priced commodity can cause inflation / wage problems for decades) The Ukraine has its energy problems which can be solved. Inflation of cash to pay for oil in an economy is still 'secondary inflation' the first instance being the interest charged on the currency as 'inflation of first instance'. Inflation is not just the amount of money in circulation (as long as work and purchasing of assets / commodities is equal to the amount of money in circulation) but the amount of money which is equal to work and prices, and not the amount produced at interest. Therefore increasing 'MO' (interest free money category, see also next chapter) produces a stable society in which spending increases job creation. Oil and Gas (as Germany and Austria have shown) can be replaced by renewable energy which is not imported Money saved in this cheap Oil and Gas epoch can of course be re-invested by Government in new renewable energy schemes which in turn also reduce energy imports and save money for the public who could also produce energy on a small scale or in co-operatives and sell energy, making a profit instead of receiving large bills = improved quality of life. As government spends (any government) less on energy these savings can be re-invested. Cheap oil prices reduce the cost of everything and people notice he difference instantly and every pay day month. Objections from those who work in the Oil industry includes lay offs and job losses, but as Norway has shown (from beginning of this chapter) this repeated cycle (up down price cycles) do not have to keep re-occurring. A optimum oil price ( not an OPEC led artificial price, and oil subsidies already exist) with increased renewables means oil jobs can be saved and their wages (oil workers) will go further. Peak oil exploration prices are going to increase anyway with or without renewables, so energy companies should consider investment in all energy forms.Cheaper oil increases its volume in any case which creates jobs. which should be kept cheap.The current situation is preferred worldwide.Citing Norway as an example these considerations display a national concern with enterprise instead of individual enterprise alone. Fuel / energy independence/security is also a national issue for the greater good. Low inflation low prices and wages slightly above inflation is (in some areas) cited as German economics, although all countries employed its use, it is clearly useful.

Energy concerns for the future are accumulating. Efforts to destroy the Petro-dollar system are rumours which abound in the press. The latest concerns Russia. Russia has turned off gas supplies to Ukraine again in Jan 2015. Saudi (as mentioned above) first lowered the price (not the volume) of oil which deflated Russia's economy in retaliation for its backing of President Assad in Syria (countries affected by Russia's gas export ban) . "Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Turkey all reported a halt in gas shipments from Russia through Ukraine") The current Gas war(s) between Russia and Ukraine are a recent example which will not destroy the petro –dollar system. The petro dollar system replaced the Bretton Woods system devised in 1944 and its system of money backed by Gold, ( a dollar could be redeemed in Gold) and when the US Gold reserves were haemorrhaging and flooding out of the country in August 1971, the Gold run had to be stopped. President Nixon achieved this by floating the Dollar as a stand alone currency, which then separated all the worlds currencies pegged to the dollar, becoming their own individual floating system i.e having no rigid or set value (previously the currencies derived their value by attaching itself to the dollar, itself valued by Oil)

The value of the separated currencies, once they separated from the dollar also came to be determined by gambling on their future value (rise and fall every day) across countries and stock markets, increasing volatility. Stockmarket share and stock dealing had existed for over a century, but dealing electronically across nations and continents was a new powerful system and currency speculation in 1971 became a new frenzied inflationary gamble. And it is this which has led to the astronomical black hole of hedge fund and derivative debts we currently face.

It is worth noting however that it would be possible to have a gold standard to value the dollar and a petro dollar and a internal "MO" currency all at the same time (i.e. to repeat 'MO' which already exists and which in turn bolsters the housing market in turn strengthening the 'fuel dollar') 'Growth' is not dependent on the 'petro dollar' alone. Growth means different things to different levels of society and 100% employment is growth to credit unions and small building societies. Investment in built assets is a major employer and asset investment commodity is built by wages into loans and mortgages from the ground up, whereas the petro dollar adds value by boosting asset prices and keeps the cost of borrowing down, through the so-called petrodollar recycling system ( a term which we will be explained later) With or without global warming arguments 'renewable energy & petro-dollar' or even 'renewable energy dollar' is still able to import and export its fuel through the new connected smart grids or in barrels or containers.(and new powerful batteries of hydrogen etc) Renewable energy could be purchased in Dollars only to meet world demand.Since many countries who currently export oil, expect military protection, then stable 100% employment renewable energy societies will not need to trade and comply with immigration requirements which compels workers to follow the currency (Dollar or other). Note immigration has increased since 1971 worldwide into levels which are causing instability and hardship and domestic economies cannot cope. Emerging economies can benefit from renewable energy smart grids which allow for its population to prosper and avoid exploitation and poverty. Emigration for millions has its own devastating problems, see also the adjacent website and chapter 6 which also shows links between poverty, emigration and trafficking) Both systems can exist in parallel.

The 'dollars for oil system' led to the floating dollar (Nixon 1971) and currency debates includes the following concerns 1. Is it better to have a floating dollar alone (post Nixon) or 2. is it preferred to have all currencies pegged to the dollar (one world currency as nearly existed previous prior to Nixon's changes) This debate is in effect short circuited by alternative energies. They could operate between these two arguments and still aid growth within the current Petro – Dollar system, but again it would require increased 'MO' and a reduction in national debts to affordable sustainable levels. Other national debt schemes/solutions listed on this page also assist internal national growth without meltdown 100% employment creates its own acceptable levels of the 'MO' currency in circulation and this then determines the price of commodities and assets the public purchase. If wages are slightly above inflation or level with inflation always, then a very robust internal system is created for the working classes, with or without the great game of market forces.Mario Dragi on 22.01.2015 has stated that the inflation spiral which was predicted to appear in world currencies under conditions the central bank created over the last 6 years has not appeared (since the crash in 2008, see the beginning of this chapter and the link entitled Getting Out of Recession: European Austerity v. American Deficit Finance -- Which One Is Effective?) Mario Dragi has said these fears were unfounded, yet inflation was checked by austerity for 6 years in which millions suffered needlessly. Deflationary fears are raised also. Deflation begins when buyers hold off to see if the price will fall further, causing a continuous downward spiral, but this is not necessarily a bad thing especially if a currency system has a buoyant "MO" (and see Britain's low inflation a few paragraphs up). Inflation over the last 6 years has also been hidden by national debts which are in effect an 'off balance sheet' 'bubble'.National debts also accumulate because of the Petro-dollar system and have ballooned under the 'left' especially ? This last point is contrary to Karl Marx and 'Das capital' where Marx criticizes national debt making ?. National debts can also be utilized to make national assets and infrastructure projects. Stability of low national debts also provides certainty in bond making.

Greece Will the new Left wing party 'Sryriza' and the coalition in Greece altar national debts and debt per se ? Winning the Greek election on a Anti-austerity platform in later January 2015, it reached a temporary interim solution in late February 2015, yet as debt levels have increased worldwide in countries which have followed an austerity plan ? what is going on ? what is the point of it ? It is claimed tax levels or tax dodging has caused the problem in Greece, yet debts increase with austerity ? It is not prudent or conservative of Germany's economics or Americas to set a programme of reform which makes matters worse. Austerity has not worked clearly as these measures are a fiscal solution which could have been introduced by the Troika in 2010/2011, but they were not ? the election promise was to end Austerity which if not adhered to surely new Elections in Greece could occur, as it has been forced to become a 4th world economy ? is this ending austerity ? Germany has considerd the UK's membership of the EU, and with Greece being the cradle of Democracy, its history and aims pursued prosperity as opposed to reducing the EUs growth and wealth.

Shares and stocks rose in the EU on Mario Dragi's announcement of Billions in investment into Europe. Ukraine is attracted to investment as it looks to take back Donetsk and the Crimea.(Ukraine obviously needs aid and all the financial assistance and planning it can get) The Billions announced in this investment could have started in 2010 or sooner shortening the recession and austerity, concerns over the low value of the Euro continue also. Can renewable energy maintain asset prices in the future, what is hindering such changes?

War is predicted in many circles and a war could be over in days and months not years. Russia and China and others are trying to move away from trading Oil in US Dollars completely.Russia's economy is in freefall as it attempts to do so. Saudi Arabia which has US military bases currently within its borders, is under threat from ISIS, as is Iran, Saud and Turkey and Israel. Saud is limiting its oil price to Russia, and Russia will have to shore up the Ruble and rely on its gas supplies to survive. Saud previously tried to bribe Pakistan from creating a new Iranian – Pakistan pipeline.(and an alternative is sought still) Greece and Turkey's peace talks are on hold after Turkey plans to drill for oil in Greek waters. Turkey has already suggested it would invade Iraq and Syria all for Oil and energy, whilst Greece which could leave the EU (due to its debt crisis) could invade Turkey which it regards as its territory anyway, as it also regards Cyprus (currently partitioned between Greece and Turkey) Greece still regards Turkey as its own even if it remains within the EU, and it could benefit from huge debt cancellation. Turkey's plans also threaten Israel although France has now stated since the Paris attacks it will not support Palestine (Gaza) which is in effect Jordan. Jordan also has conceded its territory to Israel in any case., as Israel expands to the Euphrates north and south to Egypt and Saudi. Further on in this page (chapter 4) you can see how Tibet and Nepal have suffered amidst the great powers. Recently (India's new leader) India has hinted it could protect Nepal and Tibet (although John Kerry has instigated the Tibet task force see chapter 4 further down this page). Tibet and Nepal are in serious need of rescue, and Hong Kong also wants to end the reign of the communist party in china due to its savage human rights abuses and failed system. Tibet and Nepal do not want a Marxist – Leninist constitution as that ideology has led to genocide and misery for its population. Christians in the Middle East have according to the Pope and other world leaders suffered genocide over the past 3 years in particular, as the wars increase in Central Asia / Middle East.

China is also instigating 8 new cities which can trade carbon credits whilst simultaneously burning more coal. The Ukraine is still fighting to regain its territory in the Crimea, as the EU allows first step initial membership and increases its military budget with Nato. The Middle East / Asian wars are increasing in severity day by day as hundreds of thousands flee or perish under ISIS or Al Qaeda. The West is preparing to increase its renewable energy targets to avoid economic backlash if fuel problems intensify. Since national domestic internal renewable energy is potentially unlimited as technology increases, the problem of national unemployment and inflation could be solved by increasing investment by Billions instead of delaying funds and growth. Austria, Germany and Scandinavia have shown large numbers of jobs are created for decades (or longer) in what is an industry for energy needs (for ever), by renewable energy national grids.The Paris carbon meetings in 2015 will increase national targets to boost renewable energy production and oil consumption has been maintained as those targets have increased since 2001. This last point is overlooked in the debate, and the price of oil will drop and should stay low to become economically viable (technology advances for extraction is increasing every day) this is not an ending for the Petro-Dollar.

What would this mean for the petro-dollar? Peak oil analysis suggests oil will become more expensive to obtain pushing up prices or stopping exploration completely. (so not running out but to expensive to extract = peak oil) Yet the truth is the world has probably only discovered 20% of all existing oil fields on earth and only 18% of them are tapped (even if one oil rig is working on it).some fields are running out of oil, but are not following the Norwegian example of producing a national trust fund for all its citizens. Oil is plentiful for centuries according to some reports. Since the world consumes around 32 billion barrels of oil each year (2011) whilst undiscovered or untapped oil fields are predicted to be 565 Billion barrels of oil. (without reserves) These are conservative estimates and are updated with each new discovery. Other estimates suggest world oil has 53 years left All estimates are underestimated further to increase the price of oil (if scarce then higher price) The United Arab Emirates want to cut production = higher price. The world is sick of the high price of energy which is not required to sustain jobs or production.

The USA consumed 23 trillion cubic feet in 2013 of natural gas. Estimates of undiscovered gas are 4669 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Oil and gas will run in about 500 years or so is a common answer, but it is hoped OPEC cartels will cease much sooner whilst sustaining energy output and a vigorous business in oil gas and renewable energy. Renewable energy will decrease the amount of oil and gas consumed, this will increase its date as having ran out to 700 or even 800 years + (give or take a few billions of gas or oil or renewable energy estimates, or price wars) Have artificial prices simply run their course as opposed to equitable and honest prices. The latter is the more sensible and sustainable option, and the low growth forecasts may effect some investments but not growth in other areas of the economy. Asset prices from 2008 – 2012 lost trillions whereas a sustainable economy could have made less but eventually produced higher returns without the chaos which occurred. The difference between Obama's efforts on renewable energy in contrast to Norway, Germany, Austria, Israel etc is they did it and got on with it. Research and develop and put into practice.

As the dollar (only the dollar) is used by countries to purchase oil or countries obtain dollars by exporting their goods to the USA (e.g electric cars or petrol / diesel cars) they then obtain dollars to buy oil in this manner. Oil producing countries require military protection to continue producing. Petro dollar economies can raise taxes or cut spending (the left – right paradigm) or borrow against future assets or add to the national debt or print more money against the Petro – Dollar. Further the debt which amasses when foreign countries buy oil in US dollars is held on their countries balance sheets as debt, amongst other things it allows the USA to purchase its imports in it own dollar currency. Therefore will increased renewable energy bring down the Petro – Dollar system? or at least the 'petro-dollar recycling system' as it has come to be known. Since oil and gas is not going to run out as imagined, renewable energy can bolster western energy supplies (which can also be exported via dollars)

Countries debts could be eased allowing for liquidity. A temporary situation which would allow for a correction in the economy as US debt – demand is eased or temporarily removed (allowing economies to recover and once again purchase energy in the Petro-Dollar system). Since 2008 the loss of earnings (and therefore taxes) and the loss of profits in the crisis and bankruptcies and litigation and disaster is far more expensive than the option suggested in the last few lines of this paragraph above. To political and economic analysts it is a possible solution, yet for ordinary people the prospect of 100% employment and stability is what counts in votes. This is also an advantage renewable energy (or Oil and gas) has over Nuclear energy, it is cheaper to produce (Nuclear energy plants are expensive to build and maintain, there is danger to contaminated seas and hydro-logical systems and human genetics, whereas renewable energy creates many jobs, Nuclear does not) Renewable energy means cheaper energy bills and it can also be exported by domestic consumer and commercial interests (both) and of course allows for cleaner water, air, and earth, and for a choice. Import and export of energy oil or gas or renewable is likely to continue until the year 3000 ad.

Carbon credits and the carbon trading platforms in the EU (EU/ETS) and worldwide suffered when Measurement and Verification of carbon emissions did not accurately reflect the carbon trading price which was as high as €36 per / tonne of CO2 in 2006 but which dropped to as low as €0.10 per tonne in 2007/8. Tied into the M & V underestimation, was the allocation of too many allowances to countries in comparison to the aggregate emissions reported .This produced figures which were grossly inaccurate. Market traders could not anticipate or reflect the correct price as emissions were under-reported or wrongly applied in the reporting. Current prices (per tonne of C02 ) of carbon The 2015 Paris targets and the 20/20 & eventual 20/50 targets will require greater accuracy in order to reflect a natural sustainable price. (NAP S / National Allocation Plans and NREAP's targets to the EU and wider)

One further factor which has undermined the trading platforms and the eventual emerging renewable trading markets are the energy companies which are in essence a front or non-existent companies for many different reasons and aims. The aim is not to provide stability in the energy market. Whilst 90% of energy investments and companies are genuine, efforts to undermine other countries and markets are an industry in themselves. America currently has very high Oil reserves due to its fracking operations (which could ruin the German beer industry) which have resulted in low imported oil energy consumption for the worlds biggest oil market. Is it in the interests of opposing oil/gas producers to lobby for renewable energy companies or start ups even though they are non-renewable companies themselves? Would Russia promote renewable energy for other countries except their own to boost their own exports of natural gas rather than let a competitor export to those markets.(claiming the competitor is damaging the environment, when they could be making renewable s etc) Would the USA promote renewable energy for Russia instead to reduce Russia's ample gas supplies abroad. Saudi Arabia reducing the price will compound Russia's problem, whilst China wants to export coal or renewable's, both want to export their own product. Whilst these possibilities are endless between countries and companies,(and many fake or shell companies exist for that purpose) it is possible for society to form energy companies or national schemes which are not corporations or led by corporate interests.(who can form their own versions in any case) The battle for energy and markets with these 'shell' companies are of course a separate problem and trading area away from the development between genuine corporations for renewable energy. World development of clean energy is underway and blossoming. Oil companies want to have renewable energy also. World development of renewable's is complex but profitable.

Renewable energy and Natural Capital is changing economics worldwide and can of course assist the Ukraine (Putin helped ousted Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych to flee to Russia) The USA is sending 3000 troops to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania & wider. Since 2008 and the economic collapse investment is long overdue worldwide. The austerity / quantitative easing experiment has been a failure. Those funds (bailouts) could have created a renewable energy boom over the last few years. A domestic energy boom and an international corporate energy policy would have boosted world economic prospects from 2008 until today. Watching events in Russia Estonia has decided to move to the West in its elections (as it did in 1999 when increased western investment could have provided greater stability) in March to 2015, and it is opting to export its goods to China via Kazakhstan, all the Baltic countries may soon join the west and the EU. It is possible the all the Balkans could expand Eastward as it looks to its Western past. Similar views are increasing in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia. Greece and Macedonia and Algeria are also showing signs of discontent (and the old conflict Greece and Macedonia share could find common ground and produce energy to renew their fallen economies) Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have vast Solar and wind Capabilities. Iran is now claiming it has cruise missiles weapons capable of reaching the West.

For more information see chapter 2 above on Greece and in the adjacent website see chapter 3

The 90 % of the genuine green development suffers from a problem known as 'carbon leakage' This also effects the price of carbon and locations of green development as genuine companies seek a better price. This is a different situation than fake companies and the energy wars.

Renewable energy makes many changes possible, it also allows energy to be exported in any currency or into national grids for international export or via the dollar. Renewable energy supports internal national non-inflationary money circulation (MO), which stabilises the "sub prime" market (and economic housing stability) Renewable energy cleans the environment, it provides massive increased employment. It also allows for the public to make money selling their own energy into national energy grids (national grids could also buy renewable energy from individual domestic producers or auto / micro production at a slightly reduced premium to sell on internationally) Measurement and Verification of carbon and energy which sets a price is enhanced by 'bona-fide' energy companies determining a carbon price which ultimately will reduce carbon taxes to zero. (every energy type has these problems) For struggling economies (which could be in very deep recession or with no industry as such, and see the next chapter) immediate energy savings can produce a fund to roll over for new projects and those profits can renew this fund to continue future projects, which makes a recession turn around into a recovery and eventually a vibrant new economy.

Corporations are genuinely seeking renewable energy change, but since renewable energy requires new systems and a local economy of green energy development, large corporations may find it impossible to develop national grid systems themselves on their own. Local economies and local people collectively and nationally can supply the demand which would require changes in planning and a change to national priorities. Germany for example has large corporations. National corporations which are homegrown, and which choose to live and settle in a environmentally friendly countryside for a better quality of life, yet Germany has American football teams and is a Conservative nation. but prefers to develop renewable energy from the local population upwards and outwards. Only then can international development and export be achieved to maximum effect. Therefore corporations alone cannot develop this ideal national situation in which renewable cheap energy can flourish. Investment in grids that allow for very small, medium and large homegrown national domestic energy supplies to grow will become the norm. To achieve this local people require motivation i.e. to produce and export their own locally produced energy into the grid.Reduced energy imports allow government to pay a generous Tariff to small producers of energy at home, this creates local and increased prosperity & 100% employment.

To achieve this sustainability indices are used as indicators of development and where development is required. 1. KMPG sustainability index 2. World Economic Forum. & Global report 3. Dow Jones 4. Carbon trust 5. Environmental Performance Economic project 6. ESI / Nasa

WEC World resources.

The Top 100 Green corporations. Nasdaq.

Clean energy is changing shipping cleaning sea water which is heavily polluted by discharge worldwide causing deep and heavy pollution and fishing stock collapse. Cars can recharge as they drive. Tesla cars Including buses for difficult transport solutions. Roads can collect energy instead of lying idle (solar roadways) A solar plane attempts to fly around the world and could introduce a fuel mix into current aviation fuel mix standards (e.g. internal electric energy needs until development is refined ) One way local ground up renewable energy is meeting big business and including local authority / municipality changes is through the use of ESCO's or new business models in local services. Local authorities could become an ESCO (energy service company) themselves for creating a local authority division as ESCO and energy management in every authority/municipality). Staged payments of 1% interest loans/mortgages (or less) on supervision of high grade (with grants also) to build air tight homes low energy homes (which breathe via heat recovery) are possible. Less imported energy produces the possibility nationally. The innovations are endless yet oil is still required for many industries. Energy Companies are combining all sources of energy. They are already exporting via the European super-grid which could reach much further east.

Summary. The World Wide energy search is very competitive and wars have effected economies who are not a party to them. For many the complexities are too involved, complicating what is in effect simple energy production. In summary economies could be aided by an increase in a balanced cash supply of 'MO' the existing non inflationary currency in circulation. It is suggested the oncoming 'Cashless society' (which requires fuel energy to run an electrical exchange system worldwide of course, and societies have always reverted to a trading instrument such as cash or precious metals for freedom of supply) that the problem of debt/inflation will subside, but a 'Cashless money society' still falls within the M0 - M4 money type designations, and electronically produced money simply reduces 'MO' to zero. MO is either produced as inflationary debt money, or as a % of non inflationary money supply (see the 3 charts and images at the end of chapter 2) Exchanging money by your Phone or over the Internet in the 'cashless society' still produces the same problem. It still has to be borrowed or produced as inflationary money, giving rise to the mortgage or sub-prime problem.This system protects the stock market and trade.Renewable energy has the ability to transform the World (a world in which Oil is not running out realistically, except for some current countries whose oil asset is dwindling). and this has been an aim since the Enlightenment.(or before) and the Industrial Revolution. Local and International energy production is becoming a reality, and with the smart grid network, which will allow Exports of energy to simply follow on from the system currently adhered to, these aims are being realized. The only difference is now, local economies can join in economically, and the potential is unlimited.

In parallel with this ethos is the connected issue of a healthy lifestyle with good quality food. Good food should be a beneficial fuel rather than an inhibitor to good health. Environmental land planning is a local policy from the ground up, which is why people do not want Agenda 21, which seems to be a top down only approach within Globalisation. Instead of community in which every national person is benefiting local democracy is diminishing. World Pollution is growing (water, air & earth) instead of being managed sustainably reducing the polution and increasing the quality of soils which renewable energy can contribute towards replenishing land and growth. Sustainability = organic and healthy farms which have chemical free soils producing bio diverse crops without insecticides or chemical fertilizer's. Bio diverse forestry, and well planned villages growing food without export (except any for any excess) and maintaining an independent bio diverse seed stock require alternative planning and development to produce stronger grain and seeds and ultimately food. Finance is central to this expansion with the recognition that small SME's and developing renewable technologies are viable and deserve less risk accreditation. Billions are being released to pursue this ideal but more could be done.

July 2015 Ireland wishes to increase its food exports by 85% and to achieve this under current EU organic health incentives and legislation, it would require an increase in renewable energy diversity which is also a requirement under the Renewable energy directive i.e. not just wind, but solar pv, chp (geo thermal lake, sea and land) bio- fuels, Hydro etc, and also the Energy efficiency directive.

Teagasc (which means 'instruction') manage the quality of soils and they have suggested that the proposed 85% in food export and therefore increased growth in food is possible . Increased energy use as clean energy is a key to expansion. As is water irrigation, phosphorus and nitrogen. (Alternatives are sought or will phosphorus run out)

Cleaner energy encourages cleaner healthy foods with real quality and goodness which Ireland is ideally placed to develop.Healthy soil is directly connected to renewable energy. (Population growth projections are still debated but bio-diverse forestry and trees are decreasing and should be numerous in cities and rural areas There is land but empty land was cleared of its Forests centuries ago) The real obvious reason overpopulation levels are perceived as worldwide and a serious problem is cities are overpopulated and badly designed. People are encouraged to move to the city, hence cities are becoming pedestrianised, encouraged to become sustainable with urban farms and better designed housing units. Mega-cities are planned where 54% (current levels) of the worlds population will live in cities rising to 70%. This 70% naturally feel the world is overpopulated as they view the problem everyday. Land is not scarce, hence the overpopulation doctrine.

Increasing food by natural methods is essential instead of Monsanto short terminism with long their devastating effects. Producing bumper harvests which are safe foods is a growing area of scientific study combined with hands on farming innovation. Increasing safe food production and the pressures of land and space do not need too hinder increased yields. Animal s which are injected with steroids and hormones' apart from the obvious, do not feed the world and they destroy your immune system.(whilst some plants cure cancer) Urban or rural food production increases require insight into the elements and increasing productivity by scientific breakthroughs in air , water and earth at micro level.

New climate report which encourages growth and employment

Energy use and farming especially milk production requires new approaches to agricultural land use, and farms which grow produce upwards instead of outwards are beneficial to land development. Cows which are fed on chemicals produce unnatural milk. Some estimates believe Ireland could feed the world in which case clean and wholesome food would be key to this expansion.

Finance (see last link, central to Germany's organic agricultural success for over a hundred years) and energy independence and Natural Capital debates are framed by the Oil debate as if they are in opposition (when the oil is still not running out but is plentiful for a thousand years as long as it does not inflate the economy which then beats the peak oil forecasts) and the worry of losing oil jobs and/or military cuts is also as unlikely as engineering production ceasing. Water windmills (A Crowell Water Well ) were crucial to the settlers in Texas, yet this was a renewable energy for a need, and many more should be built or copied worldwide. Without them many may not have survived ti discover Oil which the world will always require.The energy business is not a oil and gas versus renewable energy scenario but just an energy business scenario which is pricing and supplying and is in adjustment. Applying oil to agricultural products however has brought more drastic problems than the problems it set out to solve.

Tesla and the Hyperloop

An innovation which at first considered unlikely, is becoming a reality. It could revolutionize travel and the fuel c02 cost problem. Elon Musk and Hyperloop who (i.e. Tesla and Elon Musk) have successfully developed a new solar storage battery and a electric car, is also likely to succeed with the new train travel system. (solar trains) Internally countries spend much of their GDP importing fuel for transport costs.

Paris Climate Change Conference Nov/ Dec 2015

There is an argument which suggests green energy is communism (but the above paragraphs and chapter shows how "communist countries" have subverted the efforts of green energy whilst some have embraced it and this is true of capitalist countries. The reality is green energy is blatant unbridled capitalism

7. A) Do you feel auto-production (or auto-generation) / micro generation projects for renewable energy could help supply the National Grid (domestic and across the EU) in a more cost efficient way providing stability to energy supply and demand concerns.(this also may include Wave power in the future, as well as Biomass as micro CHP Combined Heat Power, Anaerobic digestion CHP, Solar, Photovoltaic and hybrids, Wind and Micro Hydro or all or some or all collectively as combined hybrid energy sources)

B) Do you believe National Grid Parity can be achieved i.e when an alternative energy source can generate electricity at a levelized cost (LCoE) that is less than or equal to the price of purchasing power from the electricity grid.


8. Do you feel domestic household/homeowners (or individuals) excess generation of energy could harness extra renewable energy for the National Grid and reduce imports of energy (see recast European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Directive 2010/31/EU)


9. Do you feel domestic household/homeowners excess generation of energy could harness extra renewable energy and reduce imported energy, and also be purchased by the National Grid to be exported and sold for profit abroad.
With such questions they ultimately lead us to consider Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) and Carbon Usage Efficiency (CUE) ERE (Energy Re-use Efficiency)and WUE (Water Use Efficiency ) or whole business energy monitoring and accounting.

There is an argument which suggests green energy is communism (but the above paragraph shows how "communist countries" have subverted the efforts of green energy whilst some have embraced it and this is true of capitalist countries. The reality is green energy is blatant unbridled capitalism

Further as a capitalist wishing to profit at home or from your business (by methods described above) and without effecting the international petro - dollar system or even believing in the ozone layer debate (or without rejecting the ozone debate) with a taste for local "low carbon" organic produced steak or vegetables (which everyone really wants) or fruit this is for you.

Look at the capital investment in green energy (a few examples)

India is investing $100 Billion dollars in Solar energy. Britain is turning the Green investment bank into private entity to broaden its appetite. Germany in contrast kept its KFW bank national to fund projects from the ground up (within Germany historically) and reduce energy imports which funded local and community development whilst still allowing for gas and oil imports as required. This kept interest rates low and avoided risk leverage problems. Countries can have both in truth. Ireland has a new strategic infrastructure bank with assistance from the KFW bank. Both banks could operate with the Basel (Bretton Woods) accords.


The USA has invested $58 billion. China has invested $89.5 billion (2014)

South America has invested millions in wind, solar and (Chile) (Latin America and the Caribbean) (Costa Rica) Renewable green energy is a method of combatting poverty and emigration and South America could employ every tree (Amazon) cutting farmer if the investment is made. It also has vast reserves of gas and oil.

Worldwide investment in 2015 was $270 Billion dollars.

Ireland's green energy investment as highlighted in the National Sustainability Summit Nov 2015 is as follows;

€3 Billion Annual Investment in Sustainable Energy Technology required in Ireland up to 2020 • €155 Billion Annual Investment required in Sustainable Technology required in Europe up to 2020 • Bombardier Aerospace Investing €100m in CHP Technology • Medite Europe Investing €80 Million in Biomass CHP Technology • Dawn Meats Investing €2m in Biomass Boiler • 25pc of Irish Energy Demand met by wind in first half of 2015• Wind Energy Investment could lead to 35,000 new jobs • Irish Partnership to build €80m Offshore Wind Farm in Irish Sea •

Apple to Invest €850m in Renewable Energy Data Centres in Ireland • Wind Energy Firms put €800m of Infrastructure on show to interested businesses • The EPA predicts Ireland will struggle to meet 20% reduction of emissions by 2020 on 2005 levels

ESB opens new €33m Woodhouse Wind Farm in County Waterford • Irish Wave Energy Project InnoWave awarded €800,000 in EU funding • Co Clare Wave Energy Project awarded €23m to develop technology • Wind and Wave Energy Research to begin at €15m Ringaskiddy Harbour Lab • €82 Trillion: Global Value of Fuel saving between 2020 and 2050 from Investment in Low-Carbon Energy Systems •

Data Centres to Invest €1.36 Billion in Renewable Energy • Irish Water's €1.77bn plan to make Ireland's water services better
• €7.5m Investment in Wastewater Treatment scheme for Gorey • New Wastewater Treatment Plant as part of €91 Million Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project • Lightsource Renewable Energy, is aiming to invest €500m in Ireland over the next five years. • marenco plans to Invest €180m building up to 30 Solar Farms across the south of the country. • Greenroom Investments raising €100m to buy and develop European Solar Farm portfolio.

Domestic energy bills per are are on average are €3000 to €7000, whilst the average business bill or public utility is £12,000 to £60,000 (up to €100,000 or more) A deregulated market could reverse this and earn money (German innovation) by selling into the grid allowing those grids to export and earn also. (microgrids & Aran Islands energy Co-operatives & facebook & for urban and/or rural )

As the Paris climate conference proceeds (02.12.2015) the debate on setting the climate targets features prominently. A grievance many developed countries have, concerns other countries which have not signed up to any climate targets or others such as China and Russia who are increasing the burning of coal and oil and not declaring it (cheating) For countries which have signed up, it means their industry or future industry will move into countries which have no climate carbon targets. Jobs will be lost and unemployment will increase. This is what Obama, & Hillary Clinton and some candidates are proposing. The solution to this is deregulation which will allow new industries and employment to begin in newer cleaner industries from the ground up without carbon leakage and m & v migration (companies moving abroad measuring and verification problems) People who are paid to produce power from their homes and business, channelling this energy into a accommodating grid system which also makes money from the system = deregulation.The Carbon tax, energy tax and emissions taxes encourage companies to set up in countries which have not signed up to a carbon pledge (see the 2030 Energy and Climate Framework and the review of the EU carbon leakage list 2014) and to date 150 countries have signed to the pledge.

Despite the 150 countries which have pledged, hundreds more have not, and this has the effect that middle class jobs are lost by off-shoring and outsourcing. Countries like Africa or developing countries in South America are then left with the pollution and vastly increased pollution, and emissions and carbon overall globally are not reduced. Why ? does the system persist in this way. Germany, Switzerland Austria and Scandinavia have long developed system's of 20 - 30 years, which creates jobs whereas other developed nations have not, and these countries should first develop a ecologically friendly job creation programme creating millions of jobs and develop these jobs first. People would need to see Russia and China (and other Communist/ Maoists blocks) and all the Gulf states and Turkey and Iran declaring a 100% emission reduction by 2025 - 2030, with heavier taxes and fines increased incrementally from today and this needs to occur first. Why would countries give up their industry when others are increasing their carbon output ? As oil firms come on board combining fossil fuel and renewable where ? are the extra jobs (million's promised over the last ten years, now facing yet more election promises once again on the jobs issue) The merging of oil / gas and renewable energy (under the same company or companies) cannot balance output or activities unless profit is the same or equal to when the company dealt only in fossil fuels, so it is with society and the workers/middle class.The need to create jobs and long term jobs should be paramount.



Ireland's stance on climate change has been criticised in the Paris climate summit. But is the real problem elsewhere ? (China is buying and leasing land everywhere because of its soil problem)

Half way through the Paris Climate Conference it is clear (and a source of multi - national embarrassment globally) that deregulation of energy markets (explained in last link) is hardly discussed for much of the developed Western World. This type of domestic national initiative would allow Farmers (and Irish farmers are crying out for it as it means an extra income and they need all the extra help they can get) to add an extra sector to their portfolio. Energy from Bio - fuel (already occurring from farm waste and not new grown fuels) under deregulation would enable farmers to profit from district combined heating CHP and solar /wind and water & ground heat pumps schemes to 1. supply themselves and 2. supply surrounding communities with cheap energy, reduce fossil fuels emissions and gain an extra income. Countries can claim to be green (Russia tests its nukes in Nov 2015) but do not know a carbon emission from a (China) lump of coal. China wants organic food exports also, and land at €10 - €30 million an acre depending on each local authorities zoning policy, would seem a reasonable fee for very high quality pristine organic farming land which Ireland has (the best in the world in its current inherited debt situation from the last government which is forcing hard decisions. Many countries are looking to lease Irish land) with 5 or 10 year leases only (Ukraine leasing cheaply to China) to encourage such schemes, whilst maintaining soil retention and soil quality.

Ireland's forests were almost illegally sold off (to China) under plans the last government initiated until it was stopped. This problem worldwide with or without a belief in Global warming (Sean Penn) will destroy food production and soil quality if it continues. Further carbon offsetting/mitigation credits (gained by keeping trees) should belong half 3/4 to the landowner and half to the people of the country or local community (not the state) to use as required for forests and food production. If forestry is on state land then the proceeds should go 85% to the local community.

China's mismanagement of its soil is now backfiring and previously damaging type's of agricultural production which they employed could spread into other lands under the dichotomy and apparent contradiction of "Beef or good Soil" or "Beef or Trees" Increased leasing fees and the connected (for Ireland's economy) carbon capture possibilities, mitigation credits and carbon trading initiatives to participating counties are also attractive. Land which is assessed as the highest graded quality including (1. Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) 2. Carbon Usage Efficiency (CUE) 3. Energy Re-use Efficiency (ERE) 4. Water Use Efficiency (WUE) ) would fetch the highest lease price. Home produced energy would allow farmers or anyone to lease (only) directly subject to planning guidelines and laws. If farmers are unduly penalised in this economic climate how can they upgrade to Usage efficiency standards.

During the Climate summit very few news stories appear, only China's investment in Africa features. There is little information on the new Island being created in the Pacific sea. By stealing soil from other poorer countries around the world the Island is created, which according to the Pentagon is a part of mission creep (which has involved a near war situation between the US and China) and military base creation and not climate mitigation action. Whilst it and Russia increases coal production. The next paragraph highlights the details.

America is leasing land to China and its massive debt (and selling land to China as is South America and Russia) which has increased four fold in the last ten years is making this a negotiating factor in that debt. This will slowly push up the price of land but this vital resource should be priced at ten times its value when supplying China and other nations. Ireland is no exception to this and the cost of transforming its economy should not be downgraded or underestimated especially when this land could feed is own population ten times over. Ireland's land area could feed the whole world but in artificial scarcity economics the mismanagement of resources cannot envisage sensible land management solutions. Artificial supply and demand = price, the real demand many countries and China requires, is sold on the cheap as aside, from China's soil / agricultural problems, it also has vast poverty problems (nearly 100 million people live below the poverty line) which many would say is due to its ideological stance and beliefs (which include Monsanto which China is promoting and which should be rigorously tested scientifically, publicly and openly. Biological warfare is not just a military weapon) The vast underpricing of leases is a scandal when these (changed to highly priced) leasing funds should be used pay down debt which is onerous and hard to manage.There are the security issues as new Chinese military bases are expanding worldwide (whilst internally it is collapsing. Clearly there is more to these matters than just organic bean sprouts and pleasant cow manure) Security should be a factor when considering both the price and land zoning risk, but they should also not allow land to be sold from the national assets into other nations hands. This scandalous situation is hardly mentioned or examined as efforts to transfer capital and economic base from the West to the East continues. This will cause mass unemployment and economic loss in the West ? if it continues. Clearly China needs to repair its depleted soil issues which would need new technology and ideology to launch ( i.e massive natural fertilizer technology investment with fallow land technology and a change in its society....but not a "cultural revolution" as Mao Tze Dung instigated) It should renew its own lands first before destroying others.

New farming methods which may seem simplistic are outlined in the chapter above, and many countries can assist with expertise and technology in these areas . Western technology and technicians can assist China and the Chinese people which is a better solution in the long term. It has a serious humanitarian situation.

Pressure needs to be ramped up in this area if the funding and deregulation (explained here again which is still a national asset) legislation for this in the Western first World is to succeed (or any continent including China) The Agriculture sector needs new finance and subsidy to achieve this first step in renewing national ecological aims. This in turn leads into the Housing and the Housing design sector. Charging cars from home improves the Transport sector and provides an income for households and business. The blame for the failure of these new methods and planning idea's lies with the political parties (many of the green political parties and NGO's) who advise and provide a platform for green issues, yet who do not get into the nitty gritty of political change required for national strategies (only ideological preferences) in this area, or in sensible fiscal policy issues, and they need to do more on this issue, which is the way to reduce & abate climate change. China is in the dilemma of expanding its military and going to war and/or starving to death. Ironically its farming methods and its ancient society were advanced and incredibly organised before 1920 -1945 to the present day. Farmers and Irish farmers should be well paid for their time and lands, and organic (seaweed and sea vegetables are an exception as inexpensive fertilisers ) alternative manure and fertilizer's are currently very expensive. These are required under emission targets and the persistent organic pollutants directive or POPS and the Nitrates directive

(War can stop oil and gas imports overnight hence the urgency and back up plan which requires considered planning changes. Imported fuel cannot be afforded or sustained long term in peace time)


World investment in energy required by 2035 is (either) $48 Trillion Dollars or €53 Trillion Dollars according to the International Energy Agencies 2015 report (foreword page 3) depending on set or proposed climate targets. Nearly 2 Trillion is the approximate investment in Green technology worldwide in comparison, both are subsidised. This may double to 4 trillion yet it will always be way behind oil and gas. The West is potentially facing an energy crisis.

World Oil and Gas investment in 2015 t 2019 increased slightly by 2% and OPEC is suggesting that it will limit supply soon making $50 a barrel again or spiralling into high inflation and collapse.

Yet oil and gas is not running out and is vast in its world supply and more fields are discovered (as technology extraction increases) every year. The price is artificial and if high prices (than should be acceptable) increase then renewable energy investment will increase also. The West can develop its renewable energy from local community to national infrastructure. World war 3 taking over all existing oil and gas fields globally is also possible.


12.12.2015 (end of Paris Climate Change Conference Nov/ Dec 2015 )

(to repeat) The biggest concern regarding the Paris climate conference was the lack of agreement on targets as without them a trading carbon price cannot be established like any commodity. Value to a carbon ton is very flexible and unknown. Even if targets were agreed the carbon price ran into difficulties whilst it was operating (like all market operations)

Following the completion of the negotiations of the Paris Climate conference (Cop 21 climate change conference and agreement in PDF format ) on December 12th 2015 the 196 countries who agreed to participate, agreed to reduce the World Temperature rise to 2 degrees centigrade or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It is mooted that efforts to reach 1 degree centigrade will follow on as soon as possible. Some have argued why not try for 0 degrees centigrade (increasing the annual investment promised from $100 billion to $500 billion). If (it is suggested) there is a 2 degree rise in temperature then the Megacities of the world could flood and disappear.

The investment of $100 billion per annum to developing countries will (most likely) be financed through low interest rate green bonds, which may be very low.

"Green Climate Bonds should have duration of at least 100 years and would ideally only bear small, if any, interest rates. Due to their very long term, Green Climate Bonds would become permanent assets of the central banks and thus form the foundation of regular money creation"

This is possible because,

"When central banks buy new Green Climate Bonds, and record this in their balance sheets, they also gain a new monetary policy tool. The advantage of this new tool is that it leads directly to the purchase of new goods and services. The real economy is thus stimulated without a need for the usual detour of credit creation by private banks. This means that no new debtors and creditors need be found. The new money is created, debt-free. The disbursal by the GCF would be directly injected into the system of the nation's banks, and their reserves at the central bank would rise. Should excess reserves result, the banks could reduce these reserves by lowering their refinancing at the central bank. The money supply would thus fall again. Banks would reduce their reserves at the central bank, which they do not need to refinance credit creation, and thereby reduce the money supply, because of the endogeneity of the money supply. The Bank of England has recently identified this as the correct description of monetary policy practice.[2] The effect of the endogeneity of the money supply is especially important when central banks buy more Green Climate Bonds (for a short period of time as start-up financing) than needed for actual money creation. This process contributes to the money creation and the resultant money supply reduction offsetting each other, so that the money supply grows as much as the economy requires to expand to full potential"

Of course these bonds will still make money and create employment which makes money.

Other financing instruments can of course be charged at a higher interest for riskier problems, but assessing risk for Green projects (with German, Scandinavian, Austrian, Costa Rican expertise etc) should be lowered or else how can technologies be brought forward, allowed to be a prototype, possibly partly fail but with improvement reach a viable stage of practical everyday use. The vast majority of new projects would not fail (95%) but assessing risk in green finance (for green technology) will then require new training in the retail banking sector. Without this training and the green bonds (as described above) green development would stagnate and dry up. Ireland (as one example) is a developing country in this regard and should avail of these bonds in its current odious debt situation (as described above in chapter ?)

As the system expands and jobs are created (demand) it is likely (as is currently mooted) that interest rates will rise. The circular conundrum. Hence the study of inflation is also vital to maintaining job security and national security (as a dramatic bust in the economy destroys economies)

Critics of the deal point out that there (really) is no binding agreements. $100 billion a year, every year to developing countries is not a one way street as it also expects them to contribute to the fund. Of the 196 countries who agreed to the new deal many did not, and although new stricter measures on Coal outputs (especially for Communist China and Tibet / Nepal), yet without binding agreements how can this be enforced !

Countries which do have binding targets and which are not a party to the agreement will accept new (fossil fuel dirty industries) and will benefit from carbon offsetting (if they choose) and carbon trading if they participate, however the borrowing requirement will include agreement to charge a national carbon tax (which is reduced to zero in theory over time as carbon is reduced) and therefore they will be drawn into the agreement voluntarily, especially if the $100 billion a year fund is made available.

Countries which avail of $100 billion dollars annually from the West should also then fund their own people and prevent mass migration and refugees (and make safe zones) for their own people ?

Critics and appraisals of the deal (& various delegates and opinions) Forbes view and six vital points.


Carbon trading and its phased introduction EU/ETS & 3 Phases to date (under the Kyoto protocol, are they superseded or defunct)

Carbon Emissions trading operates under a legal framework established by the Emissions Trading Directive 2003, as amended by the linking directive 2004, and revised again in 2009.

Both of these EU directives are secondary sources of EU legislation and can be amended nationally in line with relevant treaties and the directive against 20/20 and 20/50 emission targets, Treaties are binding on national parliaments. This compliments the National Allocation Plans NAP's) which need flexibility whilst still adhering to the directives. The emission directives enabled the recognition of emission credits under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM, under Article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol) and Joint Implementation (JI, under Article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol).

The philosophy underpinning the legal directives places the onus or responsibility for pollution onto the polluters 'The Polluter Pays Principle'.

CDM transposes emissions into a unit of carbon tonnage or Certified Emission Reduction Units or CER'S, whilst JI turns carbon tonnage into Emission Reduction Units OR ERU'S. CDM allows industrialised countries to invest in poorer less developed countries and in turn receive credits. JI allows industrialised countries to invest in other industrialised countries and also receive credits in return. Both can then be traded, not as a commodity but as a right to emit 1 metric tonne of carbon emissions, or one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent tCO2e.

Carbon leakage like the fair trade currency debate (to equalize currency values across the world would seem to be the only solution to the import export competitive advantage, which ultimately forces smaller countries to import a competitor's product from larger or more industrialized countries) is difficult to solve under Capitalism or evolved 'Natural Capital' and is not really the solution the dominant wish for, hence the continuing problems effecting the equal distribution and allocation of allowances. These familiar economic debates existed throughout phase 1 & 2, and continue into phase 3.

Countries which emit more or emit less will benefit or suffer when they succeed or may lose trade when they fail. The commodity produced will either be taken up by another competitor (moving the emissions elsewhere) or if there are ecological economic benefits such as subsidies to moving then a continuous cycle will follow, making relocation of companies even more attractive than it is currently.(or has been pre stage 2). Not reducing overall but exporting and importing the carbon emissions problem.

Why did the carbon trading system fail ( corruption or measuring and verification problems) "This risk in commodity pricing, (offset by weather derivatives) risk analysis and hedging will force markets to abate the overall risk of climate change, but it is speculating on certainty somewhere that climate change is causing catastrophe and increased poverty (and cat bonds do measure these risks accurately but the large accurate costs are a financial burden undermining them). Offsetting in the emergency carbon situation seems a cumbersome way to induce urgency into any market. It would also seem that instability in the EU/ETS is abated by more industry (as one measure) which would raise employment levels but increase market activity also.

Have carbon future prices been a useful hedging instrument or have they increased volatility in the everyday economy of trade and services? a problem analysed from 2005 – 2008 by Milunovich & Roselyne (2007 – 2011). A higher carbon price may prove positive as an answer"

Inflating the price of carbon beyond what is actually produced or under valuing leads to inflation and the price is too high. If measuring and verification cannot be completed then the price is wrong and will collapse. Construction and transport methods which are not low carbon or zero carbon cannot be accurately measured and countries which do not participate cannot determine an accurate price. (as any currency) Every country without deregulation cannot meet targets especially if the fuel mix is varied (more than 2 or 3 renewable energy sources) as is required by 2020, 2030 and 2050.

President Obama has opened a solar scheme in New York which low income families can apply for. In Germany they feel they may have cracked the nuclear fusion problem Some speculate that coal (or Gold or precious stones) can be digged/extracted out of the ground by anyone and used for fuel (freely) or simple technology (like heat pumps in the ground or water) can be applied by the poor or disenfranchised such as ground technology for producing electricity which is the same idea Tesla employed except he supercharged the ground in a limited (* 2 Tesla documentaries and see the adjacent website and the end of chapter 4) area providing free electricity for a local town all year round. He did not wait for plants to heat or charge the ground by decomposition or growth energy. This idea applied with a bigger receptor in farm land (and long crop fields) could provide a reasonable (offsetting the energy bills) current, but only if the bank can supply a cheap loan to purchase such receptors. * Tesla master of lightening & The Genius who lit the world.

(to repeat) The biggest concern regarding the Paris climate conference was the lack of agreement on targets as without them a trading carbon price cannot be established like any commodity. Value to a carbon ton is very flexible and unknown. Even if targets were agreed the carbon price ran into difficulties whilst it was operating (like all market operations)

With all this (even) the petro – dollar system will only get stronger, but Gulf States when (or if) they increase prices will only speed up green development as an offset against them. Aside from the $100 billion annually meetings will be increased to annual sub meetings to modify agreements accordingly.


Land issues (Jan 2016)

The green movement and land distribution in Agenda 21 (documentary) are thorny issues and a real dispute throughout history. With charges of corruption coming for and against the movement the reality is to conflicting ideologies are in opposition and "right" is not always with the left or the green authorities even when accidents occur, and family land should not be grabbed under a pretext of environmentalism. Land distribution was a problem for centuries however. Many feel the UN (or any outside agency or government) should not be overseeing national countries redistribution of land and vice versa. Many countries employ the UN's supervision. This website holds a submission and ideas and solutions as loose guides to the green planning idea. One of which is this document which is a submission to Agenda 21 which shows it is real (yet it is just a loose idea to inquire on the issues) it did receive national acceptance and is recorded nationally, but no reply was received from the earth summit itself (2012). Point no 3 at the end was a way of preventing people who were not local from grabbing land and forming their own agenda. This document is a test to see if national and regional committees at local level can form without having a top down agenda from any suspected outside source. (really from page 11 forwards) Large landowners and small landowners and urban groups can form their own plans, and conservation plans and local area plans are a way of surveying the land and its resources and heritage into legally binding development plans. Making local plans and small surveys legally binding from the bottom up can protect existing land owners and rights (if this is a part of the countries planning procedure. If not you would have to change it) Top down changes in planning have to be drawn, displayed to the public and approved, but are then legally binding. If small local plans had the same power, the power would then reside with landowners (as stewards of the land in the bible and green ethos) who could sell, loan or assist those who need land (if that is not naive) but food security may require some form of local planning and inexpensive solutions in that area and regard. In that case in does not have to be Agenda 21. When this fails then protecting land rights in America reverts to the constitution which is the real original patriots act (prior to 9/11)

Many small, medium and large landowners have produced a paradise on their lands.

Manufacturing (anything and everything) nationally and exporting is essential in any economy. Empowering people or business to earn funds from energy they make or produce is however a very good and viable idea which landowners should research.

(March 2016) As you have read down into chapter 2 and its pdfs and on to the Irish banking inquiry in chapter 1 (which mentions also the film "the big short" or here also ) and this chapter you could note that senior banking figures including merchant banks in Wall Street and the London banks were concerned about the weak foundations of lending at the sub - prime level which of course if it collapsed would cause all to fall. Once this is corrected it provides a solid foundation for nations and companies. China allows Gold to be swapped for coin at working class, business level which is similar to a buoyant "MO" money supply. Japan once only relied on this method without investing in the market and stagnated but fed everyone and kept them working, and Germany had a form of this circulating in its money supply. All 3 of these countries continued to trade on the markets and were cushioned against collapse although it could be managed better. Bitcoin still has inflation / deflation worries and without the Internet it would revert to a physical lets system. To strengthen the West this problem (solved) would give it a solid foundation whilst still engaging in the Market globally to create a boom and a strong economy (with or without oil prices rising, which will rise into the 4th quarter of 2016, then dip and then accelerate into 2017) which could be 10 times bigger than the last.

Repeated here is the world energy (IEA) outlook 2015 into 2016. OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum exporting countries) & the World Energy Council.



3rd October 2018

The World has moved away from Quantitative Easing (‘QE’) into 2017 and in mid 2018 and into Quantitative tightening. (‘QT’) There are many different theories connected to ‘QT’ but the buying of debt could not continue forever and sooner or later the worlds economy would reverse this trend and begin to put the economic system onto a real framework of trade and real free trade deals and there is no contradiction between real free trade and protectionism.

Cyber currencies are attempting to replace cash (in the cashless society of basic income communism) and the fraught nature of cyber security and AI (artificial intelligence) and social engineering are dominating innovation and systems at an increasingly eclectic pace. The USA and China are expected to spend $500 Billion by 2030 competing and updating a new world system in which these ideas can take shape. Artificial intelligence is not only absorbing information (including world maps, high pictal images of the entire world and stored historical data ) on a scale unparalleled in human history and which it predicts by algorithm the most likely statistical outcome, but it is being trained to go beyond this and recognise emotions and memories as factors in its decision-making process. It remains of course Soulless and inanimate, although it is thought to be an aid to Neurological and disability problems, it still cannot act as part of a human in tandem or in harmony naturally.

These processes require a tremendous amount of energy (which requires new energy sources domestically) and for instance bitcoin mining requires as much energy in a day as a medium to large town would use in the same day. Data centres and cloud also require as much energy as is used by some cities and data centres are growing in number globally. These energy requirements are extra to the growing energy requirements the world uses every day, 365 days a year. In the energy debate, the debate still focuses on global warming and climate change. Yet if we want to reduce data centres and bitcoin mining would this be acceptable? (they are obliged by law and security to have a fuel mix as a precaution against fuel blackouts, in or out of war, as are all towns and cities in theory, a fuel mix includes renewable energy) When energy is low or running out it is still required, and the world will want it and fast.

The USA pulled out of the 2015 Paris Climate Change pact in August 2017

Climate change has evolved no away from ‘global warming’ and even further away from ‘global cooling’, (global cooling began in the 1970's)  but in 2018 both theories are synthesizing to become a new unified theory and one joint new theory which is occurring simultaneously. Climate change has expanded to mean much more. However, there are others in the scientific community who suggest that the world is also moving into a period of ‘Global calming’ in which the stabilisation of the weather and its processes are following its course, as it has for thousands of years. Global calming or ‘Global Stabilisation’ should be recognised as a part of Climate change. Advocates of climate change state that the Ice caps are contracting, whilst those who do not believe this theory state they have always contracted and then enlarged again with the seasons. Flash floods are occurring globally (see further down )Global calmist’s state that the planet pretty much follows the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as it has for millennia. Everyone in the world of course wants a clean environment.

Global warmists state that the fossil fuel industry is continuing its fossil fuel burning to deliberately force a larger hole in the Ozone layer (which has always been there i.e. the hole in the Ozone layer) in order that the earth’s surface can absorb and reflect more heat upwards, warming the earths atmosphere and therefore melting the ice caps. Once enough of the ice caps have melted this will then allow for easier drilling (less ice, fewer drill lengths although no matter how deep the modern rig could drill down for miles.16 miles is the maximum to date ) through the ice. One problem with this theory is that extreme cold weather drilling is conducted from ship rigs (‘Drillships’) which can also drill from the stationary ship down into the ice. As the ice cap melts the water would rise and the ships would rise also, making it more difficult to drill downwards. (artic drillships and worldwide Russian drillships. & Shell drillships or here in Mexico. China made its first drillship in 2014 (and also trying to overtake the Koreans who build drillships) and is partnering with Russia drilling in the Russian arctic, and China is also partnering with Norway to drill into the arctic (Norway also borders Russia)

China and Russia are battling the USA in a race to control the Arctic drilling and Russia and China have increased their carbon output dramatically (coal, oil and gas, as well as renewable) and have paid no heed to global warming and/or cooling in the last 70 years and before. China and Russia are doing the most drilling in the Arctic. In the Antarctic the ban on commercial drilling is due to expire in 2048 (but could be removed by consensus before then) and again Russia and China are battling the USA as the 3 main players with Shell in trying to obtain the Antarctic’s natural resources. Exxon Mobil is pulling out of joint Arctic drilling with the Russian Rosnef company, although it is unclear if the ‘Russiagate’ media story is a part of this decision, as of course Russia and China believe Arctic and Antarctic drilling is very lucrative regardless of low or high prices 2001 – 2019. The USA has its own access to the Artic.  

Coral reefs, soils and food. Many fear the seas may become polluted, yet the initiative to protect the coral reefs and grow new ones has backfired. This initiative allowed for car tyres to be anchored to the sea bed and chained together and in time and within them, sand and debris would help green the tyres and form a new Coral reef. Firstly the metal clips rusted and corroded and he tyres were removed by the  tides actually damaging other coral reefs, and also the tyres eventually began to perish. This meant tiny particles of rubber entered the eco system as it perished or fatigued (it is disputed that Rubber perishes) and of the 250 known artificial reefs worldwide, many are washing up on seashores. This is nothing of course  to the plastics which enter the sea’s worldwide, and when artificial contaminants including pesticides and herbicides enter our soils they pollute the soil and also kill all life within it. This in turn reduces soils to dust (especially when there are no trees to anchor the soils) and / or top soil turns hard and forces rain to run off quickly resulting in flash floods with see so much around the world. Killing soils slowly removes vitamin B12  and B17 and others from every plant and edible vegetable and fruit, reduces its usefulness to give us energy and protect our immune systems. Globalisation is killing food slowly and is polluting the air, earth, sea and water and therefore the natural medicines we can grow. ‘Localism’ seeks to counteract this problem.(see the adjacent website and chapter 3a)  See the Documentary 'Rotten'  here as a trailer  (or here from a separate link) or here as a review of the full film on Netflix  Green energy and oil energy, and a land without pesticides or herbicides would make a beautiful country. See facebook video Riverford  November 29, 2016 ·  ‘Pesticide use in farming is a complicated and controversial issue. This four minute video explains why we choose to farm organically, and what concerns us about the current direction of agriculture, both in the UK and globally.’

Tiny particles of plastics in theory kill the smaller fish, which in turn reduces the whole fishing stock and fish will get smaller and smaller when caught. This is what fishermen actually say is occurring. Incredibly scientists have discovered wax – moths eat plastic but so many would be required they could wipe out Bee’s and cause more problems than they solve. Without Bee’s pollinating there will be no crops in any year. Alternatives to plastic packaging are seaweed and packaging made from hemp. (others include glass of course, bamboo and jute, also Abaca and linen)  Another threat to fish and humans is the ‘flesh eating microbes’ Although the following article from zero hedge only pertains to Florida it is in fact an increasing issue in our seas and local harbours (pollution, sewage and chemicals producing Hybrids gives rise to ‘Vibrio vulnificus’ in warm marine waters ) and which also destroy fish. (and not just in the USA)

This of course is nothing to do with Global warming and sceptics point out that Iceland’s volcano dumped more CO2 into the atmosphere in 2010, than we could ever remove, (and countless other Volcanoes worldwide and over time) whilst Nuclear testing since 1948 until today has literally torn a hole in the sky (see video’s 2045 Nukes between 1945 – 1998,  or possibly 2500 to date  or here  )   Could this be a cause of Global Warming  ? Further Oil it is suggested is not a fossil fuel ?  Yet there are other aspects of fuels we need to know (videos and articles; ‘Where Does All Our Oil Come From?’  and what are the ‘Hydrogen-rich fluids venting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in the Lost City Hydrothermal Field’   which produce in effect Oil hydro – carbons instantly   in superheated hot water in cold ocean water (see here or also here also or here in article ‘Oil in the Ocean’ ‘Natural Oil seeps’  ) 

Some say that if you drill deep enough you can find Oil anywhere and the theory of ‘peak oil’ is false, which is not to say some oil fields do not run dry. Extraction in many areas is only viable when prices are high.

Real estate managers and developers point out that the insurance stamp on properties (on new properties today also) carry a 25 (or up to 40 years or even 99 years) year insurance guarantee which expects the construction to be still intact in 25 years, even if they built as a beachside home or office. (which has rising sea risk, just as inland areas have flash flooding insurance risk, but does deforestation and hard soil from pesticides and herbicides increase the flood risk problem. Rising waters or global warming is not believed by real estate agents or the banks backing them. (the ‘climategate’  emails have been ordered for release in 2018) An interesting development is Saudi Arabia’s building of solar panel fields and Elon Musk (but without whom the industry would not be as advanced) admits he has received investment funding from Saudi oil to fund Solar panel development. Yet is this just an indication Saudi oil is running out as Iran claims it is. Getting to the truth or necessary facts concerning, energy, politics and the earths weather and inner earth systems is vital to alleviating these problems. Cleary there have been a number of pseudo theories & solutions and other problems have been ignored.





The Fuel taxes and carbon credits scam & Climate change & Science questioned & the carbon Electronic trading Schemes (ETS)

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The Global Carbon tax fraud and its trial in 2016 and ongoing has repercussions around the world and which began as far back as 2007.    It is not just an EU problem but also a Global debate. Many people wonder what is the nature of the contentious problem.

Following the development of the successful but acrimonious ongoing ‘yellow vest’ protests in which President Macron backed down in front of the riots and an end to the carbon fuel tax in December 2018  (The Gilets Jaunes’ here protesting into the 21st week and into the 22nd and most of the time France is in flames with Paris at a standstill ) against high taxation in France and following the USA departing from the Paris climate change pact (The USA pulled out of the 2015 Paris Climate Change pact in August 2017 see last post above) the Carbon Tax as a tax is under review around the world although many countries signed their nations up to it (but without referendum or debate) in December 2018 . Worries that the Carbon tax will rise and rise open ended  in France were of course successfully removed by the Yellow Vests viewing it as just another excuse to tax energy, which in any form is also high in price. Emmanuel Macron the French President was forced to reverse the fuel tax rise as France protested and went up in flames  and concerns for the poor in the face of Fuel tax and Carbon tax increases have been left behind, The populations of many countries were not consulted in direct democracy initiatives when national carbon tax (compulsory)  were placed as a burden on national governments. The poor now includes the middle class and choosing every week to either 1. paying carbon tax or 2. buying food is not a choice the French want to continue to make. (The protests have spread to many other areas of unfair taxation and poverty issues arising in the EU)

After the French President Emmanuel Macron conceded and prevented any further fuel tax increases (for now ) many were also protesting because they felt the Carbon tax was (as one energy tax and oil and gas are also taxed heavily adding to the pump price, and also receive subsidies as does renewable energy) a hoax and people should not be paying it at all (have more babies and have  more carbon not less, prevent  extinction and avoid abortions). Preventing a Carbon tax rise does not go far enough for them they state as they  continue to protest. Citing the carbon tax as a fraud they feel it is an unnecessary tax which is directed by the ICCC. (International commission on climate change ) via the UN into the world’s governments.

This also follows the investigations into the carbon tax frauds which are now proven criminal frauds The Carbon permit price also collapsed in early 2013. This pricing device (the emission trading scheme known as EU / ETS  is the main one and traded as ETS) arguably they claim does not reduce carbon output (and many of them would add the point, should it be reduced?) as any businesses can buy a permit to emit One tonne of carbon or CO2e known as carbon offsets in the carbon cap and trade scheme (Carbon produced in one place is bought to offset carbon produced in another, a country can come under cap and trade or a carbon tax)  They can offset carbon emissions, but it is felt is not reducing carbon output, but does supply a market for carbon credits which in theory allows a company or even a country to go above their cap allowance and in theory allows the market to set a price for carbon at 1 Tonne CO2e. These permits can also be traded on a stock exchange. Many add that these carbon reduction efforts result in unemployment rising, causing massive job losses and it also does not reduce pollution and/or improve poor soils etc which are sprayed with every illness inducing chemical including Monsanto / Bayer roundup which as a company has just been fined $80 million for causing cancer to Mr Edwin Hardeman. Yet Bayer was trading in carbon credits ? as was Monsanto ? The chemicals are not necessary to assist food production and GMO foods are not necessary.

The ETS (emission trading scheme) is seen overall to be a fraud with multiple frauds at many levels. Many scammers were jailed  (for buying cross country permits) but it is not just that the measurement and verification process (‘ M & V’ of carbon emissions, see above in this chapter 3 ) is incorrect and badly estimated or counted against actual carbon reductions, but also the price of carbon and carbon permits is itself a flawed price trading system in which the value of carbon bears no relation to a commodities actual price (whether it a cartel price and fixed, or supply is limited to increase the price, or whether trading itself sets the price as open market value). These problems also extend back into 2009 ( The EU - ETS was launched in 2005) and the cap and trade system (which caps emission’s a nation can emit but which is ignored by China and Russia also) has caused serious job losses and restricted expansion of companies in the west as far back as 2014 and before  Carbon tax cybersecurity fraud has also increased and the VAT carbon tax scandal (into hundreds of millions) is still ongoing and which is separate or a joint fraud with carbon permits trading. Ireland since 2007 has spent €120 million just to plug the carbon emissions gap alone

Cash for Ash Scandal. An example of carbon credits and the absurd is the ‘Cash for Ash’ scandal is (as one example) an ongoing investigation. In this case a disused barn was heated in order to claim back the subsidies. .It was claimed that in some instances, for every £1 a user spent on their green heating systems, they got back £1.60 in subsidies.  This was/is happening all over the EU and in many countries globally, and taxpayers bear the cost of the subsidies and of course the carbon tax (fossil fuels are also subsidised)

The ETS & climate change policy used as a legal term within trade deals

Coal and Steel industries (and Brexit ) Take a recent example of British Steels requirement to purchase Carbon Credits “ Each free permit gives a firm the right to emit a tonne (1,000kg) of carbon dioxide (CO2), and they can be traded for money” . (under EU / ETS) If they do not and because of the Brexit situation in which Germany / EU fears a no deal Brexit  A €100 million loan may be refused or if they require extra money for the Carbon Credits they may also be refused the loan negating that industries ability to operate. (Germany wants certainty not a prolonged uncertain outcome and the BBC contradicted those concerns on a hard Brexit, yet Germany did offer a simple Free trade agreement see YouTube video ‘Ex-Brexit Minster, Steve Baker, Blows The Lid On Why We Don't Have A Free Trade Agreement Already’  Germany itself would not accept a customs union or Teresa Mays deal for itself etc but would look ahead, and then offer a free trade deal and then invite back in the future, accepted or not, this is why many countries have these FTA trade agreements or WTO with the EU. They equal independence on trade and all markets with an FTA and WTO or individual FTA deals with other countries) Yet British Shipyards are placed a long way down the Queue in building British ships with British Steel and the contract to build new British warships may go to Spain ? and there are 3 ships in total. Steel production in China and even Russia is increasing not decreasing. Coal production is increasing in China (sparking  a climate warning ) Coal is increasing in Russia ? Coal mines are closing in the EU but in the EU, Poland has to import Coal and Gas from Russia. Angela Merkel wants all EU nation states to surrender all of their sovereignty ?

China’s emission trading scheme is very slow to emerge and obviously they do not want  it getting in the way of the new silk road (OBOR, one belt one road) building boom and they do not really give credence to its validity. Many are suggesting that Britain could also reopen its coal mines (and many people remember  coming home from the Coal pit and enjoying ‘organic’ onions and carrots at the weekend. Is organic or free-range produce mislabelled ? are GMO’s mislabelled ? ) and it is also energy rich (inland) with Oil worth Trillions that the EU are ‘not really interested in’. The internal land based oil rigs in Britain, which are estimated to be worth over 100 Billion barrels of oil also in the South of England but is in fact much much, higher and worth £Trillions. Who gets the benefit, and will China eventually own British Gas ?  In early 2018 Teresa May signs a preliminary deal with China, a free trade deal  (the EU still controls that area but a totally free trade deal may not include China, yet the EU have allowed this. An independent FTA would not  have these pressures) Recently announced but surveyed for some time is the new and extremely large discovery of Gas in the North Sea  One of a few in the making. The company who has the rights to the gas is China’s state-owned gas company.  ‘Chinese state-owned company CNOOC said it made the gas discovery - equivalent to 250 million barrels of oil - in its Glengorm project, east of Aberdeen’ (CNOOC = Chinese national offshore oil corporation) To avoid EU /ETS you would have to be outside of it rules nationally.

Paying for carbon 3 ways. Therefore, the Carbon tax not only affects individuals at home and the cap and trade national targets of EU emissions, and the company trying to produce and trade but the carbon credit scheme’s all link’s all of these items together to make a price (as best  it can) which effects people at home who then also pay the carbon tax. They are paying in 3 ways for their own demise many suggest. 1. It affects society when their industries are closed to foreign competitors (and the same mindset imports cheap labour into your country) Migration is now a part of climate change ? ‘Climate change’ does not cause migration but migration is integral to climate change and adds significant ‘carbon’ to the atmosphere in fuel costs, the cost of moving and the aggravation of moving, and the national cost of resettlement and national cost of migrants unable to bring the rule of law upon their own governments who also enabling trafficking. Countries have to stand where they are and change their own nations. Migrants believe the grass is greener on the other side but unless they reclaim their own countries they will never be free. It is also a feature of trade deals that the UN migration compact must be included in the deals, hence Teresa May wants her deal or customs union to include it in Brexit in December 2018. You cannot make your own trade deals in a customs union globally and it is possibly only limited to those with you, if at all if the EU objects. The UN envisages 240 million migrants ? (how can it be sure) although the migration compact itself is non - binding it is shoved into trade deals on the quiet to then wait for migrants ? The UN was caught Human trafficking in 2005 and also again recently in 2017 it is part now of the biggest human trade in the world masked by false concern as a front for the pre-planned hysteria. Human trafficking is a multi - billion dollar business which uses the system to hide its crimes. People are traded literally like carbon, sold and branded including children and then hoarded into a world where slavery is very much alive and in some cases is legal as part of the culture. Rape and drug smuggling are part and parcel of ‘climate change’ migration. (See chapter 4 below) 2. Paying the carbon tax on your domestic energy bill People at home 3. People at home who are also business owners are forced to pay for permission to emit carbon (except in reality China and Russia and most of the world who pay lip service going forward 1 step, and then back 3 steps to preserve their industries)  It is simply an extra tax used to gain competitive advantage in industry and extortion placed ultimately onto taxpayers (business or domestic) many are stating (when the ESP European stability pact is in full force no EU nation will have any say in the debt treaty on top of this see the adjacent website and chapter 3a posts from January – March / April onwards)  

It is an incredibly complex mess in which business’s and taxpayers in the public domestic debate do not want to pay for. Further as CO2 emissions (carbon) are not linked, according to scientific research to global warming (now called climate change, if indeed the world is ‘warming’) then people are wanting out of the system viewing it and the carbon trading scheme as one fraud built upon another. Global warming they add if it is occurring at all is not ‘man made’ In 2019 The co-founder of Greenpeace Patrick Moore has warned that ‘Global warming’ is a scam and a hoax. Further he says it is legally an attempt to override existing national laws and remove existing rights (whether it is the US constitution or ‘human rights’… Humans are also part Carbon and by their very nature they are polluters) See YouTube Video ‘Patrick Moore Climate Debate Highlights 2018’  (who loves nature) and also YouTube video ‘Mark Steyn - The Fraudulent Hockey Stick - 10th ICCC’ .  NASA confirms the science with satellite image showing large gains in ice at the poles instead of dwindling ice, whilst other views have a political motive for in their view in the climate change fraud.  which incredibly seem to agree with Patrick Moore 

Weather modification ? In 1985 Kate Bush released a Video entitled ‘Cloudbusting’ based on a true story of the late Wilhelm Reich who died in 1957. He worked in many areas but also in Biosphere science Many consider this science to be pseudo – science but Jeremy Clarkson (of the programme ‘Top Gear’ amongst many others) seen here at NASA in the video ‘NASA Make Artificial Cloud - BBC Top Gear’ or here ‘NASA Artificial Clouds Generation System’ NASA clearly makes its own cloud and rain with a machine that looks remarkably similar to the Kate Bush video some years earlier. (Hydrogen and Oxygen = H2o) Kate Bush and Wilhelm Reich may have been considered incorrect or prone to wishful thinking, yet Clarkson is not your average climate change pundit, and possibly  does not drive an electric car or grow organic carrots. For desert areas in any continent a cheaper smaller version could perhaps help grow organic food in drills up and down the desert or dry region. The larger question of weather modification with NASA or the military is open to speculation. Could NASA help mitigate cow poop emissions in the USA ?

Science and the Media ? Recent revelations on the ‘Russia inquiry / Mueller report’ (released Friday 22.03.2019 – 24.03.2019) have contradicted over 2 years of MSM news which constantly told people that the 2016 election was due to Russian hackers in the USA. (yet the involvement of democrats in the white house (2008 – 2016) in Russian / Ukrainian gas and oil deals has not been investigated and which clearly sends carbon credit offsets into the stratosphere) News and scientific consensus are not reliable. Firstly the 2018 midterm elections were not hacked by Russia? and ‘Nate Silver dismisses Russian trolls’ influence on 2016 election’ and describes the effect of Russia as marginal and slight ? and perhaps the midterms US elections have proven him correct also.  Whilst this hoax has continued China is moving to expand its empire without a concern for human rights back home or sleepless nights worrying about climate change or carbon tax. (see also the adjacent website and chapter 3a and post dated 8.3.2019) Rod Rosenstein said in early 2018 that there was no Russian collusion whilst many see the attempts to reduce western manufacturing and industry as signs of Russian or Chinese influences on the United Nations (who control the EU and global carbon trading i.e. the ICCC ) to let China and Russia leap ahead in their economies. As the EU becomes more and more centralised towards communism, Russia and China increase emission’s ? is it any wonder scepticism is rife.  Although China says it will engage with new carbon credit plans it and also Russia invariably increases fossil fuel output as they prepare to drill in the artic as does China, but there no protestors outside their embassies ? Any nation which does not import but exports produce, or fuel will prosper, and any nation can decide to be fuel independent. President Trump has recently signed a land protection designation into law. President Donald Trump this week signed a massive wilderness preservation bill that sets aside 1.3 million acres of federal land in California, Oregon, Utah and New Mexico. It was introduced in early 2018 and was passed by congress, the senate and the President. It is not a UN designated land preservation under Nafta as the United Nations. Common land (the commons) has also existed for centuries and in Britain goes back before the Magna Carta to King Alfred and before. Common land (extra to national parks) does not need to be designated as the people already own it. In the USA in the Uranium 1 scandals the Bundy’s and the Hammonds used common land for decades.

(Repeated from above )‘Ulysses S Grant other initiatives included the setting up of Yellowstone National Park via congress in 1872. Was this a land grab ? of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho ? which the park is placed within. Yosemite National Park was donated to the state of California by the Federal Government. Yellowstone is considered to be the first national park in the world. What if the southern Confederacy had initiated Yellowstone and banned the United Nations from owning any part of it, whilst protecting the wildlife and population and providing an area children can visit for eternity. Its Gds country (Camping, Biodiversity, the Buffalo nearly became extinct, prepper training, orienteering, fishing, navigating the stars and geomantic pursuits and barn dances as part of a parks ethos and purpose. Without the designation of national park would Yogi Bear have survived to become "smarter that the average bear" These parks are of course beautiful areas worth preserving but not by the UN or big government) The US Army monitored the place from 1917 onwards when it became the National Park Service signed into law by Woodrow Wilson’ These lands do not need to come under UN ownership (NAFTA & ICCC) or management. It is common sense to plant 2 trees for every 1 cut down. Trees of all types including broad leaf and fruit and nut bearing trees of every species.

The Climategate controversy and the connected emails also continue (see last post above) whilst new data suggests the earth is actually slightly cooling not warming ?  Further methane (cowshit and other domestic animal waste produce) has no effect on the climate as gas in the atmosphere ) ‘Poop’ has dropped for thousands of years and it is not just cows, but also horses, hens, goats, sheep, birds and even polar bears and penguins (who may be contributing to their own downfall) and just about every animal on earth. Methane from Poop is also a fuel. Poop is of course a natural fertilizer for soils. The website scientists who agree on climate change and scientific papers such as ‘Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming’ (John Cook, Naomi Oreskes, Peter T Doran, William R L Anderegg, Bart Verheggen, Ed W Maibach, J Stuart Carlton, Stephan Lewandowsky, Andrew G Skuce, Sarah A Green) do not point out that the consensus seems to have a vanishing point from its origins somewhere, yet they do state that consensus is built upon consensus. Yet others point  out that this consensus and with data over millennia (and even millions of years they claim when waters were 60 feet above the Antarctic and Arctic ? means that climate change, which was termed global warming, cannot therefore be made by man or woman.(many of whom fly around the world warning of global warming ? / climate change ?)  

Are we to assume (according to this historical record climate change also occured in the days of early man ) that natural events cause climate change and it is not man-made? If early man could only just figure out that fire is hot as they dwelt in caves clubbing other monkeys to death  for food (raising the pertinent but vexatious question, if evolution is true ? how come there are still Monkeys ?) how could they produce CO2e ? (see the adjacent website and chapter 4) what about Nuclear explosions which burn the sky and earth. Nuclear Energy has green merits, except if you are now in Chernobyl, Ten mile Island, Japan, or Western American which is suffering pollution from Fukushima. The thousands of nuclear test's (and others) and explosions since World War 2 (2045 Nukes between 1945 – 1998,  or possibly 2500 to date  last vid speeded up or here every Nuclear explosion in history)   Could this be a cause of Global Warming  ? should Nuclear companies have to purchase very costly carbon credits ? or nuclear fuel pollution credits ? Others state that Volcanoes have emitted more CO2e than humans could ever hope to have released since the industrial revolution from 1820 only (with ‘Poop’ being the exception since time began) Dismissed as a ‘hoary chestnut’  Volcanoes in Iceland are constantly emitting CO2e, and the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcano explosion in Iceland emitted 300,000 tonnes of CO2e per day  (stopping air travel for weeks Globally and lasted for 24 days but it smokes continually and there have been tens of eruptions that we know about over the centuries)  There are 3 main volcanoes in Iceland alone and worldwide (2010 eruption video ‘Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption (HD)’)  There are around 1500 active volcanoes above sea level and around 500 under the sea globally today. There is also an interactive map for global volcanoes.

Today a Tonne of C02e emissions is (average)  around $10 - $20, it was around $2.31 in 2013 when the scandals broke, (and a Tonne was as high as $140 in 2015) but  a basic rule of thumb in theory is the higher the carbon tonne price the lower Global emissions are. Some suggest this is an incentive to maintain climate science as a fact. It is estimated that annual global carbon tax is between $80 and $100 billion in 2019  with prices currently low. In 2010 and 2011 it was not just individuals who were involved in carbon credit frauds but the entire EU was brought to court. and faced legal action for the scam, with 21 arrested initially. It also linked back to the ISCCC in the UN which oversees the climate change science.( see also video ‘The CO2 Scam - Senator Malcolm Roberts Nov 8th 2016’) bearing in mind the deeper history of climate cycles (see ‘Dan Britt - Orbits and Ice Ages: The History of Climate’)

‘Carbon cartels’ price fix carbon (upwards) here in 2003 in the EU and here in 2008 in Japan and Global Justice Now in their article of 2013 ‘Price-fixing carbon junkies and tar sand pancakes’ state it is a global conspiracy under the ICCC. (International commission on climate change ) Is the science in direct proportion to the fixed or flexible price with or without VAT in 2019 ?

The documentary (YouTube) ‘Fatal Flaw In Climate Change Science’ states that the science is flawed by cloned consensus and all climate studies are flawed, and goes deeper into the earths weather, climate and the earths biosphere.

Carbon paranoia is a becoming a phobia and now (for instance)  Greta Thunburg  who spoke on climate warming at the UN is publicly stating that she can now see  'carbon dioxide in the air'    is this true or actually impossible (the latter is correct but so what ?) Will schools, colleges and university campus develop a carbon safe space (like Michael Jackson's pure oxygen tent ) which they can run towards away from climate change deniers ? Carbon exists within water vapor and it is a greenhouse gas and has for thousands of years since creation began. It is in clouds and rivers. Can we stop the natural hydro logical cycle ? We breathe out carbon dioxide and humans are composed of carbon along with 10 other main elements. Are children and adults being carbon brainwashed ? An easier solution to the global warming hysteria would be to offer carbon therapy classes.

The documentary (here on YouTube )  ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Documentary HD’  (or here on YouTube ) in retrospect over the last few years has shown many of these matters to be true many suggest. The ‘Gillets Jaunes’ (yellow vest protests) in France have shown people do not want to pay for this tax, and whilst individuals or companies can opt to do so (with or without compulsion) it should not be made compulsory as a spending choice on the poor or anyone. Many would go further and say it a tax should not be levied on individuals, companies or countries. In France in the protests, that is their aim and political parties which sell this scam, or the science should not be considered a compulsory totalitarian law unto themselves. It is also unreasonable to pay it (the carbon tax) and claim it back if you disagree with it (as some suggest) as many weekly pay packets cannot afford it, and many nations cannot afford the bureaucracy. The reality of home economics of the working and middle class is lost on what is to most people an unproven theory. A growing  feeling that if these absurdities were removed, people who do know (and care) about nature could without political ideology begin to sort the mess and disaster of pseudo climate science. Everyone wants clean, air, water, soils and food but also wages and 100% employment. (You Cannot teach the French about organic onions) The onus (and this is a truncated overview of many problems without citing every fraud in every country)  has been on the tax and tax credits scam, competitive advantage in industry ( or industrial espionage as some might say) and making economies less efficient which if you are a national economy, and if you do not want to import fuel and also not pay carbon credits or tax you would be 3 times better off. The focus is not the environment, but it does earn a lot of politician’s wages in office who have a vested interest in preserving the extra income carbon tax provides. The only way for a country to have no carbon tax is to scrap it or have no industry down to zero and no jobs as no credits would then be required (except for Russia and China of course who need industry, but the west does not ?? )



Summary of the Green Climate Change, Carbon illusion

1.  Russia Hoax   MSM same script for fake news and CNN (danger to our democracy) MP4 FILE )

2. Democrats Announce Date World Will End Green Climate change hoax MP4 FILE     3. The End Is Nigh! Over 40 Years Of Doomsday Predictions In Media compilation of climate change hoax  MP4 FILE

4. Ice age scare edited Leonard Nimoy Spock    MP4 FILE  or or full 20 min film on Bitchute regarding the ice age 'global cooling' ? scenario and see a relevant bitchute channel on Global warming here  all leading to the  solution: Global Cap and Trade tax scam.see end of chapter 3

5. Will melting ice cause water level to rise   MP4 FILE          6. The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Documentary HD MP4 FILE           7. The Truth About Extinction Rebellion  MP4 FILE                   8.  “Environmental Scares_ Yesterday and Today” - Rupert Darwall MP4 FILE       9. Patrick Moore – The Sensible Environmentalist  MP4 FILE         10. Carbon Dioxide is Making The World Greener (w_ Freeman Dyson, Institute for Advanced Studies) MP4 FILE

11. One more hoax which shows the vastly exaggerated deaths and illness connected to Sars 2 Covid 10 see Summit news and John Paul Watson  and Video " Attack of the Corona Karens"  which shows people are overestimating corona by as much as 225 times higher than the real figure (at 3.30 mins fwd) or 5 - 9 million people have it when it fact the real (but many deaths recategorized as covid) number is 025%  see also Chapter 3a  but mainly also Chapter 3b on the adjacent website and then consider real farming and nature and the real practical problems the world faces which is (in the documentary 'Rotten') in entirety (and unfortunately) on the disgraced netflix channel  but which highlights the benefits of localism.

12. The Global lockdown moving to Climate lockdowns to save the earth.see Coming Soon, Climate Lockdowns  ? but since Pfizer's Vaccine is  under clinical trials until mid 2023 and Moderna until late 2022 (Moderna admit on their website the 'vaccine is not  vaccine but an mRNA medical device, and it changes your dna) The CO2 hoax, and the melting ice cap hoax (or the ice cap is expanding hoax see above) is now the Covid 19 climate lockdown hoax.


13. No need for Oil companies (Saudi or Iran) for domestic consumption, Electric car companies or Carbon Credits or crypto currencies. No need to import fuel or pay carbon credits. No need for (so called) Green parties.

Oil is not a fossil fuel (see below) it is plant based It is not scarce and is the 2nd most numerous liquid after water on earth. And the price should be $5 to $10 dollar a barrel Big Oil if the price of oil falls too low invest in the carbon credit scam to offset low prices (before the carbon credit criminal frauds see above in chapter 3) Or see here again once more Currently the Carbon Credit scam is foisted onto national governments who pass the cost on to everyone in the country, directly onto their energy bills. Instead alternative sources are highlighted below (not Electric as it is expensive and mining Lithium destroys the environment. Lithium is used in mobile smart phones and data centres) Instead also domestic producers could switch to other alternatives below and even sell their excess energy back into the energy grid. Green parties (conning the public) are not Green and largely work for big energy and many outwardly wanting to deindustrialize the west into communism

Oil, it is not a "fossil fuel"   last link here as MP 4 File also "The Fossil Fuel "Hoax" - Flat Earth"  or article here on this subject   "Earth Is An Oil-Producing Machine — We're Not Running Out"  or article here on this subject  See also and once more  "Why We'll Never Run Out Of Oil"  it is not scarce and is the 2nd most numerous liquid on earth after water. Israel has also developed a Water based Fuel system, but 3 Israelis based in Florida under Mayman LLC  developed a car runs on water and alcohol   and has worked very well on water and alcohol since 2016   say Australian-Israeli startup Electriq-Global  In the 1990s Stanley Meyer also developed a similar technology Stanley Meyer water car runs for the first time. Water Car GENIUS   & also a mini documentary  "Stanley Meyer - 1995 It runs on water - Water car GENIUS"  Chip fat or vegetable oil  Chip fat oil from retail outlets also works believe it or not, on any engine size or make even a Mercedes   and into Diesel alsoHowever can it be patented ? as any old Volkswagen beetle also ran on water and Alcohol decades ago and it is something you can do in your own shed or garage. Volkswagons were famous for running on water and alcohol and they could also "swim" (as Germany made a reinforced car that could swim) and it is easy to do today    Nigel Farage via Freedom and Fortune blog and investment strategy has also promoted an idea (hinted at) from Boris Johnson (and notwithstanding the Billions in oil in inland Britain see posts above) that this Water fuel could be up and running fairly soon see "Bigger than North Sea Oil"  (and Oil and Gas will still be produced )

Incredibly Henry Ford not only had water based fuel cars but he also built many out of Hemp ( Chassis) but also  ran on Hemp Ethanol (ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, or alcohol) or in other words "MoonShine" "Moonshine and Bluegrass. Appalachian mountain whisky and music"  

Taking back Energy into Public control (non political party control) The Ownership and control of these power companies (in the light of the power outages in the USA ) should be placed under the protection of the public via the State Assemblies Is THIS Our Last Chance to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC? -- Anna von Reitz  (and which is also explained in We the People state Assemblies ) The public should not suffer domestic consumption loss. Anna von Reitz explains the difference between territorial law and governance and the municipal law and administration and why the current and past politicians are only Proxy representatives.







Chapter 4

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Worldwide slavery is alive and well today in every city across the earth. It is a business worth €150 Billion dollars. The following news item from the BBC featuring Gillian Anderson (2.12.2016) gives an overview of the problem. Slave labour is a part of the problem but trafficking is the real business which is worth 150 Billion or more across the globe. 20,000 children may be trafficked each year but hundreds of thousands worldwide are kept permanently in chains in child brothels. In Britain thousands of children disappear permanently and many are not reported and thousands go missing from care homes each year. See the adjacent website and chapter 6

It is estimated that there are over 9 million prostitutes in the EU alone ( 1 million are from and permanently reside in the EU which means western countries also have a problem) and many are trafficked illegally across borders, making 42 million prostitutes worldwide  The lie that surrounds the trade is woman are 'happy' to work within it. Children are not happy.

Children are trafficked and sold into prostitution every day. The problem is escalating and so are the counter measures against it which is a 1st world problem in the west just as much as other continents.

Conventional economics do not cite  the powerful advantages a trust or foundation can add to a cause or societal need. Tax free deductible foundations and trusts (as one example) can donate  the interest on the principle amount to a charity of their choosing (and then avoid taxation) This is a major source of wealth in the world today. Norway (as one example) has taken the idea further and provides a "oil fund" or Government pension fund which is a rainy day savings (a very rainy day) for all its citizens. Its worth is estimated at $850 Billion  and its funds generates 1 Trillion for its citizens  to save or draw from for national needs. Norway turned one idea upside down in effect but still made prosperity and wealth (as opposed to reducing wages and national wealth) for everyone. 

For an insight into the Genocide against Tibet and Nepal and its people by Communist China watch the film "Seven years in Tibet"  or full film here with Brad Pitt, David Thewlis, and Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk (in German or trailer here) Following the initial armed war against Tibet / Nepal by the Marxist / Socialist Maoist party of China in the following decades, China resorted to population replacement measures (immigration as warfare) and the burning of its Temples under persecution by ideological dictatorship. Recognising how this ties into trafficking and slavery, family planning and national indigenous population displacement as a lucrative business is detailed in the following chapter. Education or a lack of it is also instrumental to ideological dictatorship which seeks to replace spirituality and ancient beliefs (and ways of living) of any ilk or type.

David Cameron proves raising Billions is possible. With £ 10 billion and an extra £ 1.2 billion to follow.

Discussing all economic possibilities to end these problems is essential and Tibet/Nepal has proven itself incredibly skilled in economic abilities, which even Karl Marx and Adam Smith would admire. The Dalai Lama escaped to India as most of country to resettle in donated lands in a Safe Zone, (not a area of tents but a new land which Syrians themselves want so that they can return to Syria some day or visit and be safe) a lesson that the Middle East must make which worked. A new neutral country created especially is an option in the vast lands available to people in the Levant or the Arab countries as refugees will reach 30 million people over the next few years, amidst the war zones Europe has become as refugees flood into the open borders, but it is not an option for George Soros and others such as Turkey (in contrast to Donald Trump) who will not consider it at all ?


The worlds economic system is a mystery to the vast majority of people on the planet. This web-page examines a small proportion of the less well known economy that people can control (i.e. not the black-market, drugs, laundering or corruption economy) and aims to furnish awareness of funding or funding methods (which have previous precedents, but are not utilized or considered reliable or risk assessable as alternative investments or non - profit funding methods) These methods could be taken further and could show how the economy and banking could instead benefit society without risk to society (this is not always assessed) Child and Woman slavery and trafficking could be cured with assistance from the financial institutions instead. The financial system can free slaves just as easily. This chapter explores those aims which have political pressures (which continue from political election to political election) as well as economic difficulties, which can be overcome.

This chapter at the height of the financial crash proposed setting up a fund or bank which alleviates poverty for children. Disabled children also. Disabled services around the world have also suffered severe financial cutbacks, whilst the charities scandals have corrupted the industry and have reduced charitable giving. This is a double blow for funding. There are ideas which can be viewed at & specifically

The ideas contained above are naturally viewed with scepticism and sympathy. An intern working in the charity sector stated that you do realise central banks are never going to give money to charities. I donated €1 to her favourite charity and explained (in brief) the circulation of money and 'MO' etc and said in effect they just have. All charity donations from the public follow that exact same route in the circulation of money. Of course this leads to the question as to why Charities actually exist in the first place, which is also not a popular choice for a suggested thesis in economics departments in Universities.(changing it to an interest-inflation based title is an option however) Asking why Charities exist as a economics thesis, or a basic outline proposal (see Bank reform 2 pdf below about 30 paragraphs down) or further asking if Central banking - ( i.e. Corporate Social responsibility, risk culture, reputation and fluid fiscal alternatives which do not interfere, slow or upset the markets which is not an easy idea or proposal to frame or present) - could be involved in that aim could be a difficult hurdle to surmount .It could negatively effect your grades and it is not the most popular choice or idea with supervisors.

To give an example on the 05/05/2016 ( the pdf named Bank reform 2 is a basic outline to open up possibilities ) money was found for Syrian children refugees and quite rightly found in a crisis which is going to increase. It is estimated 15 - 20 million children could be at risk in the Middle east over teh next few years, and they cannot all be re-located to Europe. Aside from this the EU wastes on average €1000 Billion annually (corruption  and other   amidst austerity and national homegrown poverty amongst children) Yet amid austerity or quantitative easing money cannot be found for existing children in Europe or their parents who may be unemployed or  (75 million people are unemployed in the EU) for job creation measures. Budgets are agonised other by politicians and local authority personnel everyday.whilst Europeans fight to be heard on reform.This continues alongside a backdrop of the Gulf States countries who could afford to buy every Syrian/Middle east  child one oil well each. And in the growing awareness of the Christian genocide, War reparation payments to the victims in the middle east by Islamic states should be sought as is normal after any war (it is beyond any monetary cost) but €10 Trillion could be a beginning. All of the above is considered sound economics when of course it is crazy. Seek modest and sound alternatives to the current economy in traditional or behavioural economics (across left and right but largely as a result of the economics of corruption, stagnation and poor long term investment over decades to support national aims i.e. so called socialism, cronyism and international corruption over decades which aims to destroy national prosperity and "localism" which opposes Globalization for local jobs and people coming together for manufacturing and local  efforts and initiatives. It is supposed to be a legal form of Governance in the EU ) The situation described above is accepted as sound everyday economics but alternatives especially to alleviate child poverty and trafficking are considered eccentric.

Land which is already in public ownership should not need to be re-financed again (as it is in public ownership already) in order to develop and/or build upon it ? the combined funds for buying the public land land which is already paid for and the finance for constructing upon it, could build instead beautiful housing which benefits the town or city. Housing (see last chapter i.e. chapter 3 ) which is built to certain advanced standards should receive banking discount and reduced cost discount which is afforded by reducing oil and gas imports to pay for it. It is a fiance model which assumes 95 % or 100% employment with wages to pay for rents or loans or mortgage, and as such it is not a free service. Rents are usually low and below market levels. Farming land or private land within families should not be taken by stealth or under the pretense it is for environmental reasons. It surprises people that the state as well as private development can take away public land from the common law holding  just as easily and this is happening (land giveaway) in Ireland, Britain, Wales and Scotland and elsewhere around the world. Homelessness occurs when too much private development takes affordable rents away and new cities (which will comprise 70% of the worlds population by 2050 will need affordable and private homes) Private land is vastly more abundant anyway for private development and should be used instead and the traditional bank debt models cover those developments .These are real economic conservative ideas which Germany has retained as well as supplying craft guild apprenticeships for skilled work for young people (which still exist to this day in a vastly reduced indentured and looser form for high skills transfer and craftsmanship )

(Localism as a nationalist concept and planning ideal many would say protects communities who are consistent and known to each other. It protects the family and small business and therefore bonds society, reducing bureaucracy. Localism produces product for trade in the world markets and excess for exporting, quality is also improved by local clean produce. It supports town, region and nation. Localism ideals, can be funded by lets systems, alternative currencies or conventional funding  models such as standard bank debt, mezzanine finance, equity and EIIS, venture capital and bonds. Italy was the  most enthusiastic country for the idea which works better as a nationalist concept  for manufacturing and healthy agriculture and industry as opposed to collectivization, cultural Marxism or centralization imposed from above or the state. This chapter and chapter 5 outlines how collectivization returned the world under its yoke to feudal slavery and peasantry, as opposed to removing  those conditions. Kibbutzim seem to be the exception to that norm)

A safe zone for the Middle East remains the only sensible long term solution and one which could become a new country as opposed to a tent city or tent megacity.

The oisintrust website states;

' Of course taxation against financial transactions such as the carbon tax and Tobin tax already exist (and a proposal for central bank funding to Charities is therefore theoretically possible, and there is a story to tell concerning this unusual and unlikely possibility) and as some Charities have been rocked by financial scandals & fraud amidst also a worldwide recession, thinking outside of the box in order to raise money for good causes may cause you to think not only about drastic alternative possibilities but also about the wider purpose of 'money' (the philosophy of money) but also the social purpose of funding. Scandals and upsetting revelations are reaching epidemic proportions in many cases. This last point has been analysed by the 'Wheel' a Umbrella organisation overseeing charities. See their report here 'A portrait of Ireland's non-profit sector' which is very professional and timely. This website raises other questions'

The Dalai Lama Trust

For Tibet the Dalai Lama raises money from charitable donations including corporate donations to assist the children of Tibet. This is a feature of his work despite the political and social upheaval Tibet faces everyday. He undertakes this task in exile.

Whilst there is encouraging news for Tibet and Nepal into 2015 and especially for children, the brutal persecution of Tibet continues. Photographs, videos 1 & video 2 censorship self immolations, from communist oppression. India which has ancient connections to Nepal and Tibet also can intervene and assist with these problems.

The economic debate in world history and in the world today could be invigorated by the honest recognition that banking can increase its 'mo' money supply see chapter 1 , 2 & 3 above, create low or non-existent inflation and lower prices giving in effect a wage increase (a poverty reduction) whilst maintaining international aspirations. National debts can be put to work to create infrastructure and services not just borrowing accumulations for 'mo to m4' needs. This strengthens the international situation as opposed to weakening it. Austerity or poverty creates a situation in the world today where slavery is rising not just among drug users and the homeless but in the middle classes also. (Including prostitution and stress related illness) An examination of the causes and solutions require a different view from other angles.

In Ireland an interesting event occurred. It was announced that the Dalai Lama would visit Ireland in 2011. Aside from the belief he is considered to be a living God on earth (not a cause for concern or conceit for the Dalai Lama) he is also a Land Developer and raises money via charitable donations. A part of his portfolio is to develop schools and orphanages for Tibetans in Tibet and India and around the world. This involves all aspects of design, land law, facilities management and contract law. In effect the trust is a property management development company which seeks to tender to engineering and construction companies. Alternatively the Dalai Lama trust can also become the client and develop to local indigenous standards and traditions which ironically is beginning to be emulated by large corporate developers in any case. Tibet by not developing anything may also be a world leader in environmentally friendly fuels and practices. Renewable energy and associated vibrations.

The four letters below outline his visit to Ireland in 2011.

The following four letters have been forwarded to 1.Central banks (worldwide), 2. President Obama, 3. Charities Worldwide (as bank bailouts show ultimately taxpayers as ordinary people had to save the banks through bailing them out, and who ultimately also donate to charities, and therefore can banks bailout charities ! whilst the world new innovations in banking, banking mechanisms can achieve most tasks) 4. His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

The following asks the question, as to why the world’s economy and finances in part are not geared towards projecting the most vulnerable in society. Separately Warren Buffet looking the world Derivative debt bubble  and as it hits $1 quadrillion = $1000 Trillion in 2018 and now a lot more) with future unfunded commitments which are shared with all the EU nations far beyond the derivatives debt bubble (unfunded commitments can plan ahead 50 years)  and which amount to untold €Quad- Trillions shows the worlds awash with funds. This website gives examples from existing and past attempts and examines finance possibilities.No nation can reform its economy when irresponsible derivative products are allowed to ruin stability. In the USA, the derivatives bubble is over $500 Trillion dollars  (or analysed here again )whilst the US national debt is $22 trillion) It is this aspect of the world’s economy i.e. global derivatives in the Quadrillions combined with the (now) $244 Trillion (Jan 2019) global debt bubble  (IMF estimation and which is owed by everyone on the planet) which is the real cause of the instability in the global markets and world economies, but a reset is required not a collapse. Bringing in the odd $£€50 million (on top of existing budgets and debt free, and this expense would save 3 times that amount in crime reduction savings) or so monthly to track and capture pedophiles or traffickers terrorists and child slavery merchants in the fallacy of ‘open borders’ seems very little in comparison and could easily be afforded.

Letter to Central Banks.pdf

Letter to Chairities & NGOs.pdf

Letter to President Obama.pdf

Letters (2) to Dalai Lama.pdf

The Dalai Lama is without doubt an inspirational person. He has kept his tribe intact and thriving and has overcome the most difficult trails and obstacles from his youth up until today, but especially since 1950. In chapter 5 also you can read of the horrors of the cultural revolution in communist China. The 'Mind and Life dialogue's' (and disputed topics) are also highlighted below.


Community Interest Companies (or variants upon it) and the funding (unmentionable) idea.

(December 2015) An idea in the making is a Charity company for social needs to fill a funding gap. The ideal business structure for this will be a Community Interest Company, (as one option and which is a conservative idea) which is half a business and half a charity. This would assist many social projects. (see also Many countries have introduced legislation to enable such companies to begin, whilst others are slow to make those changes and the idea has been used in every country on earth by all shades of political party (new applications will be made from December 2015 )

This funding model (which is not "free" ) is derided by those who do not understand economics could work with standard bank debt, mezzanine finance, equity and EIIS, venture capital and bonds. It is simply called "funding without borrowing" for internal projects only in a nation (or at small interest to pay costs)The last method "bonds" especially since the Paris Climate summit in December 2015 could also be funded with very low interest free credit and/or complete interest free credit. This last point is derided yet 196 countries have signed up to bonds which will fund development on very low interest free credit. If it is low interest or free interest, the money still has to be repaid hence it is only the interest that is "free" or to cover seigniorage costs. In the past it has also been employed by every nation on earth including America (before 1870) and it is not a socialist idea but a return to conservative economics. This is explained as follows; (by Dr Matthias Kroll who studied political economics, sociology and law at the Hamburg University for Economics and Politics)

" An alternative way of financing and providing sums larger than 100 billion dollars to the GCF could be the involvement of central banks. These can never become insolvent in their own currency due to their monopoly of issuing the legal tender – even if they purchase non-performing assets"

and he adds

" When central banks buy new Green Climate Bonds, and record this in their balance sheets, they also gain a new monetary policy tool. The advantage of this new tool is that it leads directly to the purchase of new goods and services. The real economy is thus stimulated without a need for the usual detour of credit creation by private banks. This means that no new debtors and creditors need be found. The new money is created, debt-free. The disbursal by the GCF would be directly injected into the system of the nation's banks, and their reserves at the central bank would rise. Should excess reserves result, the banks could reduce these reserves by lowering their refinancing at the central bank. The money supply would thus fall again. Banks would reduce their reserves at the central bank, which they do not need to refinance credit creation, and thereby reduce the money supply, because of the endogeneity of the money supply. The Bank of England has recently identified this as the correct description of monetary policy practice.[2] The effect of the endogeneity of the money supply is especially important when central banks buy more Green Climate Bonds (for a short period of time as start-up financing) than needed for actual money creation. This process contributes to the money creation and the resultant money supply reduction offsetting each other, so that the money supply grows as much as the economy requires to expand to full potential

Green Climate Bonds should have a duration of at least 100 years and would ideally only bear small, if any, interest rates. Due to their very long term, Green Climate Bonds would become permanent assets of the central banks and thus form the foundation of regular money creation"

Taking this idea further the resultant debt or money to pay back can be reduced (see along this webpage) to a shorter time even to one year. This is termed producing an asset and reducing the debt to zero. The asset is produced and is paid off. This reduces overheads and costs down the line making planning less volatile for those who cannot help themselves or find work. It has been used to build homes, help oil companies and also social needs.

Extending this idea to help the disabled and children occurs (in theory but a growing accepted theory) as they (in the economic debate) are left in between the ideological discussion and fall through the funding net. Even private funding requires top up funding which can be expensive. This model (community interest companies as described above) maximises funding options to include 1. interest rated bank debt or bonds, 2. interest free credit as described above and 3. charity donations. 4. finance paid off over a very short term. This would also assist disabled war veterans and disabled children. An objection i received from someone "across the pond" is that it was a "socialist idea", but in actual fact it is a conservative idea in origin and this person said they supported disabled veterans? and objected to the burgeoning national debt ? which eats into funds, but which can be managed especially when its purpose is honestly spelt out.

The truth is that this zero interest rate model if a nation employs it alone, then that nation will stagnate in the import / export international finance reality. However if a nation employs a purely bank debt, mezzanine, equity, venture capital model it will implode eventually, and both of these "types" can be viewed in a number of countries around the world especially since 2008. It can run separately (as a MO money supply fund) from the market and stock - market and will not interfere with it. It will ironically stabilize a market / stock market economy (i.e the sub-prime & other problems) It can only go so far. These ideas were once turned into reality by a great economist yet not perfect as no one is (last link has the stamp scrip story) in the 1930's Irving Fisher (Phd Yale, a very clever man, the first economic noble prize winner and a reformed member of the CPLPL A, Congregational Protestants Peoples Liberation Party of America in his youth. He put countless people to work with his schemes in a time of destitution called the Great Depression in the 1930's. This money or "stamp scrip" was spent, creating activity and saved in banks creating deposits for loans again) For more details see the end of Chapter 3 (above) and the decisions of the Paris climate Cop 21 conference.


Making sense of it all, the Dalai Lama meets the American Enterprise Institute

You tube title; Happiness, free enterprise, and human flourishing: A special online event featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama

A documentary showing the history of Tibet and Nepal is here (link below)
Tibet Situation : Critical – Full Documentary. Tibet Documentary by Jason Lansdell

And a wider debate; Dalai Lama in Switzerland

His financial trust also accepts students and teaches on the debate between science and religion. (A noble pursuit which states)

"The Trust also seeks to support initiatives that encourage a sense of universal responsibility in the global community, and the advancement of dialogue between science and religion"

The debate between science and religion dictates our world view, a part of that debate between, Evolution, Agnosticism Intelligent design (intelligent design does not always follow a spiritual view of our origins, but rejects 'natural selection', viewing the Universe as impossible to have occurred by chance) and Creation continues amidst these explorations and creation science (from 9 pHd scientists) which, for education equality should be taught with evolution and let children decide over their lifetimes otherwise it is discrimination. Incredible as it seems there are those who do not think Children have a right to a free and contented childhood. People can insist GMO seeds are bad (and this is so) and would rather the seed were natural and organic. A human seed as growing into a full human is not considered in the same way ?. A wheat seed grows into a wheat stalk/sheaf but a human baby is a Foetus? The debate is endless but at the root of this confusion are the roots of the acceptance of slavery and a lack of value on human life.

With children increasingly caught up in poverty and war how can the world stand by and watch in Nepal or Tibet or in the Middle East. Child trafficking and sex trafficking for woman and children has now reached endemic proportions.

200 years or so after William Wilberforce abolished slavery, human slavery exists worldwide in what amounts to a $32 Billion per annum business. Incredibly it is not cited as slavery in the media ? Is it possible to create a $32 Billion dollar rescue fund to end the problem ? William Wilberforce documentary. Slavery is not just a Western problem but also one which emanated from the Middle East, and also when Africans enslaved Europeans, whilst Japan and China have also enslaved each other. South America also had its own slavery trade.

Today many woman are trafficked from Eastern Europe and the West generally as are children, slavery is rife.

The situation exists to enable funding to reduce and then end child sex slavery, it is easily solvable, yet it exists as the reality continues, a reality where some young children are being sold up to 7 times a day and who need surgery after. If they survive physically, many do not survive mentally. Facilities, medical staff and care for recovery cost's money also. Money can be produced free to cover these recoveries and facilities can be an asset (read further on) If people think the issue is over sentimentalized or exaggerated then please also watch the following.

Stopthetraffick Nefarious The A21 Campiagn The Pink Room & ( to name but a few organisations)

A $32 Billion dollar industry it has been suggested on social media is a large sum, but in the USA in 2014, $17 Billion was spent on Valentine Cards on Valentines day. Therefore it is possible to aid the situation financially.


Alicia's Law
Alicia's law is firstly a heroic achievement which has in one respect changed America. It is connected to "" which has three programs 1. Hero Corps 2. Sunlight and 3. Weiss Center. No 1 is attached to disability and injuries.
One new idea which is now active in every states in the USA is Alicia's law which was brought by Alicia Kozakiewicz (testifying before the House Judiciary Committee) a harrowing ordeal when she was 13 years old. She has changed the law and Republican John Tilley from the House of Representatives or in this article link here   spoke for the law and the required changes. The law (known as Alicia's law  or here in wikipedia ) under Tilley or "HB 247" helps provide a dedicated revenue stream by adding $10 fine onto every criminal case convicted (and convicted is important as the motive is not to make money but to first secure hard evidence which leads to a conviction and then the $10 is released which could be $20 or more) This provides a dedicated revenue stream to the Police and perhaps the FBI and other similar agencies and investigations into these harrowing crimes which online are difficult to look at and stomach. (see the adjacent website and chapter 6 for other police agencies who also had to stomach such investigations) Other states in the USA also add in unclaimed National lottery monies to boost the funding and this funding  problem is a constant battle. Multiple sources of funding (like community interest companies could hold but which is simply an account in a bank) often hit a brick wall and there are other options which this unusual chapter explores starting from scratch
There are people who will criticise such initiatives even (and you would have to listen to really believe it) stating it could cause inflation and bring disaster on the national economy that can be addressed also. Others will say its "big government" but is it ? is it big government to protect children or is it just community and love they neighbour as thyself, but love children more ? are these crimes less than the worth of $10 dollars or a life worth less than that . Besides it is possible to be fiscally conservative and protect vital services without slashing  budgets. (it may take a very long webiste to go into that) Of course the idea which is simple and beneficial will also have its critics who say ok but that $10 dollars does not just exist in a void it is $10 which could have gone elsewhere in a functioning economy. Yet illegal financial gains often sit in an empty bank account and they do not "work" (work, i.e. = in the active sense of achieving something) . This argument is the same as saying crime is also under the philosophy of "two wrongs do not make a right" but with this $10 dollar fine as money a right can correct a terrible crime. The cost (even financial ) of prevention and conviction is in terms of future medical care, mental health healing and the family and society a million time greater.
The idea can be applied to Trafficking, Prostitution and Slavery and can include recuperation of bank accounts, and real estate, and if all else fails then a quick call to the national federal bank (cash printing office) could tide matters over and has proven ( see chapters 1 and 2 and ongoing below) to provide funds in certain areas in a limited capacity. Banking without borrowing for emergency liquidity is not a fiction and should provide liquidity in many vital services (offset against values of future costs incurred due to health and treatment victims costs etc, and real estate asset values and of course goodwill and people come first attitude). 
See the 3 girls who were kept for in slavery 10 years.    Natascha Kampusch    Bridget Kelly     Elizabeth Smart     Sima Yarmush    (secular institutions and faiths and all faiths have this dysfunction)

Ukraine Further the honest analysis of sexuality, explotation and suffering and the loss of innocence also has to be set against the Eugenics debate, Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory which do not act on impetus as long term solutions but are disguised to break down the fabric of society.  Children and Woman are the most vulnerable (men commit these crimes which is universally true) and also one aspect which is not often considered concerns the protest action group Femen, Their latest documentary is called "Ukraine is not a Brothel" (which you can google) Other  "Femen" in the Ukraine and in the mountains.  ("The Ukrainian warrior woman of Asgardia"  are an actual ancient tribe related to the Scythians, (see adjacent website  and scroll down) which if you contrast against the Femen documentary "Ukraine is not a brothel" their view (the Asgardia) maybe offers a new direction and a new direction or leadership, as desired by the Femen group (as they say in the documentary)  The Asgardian or Amazon Warrior Woman as mentioned are a real tribe who resided around the Black Sea area (Scythia) Firstly the harmonious development of the woman was sought and attained. They separated from the rest of society and they were in fact from the Scythian tribes originally. One of them actually fought with Achilles. Why and how they separated ? are possibly the same reasons Femen and the Asgardian Woman separated today (there is nothing new under the Sun) They did however re-marry into the Scythian tribes once more later. Herodotus (the historian) mentions these facts which are not a myth. (They are also related to the Sacai or Saxons and Celts who came up through Northern Israel) Of course woman in any and all culture should have a choice to make a family or not.

The Femen documentary seeks to understand the private reasons Femen began its protests which are rational (the media has twisted their intent) in origin born out of desperation. Ukraine is not a brothel, and no country should be and children are not for sale. The situation in the Ukraine is due to the occupation of Ukraine by Russia and Femen began their protest before their revolution. Ukrainian Woman were imprisoned in dungeons but  most were in a open prison in many ways. Ukraine signed the laws against international trafficking in 2005. Over many years into decades, tens of thousands of woman yearly had been trafficked or being forced into prostitution. Not through an intellectual disparity in the "dialectic" but due to Stalinist marxist socialism brutal in occupation. A film which relates the devastation Ukraine incurred in World War two and after as a commercial film and story (and also a book and is interesting if you know of the Ukraine) is the film Everything is Illuminated at a time when Ukrainian Jews are returning to Israel. ( Escaping the ravages of the effects of the Communist regime before the revolution in occupation in the Ukraine, which now even after the Revolution has after effects)

A Welcome development in the fight, hunt and capture of paedofiles is the setting up of the "Human Exploitation Rescue Operative" in which ex army special forces injured and/or retired can become an extra but essential tier added to the FBI which fights online (and offline therefore or in the field) child pedophile exploiters which  is tied into Trafficking worldwide. An enriching and rewarding but harrowing profession which can be soul destroying (see chapter 6 in the adjacent website)  Injured soldiers can work again. Funding for disability and injured vets is also an issue which will work together and it is of course better that disabled or injured people form a business for disabled needs themselves Combining these two urgent and integral needs is an inspired solution, and of course they are both very underfunded. An outline article on this type of solution is here (facebook note & ideas ) which is not a proposal but an idea shaping a proposal for funding (combined and multi funding sources in which nearly all are accepted of the 6 or 7 proposed, and it can be duplicated in any country or city worldwide) 

The recent announcement by Elijah Wood and the Corey Feldman announcements are pertinent as normalizing pedophilia means the media is a target to aid the normalization process. (desensitizing people)

Ashton Kutcher relates his software company Thorn   (speaking on the senate and foreign relations committee ) which tracks down child abusers and pedophiles and helps in human trafficking It is a harrowing job but necessary Navy Seal  Craig Sawyer gives his view on child trafficking and abuse (it is not for the faint of heart and of course it cuts across all levels of the class system into the very rich  (h.e.r.o. child rescue programme) and occurs in every country, and the level of deception to abuse and traffic children knows no limits in an industry which makes more money than the drug system ) and also the post modernist ideology which has gone into a parallel universe but which is an old idea reworked ( there is nothing new under the sun Ecclesiastes 1, 4-11 and 1, 9)

It is confirmed that Robert Downey Jnr has not made the allegations as listed in Neon Nettle. (or here ) It is important to understand however that real claims do actually turn out to be true such as Jimmy Savile and countless others.   Jimmy Savile and child abuse. It gives the impression that Savile was the only one when in fact there are many ( many hundreds around the world including Hollywood) who work in film and entertainment.

Placing these ideas, testimonies and solutions together (from Alicia's law down which eventually all add up) can be very effective. The rest of the information below up in Chapter 4 (and Chapter 5) until the following heading ' Is it possible to end Child Slavery & Woman trafficking ? The Mind Life Institute and Dialogues and the Social Venture Network '  and its theme to make a fund (which considers the minutia and extremes of banking and economics no matter how unfamiliar they seem or appear which can then be placed next to conventional economics if you can call any aspect of money conventional and look for gaps and possibilities to increase the fund) to buy back the trafficked is possible and is of course or should be a feminist idea but would take people of influence and power but more importantly victims coming forward across the spectrum to make it happen.

Media Control

The control of the media by child abusers is growing and this is obvious from the revelations which came from the British Scottish, Welsh and Irish cases over the last few years which are detailed in the adjacent website and chapter 6. The media is an attractive for the criminals in the pedophile business the Hollywood business is just as problematic.  An Open Secret Unedited   or Hollywoods Pedophile problem & During the USA Presidential elections the FBI and the Clinton emails scandals also revealed that the FBI (James Comey) have been involved in investigating pedophile and child abduction and violence around America and the World. The medias role is not just pornography but the everyday media we are fed through the internet and television. 90 % of the people who work in the media are not involved in any way, but those that are go to enormous lengths and control media programming in many areas. This helps shape public opinion or soften public opinion but also allows grooming and trafficking to become invisible in plain sight. Television programming  becomes a form of grooming from (literally ) the cradle to the grave. Children cannot fight back (always)

Pedophiles however are people who believe they are a oppressed minority and who should be considered a 'new gender' and they are relentless. in Britain they even had there own website called PIE or pedophile information exchange which many thought was naming  and shaming pedophiles but was actually run by them. PIE (pedophile exchange information) interview, you tube. In other words if an investigation breaks out, provide a false investigation front. PIE sought to reduce the age of consent so that a 40 year (for example) old could legally have intercourse with a girl or boy of 9 or 10 years of age. Many politicians and members of the LGBT community were members but have since disowned it. The links in the paragraphs above  Infiltrating Hollywood is (as with any network or media) a part of that ambition, and as you can see they are not just deluded or just mad or mentally ill but are completely aware of what they are doing across the board. This is important  as when prosecuted they claim they are mentally ill to avoid jail. Yet a mass and shared illness cannot stay organised, rational (i.e rational to them) and durable over such long timescales and then claim it is not connected and an invisible movement. They are criminals who should get life in prison, or the death penalty, as they purposely destroy innocence and cause physical and psychological damage. 0.2 % of the population control the media in this way as child predators. 3% of the population are gay yet they are employed to a higher degree by a ratio of ten to one in the front media as broadcast. How did that happen. The next stage in the nightmare fantasy is to marry a young child in the Church as they now want the same rights as gays. Who have rights already ? )


For an insight into the Brave new world or 1984 and dystopia scroll down to Chapter 5 and read North Korea (  'North Korea and Gulags and its history (China & Chairman Mao' )

One area in which the liberal media frenzy became fully apparent was during the US elections 2016 and especially  after the election was over. Whilst trafficking and pedophile networks exist within the media itself, this is examined in the paragraphs below and after the heading " Family planning as an ideology" (around 100 paragraphs down past  the reduced width column and past the history of Tibet which has of course faced genocide and relocation by communists. It has experienced kidnap and trafficking and also propaganda to drop its spiritual beliefs and traditions to assimilate into Chinese communist society, many would say that is how liberalism in the west works works also. The exact writing is inserted into existing text from the heading family planning as an ideology after the paragraph which begins The tavistock institute and and the NHS combine and Under the subheading "The USA & the Presidential, National and State elections November 2016" and all aspects of the problem are discussed and some which seem remote but are in fact a part of the surrounding ethos ) One layer of the personnel are confused whilst the others are cold blooded predators. Some suggest rounding them all up and then lining them up in one area or line or a building ( a former child care dungeon where children are kept as prostitutes and bound so they cannot kill themselves too soon) and shelling them with tank shells.

Rebel news has added to the continuing controversy which explains (video) "how the left pushes pedophilia"  It is a disgusting subject yet the women in the video warns in advance and explains what is going on. (see chapter 6 in the adjacent website) This girl summaries the supposed ambiguity (video; PizzaGate Definitive Factcheck: Oh My God) which supposedly had code words in the leaked wiki leak emails. Or CBS Host Admits 'Pizzagate Is Real' For children it is not a source of amusement as of course they are innocent and cannot fight back. Richard Huckle who is not a christian (Britain's worst pedophile although that is not  true shockingly) committed 71 offences and was charged in June 2016. Operation rescue by Europol in 2016 operated in 13 countries to catch one pedofile ring who were working across borders which is another reason border security is important. 80 % of trafficking, sexual abuse and rape is against females.

It is confirmed that Robert Downey Jnr has not made the allegations as listed in Neon Nettle. (or here ) It is important to understand however that real claims do actually turn out to be true such as Jimmy Savile and countless others.   Jimmy Savile and child abuse. It gives the impression that Savile was the only one when in fact there are many ( many hundreds around the world including Hollywood) who work in film and entertainment.

New laws in Ireland (mentioned again below)  to protect Children from sexual exploitation which are extended to woman are agreed In Ireland, but can carry only a discretionary sentence up to 14 years instead of life. These two crimes when legal underpin trafficking.


A suggested idea amongst many others (but see also chapter  1 and 2 above) is detailed as basic outline below. 'Fintech' technology of Financial Technology advances are making financial solutions once unrealistic become achievable realities.

Bank Reform 2 New NGO Childrens Bank.pdf (A Bank of Abundance)


How would it work? The Children's central bank ! would still require adults to run it and parents or adopted parents to engage with it, its principles can be extended to other forms of banking systems also. Corporate Social Governance, (CSG) ethical banking and Sustainable finance can assist.

Firstly I would like to dedicate this initiative to worldwide slavery and especially worldwide Child slavery, and Children in general. A new film 'Sold' which describes human trafficking which is rife worldwide (2014). The trailer is here It follows other similar films such as the Whistleblower and many others.Amnesty International also relates the disease and its causes and links to the economics. Children and Woman are the main victims in what is true slavery and a horrendous situation existent in this world. This includes war zones where aid can never reach its source, and of course applies to the middle east and the other 40 wars continuing worldwide. Many organisations rely on charity to fund their investigation or relief into these areas. Yet in the worldwide recession the charities have suffered a depletion of income, and many charities have been found to be self serving institutions of fraud. One example is here another is here. Britain has also suffered charity fraud. Even veterans in the USA have had problems with charitable requirements, itself not aided by the new healthcare proposals?


Institutions can be supplied with funds in the following ways 1) Donations by the public or wealthy individuals and corporations. 2) Donations from Banks similar to 1. 3) Donations from National Government to combine with the first two examples. 4) People can volunteer time and their wages as time worked as a temporary solution.

A fifth way exists which has been utilised many times but not as a permanent solution. It is mentioned again further in this section. In Chapter 2 and this Chapter 4 the issue of the types of money are discussed. MO – M4. In chapter 2 you can see that MO was 21% of the money stock in 1963, but it is now 2 – 4%. This is physical cash in circulation produced debt free without interest and without accumulating onto the national debt. M1 – M4 money are imports and exports and other types of money such as private and retail banking deposits, they make up the other classifications. M4 is all the money supply of MO to M4 combined i.e. the total wide circulation, whilst MO is a proportion of it, the narrower Cash and notes we use everyday. Currently this is about 3-4% and is about £100 billion in pounds in circulation,(it varies in every country) yet the total money in circulation is not as much as what is owed in debt, hence more borrowing is required.

Public Finance has utilized this method to fund struggling private oil companies and alternative energy companies and companies who need subsidies, when it is in the national interest. It is not just for private or public companies but can be used for charities. Central banks act as lenders of last resort to the method. It can be coupled or partnered with other financial instruments normally employed. This particularly purpose suggested here is normally a public sector issue, with police, social services, and criminal agencies and sometimes even the military, in such cases this extra funding allows budgetary debates to be extended and successfully defended with extra allocation of funds.What is different is that existing generous donations (see in all this para) can be risk free investment, and no cost to the banks, with a medium to long term profit also possible. It is a problem of woman and children in slavery and torture.

First the economic theory as an explanation which is sometimes difficult

M4 restored to its true amount would equal the total debt owed, and this would then end quantitative easing which bridges the gap to M4 shortfall of total money stock. MO could be increased without becoming inflationary.Quantitative easing is inflationary but simply put Austerity checks inflation but produces austere economies. 100% employment is reduced to 50% unemployment as a result. (Spain for example) Taking MO and increasing it, means more money will be spent in the economy producing more jobs etc, produced without interest or inflation.MO produces a stable economy if increased, and the stability is realized in both in wages and prices. The problem is many international projects require the interest payments on the national debt, as interest is paid upon the national debt. The worry is increasing MO for the banks, is that it will reduce these interest payments as the national debt will not rise as quickly and interest will be lost. But increasing MO from say 4% (the current amount) to 7% or 8% produces £50 billion in interest free revenue (as extra cash in the economy) which is also not quantitative easing. Some of this could be made into an interest free bond and produce infrastructure, even a 1 or 2% increase in MO in circulation as a bond will create more jobs (which of course underpins carbon trading viability and eases the subprime market problem stabilising amortised loans and mortgages) Creating stability and growth in turn supports international projects. Further since any bonded MO proportion could produce infrastructure or real estate, then this interest free money will realise a greater return over the term of the loan. Real estate (hospitals, medical recuperation facilities, medical staff) Making a new bond from the MO cash supply increases the overall total M4 moneystock, but the price of money is reduced for social projects when it is increased as MO, inflation is therefore reduced also. A proportion could be used for charity, and a proportion for internal national circulation. Further on in this section we will read of the possibilities. It will not effect national debt arrangements, but GDP and GNP will escape stagnation.

The oisin trust has promoted the following report and its findings (as quoted earlier ) by the 'Wheel 'See their report here 'A portrait of Ireland's non-profit sector' which is very professional and timely. It has also promoted Community Interest Companys which can of course become victims to the same issues. Yet in Ireland there are institutions which are 1/3 funded by Government and the rest by charitable donations which feed up to 1500 people everyday (like a miracle) who cannot find work in a high rent environment. Checks and balances can be introduced and essential services can be funded and society can be supplied with its basic requirements.

As always it boils down to how can these problems be solved and who will pay. There are hundreds of economic examples to support such projects. Charities and Governments and Private providers have equally struggled to cope and/or overcome these problems. It is not a philosophical economic debate as to which system is correct or best. Yet raising money to combat this nightmare is reaching a crisis situation, and new ideas however unusual need to surface. Worldwide Human Trafficking statistics show 20% are children, yet official institutions have also overlooked these problems. The problem also exists in first world countries The poor become the most vulnerable and religious racism also fuels the trade.

Misallocation of funds to prevent Human Trafficking is evident, and research into how funds to overcome these crimes of Trafficking and Society Charity needs. Charitable bonds can help the aged or children (and provide premises) They can provide a traded income (although as we have pointed out in chapter 1 and 2 and this chapter, the lack of 'MO' debt free cash in the market helped to crash the sub-prime housing market as the stock-markets bottom pillar collapsed) And you can even bet against (hedge) social depravation.

It is suggested in this idea that there is nothing in it for the banks (although not every bank is privately owned) After this section (in yellow below) after reading the suggested area in the Basel 3 report from the Bank of International Settlements (2010 – 2011) you can see that social requirements and protections need to be considered, yet banking can still engage in Bank Debt lending, Bonds, Mezzanine finance and Venture capital and still adopt a profitable social / charitable scheme

This 'moment' in economics is rarely spoken of, it makes bankers wince and academics fall over themselves to disprove, but it is easily imagined (for further clarity) when we consider the film 'Catch me if you can'. The film is about the incredible life and exploits of Frank Abegnale Jnr Frank later (after a prison term) went to work for the very people who caught him eventually, i.e. the FBI and in the cheque fraud section within the Bureau which investigated him. The film concludes with Frank and agent Handratty pondering over a cheque which is a skilled and masterful fraud, with both investigating it. However you are left with the possible impression that Frank was possibly the person who made the cheque he and the FBI were now investigating (there is no proof of this). Yet this possibility raises an important question as of course (the real Frank Abegnale ) would be aware money is printed out of nothing. His cheque was paper but was valued as a blip on the national debt (a figure George Bush Jnr termed a debt we simply owe ourselves) which of course 'we' can forgive or change or alter) Economics has beneficial uses which have been denied society for too long, it is possible to cure social ills and also have a free market. The endless possibilities this raises is of course defeated by the possible inflation problems. (Quantitative Easing is inflationary unless checked by Austerity, but it is not development led low inflation or no inflation producing infrastructure or services) Problems and solutions to inflation are examined in chapters 1 - 5 on this page. Therefore money can be employed for good and not create inflation. $32 Billion to end sex child slavery and protect woman is a very small price to pay, and it increase's stability in society, as the spin off cost's of medical, psychological and physiological treatment and mental torture and their costs, must cost countries and states a hundred times this amount worldwide, and of course its prevention counteracts fraud.

Frank Abegnale could also have been charged with inflationary activities during his 4 million dollar escapade. Franks admits he did not invest this 'excess money' (which incredibly acted like MO in the money supply) in Real Estate, but if had invested it in real estate he could have sold the properties when he was released, paid back Pan American airlines and made a profit and donated any excess to charity and told the FBI about it. He could have run for Mayor.

When you consider that someone donating to charity (donates money) from their wages and separately then borrows money at interest, and then also bails out the banks, the idea of streamlining this circulation of monies seems a lot less ridiculous. Why not avoid a banking crash by protecting the bottom level of cash and work which (to repeat) ultimately caused the stock market crash when 'sub – prime people' who could not pay their mortgages crashed out of the market. A taxpayer (potential charity donator) bailout could then be avoided and travelling straight to 'Go' and offer interest free credit and set this 'loss' against an asset procured to help charities. This reduces the charities burden (consider charities which build shelters etc) and in time they could buy back the (asset) hospital or school or medical facility or recovery facility or even equipment. A developing country or area needs workers who are employed to take out loans in the future the bank is also then investing in its own future.

Banks and corporations make interest free charitable (tax free) donations to charities. The Vatican bank donated $70 million to charities in 2012 Other national and international banks have made such donations. This has prompted The Times newspaper to ask what else banks can do for charity The CAF bank (charities aid foundation) whilst remaining Conservative on many issues the bank could easily manage a $100 million dollar donation ! Within this entire page (sonas) if you read it from beginning to end you will be clear that such initiatives are possible. It is clear also that outside of the philosophical theoretical (economics) debate public services can be dramatically improved by investment and of course be enhanced. Charity instead becomes meaningful development.

Kudos is an ancient Greek term and banking requires lots of it. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) ESG (Environmental Social Governance) allows and legally directs banks to acquire Kudos. Any movement can avail, or supplement its funds or begin a Trust Company with Charitable Tax Exemption, with 2 or 50 people, with (up to a million or… 10 million shareholders) Any new national bank (e.g. strategic infrastructure bank as one example) which can assist, lets systems, credit unions and co-operatives also.

Banks and Charities (contd)

Bank of America

Danske Bank


National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy &
The Community Foundation

The Global Poverty Project

World Childhood Foundation

Bank of the West

Community Interest Companies

EU anti trafficking policy and EU anti trafficking day 18.10.2014 (every year)

Within this page (Sonas) we can examine a financial solution, not from a third world initiative but from a wealthy first world country. Please examine Chapter 2 above please open Banking reform 1 thesis.pdf and turn to page 114. This describes the 'Channel Islands simple loan sanctions'. Essentially without a 'loan' as such over years but only 1 or 2 years (or less depending on the project) a project can be completed without debt. The money simply circulates to allow work to begin and materials to be obtained and then repaid from the same account. This provides infrastructure within what is a wealthy area without debt to control as they wished. In the PDF it is described by participants who worked in that scheme. Taxation to repay the loan was minimal and efficient but it was all on the same internal circulating money supply which creates employment, allowing easy taxation to repay the loan. The Irish parallel punt idea with the new infrastructure bank could step into this area.

Chapter 2 is also a scheme in itself and in its PDF it gives other examples of other schemes. When you consider the carbon tax and financial transaction tax are to be taken from banking transactions (carbon tax in certain circumstances) the idea is already well established. As the chapter below also states many bankers in the City of London and in wider England also suggested the scheme could benefit the needs of social desirability objectives (the poor and injured as the Hospitaller's also used to consider). Further if Jersey had not taxed affordably in order to repay this loan, then the debit (cost of the project) could be held on a National Debt account waiting for payment in the next accounting year. Yet a valuation of the property after one year when payment was due (the accounting year) could match the debit/cost of the project exactly and start the account to Zero again. Since property price rising usually beats inflation, waiting only two or three years could then make a profit in the accounts which could also be loaned out to make a profit back to the account holders, or placed back into the bank to boost reserves and further funding. The cost of money is reduced in this process and the charity or scheme gains free facilities which do not cost anything to anyone once accounted and managed for correctly. This national deb account could remain as long as the building stood or was owned by the national government. Remain without interest as an equal debit and asset account.

Again what is in it for the banks ? A nationalised bank (the government) will be happy knowing its balance sheet is even and it is easier for them to undertake this scheme.A private bank could purchase and sell a property but since the poor and ill and abused may need surety of tenure then this type of project would need to be a longer term decision, which would be profitable. Social ills cured, no debt and a long term financial solution for international projects. New Community Interest Companies could bridge this gap between internal interest free accounts and external banking accounts. Running two banking systems one internally and one operating both internally but for the external international markets stabilises the international system. Producing economies which are sustainable and prosperous and able to produce renewable energy and a healthy prosperous lifestyle and also ridding the trafficking of children and woman.

Of course money could be donated to buy back 'the sold' also (which is worth more ?)

Often trafficking victims require medical attention and recuperation facilities in secure environments. If this solution was provided to sex trafficking solution logistics, equipment and resources ( children trafficking and slavery) then the burden of capital would be reduced and the risk reduced. The bottom line of stating we cannot continue as we have no funds is removed. Ongoing funding for facilities management can then be met by existing funding solutions (as this money is left over after infrastructure is completed) They are then left with a new asset which is a + in the account and over time will realise a profit. However it is possible to extend this idea to break even and not repay the loan but hold it in a national debt account (a -) and then value the asset against the building or asset everyone owns. This is the true meaning and purpose of a national debt account. A hospital, library, shelter etc.

Take a developing countries experiment in Mauritania. At first this looks like a scheme to combat poverty. By collecting Camel milk and re-selling it pasteurised, to improve health and wealth in a region where development was sparce. Having drank unpasteurised milk from local consumption myself its quality in nutrients can be reduced in pasteurisation, but for it to travel it needs pasteurisation in order to reach a wider area. At first the scheme by Nancy Abeiderrahmane and her company / outlet plant called Tiviski was not accepted but after a few years it was utilised by local people and spread. What is also interesting is any producer who produced large quantities of milk could accept a receipt as payment for cash or currency later (for accounting purposes). This receipt however also then became currency itself to be exchanged for other goods with other groups until it returned to Tiviski to be cashed. Therefore a new economy based on a commodity was produced. Payment was not the issue only how much and when as milk regulated against "inflation". The Templar's recognised the value of such a method.

Initially to begin a new bank would require a floating fund which all central banks could donate into.

After Germany's reconstruction in 1947, the KFW bank produced currency locally to enable rebuilding. It was similar to the Deutschmark, but still exists outside of the Euro. It is a similar idea to Irelands Parallel punt idea. These ideas go beyond credit union ideals but are in fact similar in start up, it is just that no one has thought Central banks can also participate in this method. However in chapter 2 you will find many who worked within the City of London who employed in merchant banking or international trading state that this system can indeed operate (with a caveat it is for social needs only) see page 55 and others in Banking reform 1 thesis.pdf then look at page 57 and page 58. Social desirability can be improved by this scheme and it is a two tier funding (not currency values as two tiers) scheme which ironically (to repeat again) would have underpinned the "sub-prime" mortgage crisis which this thesis (experiment) predicted in 2004/2005. So it can aid those problems today and extend as a 'social desirability' scheme to end trafficking and children trafficking worldwide.

The rest of this page/website is dedicated to alleviating these physical problems by economic methods.

Many or all existing central banks would pay into it making its reserve money stock (preferably 100%) and the Children's central bank would distribute its monies to make orphanages, schools, eco villages, food and anything that is required. This is how existing central banks work. These works create a liability which is cancelled by the asset produced (orphanage, school, House, eco-village, food etc). Since taxpayers worldwide are paying for works, once in a normal payment for works account, and once more through the national debt and once again in the bailouts to the banks, (3 times) then the credits are due to be recouped by the taxpayer. The issue of ownership of these facilities remains but they should be managed by each national country.

Since the world banking collapse (this current collapse, and many previous) these credits to the world can be made into assets (orphanages, schools, homes, eco-villages, food) which is owned by everyone in the world. The Children's bank can also exist as a micro-credit lending bank such as the Grameen foundationand others promote. It would also of course be a great way to teach children sensible, debt free, sustainable banking, supporting the 'four C's' of Conservation, Community Culture and Commerce. Long term debt requires exports and unsustainable manufacturing to increase disproportionately to negate the debt, is this sustainable ? Of course this business proposal does not replace the existing system, and it is also not a rigid idea but a framework for possible solutions. It only re-directs taxpayer's money (as 'MO' see chapter 1 & 2 above) to achieve environmentally sustainable friendly development. Even a no interest bearing bond would achieve its objective, and it would also stabilise the sub-prime (toxic loan) problem if increased worldwide in open market operations. It is a difficult concept to visualise, initiate and raise going to an extreme length as an issue but it is worth it, if its aims can be achieved. This type of initiative can achieve more than political parties or political groups who claim to represent the poor and suffering worldwide and on every continent.

Since orphanages and special needs require funds and since investment also requires a social conscience, it is taking the Dalai Lama's idea one step further, which does not require agreement with his faith to undertake, nor does his faith preclude advancing his ideas.

A Quote from the proposal (see the pdf above) is as follows;
' When we realise that the BIS Basel 3 report "Consultative Document Strengthening the resilience of the bankingsector" Page 2 in the Executive summary (point 4) April 2010 states,

"Ultimately the public sector had to step in with unprecedented injections of liquidity, capital support and guarantees, exposing the taxpayer to large losses". BIS Basel 3 report April 2010.

It continues with advice that this should never occur again. Obviously bailouts could or should never occur again. It honestly shows how taxpayers are a stakeholder in the bank, and also how they can participate within it. It identifies risk pressures and a lack of confidence resulted in a lack of liquidity, which full employment and new vibrant SME's would abate, both in the sub-prime market (as payments to loans would stop default) and in the carbon trading market.

And a model or type (a non-profit 'MO'already exists as a model "Members (Medlemsbank) bank in Sweden" (JAK bank for short, in Sweden serving people and entrepreneurs), which does employ interest free banking with the view that "interest transfers money the wrong way" i.e. away from the public in money and assets. It has 34,000 members, but it could have 34 Million, or 3.4 Billion, and could be a central bank ! (with subdivisions etc)

Under the inspiration of the following words "Can conventional banks run microcredit programmes ? Of course they can, " & "Finally new kinds of financial institutions can be created as required to cater to the financial needs of social business, social venture capital funds, social mutual funds, and of course a full fledged social stock market" Muhammed Yunus (2010) Creating a world without poverty.

The thesis (PDF above the four letter PDFs) "Proposal for a new NGO Children & Disability, Bank reform 2" is an outline of poverty reduction can be achieved very quickly around the Globe. Social Justice and World hunger/poverty, amidst unnecessary austerity measures is a crime against humanity.

Lamido Sanusi President of Nigeria's Central Bank, Bankers 'should have remorse'

Yet people (the public) controlling a bank themselves is a real solution, there are 7 Billion people on the planet, who want freedom. As the Basel report above suggests it should never happen again..

The History and Struggle of Tibet & Nepal

The Dalai Lama states he is a Buddhist Marxist, but not a Leninist. Chairman Mao the former ruler of China in his early years also aspired to be a Buddhist but turned to political republicanism instead. Chairmans Mao's mother had also been a Buddhist. Chairman Mao Zedong or Mao Tse tung as he came to be known ruled China from 1949 until he died on September 9, 1976. He founded the Peoples republic of China in 1949. (a one party Socialist Dialectical Marxist state)

There are many contradictions in Mao, he studied Adams Smiths 'Wealth of Nations' and Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto (although other writers had proposed similar objectives listed in the Communist Manifesto before it), but his list of achievements (not exactly from a poor working class background, as his father was a rich landowner) are infamously immense. A notably change to the long history of any country was the 'Cultural Revolution' from 1966 – 1969. China had been undergoing change since 1917 when the Russian Revolution began to influence Chinese intellectuals, and also from Japan which invaded China in 1937.

Japan and China had a previous conflict in 1894, and in this second Sino Japan war in 1937, China had received help from Germany, and the Soviet Union and also the USA. Then in 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. The attack was known in advance in the USA and this allowed the USA to enter into the war physically. Japan had suffered due to the Wall street stockmarket crash in 1929 reducing it to collapse. As a way through this disaster the Japanese Emperor went onto a war footing and expansionary (financial) invasion of China.

Japan surrendered on 2.9.1945 following the Atomic bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USA. The United Nations divided Korea, Chairman Mao sent troops to support it until Japan surrendered. The soviet Union controlled Korea North of the 38th parallel, whilst the USA controlled the South of the 38th parallel, which is the longitude degree at which the Sun shines longest in the Summer Solstice and Shortest at the winter Solstice. Germany was under occupation also at this time, and of course this sowed the seeds for its division with the bizarre division around Berlin in West Germany. Berlin was centred in East Germany and within Soviet territory, and with Europe occupied by the USA in West Germany. This formed an Island as it were of Capitalist West Germany Berlin, inside Communist Soviet Russia. A Hegelian conflict for many decades. ( Hegelian; the forcing of opposites onto each other to produce a new synthesis. A clinical almost chemistry like philosophy which required zones and economic theories and of course a large population. Similar to a laboratory some may suggest. In essence an experiment of synthesis and anti-thesis and planned for many decades in advance) Korea still is in this phase, with relatives who awake every day (on both sides) to wonder why they have been separated.

Once World War 2 (pausing before World War 3) ended in 1946/7 China resumed its civil war which was causing problems for Chairman Mao. Although Mao had formed the Peoples Republic of China, it had been a communist country since 1921 and was heavily funded (to which it owed large debts) by the Soviet Union. In early 1945 a few months before he died General Patton complained he could (with help from Germany and with Germans who would suddenly unite with the US army, obviously from the anti-Marxist US and German factions) take over the entire Eastern Hemisphere. Why not as the USA had intervened in WW2 and now ruled two continents, Asia could easily fall, but this was resisted by the powers that be much to his disgust. Yet what Patton witnessed next was a new weapon in the Nuclear attack on Japan.

It was important to recognise the difference in types of Marxist thinking. After Stalin died in Spring 1953, China viewed his successor Khrushchev as a moderate (in comparison to Stalin ) and split with it forming two rival Communist networks and schools around the world. These splits were already within the beginnings of the Soviet Bolshevik revolution of 1917. The Soviet revolution was born from intellectuals in the middle class but also from earlier necessity of the peasants (or proletariat) who had formed very successful workers co-operatives and a separate financial system based upon it previous to the revolution.

China went through famines and civil war and tens of millions of people died. As mentioned the Cultural Revolution began (officially) in 1966 to 1969.


Tibet & Nepal are regions over a thousand years old and the first Dalai Lama was instituted in 1391, but the re-incarnation of the Dalai Lama's taking political power did not take place until the 5th Dalai Lama in 1617. Under Imperial China the original recognition Kublai Kahn (Grandson of Genghis Khan) gave to the first Tibetan Buddhists is not now recognised by Communist China, and the Tibetan region of Lhasa (the place of the Gods) which includes Nepal (south of Tibet into India) is now a region succeeded to Communist China. However the Kingdom of Nepal south of Tibet became a Republic in 2008, and instrumental in that change was the Chinese communist party which became the largest party in the new elections in the constituent assemblies in 2008. The pro-democracy movement in Nepal began in the early 1940's and when China invaded Tibet in October 1950, India (south of Nepal) sent troops to its borders to undermine any new Chinese threat on its Northern border. India was also divided in Kashmir into Pakistan and India from the British Empire in 1947. Britain before withdrawal signed a treaty with Nepal giving it the right to be an independent state, as did Bhutan next door.

China (north of Tibet) has insisted it will only place troops in Tibet, if India or any other nation tries to get to close to it. Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam are also religions of the area's. This has not been abided by.

China is also insisting that it chooses (by drawing lots from a hat or alternative methods) the next Dalai Lama. The difficulty here of course is that the Dalai Lama (15th) has to be re-incarnated. This is the tradition given to Gundun Drup the 1st Dalai Lama. He was promised by the guardian Spirit of the lake La-tso, protection in all the forthcoming re-incarnations of the future Dalai Lama establishing an eternal lineage. The Spirit is also shared with Hinduism and is in essence Shiva (the Spirit is the shakti of Shiva) one of the three gods of the Hindu trinity with Brahma and Vishnu. Brahma is also derived from Brahmin and Abrahmin (Abraham) of the Hebrews with Baraswati or Sarahswati who was Sarah and Abrahams' wife with Hagar.

The different line from the Tibetan tradition follows Avaloitervera (The Indian Lord of the Lotus) of the Tulkus who can re-incarnate and also choose their time and place of birth, the Dalai Lama is one of them. In this path you aspire to become a 'Bodhisattya' or 'Being of great compassion'. This title assumes the bearer of the title 'Holder of the white Lotus' which would (since the 14th century) precede the coming of the 'Buddha Maitreya', the great spiritual leader who would rule heaven and earth. Siddhārtha Gautama was considered as such and his image is in the Ajanata caves. For further information on the Buddha Maitreya see the Ajanta caves and their sacred geometry mystery or this video Ajanta caves Astro Archaeology (2.45 mins forward) or read the Bhagavad gita

If the above links do not work the following will relate the story.

In India (the Hindu / Vedic culture) the caves at Ajanta and Elora are carved in the same manner Cave 19 is orientated towards the winter solstice sunrise and cave 26 is orientated towards the summer solstice sunrise and the sun illuminates the stupas or statues of Buddha at these times, including one Buddha which seems to operating some kind of machinery and the caves are thought to be a astronomical observatory. When the sun entered, it allowed those within to ascend to Heaven, similar to the story of Muhammad ascending to heaven from Mount Moriah (Temple Mount in Jerusalem) The different line from the Tibetan tradition follows Avaloitervera (The Indian Lord of the Lotus) of the Tulkus who can re-incarnate and also choose their time and place of birth. The Dalai Lama is one of them. In this path you aspire to become a 'Bodhisattya' or 'Being of great compassion'. This title assumes the bearer of the title 'Holder of the white Lotus' which would (since the 14th century) precede the coming of the 'Buddha Maitreya', the great spiritual leader who would rule heaven and earth. Siddhārtha Gautama was considered as such and his image is in the Ajanata caves. Buddha Maitreya was also sacred to China and the early Ming dynasty was born out of this 'mandate from heaven' The Han dynasty also followed the Maitreya. (The ‘Madhi’) Islam awaits the coming Madhi.   Islam however rejects Hindu belief and thought, although the Kaaba cube is a Hindu Temple and has a ‘Shiva Linga’ upon it  (the ‘black stone’) which Islamic pilgrims kiss as they pass by it. 

See also the adjacent website and chapter 3a and post dated 9.9.2019, for the story of Petra and the Mihrab wall ? (in Mosques) A recent documentary entitled “The Sacred City of Mecca: Have We Got It Wrong? | TRACKS”  (or see here on youtube or the trailer for the film ) patiently explains a problem. All Mosques (the Mihrab wall) point towards Mecca for prayer, yet the earliest Mosques (roughly before the year 700 ad) point in their Mihrab walls to Petra in modern day Jordan.

Buddha Maitreya was also sacred to China and the early Ming dynasty was born out of this 'mandate from heaven' the Han dynasty also followed the Maitreya, and today they represent over 90 % of people in the Peoples Republic of China.

Therefore the communist party if trying to choose the next Dalai Lama could also choose the next Buddha Maitreya, who may become the next party chairman. However since the selection is likely to be random by random lottery, the subversion of this future leader (who could unite India, Tibet, Nepal and China) is of course not a spiritual choice. Marxist Leninism regards any kind of Spirituality as decadent and of course Karl Marx stated that religion was the opiate of the people.

Marxist Leninism is however a religion in itself.

Persecutions and ideologies

As mentioned China in 1966 instigated its Proletarian & Cultural Revolution. Immediately China's remaining cultural heritage was destroyed and interestingly today with its new capitalist revolution (building and development, price per metre frenzy) many older towns and villages are being bulldozed to make way for new apartments and shopping centres. Ironically China is also undertaking a vast expansion into the carbon credit trading platforms area with up to eight new platforms or exchanges being created. This philosophy lends to ecologically friendly villages designed in harmony with its surroundings. Japan and China have a history over millennia in harmonious design which is being destroyed to build new profitable 'western' compartments, which must also clash with the rejection of the profit incentive analysis and disdain Socialism aspires toward and which is heavily put down by the elite vanguard of the Marxist Leninists.

The Cultural Revolution sought to weed out imperialist liberal bourgeois element's and re-educate them by hard work and menial labour. Torture, imprisonment, brainwashing, paranoia, spying on each other, reporting of trivialities, poverty and authoritarian dictatorship sometimes administered by children who set up peoples courts to try offenders as counter revolutionaries (including members of their own families). Stalin had also engaged in massive paranoia as a way of preserving his position and power, the problem was you had to convince between 165 million and 175 million (approx) during the period of his reign that they were all under suspicion. In this way millions were easier to manage. Stalin's self admitted man made famine 'the Holodomor' caused the starvation of between 3.5 million and the premature death of infants of up to 6.5 million people in the Ukraine. Even Lenin in 1921 had asked to let the peasants starve, whilst Stalin literally did. Removing all ability to eat and travel.Others views of Lenin state he was a compassionate man.

Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia caused the deaths of over 2 million people from starvation, hard work, torture and executions. His agrarian reform was inspired by Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution. Time was to begin again from Day 1, year Zero, as was 'reducation'. (Nothing existed previously)

'He began by declaring, "This is Year Zero," and that society was about to be "purified." Capitalism, Western culture, city life, religion, and all foreign influences were to be extinguished in favour of an extreme form of peasant Communism'.

Pol Pot was a Marxist Leninist

'Most Marxists would recoil at the suggestion that Pol Pot is the logical conclusion of their social philosophy, yet any honest assessment of Marx's theory cannot conceal the fact that the radical egalitarianism of the Khmer Rouge is precisely what Marx predicted would be the ultimate culmination of all human history. It must be clearly kept in mind that industrial socialism, as it was known in the former Soviet Union and other mainstream Marxist states, is not the endpoint of Marx's philosophy of history. In his view, the abolition of capitalist production relations is only the first stage of the worldwide proletarian revolution'


'The Khmer Rouge leadership recognized that if the Communist ideal was incompatible with industrial civilization and an urban existence that a division of labour implies, then a principled Communism would have to thoroughly deurbanize society and eliminate all industry'

Following this stage of his new killing fields of labouring for 18 hours a day, psychological operations could also then begin. (described above).Not that the East was blazing the trail in new subjugation methods, the concentration camps which brutally imprisoned the Boars in South Africa (1899-1903) and later the Japanese Concentration camps of World War two which imprisoned mainly British soldiers allowed studies to be carried out on the victims. Marxist Leninism was itself based on social humanism which regarded some Humans as sub – human in any case (they had yet not evolved into Marxist Leninists)

Che Guevara as we will see in the next chapter 5, opposed Lenin (who re-instated temporary profit incentives known as the New Economic Program in order to help pay for the war, Stalin returned to it also) and instead wished to return to pure original Leninism of non-profit ideology, but even here he noticed (in both instances and in Stalin's later version) that it was impossible to have pure and perfect production under Marxism, or obviously under Capitalism. Driving humanity to achieve it and analysing this by economics alone brings this conclusion. For other Marxists this obvious impossibility was not enough and the deaths of tens of millions would be worth it to achieve perfection. Go up another level and you will find the mass organising of millions into Genocide as a deliberate policy. Disguised as helping to free the worker (although Marx mathematical analysis is sound) Unions collaborate with these initial rectifications of society to reach the next stage.

Unions, craft guilds and professional societies do not need Marxist – Leninism to protect their workers and they have been in existence for over a thousand years in some cases. Most Unions are sound institutions.

In the next chapter 5, Capitalism as redefined as opposing Marxism (not Adam Smith's Capitalism) is analysed also. Marxist Leninism opposes Capitalism, yet never quite seems to totally free the masses. Even modern advances in the standard of living have been eaten away by debt (personal and national) why is this ? why is humanity still enslaved after 150 years of Marxist Leninism. Its ultimate purpose is to cause change, but then to subjugate to Capital.

In the west this is much harder to achieve, but to do so you will find in almost every circumstance an irrational attack on people's right to openly practice spirituality. This does not mean 'religions' are always correct indeed the 'church' can be zealous persecutors (or have been) but the removal of the right to be spiritual is paramount for Communism.

In China a spiritual group who resisted the state were the Fulong Gong. (1998 – 2014) Not only did they experience prison and torture and psychological torture and testing but the profit motive was secured once more when up to 65,000 members were 'harvested' for their body organs. This was discussed within the Irish parliament Dail chambers and a motion opposing it was passed on July 11th 2013.

In the west this has been harder to achieve since spiritual and religious traditions have a long unbroken period in which the beliefs have found roots. Therefore medicine and psychology have become the areas to first destabilise such beliefs. Backed by many anti-depressants drugs the scientific and respectable profession (which would be unrecognisable even by Sigmund Freud today) has gleaned its healing from Military torture techniques (toned down) which employed such drugs to make the patient worse. Along with the financial situation the undermining of peoples ability to cope, without recourse to strong foodstuffs organic and full of vitamins, full time work as a right, an excess of income to enjoy, and a feeling of enjoying and knowing ones family all contribute to the destabilisation process. The psychology cure or similar backed by strong drugs and a follow up feeling ten times worse than before or permanent addiction is the point.

Never before in history have these methods been systematically placed upon a people. Through academia, into the professions any alternative belief or centuries old belief is slighted or frowned upon. It is often cited that a 'right of passage' by Native Americans or remote tribes in remote forests employ high drug use. Yet these were one off occasions as a spiritual journey. They were not a permanent addiction to chemicals. There are many natural remedies on the market, and healing and meditation as well as the inquiry into philosophy and spirituality and religion which are older and more established methods.

These techniques for national subversion are as follows;

Subversion under Soviet systems requires, Demoralisation, Destabilisation, Crisis, and then Normalisation (once conquered). Following these stage the intelligentsia who have taught either left or right theories are then no longer required, as such real revolution is not given to learn in Universities. Yet within this system of control the workers are also left behind, but real freedom is really connected to your time and working rate of pay. Aldous Huxley called for a totalitarian revolution and an ultimate revolution. Yet his breaking down of the human personality and austere outlook are incredibly unnatural. Capitalism is a stage in this revolution, Capitalism is just the other side of (assumed) Marxist Leninism. Capitalism is not free market orientated; a free market has never existed. Adam Smith wished for a free market yet Adam smith is considered by capitalists as the father of capitalism as it stands is not the method he espoused in his 'Wealth of Nations'. Disaster Capitalism (see Naomi Cline the 'Shock Doctrine' in chapter 5) is simply the other side of Marxist Leninism.

Therefore and it is an understatement the future for the Tibetan monks is difficult, they are experiencing forced immigration. Chinese nationals are forced upon the population to outlive and thrive over Tibetans, and this is classed as immigration. Joblessness, kidnappings and murders and racism. Tibetans face real racism every day. Naturally China would prefer to invade, but this form of takeover is much easier to disguise. All of this is coming from a 'Leftwing' administration, yet it is Fascism. This way of life is also opposed by many in China.

President Obama is perhaps conflicted between the Central Organising committee of the Communist Party of China and Islamic Jihad Tibet is still suffering ethnic cleansing at the hands of China, whilst the West watches.

President Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member (& President Obama Secret Muslim Brotherhood Member ) and an Elite Leninist. Yet not even Lenin was not an 'Elite Leninist' as he did not live long enough, what does this say to the ordinary working class Leninist's ? Are spiritual views in any country considered superfluous?

He is also a Christian? who wants the USA to become a Communist and a Leninist nation ? Any member of Eastern Europe under Stalinist occupation will tell you Elite Leninism or Oligarchical Collectivism betrayed 'the people' many decades ago. The recent uprisings in the Ukraine display this very well. Elections mean ones faith or politics has to change to appeal to all, yet the West is asking is Obama/ Soetoro a Christian. ?

Answering this question has become a political question not a spiritual concern. Curiously this centers around the need to actually identify Obama's father or more accurately where his father was born. The overwhelming amount of news on this suggests Obama was not eligible to stand for President as he is not a US citizen as his father may be Kenyan, as Obama may be himself by birth, or more remotely from Indonesia or Hawaii, and it seems Obama/ Soetoro has lived in all three locations, with father, stepfather and his mother. Other suggestions are he exchanged birth certificates with his brother(s) and or stepbrother. Some records show he was born in Hawaii his father Barack Obama Snr was a Muslim and a Communist and was born in Kenya but lived in Hawaii for many years. He had a political opponent in Kenya in President Jomo Kenyatta, who was also a Christian but who briefly participated with Communism in his early career. Obama / Soetoro Jnr became an Anglican at an early age, but also later a Muslim Communist in Malaysia where his stepfather surnamed Soetoro was Whilst some have concerns over the place of birth, for eligibility as President reasons, the vast amount of media seems to draw Obama back to his Kenyan origins ? Is the story to deflect from deeper issues ?

The story centers on Obama alleged intervention in a Kenyan presidential election to ensure Mohamed Abduba Dida the Muslim candidate in a majority Christian country of Kenya (85%) becomes president. Obama is reputed to have given Dida's election campaign $1 million to assist the potential presidential candidate, and whilst this donation drove his campaign higher in the polls Dida eventually lost to Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. Obama has amassed a personal fortune of $15 million since becoming President so this is possible, but since this type of deal could have been sent anonymously it a strange story to perpetuate.

Another reason it is taken seriously is Ethiopia which is 64% christian with 31% Muslim was ravaged by famines in its past but now Ethiopia is opening up its economy to Kenya . The problem is Kenyan communism or former Marxist Leninist Ethiopian communism (or Obama / Soetoros' communism) is not very popular in Ethiopia as the brutal Dictator and Genocidal madman Mengistu Haile Mariam who was responsible for the deaths of up to 1.5 Million people in Ethiopia as its President from 1974 to 1987 as part of the (so called) Communist military Junta. The connections to Obama Snr and Mengistu would not be popular with many voters. Mengistu was found guilty of Genocide in 2006 his lack of interest (making the country a mass prison without access to food or water) in his population resulted in the infamous famines of Ethiopia of the early 1980's which sparked Bob Geldof, Midge Ure and the Live Aid concerts His brand of Marxism/Secular Humanism resulted in Mengistu (personally ) killing Emperor Haile Selassie 1st, who of course was the chosen leader of the Rastafarian movement and its spirituality or 'way of life' The current Ethiopian president is Mulatu Teshome Wirtu (shown here meeting with Obama, and who replaced Hailemariam Desalegn) he was educated in China and under the TPLF or the Marixst Leninist Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (which is also largely blamed for Ethiopia's 'green famine' in 2006-2008) The current ruling EPRDF (four parties in one coalition) however includes the TPLF who opposed Mengistu, and they had support in the early 1990's from the USA but the EPRDF & TPLF were also criticized for human rights, torture, rape and executions against civilians in the long 30 year war. Colonel Gaddafi praised Obama (and his father) when he came into office in 2008 as a Muslim son of Africa, yet Gaddafi was killed by 'Obama'? Obama praised Nelson Mandela and Nelson Mandela stated Colonel Gaddafi was the greatest African freedom fighter who ever lived ? Gadaffi assisted Mengistu Haile Mariam responsible for up to 1.5 - 2 million deaths in Ethiopia. ( hence the ongoing story of Obama's funding of Mohamed Abduba Dida which would be a politically devastating for Ethiopians) The truth is Ethiopians have been through more famine since live aid which did alleviate their situation, their beliefs were brought to them nearly 3000 years ago from King Solomon and Israel.

The Ethiopian Genocide and the USA Presidential election 2016. 

20.09.2016  During the US election campaign the issue becomes important. Why was Obama's father involved with the Communist party ( Maoists) and why has the "birther " issue alone become the central point of concern when the Genocide of Eithopiopians by Muslims and Communists is lost ? To reiterate Mengistu Haile Mariam is pictured here with Fidel Castro    Barack Obama Senior was a communist with Mengistu Haile Mariam and opposed to Kenya's President Jomo Kenyatta and Haile Selassie. Jomo kenyetta who as President had named streets after Haile Selassie (Bob Marley and other Rastafarian's regard Selassie as their spiritual leader) Mengistu Haile Mariam killed Haile Selassie.  

This is the real fraud of Barack Obama as the elite Leninist Islamist (Islam which opposes Zion and Rastafarianism as does Communism) The media has hidden this and it is obscured by red herring issues such as Obama's birth certificate and student ID which names Obama as Barry Soetoro ?  why ? Donald Trump has said Obama was born in the USA,  such is the level of confusion and/or "political correctness" at election times and even though Obama / Soetoro admits he was born in Kenya (see 2 paragraphs further down)  yet this claim originated with Hillary Clinton in 2008 (the time when Obama called Hillary Clinton a liar  but he has now endorsed her ?  ) Hillary Clinton the eugenicist (see the adjacent website and chapter  3 and the end of chapter 3 and Brexit) whilst Obama is a genocidal maniac with Hillary Clinton. 

The denial of a Genocide (and which also includes millions of abortions) is also seen in the Christian Genocide ongoing from 2011 to date (see the adjacent website and Obama has refused to admit this genocide also which was overseen by Clinton and Obama in the US state department. This is why Obamas half - brother Malik is going to vote for Donald Trump  because the real news on this issue has not surfaced ( and these half issues are genuinely confusing) but are also hidden by the communists and socialist press (so called) 

Angelina Jolie has condemned Obama for the genocide in the Middle East against Christians and Jews, but which is obliterated by the Obama "birther" story itself a distraction from the Ethiopian genocide and Obama's father. Obama should apologise for this, for his fathers connection to the Ethiopian genocide. Clinton and Obama should aplogise and face arrests for the Christian genocide. Ben Carson in 2014 has asked Obama to come clean on his secret past, and the birther certificate confusion. The real reasons are nothing to do with Obama's birth, but most bizarre of all is Obama / Soetoro says himself on camera that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii or USA ?  (or here )

Further, Kenya deports illegal immigrants in 2014 and Somalia deports Kenyan  illegal immigrants 2015 who both cannot vote in Kenya or vice versa or work without papers ? and including deported Muslims.(Islamic terrorists Al Shabaab who enter illegally to take over the country and kill Christians) Americans cannot vote in Kenya ? or any other country (when born outside of that country and this is regular normal practice worldwide)

For those who are bemused but who have just heard of or witnessed the ongoing Christian genocide in the middle east (and are aware of the Ethiopian Genocide) they must realise that the same approach of destruction, lies and false emotion ( but nowhere as serious yet) is attempted by similar minds in the West and the USA against  Christians by the (so-called) left (and against any and all types of spirituality or faith) The Ethiopian famine is happening again ( Aug 2015 & still ongoing see here  and / or here as is the ongoing war  ) yet the only issue is the political "pc" red herrings the democratic party have shaped by employing racism claims against critics to hide the truth.

Chairman Mao (Stalin and Mengistu Haile Mariam  ) are psychopaths and the Dalai Lama and Tibet / Nepal are only too aware of it, as despite military help and aid they are still being persecuted in Tibet today (genocide and/or population displacement as a subtle alternative)

Buddhism has also not fared very well under Islamic Marxist Leninism inspired by Secular Humanism in Africa. Many speculate the continuous confusion and speculation is to avoid voters feeling uncomfortable with a President of America who has connections (also through his father) to the Ethiopian president and ideology who murdered Haile Selassie 1st and who is also responsible for the deaths of 1.5 million people. Ironically the political titles like secular humanism have nothing to do with Karl Marx original theory on economics Das Capital. Christians in the middle east (see and chapter 3 and towards the end of the chapter) which has occurred since 2001, and especially since the Arab spring (2010 / 2011) and one in which Egyptian Coptic Christians were slaughtered, raped and burned the Arab Muslim nature of the uprising belongs to Elite Marxism (oligarchical collectivism secular humanism), under which it is possible to also be a practicing Muslim.

The continued speculation on whether Obama is Muslim (and here in the last link Ethiopians blame the Saudis and Islamist s) as his brother is or whether he also has Ethiopian Jewish heritage (grandfather or before) allows voters to choose their safest option but also distracts from the countries real problems of famine and drought. Since and including the 2008 elections, elections in Ethiopia have been corrupt and famine and drought has been less severe but widespread.Famine aid has also been stolen by rebels for armaments. Economics and poverty, but many blame the selling of Ethiopia to China by Obama. Corruption is still likely for the 2015 elections. according to Ethiopians the TPLF overwhelmingly rigged elections (this is how Communist Mengistu Haile Mariam came to power, and how Ethiopians suffered Genocide)

What is known for certain is the Ethiopians were subject to Genocide,(Rastafarian and Lost tribes. Rastafarian's are descended through Solomon and Sheba, as a part of Judah but not a part of the original 12 tribes mentioned in Genesis 49, and Numbers 33 & Numbers 36. Two tribes replaced in Numbers 2,1 -29 made 14 in total but 12 eventually again with the tribe of Levi or Levites in the book of Leviticus as Priests who could not own land. Solomon lived 400 years after this time. By the time of the New Testament and in James 1, verse 1, the verse suggests the word 'lost' should be instead the word 'scattered' as they are included as recipients of James letter sent to Europe and the 'far off isles' and to the East ), Obama's father (who was a Muslim) and birth certificate distracts from the Communist parties involvement in that genocide. Obama attended the Jeremiah Wright Church 'Trinity United Church of Christ' which preached 'Black Theology' (which suggests opposing it, there is a white theology or that a 'white' theology is acceptable)but is overtly political against Jerusalem (Theologically and Politically) but which is not the brand of Martin Luther King (lines blurred between liberation theology and faith occur throughout history but the Islamic tone, and the bizarre ''Chrislam" ideas which are political ideology). Obama has distanced himself from the church, but now attends (once a year) the camp David Baptist church near Washington. The Southern Baptists have rejected planned parenthood as racist but as also genocide (Obama supports Planned parenthood and Margret Sanger )

Dr Ben Carson who is an election candidate in the USA, states Obama is a communist, and as an Atheist (as communism suggests) it is impossible to be a Christian or a Muslim. Every political candidate will have an opinion on another, (Donald Trump for example) but the media debate is missing something much more important regarding genocide ? The distraction from Mengistu Haile Mariam and his aims seem more important than proving where President Obama was born which is a distraction for political ends. The rightwing traditionally are viewed as fascists and the leftwing are simply reactionary against fascism, but in fact there is an attack on nationalism at any cost which includes breaking down spirituality and the family.This occurs in Europe and Africa. In Ethiopia it has the added destruction of ancient faith as a target, which ties us all back to older views. Nationalists preserve their history and country against invasion and protect workers, whilst the workers of the world franchise their rights to an ideology which has long since abandoned workers and does not value human life. This is the experience of the Dalai Lama in Tibet and Nepal and of course people in China. Marxism does not view a nations ancient history as relevant to the nation or its individuals in any nation. Exploitation is unwelcome, perpetrated by nationalist's or communists

Whether it is 'Ebola' (and the misinformation about it spreads, with many African villages saying the have no help from the national government, and they have to do it all themselves ? with very low funding) or Mass Genocide the total disrespect for life is the same. Secular Humanism which hijacked economic teachings now known as Elite Marxism produce the same result. (Rastafarian's in Ethiopia, Buddhists in Nepal/ Tibet, Falun Gong in China, or protesters in Hong Kong or Christians in Ethiopia and Kenya). In Egypt or the wider middle east Christians in the USA are considered the same.This is why Americans want to see the Democratic party candidates (Obama's) birth certificate of which there are different dates and versions which define his exact upbringing and wider questions such as the future of Ethiopia, but also because US citizens feel betrayed by the Democratic party, why the deception ?

Ukrainians are asking why the West may abandon them and will Nato invade East Ukraine with them and the other international forces in their co-alition (as a co-alition has decided to go to war in the middle east paving the way for ground troops to takeover) in effect it is the same question Tibet and Hong Kong are asking. From New York to Moscow, London to Jerusalem and Washington to Rome the world is watching. Would a new president in the USA provide an alternative fuel supply such as natural gas (which would involve fracking USA everywhere and exporting LNG to Europe) and oil which Ukraine is replete with. Initial fuel drilling could supply Ukraine on a 51% nationalised basis to help its internal economy, with 49% to private investors for a period and until Ukraine joins the EU. This Norway type arrangement (see chapter 3) in part will help Ukraine achieve a national trust fund as Norway currently enjoys, keeping as much as possible without spending ad hoc to rejuvenate its economy and invest in massive renewable energy smart grid infrastructure which Austrian and German (50 to 80% renewables) and American companies can expertly provide. The European Supergrid can export excess renewable energy to Ukraine now as it is a part of the grid as well as conventional electricity also.Ukraine will fight on until it is free having watched the suppression in Chechyna and its own country since 1920.

Further and since Nelson Mandela has passed away (RIP) a year after black and white police killed 34 miners striking in Africa, and of course this is opposed by black and white in South Africa. Obama (Real name Barry Soetoro ) who would oppose Mandela in political philosophy as Nelson Mandela was a Nationalist and an advocate of Armed insurrection. Obama supports Gun Control in the USA. Opposing nationalists in the USA, & the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution? The Obama administration whilst condemning the school shootings in the USA has encouraged the invasion of Syria and Africa killing hundreds of Thousands of people, whilst also supplying armaments to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia which is an Apartied Nation etc. ?

The continued atrocities against the Tibetan people, considering Obama has visited Buddha temples is symptomatic of the hypocrisy against minorities the Communist Party of China takes and one which Obama supports. To explain this (and the Dalai Lama as we shall read later on has suggested he is both a Marxist Buddhists, but has also been a Capitalist Buddhist, but has also remained ultimately a Buddhist) Obama is a Leninist ('Elite Leninist') whilst China under Chairman Mao moved away from the Soviets when Stalin died. Stalin is rumoured to have assisted in killing Lenin. President Putin is from the school of Stalin and the Stasi but has more than other Soviet leader articulated that ideology is perhaps not as important as people.

There is no intervention as yet by Obama or his administration in Tibet? (as with Africa, Syria, Iraq and with ISIS) Obama has met the Dalai Lama 3 times since 2010, yet the latest occasion (Feb 2014) the Dalai Lama was kept from a formal meeting in the Oval office and instead met with President Obama in the White House map Room as in the 2010 (it is unlikely the Dalai Lama was too concerned on formalities) The White House map room is the war situation room, and is considered of less importance. No press photographs were allowed and Obama confirmed he was not supporting Tibet independence nor was the Dalai Lama seeking it.(China condemned the meeting) For people wishing to urge stronger support for the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Independence you can lobby or support the following people as the Tibet situation is in crisis since February 2014.

John Kerry has appointed Sarah Sewall, as a Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues. Her details are as follows. ( MARO, & ) Sarah Sewall is the founder and Faculty Director of the Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO & Sarah Sewall ) Project (the link has a handbook on its doctrines) This is a tremendous boost for the security of Tibet and it must be welcomed around the world.

President Obama also has his own foundation The foundation supports a new library and one book which is not particularly uplifting or spiritually exciting is the following book ( or here) (or here) It is nevertheless helpful and can provide many financial solutions to Trafficking slavery, Atrocities and help to enforce Human rights (of course if the world has reduced human rights or no equal human rights equally it is not a policy worth pursuing)It is an incredible book which proves economics can be positive or negative. Solutions which are achievable economically should be researched as the situation deteriorates.

The background to the political problem for the Dalai Lama in recent election history began in 2008 when Obama sent the Dalai Lama a letter, that letter is here. (July 2008) pledging support for religious freedom. (independence and religious freedom are big issues nationally in the USA) However it was Republican Senator John McCain who met the Dalai Lama on that occasion as the website and letter relate. Since 2008, and since Obama (or other world leaders) met him in February 2014 the situation has worsened considerably. Self immolations have been a feature of the response by Tibetans as they are forced to endure forced immigration, 're-education' (similar to Chairman Mao's or Pol Pots ideology) beatings and killings, some have occurred since Feb 2014 and the Dalai Lamas last visit in which it looks like China is dictating the USA foreign policy to Obama. Elections and political parties aside the only hope Tibet and Nepal have is for strongly enforced autonomy or independence.

MARO or the Mass Atrocity Response Operations could become a very important initiative for the military, Tibet/Nepal according to the Dalai Lama have undergone a slow 'cultural genocide' yet despite this the economic / political pressures can cause an entire nation to drop a case against China, as Spain has dropped its Genocide case against China a few months ago. Brought by a Tibetan Monk who lives in Spain, and has followed directions as laid down by the ICJ (International Commission of Jurists) However the planned Genocide continues.

It is Chinas interest to allow a national Tibetan autonomy to flourish otherwise complete independence is the only option. Nepal also. Contrast this against the situation in the Ukraine where military solutions are sought and won and the Ukraine is also seeking the return of the Crimea, which they see as inexplicably partitioned from them. With the establishment of ( MARO & MARO ) will Republicans achieve more than the Democrats in Tibet, and what can they bring to the table for Tibet. A first step would be too allow an autonomous economy to take root in Tibet allowing economic independence to flourish strengthening autonomy. With 100% organic food (see Bhutan) and renewable energy production to complete independence. Bhutan again (there are not too many renewable energy wars raging on the planet) There are numerous ideas within this page, although the Dalai Lama is a successful 'developer' in his own right. Whilst many point out the problems of agriculture in elevated regions (mountains) Shangri – la may have legends associated with it, but often high elevated areas have gorges of fertile lands which suddenly appear in contrast to their surroundings. These regions have been located. The Tsango River Gorge has a romantic history and also a more recent troubled history (as a local village is mysteriously burnt to the ground to the dismay of Tibetans and people worldwide)

The cultural genocide (which includes the destruction of over 600 monasteries in the 'Great leap forward' (1958 – 1961) when up to one million Tibetans were massacred is symptomatic of China's intolerance based upon its hybrid Marxist stance. Whilst pledging liberation for the masses it systematically destroys anything at odds with its philosophy. Tibet has a written constitution which was accepted, leaving Tibet as an autonomous region in 1950 but with a non – Tibetan communist party member as head of Tibet. As the Dalai Lama was forced to leave Tibet, 'autonomy' was in effect meaningless. It is this form of autonomy which has to change, as autonomy amidst genocide is intolerable. The current Tibet constitution was completed in 1963. (in exile)

The USA also has a written constitution which is 100 years older than the Communist manifesto. Yet it is also being eroded and changed without the consent of the people. Many argue that native Americans have not benefited from the US constitution but Marxism and Capitalism are equally alien to Native Americans who also are aware of the 'great spirit in the sky' a belief which Buddhism and Christianity share. The rights of the individual are set aside for the rights of the proletariat or 'society' (but to repeat if you have no rights equally, then equal rights are pointless) Elite Leninism (which is an elitist movement which hijacked Russia's economic reforms in 1907 1917) is an elitist and destructive philosophy which will seek to remove the constitution and your rights and freedom by all means. Individuals of course create society naturally, Buddhism teaches care and consideration for all things, whilst the US constitution enshrines freedom to allow a free society, and it has stood the test of time.

These atrocities in Tibet and Nepal include as mentioned replacing Tibetans with Chinese nationalists, round ups and torture and ordered assassinations against the Monks and Tibetan peoples. FREE TIBET NOW. Free Tibet from Elite Leninism or oligarchical collectivism and allow Tibet to practice its own spirituality freely as Free People. China has a long and noble history (Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, Han. Yip Man was a master of Confucianism, including Lao Tzu & studied Wing Chun ) and a true ancient culture which should encompass all views. Spirituality should be allowed to flourish and freedom is a right which should be protected.


Family planning as an ideology

Cultural Marxism  video entitled "what is critical theory" & version which is 7 minutes 36 seconds long, (or here by Breibart ) These videos can lead to broken links as they move or are removed on you tube and  which are named in the dialogue below. The theory has many aims but ultimately seeks to eradicate spirituality.

Tibet and other persecuted countries have experienced genocide and a concerted effort to rid them of their lands and even the right to exist. (ethnic cleansing) The slow invasion of Chinese Communists replacing Tibetans. Stalin, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution sought rigorous and brutal control, after which 'normalisation' was introduced and a softer option of controlling a population was put into practice. Mengistu Haile Mariam targeted Ethiopians specifically as a racist communist policy. Ten million Ukrainians were killed by communist forces. How did concern for the worker become a genocidal killing machine ? Control was all consuming for those people. Not just in the workplace but also in the home and then in the family. Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution as mentioned also required children to report their parents for 'suspicious' counter revolutionary activity. (these parents could be executed) Following the maxim that if you control the child you will control the man in later years. China also instigated a policy of abandoning all female children (many left in the wilderness to starve as infants or be eaten alive by predators) because the females were outnumbering males and the population would become unbalanced. (it was decreed) Nature it is believed would not or could not correct itself, and incredibly parents believed this situation or were so afraid and left their children to die.

This horrifies people in the West, yet 'the ideology' (not all the practices) over many years has taken a softer approach and is now accepted policy in the west. It is not even noticed that millions of abortions occur every day worldwide, and some in clinics which offer abortion and adoption in the same building ? Clinics which advise on pro-life beliefs do not exist as there is no funding for them. The protection of woman is cited as being pro-choice yet no one protects the woman as babies who are aborted? Breaking down the family is a concerted effort one in which some Gay rights activists state they supported gay rights to destroy marriage. Others who are more conservative have suggested much of the 'ideology' is not for them ? and here is why.

Staunch feminists castigate male couples for naming themselves mother and father of their adopted child. Fathers in abortion matters are not considered as half owners of the baby, only the female rights are considered (except the female baby to be aborted) Other adopted children by transgender couples encourage their young children to have sex changes before they are 10 years of age. (this is legal abuse of children) All done in the name of 'rights'. Atheists insist that gay couples marry in Churches and take legal cases against churches when a church possibly a mile away will marry the couple anyway, but they insist they do not believe in God, but the churches should be sued if they disagree which is of course also discrimination. It is a further cause of confusion when Richard Dawkins says he cannot be sure God does not exist. No conscience clause (yet) is allowed for those who disagree, whilst conscience is cited as a reason against going to war ? by the same activists. Activists (instead of genuine human rights seekers) paid by lawyers eventually reveal themselves. Divorce children suicides, child trafficking and prostitution and abuse are common and it is now mooted that paedophiles be classed as a gender in order that they can marry and legally adopt children. Does this all occur by chance or is there a design behind it ?

Underpinning the ideology is the incorrectly named Marxist doctrine born from the Communist manifesto. Many people wanted an end to poverty and oppression and some of the Communist manifesto suggests this. Marx wrote a thesis on ending slavery by providing workers with a formula to show they were exploited. Years later in the communist manifesto the family and ownership were castigated and all manner of social requirements were added to qualify as a Marxist but was their any real connection from Marx, to the 20th century genocidal maniacs mentioned above. Coupled with this is the dilemma of Charles Darwin (who stole the thesis from his Grandfather Erasmus who could not finish his Eugenics thesis as it did not stand up to scrutiny) faced, which meant that if evolution is true, then there are different species of humans on earth, instead of just one species of the human race. If you believe there are more than one then you are a genuine racist, if you believe there is just one species of the human race then you are not a racist as of course you are the 'race' etc. Choosing which side of the fence you are on is that simple. Admiring your own national heritage is not racist whichever continent you are born upon including Europe. How they (the different species of the human race) arrived on earth and on different continents is underpinned by other unproven assumptions of which the following accounts are but a sample.

According to evolutionary theory (and it still an unproven theory) we originated slowly evolving out of the primordial swamp which according to Dr Francis Crick (winner of the Noble Peace Prise for discovering the double helix Structure of DNA, the human blue print within each cell) and his associate Leslie Orgel claimed that 'spontaneous generation' of these cells did not occur by chance. They are cited as proving evolutionary theory but in effect they disproved it and admit it ? They therefore base their scientific discovery of DNA (matter) on the mystery schools and on the reincarnation of the Soul which awakes from the primordial swamp to encounter matter from mind, this theory existed millennia before they studied chemistry.

In 1953 Stanley Miller (a graduate of biochemistry, who became Dr Stanley Miller) proposed an experiment and set it up, at fist it seemed to generate amino acids in a collection of laboratory glasses tubes and vials. Yet the boiling water, steam and vacuum connections also had a 'trap' or tube to prevent soluble organic products from breaking down. Mixing in Hydrogen, methane and ammonia and water an electrical current was passed into the mix. After a few days' amino acids appeared, yet in nature there is no natural trap, and this trap did not appear by chance but was placed into the experiment by a higher mind. (i.e. Stanley Millers mind)

Piltdown man discovered a few miles form Charles Darwin's home in Down in Kent was on display for forty years or so in the British Museum before it was discovered to be a complete hoax. The Hoax discovered by Arthur Keith a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and Hunterian Professor. It is thought Teilhard de Chardin and Darwin were the fraud artists. Other so called species such as Nebraska man and Peking man are catalogued blatant frauds but remain on the educational curriculum as fact ? the other species in some cases are simply human with advanced rickets (freezing weather causing calcium build up on bones) reclassified as a new human species. Again to complete the absurd, others are Ape skulls with human torso attached found nearby.

The Piltdown man fraud is told here. Its an incredible situation which begins with Victorian families visiting the British natural history museum and continues on into the 1950's. Around this time some inquisitive people asked for a forensic examination, which when completed found that half the bones were humans and half were apes and were of different dates. 'Lucy' or ' Australopithecus' as 'Lucy' is known scientifically was also examined again. This time and a bone which was part of the original 'bag of bones' and examination was actually discovered to be a baboon bone and not human but the same as baboon bones which are still alive today.  Since the discovery in 1974 forensics also show it is not 3.2 million years old but only a few thousand years and is a small monkey head attached onto a small half human half primate body. No hands of feet were discovered? and it's not certain if it is male or female. This is the (  by Dr. David Menton PhD in Biology at Washington University of Medicine ) best specimen of an example of a missing link or evolution ever found. If your Australian it could be a mind-blowing discovery to realise the OZ skeleton is a monkey and not human or it could be a confirmation that you thought the whole scam was nonsense to begin with.

Nebraska man (the theory is the monkeys/ape men are spread around the world and evolved from different swamps in different parts of the world until they met and began fighting with each other, although some shared food and eventually bred with the new tribe. Many however just branched off separately and decided or were unfortunate to stay as Monkeys and their tribe remain as Monkeys to this very day, oblivious to the lost opportunities others have enjoyed) discovered in 1917 was modeled from the constituent parts to enable the public to realise what Nebraska man would have looked like. Nebraska man looked like this in the minds of Columbia University the London natural history and paleontology experts. For years and having survived two world wars and the Blitz a curious person looking at the exhibit wondered if it was real. A new examination was carried out including obtaining the original source documents and journals. The skeleton (a deceased human burial) was a human skeleton which was not found in the area of the dig of the pig's tooth. The pigs tooth and the rest of the representation of Nebraska man is not a real part of any discovery. Further the man who discovered the pigs tooth (which is all Nebraska man is) in Nebraska, i.e. Harold Cook was also a farmer, and pigs were kept in the area. Further still the type of pig or breed was a south American breed which are not extinct but which was possibly imported and turned into a breakfast of bacon and eggs. If you are from Nebraska you should be very annoyed.

Peking man was stolen when Japan invaded China in world war 2 it is the missing, missing link but plaster casts are kept (of something) Originally it was named 'Misanthropes Pekinensis' but is now recognized as Homo erectus or the original skeleton discovered by Dubois in 1890. It is a cast of a large Monkey that's what it looks like exactly. There are very few missing link skeletons and ape heads and they are getting fewer diminishing year by year. Originally there were thought to be many different species (as the theory before discovery was thought to require different evolution points worldwide for different evolution swamp origins in the primordial soup or swamp )  Now there are only a handful of species the majority of which are discredited frauds and those remaining are only in theory, and which which revert to Homo Erectus as types of Homo Erectus but which are in reality Monkey heads. Peking man was thought to be 750,000 years old but in fact the caves around the area also held the 'dragon bones' fraud in dragon bone quarry,  in China, which are correctly dated (but which are not dragons) however to 5000 or 6000 years ago although dating has a 4 or 5 % error average either side of the total. 4000 years ago, seems nearer the mark.

Fraudulent fossils are dismissed in science but are kept in the school books as fact. The original Homo Erectus or Java man is a gibbon and not a human and a gibbon like those we still have today. The famous Monkey scopes court trial discovered evolution was false and not valid but is portrayed as exactly the opposite today. When the case was lost, the media rounded on the town and said John T Scopes was being persecuted for his beliefs and the issue of evolution was lost and he was then vilified and allowed to go on teaching what is now (with increased forensics and logic and common sense) complete nonsense due to press hysteria and sympathy which obscured the facts. These liberal issues continue today. 

What is going on? as many of the explorers into these issues were genuine and sincere in their (consequentially) massive errors. Others knew the frauds were frauds as they planned and carried out the deception. Consider this tribe in the Amazon they are not extinct or half men / monkeys but real human beings who hunt and capture monkeys for food. (hunt with blowpipes or bows and arrows) This has continued for thousands of years and gibbons, apes and chimps were also eaten. Every continent has such activities and remains in tribal settlements as food was hunted in every tribe and continues today.Their remains were put into a dump or pit and were close to the tribes natural burial grounds. Enemies slain were also placed in such pits or rubbish dumps. The ground which was laid down only thousands of years ago but which is assumed to be millions of years old as you go down into the ground. Completely ridiculous theories have then been cobbled together. It's incredible.

Monkeys are still hunted today and a species has recently become extinct. Apes, Monkeys and primates have been eaten globally wherever they have lived for thousands of years and not just by humans (they simply provided protein, tasted good and were numerous like cattle or chickens. The Chinese han dynasty dates back 2000 years bc) Europe included, which had indigenous primates. 

Recent finds (such as this announced on the 9.5.2017 by the BBC and Prof Lee Berger from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, Prof John Hawks from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, named 'Homo Naledi' found in a cave in South Africa is thought to have bred with Homo Sapiens (Homo Erectus couldn't manage it) cites 'Lucy' (the Lucy Fraud) as connected but separate species, and looks like two skulls half human and half ape arranged placed together. The BBC cite it as fact without an all round analysis of other views ? yet since the source of the ideas are held to be sound no one questions the editorial. 

Again on 7.6.2017 ('Neanderthal Man' and Woman and 'Jebel Irhoud' man ) The BBC re-announce the first of our kind (meaning 'homo sapiens') is found in Morocco announce the BBC ? Citing a discovery made ten years ago by Professor Hublin of Leipzig university, which consists of a Human Skeleton announced as (now) 350,000 years old but was originally dated 160,000 bc, (ten years ago) at a period between thee dates when Humans actually 'emerged' (it is a human skeleton or only a jaw bone and did not live hundreds of thousands of years ago) It was even dated at 40,000 years old  at one point. Known as 'Jebel Irhoud' it  was first announced in 2007 as 160,000 years (or 40,000 years old) and was only a jawbone, but now includes 'specimens' which may not be the same skeleton but the eventual the reconstruction shows that it is ? This proves according to Professor Hublin that many ape men evolved from many sources (and he is at pains to point this out) and not from one source (repeated many times) Professor Hublin says; "The teeth bore some resemblance to those of living humans, but the shape seemed strangely primitive". Primitive is word which means different in shape but could also be advanced, the Neanderthal man fraud with 'unusual skull' which is only a reconstruction and was simply a Scandinavian burial ground of people who had 'rickets' which causes calcium build up on skulls and bones due to extreme cold from a lack of sun and vitamin D deficiency. Ask anyone in Scandinavia today. The Neanderthal man skull is like this or this  This is all that was found of Neanderthal man, note only 1/3 of a skull was found.  "It did not make sense," he added. Dr. Hublin, now at the Max Planck Institute, recalled in an interview. He continues by describing flint spears and stone axes which are also used in the medieval period 500 yeas ago as well as Iron and bronze age. Dr Hublin says " The people of 'Jebel Irhoud' most likely made them for many purposes, putting some on wooden handles to fashion spears"  &  "Prof Hublin's excavation has further revealed that these ancient people had employed stone tools and had learned how to make and control fire. So, not only did they look like Homo sapiens, they acted like them as well"  Perhaps ! they were them ? and indeed both Jebel Irhoud and Neanderthal have now been classified or re-classified as Human after years of misinformation and plaster cast artistic opinions, which fit the theory after the fact. The activities of Jebel Irhoud sound like tribes in the Amazon (and others ) today and could be dated to around 5000 years (or even in the last few months) They are perpetuated in the press as fact, and paleontology is also big business. Darwin reputedly abandoned evolution and became a Christian. 

What is going on here? The finds are required to underpin Social Darwinism, humanism or secular humanism and dialectical materialism and relativism as fact. This supports liberalism as a political fact and neo-liberalism which does not recognize we have rights under God but views are rights as equal rights but no rights equally. Neo Conservatism rejects these frauds. There are not many human races, only one. 'Race- ism' begins on the left. These ideas which are supposed to require 'critical thinking' do not allow facts or science to interrupt their dialogue. Only evolution can be taught which is a form of fascism without intelligent design and creation.

The following video points out further facts and contradictions. (entitled on you tube; A Question That Atheist Evolutionist Couldn't Answer)  or full film version here called 'Evolution versus God' you tube (Others here or here )

and the truth about DNA, you tube, "The Signs of God's Existence Documentary Full Length"     (which also shows the Koran is copied from the earlier Torah and Old Testament and New Testament. Islam today is a form of revised Hinduism in practice)


DNA - God's amazing programming; evidence for his existence.

The excellent ' Evolution Achilles Heel'  the trailer here   and Audience reaction to the film (or to purchase here )

The Eugenicist (biological determinist, or herediterian) Cyril Burt whose papers on genetic behaviour types (and who was knighted by George VI in 1946) upheld everything that Galton the Eugenicist sought to prove was also shown to have falsified his research on educational psychology over decades. (Eugenics which underpins 'racism' was developed on the 'left' not on the right) This was discovered by Professor Hearnshaw not just in the research statistics but which also included inventing non-existent colleagues to write supportive articles in the British Journal of Psychology.

Further research by Franz Boas a German Jewish anthropologist showed errors in Burt's research in any case, (fraud or fair) although Boas a member of the German socialist revolution of 1848, he felt the abortive coup at its roots were in error. The Jewish or German argument views itself as superior over the other, but assimilation of Jewish people into the Aryan has also occurred, whilst some Germans of non Jewish origin have converted to Judaism.

Sigmund Freud who was a Cocaine addict (Of the Frankfurt school of psychology and Nietzsche was an Opium addict) who influenced his Nephew Edward Bernay's 'Propaganda' which set the tone for business management techniques and educational theories (today) which have influenced outcome based education. The possibility that the young are brainwashed from a young age to consume along certain lines is immense. The Frankfurt school of psychology was very helpful in its techniques for Hitler's propaganda machine and also to Stalin's mass psychosis of paranoia inflicted upon the Russian people. Freud's patients developed cocaine psychosis whilst Nietzsche went temporarily insane and died later of a stroke. Whilst the new Marxism of state communism spread into Russia in 1917, then travelled west into Germany. The problem was communism did not sit well with the ancient 'Volks' (folk) traditions and origins in Russia or Germany and Science is showing that ancient societies were advanced civilisations. Since we have not therefore evolved but have regressed reactionary forces against communism went to the total other extreme. Europe was then given a narrow choice between both camps.


Examples of Soviet / Communist, Cultural Marxism 'overpopulation' concerns and wars to advance the revolution which includes the new ideas on family planning.

This stark choice for Europe caused the biggest invasion of Europe by Soviet forces in 1939 (bigger than D,DAY even) when the vast Stalinist army invaded Finland. Finland survived and today they have a choice between its current partial membership (member state) of the EU, and it avoids both the German and Russian question whilst trading with both. Their WW2 victory is shown in the excellent Documentary 'Fire and Ice The Winter War of Finland and Russia' (made in 2006) about the 1939 clash. This cautious way to expanding the EU is a consequence of WW2 experiences, and they felt independence was required for control of their economy. Today they trade with Germany and have benefited the whole of the EU with their approach

Within a few generations you have reduced people to believing they are animals and convinced them they are being set free. Outcome based education allows children to be taught gay and lesbian issue's but not Creation or Intelligent design science alongside Evolution which is also discrimination (whether you believe any of the topics or not) and is not allowing children's minds a complete perspective.

Even through the 1950's, post Stalin and up until the Berlin wall came down children with disabilities and the elderly were discriminated against and were in effect sent to homes or Gulags to die or waste away or they were sterilised. Eugenics and secular humanism and communism arise from the same branch although they have opposed each others methods and beliefs. Jean Paul Sartre humanist and existentialist and freethinker felt that to do good was enough but the definition of good was based on eugenics. Wiping out inferior races was good etc.The Soviet Union on the 'left' also believed that inferior races and disability had its origins in those races intermarrying with each other from their earliest emergence on earth. Both the left and right have those beliefs in their origins. Imposing it upon others now runs health and family planning, beginning with the rabidly racist Margaret Sanger who believed in Birth Control (yet was married and had children) but for others, as this method was a disguised (is a disguised) plan to cull large populations.(Population control in the supposed overpopulated world, formulated by Malthus who was a Eugenicist as was Erasmus Darwin and Charles Darwin)

A modern disciple of Margaret Sanger is Gloria Steinem here receiving an award from Barack Obama who is also a disciple of Sangers and planned parenthood Today planned parenthood arrives as a health clinic and it is not just minorities who are planned but everyone as all can avail of the treatment. Obamacare supporters and Obama administration staff such as John Holdren support the same agenda Whether it is a Marie Stokes clinic or another business, 'photeus' (a Baby) and stem cells are a big business as is abortion itself. Many nurses will tell you that most babies survive abortions and in the private clinics they also expect most will but all are left to die. A 4 week old 'phoetus' will reach out in pain when the acidic saline solution is added on it, in order that it will stretch making dismemberment easier. Earlier babies will also show signs of distress and pain. Madness disguised as family health and family planning, which also began as torture and dissection techniques on political victims (a health service of torture) which is still practiced today as the Falun Gong movement discovered only recently. (see above for their longer troubled history, and 2 paragraphs below for their recent protest in Ireland in July 2015)

Eugenics and Darwinism mixed in with pseudo Marxist communist beliefs transcends all racism stereotypes and Obama as an elite Leninist believes he is a part of the Elite as a racist and communist. Stalin may have killed Lenin but the same beliefs underpin both divergent paths of so called communist beliefs. True racist's hate the entire human race (as one race) not just sections of it. True racists commit and plan genocide in many ways against white or any colour(s)

As mentioned and for example the Falun Gong people of China (whether you follow their beliefs or not) demonstrated in Ireland (in a continuing demonstration) against Chinese Communist party atrocities committed against them and the Chinese people population over many decades. They were accompanied by Chinese nationals who were not members of the Falun Gong.Thier beliefs seem to have originally developed as a counter measure against extreme conditions born from the desire for freedom.Speaking of their experiences in the street they outline a clearer picture of the Communist Manifesto. Many older members speaking (not just Falan Gong members but also Chinese peopel passing) were present in the earlier Chinese cultural revolution and eventual famine (forced starvation in 1958 - 1961 when 40 million starved to death) they regard their current persecutions as an extension of the same philosophy which spread to vast numbers in China since 1999, however the earlier atrocities under Chairman Mao have similar attitudes to human life.

20.09.2015 In Ireland it is acceptable for politicians to mention that perhaps abortions should be considered for disabled babies in the womb. They do not have to apologise or resign no political correctness is applied. On Sunday 13.09.2015 European and International experts met to suggest that Ireland was not complying with international human rights law and should allow abortions ?. There are no human rights for unborn children (the 'foetus') in the human rights law ?Also aside from companies defunding planned parenthood the sellers of human body parts are not arrested in international law, neither are the experts? An abortion survivor (Gianna Jessen, aborted as a child but lived) and there are many such cases, she explains. (Planned Humanist Eugenics 'Parenthood' in this last link Margaret Sanger explains why she thinks the west should depopulate. Pushing a criminal racket which Russia is also considering banning being one of the first to introduce it following the communist revolution of 1917.

New laws to protect Children from sexual exploitation which is extended to woman are agreed In Ireland, but can carry only a discretionary sentence up to 14 years instead of life. These two crimes when legal underpin trafficking.


December 2015 Following the planned parenthood scandals around the world one video has claimed to be a deliberate fake a hoax to undermine the investigation which is still ongoing (in contrast to the others) The issue of profitable stem cells from any source was debated in Socialist review in 2001 The growing list of companies dropping planned parenthood continues as revelations surface of the remains of aborted children in planned parenthood dustbins Children in the Ukraine, America andworldwide. Yet the business is not shut down but falling sales figures are a headline. A recent court ruling in Belfast (November/December 2015) cites a reason for the abortion can be a disabled child. known to be in the womb. "Eugenics" posing as respectability and the Judge must be devoid of humanity. The American congress first votes to ban planned parenthood for a year and then pushes ahead with its funding (big business 2010)

" Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of our tax dollars in funding, but they're alleged to have filed more than 500,000 false, fraudulent, or ineligible Medicaid claims - charges that carry fines of more than 5.5 billion dollars "

The link to taxpayers funding the murder is made very easily as it is openly admitted but what is not admitted is "planned parenthood" or similar operations or agencies are directly funded as a pre-requesite to receiving national funding, especially indebted countries. In other words in pretty much the same way Monsanto works, if no stem cells or abortion clinics then no money (in the backrooms) hence the political silence and strange decisions on this obvious mass murder issue. In Ireland the debate is pushed along by Chuck Feeney

Chuck also financed the gay marriage campaign in Ireland which gives gay people a right to marry and human rights, but the suing of Churches who want to opt out (no conscience clause was allowed in the referendum) beyond that is a different agenda again, on another level if a boxer (Tyson Fury) who has just won the world heavyweight championship of the world says the following "Homosexuality, abortion, and paedophilia, them three things need to be accomplished before the world finishes…that's what the Bible taught me," "I don't think gay people are like paedophiles. Two adults consenting to love each other is a different matter to someone messing with a child" This is his view as an adult about adults, not a job for the thought police.

The police are investigating the complaint, but when Peter Tatchell (denied here as only applying to 14 or 15 years of age) says sex with children will not harm them, as was said by Patricia Hewitt MP a former member of cabinet who asked for the age of consent to be lowered to 10 years of age, then there is a different agenda. It is the same with abortion. The younger children are in a panic, the more likely they are to abort a baby think about it, the more unwanted pregnancies the more stem cell profit (see chapter 6 in the adjacent website ) 14 years of age is still rape of a minor ? as is 10 years of age. Other items suggest 12 years of age or articles suggest 13 years of age and so on. The age of consent is lowered and chipped away at slowly, not for children but for paedophiles to escape prosecution (gay or straight) All of these matters (all 4 examples) are verbal crimes in print not just opinions or thoughts but planned connected campaigns conducted by ghouls, which Tyson Fury should report to the Police.

Its not the Larry Grayson show anymore. Its hetrophobia or heterophobia in the extreme (hate crimes against hetrosexuals) and its horrible. This lady relates how vendetta's are formed by Homosexuals if they dare to speak out for love and equality. If Tyson Fury was minding his own business and 2 big gay men walked up to him and started ridiculing his masculinity, and forced him like SS camp guards to bake a cake for their wedding, its obvious he would go straight round to the police and report the hate crime. What if heterosexuals forced a gay church to hold a heterosexual marriage, throwing them out, banning the homosexual pastor and bringing in a heterosexual pastor or priest, and if any resistance was shown then a (bitter) legal court case would follow. Of course its ridiculous, especially (to repeat) when a Gay activist admits she just wants to destroy traditional weddings and is not interested in equality or getting married. Whilst Camille Paglia who is gay says;

"Homosexuality is not 'normal.' On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm; therein rests its eternally revolutionary character Queer theorists - that wizened crew of flimflamming free-loaders - have tried to take the post structuralist tack of claiming that there is no norm, since everything is relative and contingent. This is the kind of silly bind that word-obsessed people get into when they are deaf, dumb, and blind to the outside world. Nature exists, whether academics like it or not. And in nature, procreation is the single, relentless rule. That is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction, no fancy linguistic game-playing can change that biologic fact."

(or in other words ...babies and how we were all babies once, how we got in or out is a mystery to babies)

Not even Tyson Fury said what Camille said, but he could report her to the police when they visit him. The amount of people who are paedofiles who work or worked in the entertainment industry is staggering and bringing them in as a mentally ill minority (who are legally seeking to become a new gender) into television and theatre on public show (giving the impression they are a larger normalised group in society) is a organised racket. Like a scene from film the invasion of the bodysnatchers you cannot criticize or report or ask for arrests (despite the arrests already see chapter 6 in the adjacent website as mentioned which has only scratched the surface to date) as they are protected (gay or straight)

Many countries completely ban Homosexuality, it is illegal in those countries. In many African and Islamic countries Homosexuals are killed, maimed, burnt alive, hanged, shot or beheaded or thrown to their deaths. There are differences between Hanafite and Hanabalites schools and teachings in Islam but generally (and including the USA) the opinion is ....

" Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi of the ISNA said: "Homosexuality is a moral disorder. It is a moral disease, a sin and corruption..."

175 Homosexuals (Obama ordered or agreed to 20 or so with more in the wings) ordered to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia. And not just Homosexuals.

Suing of christian churches is a different agenda (says Putin) and Gay violence hate crimes are the same as straight violence or hate crimes. Previously a lack of human rights led to a bribery and blackmail problem, which were onerous and insidious but helpful in espionage and defamation. Those who wish to destroy children, true spirituality, procreation as natural and enjoyable, the family and governments will use (have used) any method(s) to achieve that aim.

Rastafarian's in Jamaica and elsewhere (i.e Ethiopia as roots music i.e. Hebrew roots music from Sheba & Solomon) teach the following (in a different light from Islam ) on Homosexuality. (or part 2) Both in education and song. (1. or alternatively here) (2. or here ) And Rastafarian teaching does not include such punishments but does require thinking for yourself. The West is tolerant in comparison, yet and see the end of theadjacent website and chapter 3 its dreams (gay or straight) are (becoming in many peoples view) just an illusion.

The liberal illusion which on the one hand suggests there is a third sex (third gender from male and female) when there is no scientific proof (the only time a man is trapped in a woman's body is in the womb as a baby) is clearly saying God or nature made a mistake or mistakes ? (although some transgenders have opted to return to their original gender having made a mistake) and then suggests traditional marriage producing children (who are not real babies until after a certain number of weeks according to this ideology) is another mistake of nature ? It is similar to the Islamic tradition where only woman are covered from head to foot in black, but the men are not ? are woman any less ? Once the absurdities (clearly designed to be deliberately absurd) are gone Christian or those in the Judeo - Christian tradition will pursue a conscience clause.

Child abuse and criminal deviancy

The transgender children who are undergoing "therapy" counselling as young as 3 years of age and mainly under 10 years of age for free on the national health service (paid for by your taxes) is a criminal conspiracy which is mental and physical abuse of minors (under 16 or 18) and the people who introduced it as law are criminals, deviants and paedophiles. There is nothing wrong with these children and they are made correctly & uniquely from the day they are born. The perpetrators of this ideology are engaged in social engineering experiments on you (with the beginning of the designer transhuman and Artificial intelligence and designer babies illness alongside it) This criminal conspiracy includes some of those in the main political parties in whichever country it was introduced and is eugenics and racism combined with child abuse. This includes Obama Barry Soetoro and Chuck Feeney (the Tusla agency) in Ireland who are trying to remake the Human Genome experiment disguised as "Gay marriage" from gays who largely state they don't care if they get married (see above) admit that Homosexuality is not normal and want to destroy marriage and it is inferred the wider social structure. (a really sick development / joke is the transgender child modelling with agencies to perpetuate the illness as normal) The Tavistock Institute is no longer considered the forefront of social engineering and psychology even in Russia and into Germany where it originated as it is increasingly rejected (as quackery or at best spurious) for spirituality and ironically older ideas of history and tribal identity (because they are the truth and superior)

The tavistock institute and and the NHS combine to convince children they have "gender dysphoria" which is a supposed illness ? (the tavistock institute has first developed much of the "diagnosis" for the "doctors" & "counsellors" and then the law was changed slowly to facilitate the designer peadofile agency harem scenario which required an illness first) Yet it is the transgender's and supporters who are ill Children who are fed up or become depressed are counselled to believe its because they are really transgender, and if the parents believe this or who are idiotic enough to believe it, its therapy and surgery. Case's of wanting sex change and then reversing the decision which in children if it were to happen is a crime and a tragedy.(sick beyond belief) Muslim woman who undergo genital mutilation are victims of crimes so are transgender children.The gay gene lie surfaces every year yet with or without it under 16 or 18 its child abuse and criminal.These people should be rounded up as criminals, and sane hetrosexual parents should take them under their wing as soon as possible. Transgender suicides are committed by people who know they are not normal as the design does not exist in nature as procreation and never have or will they have been brainwashed as torture and a form of abuse. It is the most spectacular fraud and deception ever fostered on the public.



The USA & the Presidential, National and State elections November 2016 and the media into 2021 (see the adjacent website and Chapter 3, Chapter 3A & up to date Chapter 3b  and Chapters 5 & 6 )


N.B. All videos and links are named in case of broken links

(14.12.2016) Aside from the serious issues and coverage which existed there is also a whole other universe.After you have been through it there is one area which is very serious.

The US elections were an incredible sweeping win for the Republican party, Donald Trump and Mike Pence. During the election and especially after the US election, the press stated that a liberal meltdown had occurred. Not just  the political opposition as expected, but also a hysterical outcry bordering on the lunatic and deranged which is giving North Korea a run for its money (see chapter 5 below) It was nasty and unexpected. It began like this with news presenters One    &  Two   and after it ended like this, One  &  Two  As examples of the drama and behavior watch the following (SAMPLES... warning bad language and lunacy...) 1. Lesbian Lea DeLaria threatens to beat up Trump supporters with baseball bats (or here also )  2. Possible Lesbian loses plot becomes deranged  or here once more on you tube  or here again "Moment woman goes full liberal as President Trump is sworn in" they both mean it, so much for LGBT love) 3. This man cannot fathom that rapes, (or here for the video and the hysteria or once again here once more, or here as "FAT GINGER FEMINIST Goes full LIBTARD"   ) vandalism and theft have accompanied the migrant invasions and many volunteers have been killed by non Syrians and they are hundreds of thousands who want to kill gays. He is a 'feminist' ? He also is gay possibly or 'other'. In this Universe there are are more than 2 gender types (in the theory of it all) yet science confirms only 2 biological genders. In Germany a politician in the Brandenburg  Parliament  questions the logic  "BRILLIANT: German Politician Mocks PC, Addresses Parliament in 60 Different Genders" in you tube or see here again on alt censored ) to define the 60 different genders (the amount varies from country to country) which have been invented by the Green party. Its beyond words. (There are of course only two genders) The election debates can be read here in the adjacent website and chapter 3 down to USA elections.See also DIVERSITY TRAINING IS PROVEN NOT TO WORK, CRITICAL THEORY FAILS IN REAL LIFE, A NEW STUDY PROVES IT..

This is the social network debate which is truly incredible. It is however reflected in the networks and celebrities (video; Celebrities React To Hillary Losing Election) and mainstream media and the liberal meltdown has been reported upon post the election also. Many reporters and news casters stated that perhaps they do live in a bubble and that they are not in touch with reality and the public. In other words the usual public forming machine was broken yet the cameras kept rolling and the television studios kept opening and interviewing. Universities said the Trump win was an act of terrorism , whilst some democrats said that "white people" (video 'Formers Sander Spokesperson: We Don't Need White People Leading the Democratic Party' ) should not be considering leading the Democratic party right now, but is not jumped upon as racist by the media. When Ben Carson was made housing minister the media did not say Trump was not racist. (in the one human race worldwide) Ben Carson is very qualified to understand poverty and bad neighborhoods because he said he grew up in a real one (unlike Obama) public or private (see the first paragraphs in chapter 3 above also)  Many celebrities threatened (the more established who are not considered to be famous for being famous) to leave the USA if Trump won the election (or here) This includes Ellen (who was warned by Hillary Clinton who  said she was stalked by Trump on stage (its  incredible) but then Ellen says he is welcome to appear on her show ?  anyway. This reaching out to stalkers initiative has inspired some ideas on social media, see further on) and Whoopi Goldberg and the others who no one really knows who they are, yet they are considered as political commentators has also made biased comments. Anyone of course can comment  on politics and economics but the media list is all strangely like clones of the previous clone, on and on in celebrity land.  On the programme hosted by Oprah went for Hillary Clinton and is now (post the election) expressing hope. George Clooney was against Trump as was most of Hollywood. Clooneys rejection of fear and his cry for openness was displayed by his attitude, and by anti - Trump episodes i.e people who want to assassinate Trump. The media kept airing such comments by anti trump people, but if someone had said the same about Obama the frozen liberal celebrity shock would be met by a national outrage and contorted faces, that would have transgenders urinating in the street. Essentially however the soft left (and this is the soft left front-line for the public) have now calmed down and are threatening to stay in the USA, many cannot  remember anything about anything  and the way they felt a month ago. The last video is an analogy of some efforts and behaviors, a rational attempt at solving the problem, then the drama and then nothing. The reason is they were emotionally manipulated to act in groups or movements which are fads and false. This happened in the occupy movement see chapter 2 above, or watch this explanation of the Social Justice 'Warrior' Cult   which is obsessed with 'identity politics' and video (bad language) and see you tube video 'SJW Explained properly Everyone should listen and understand'   ( negative narcissist nonsense) The economy, the rust belt decline and the national debt are not even subjects. Many in the US just want a live demolition by Bulldozer to most of the mainstream news studios.

If the last video above is not working then consider this paragraph repeated from chapter 2 above on the deliberate failure of the Occupy movement, or see the heading on North Korea in chapter 5 below (repeat) which highlights soviet 'active measures' and groups like 'common purpose' An example (although of course poverty does exist and there are groups who need social consideration such as the disabled, disabled veterans etc) is the Social Justice 'Warrior' Cult   which is obsessed with 'identity politics' and video (bad language)  See also video 'SJW Explained properly Everyone should listen and understand  or here as MP4 video file (video you tube The Social Justice Scam) which points out they scammed the protesters and the church, protestant and catholic) they are not fighting for the working and middle class. Supposedly against statism, it is fronted by controlling soviet style entities which have no achievement only to control. During the occupy movement many select SJW took money from the causes, fellow protesters, the public and took the money from the oppressed minorities the same as an extortion racket would. This turned the movement under the control of SJW and the higher groups controlling them by bizarre methods. There are the average social justice warriors and then there the Common purpose or "others" who take the money from monies raised and keep the neuroticism at peak level beyond common sense. constantly pushing their view like a cult. They are unknown to the rest of the protesters. A rare video which points out how they made money from the causes, and took the money from the oppressed minorities ( one example is 'common purpose' who also hijacked protests as SJW )  Social Justice Warriors vs Logic (#1)  A briefer explanation of the layers of identity and classification is shown here  'progressive stack' (Manufacturing and exports and/ or common sense are hijacked in any discussion as one example) Whiteness test, critical theory, the system of classification of 'types' turned into a neurotic system of manic causes which are never addressed, and the genuine people are left mystified (see below also chapter 5 and North Korea)

It is classic soviet education subversion sown into a nation by media and fake protest. This occurred after word war 2 until the late 1980's and then the soviet facade collapsed and now Russians in Moscow are Billionaires who have sealed borders and a regulated immigration system. You couldn't make it up.The left have been sown a deception away from jobs and health etc into the cultural Marxist Trojan horse. Miley Cyrus who is famous for exposing herself has now stopped crying but many celebrities were crying ? The election night was broadcast on many channels including MSNBC. Now they have almost moved on from the whole campaign thing, but the media trap is still churning out the latest fluff and nonsense. The news circulates and delves into the quagmire but over the last two years especially, peoples 'bubbles have burst' and then later they say; "hold on, no, its all so meaningless". Clint Eastwood  summed up it in part ("idiots")

The bubble had burst elsewhere around the world before the election. The Pope also added his support to the gay marriage protests in Mexico. These protests were followed by Protests in Paris over two days in October 16th and 17th 2016 (and against pedophilia) The Church has a right to exercise its conscience and allow an opt out legally. Whilst in the USA the Presidential election debate (see here adjacent website and chapter 3 scroll down to the debate 3/4 way down chapter 3) revealed the meaning of full term / partial birth abortion and its horrific acts, which also linked campaign funding from planned parenthood to Hillary Clintons campaign who supported this procedure which basically sucks a babies brains out  and allows it to collapse enabling the head and body to be removed easily. The planned parenthood clinton foundation matters are not just left and right issues but are crimes. After the US elections 2016 Colonel Allen West said until we right the wrong of abortion we will never be truly blessed as a nation which is very perceptive.

The hysteria is a loss of political power but deeper than that there are a bunch of determined 'nonce's' pulling the strings and feeding all of this nonsense into peoples living rooms. It seems to incredibly simple for people to accept but that is a fact. Consider the transgender bathroom debate as mentioned above. Many cases are winding their way through the courts and after Obama appointed over 450 liberal judges to various court levels including one Muslim judge from Pakistan of Muslim brotherhood origin and paid for by the Saudi's to make way for Sharia law. Islam works that way in every society it wishes to indoctrinate and subjugate. This is its open stated aim not a conspiracy and they openly admit it. The difficult matter for Obama has been that Islam bans gays completely and puts them to death in Saudi which is an apartheid state which runs the biggest trafficking network with United Arab Emirates and Oman in the world. George Clooney who owns a few large homes said people should take in refugees. There are none in his homes. To date only Donald Trump, Ben Carson and after changing her mind after what she witnessed in Germany, Angela Merkel have mentioned safe zones in the middle east which is a cleared area sealed and close by and protected by a neutral or allied military.

Deep behind the news the "pedophile gender"  debate continues. As the Transgender cases wind there way through courts at great expense and ridicule there is a solution  for the courts anyway. It could or should be a law for all Transgenders to have separate heterosexual toilets in their homes (and 1 bedroom apartments) and business, or educational establishments. Policing such a matter would involve state wide task forces to check on the heterosexual toilets or lack of them in transgender and gay homes.(no heterosexual toilets = hetrophobia) If there are none then they should be booked and taken to court and the appeal courts with or without bail until they agree to build a new inner area or extension to accommodate either gender (uni-genders) of the bi-gender species. Fines and community service consisting of wearing original birth gender clothing clothing should also be administered. There can be no golden rule here and toilet felons should be made to do hard law time and punishment. If its good enough for Islam to flog gays and have only two toilet gender types, then its good enough for Obama, however the USA actually has a judicial process under the constitution. 

The lobby for the transgender gripe do not really care about their toilet needs or about them, it is about ridiculing society and forcing it to be a relevant issue for other ends. Other examples in other areas are as follows; The fake news hit when a story previously aired story suggesting  mexico was building a wall between it and its own southern border countries and was cited as fake as there was no wall. Later it emerged that actually Mexico is preparing to build a wall on its southern border and it will pay for it. Why ? because it is having security problems and a wave of migrants. This aroused questions concerning those who had applied for a driving license to vote but were illegal immigrants. It is estimated that 4 million fake votes were added by this and by other methods. The illegal votes of driving licence voters only can be checked (and proven) against registered voters who are legally allowed to vote. No checks were sought and yet no proof was cited as a reason not to check. Those arrested during the vote recounts, did not have the right to vote in the USA ? and they are others including politicians are not seeking the right for Americans to vote illegally or legally in other countries. Many were and are paid by George Soros ? Obama's Acorn voting scandal is still under investigation from 2008 and 2012. Acorn is linked to the Clinton/Obama planned parenthood, Clinton foundation. What this has highlighted is the attack and undermining of the USA which other countries do not allow in any way. It is not just elections which are under attack but the whole countries system, and family and traditions which Obama seems unconcerned about but actually supports by subversion and lies (bow down to Islam a false religion, subjugate those of tradition and faith to those who want to destroy it, and abort your children) The move to make pedophiles a recognised gender then is in the same mindset, and slowly by deceit  and shielding behind other issues this matter appears to be normalized in the confusion.  



Hunting snakes and alligators and removing Gators from the swamp.

Commentators have made suggestions as solutions to some of these issues Option 1. Following on from Ellen's idea of inviting Trump onto her show there are others who could also come on board but not as just guests but as equal (in equality and by not discriminating against etc) co - hosts in salary and guest choice. Who are they ? Duck Dynasty thats who.  There are rumors the last episode will be aired in April 2016 after which they will be free to network, smooze and soorie at that time. They could be equal co-hosts with Ellen, Whoopi, Oprah and even Dr Phil although the  latter does get to some important issues (if Duck dynasty could bear it for a while) and could even help to co - host CNN. The ratings would go through the roof and real subjects could be discussed. The Robertsons also hunt snakes and alligators or see here as they move upon the Gator as they lurch about the swamps of the USA disturbing the peace (and not just in the USA but globally) Each member (27 in the family and neighbours and friends as researchers) could co-host on these and similar shows from Hollywood to New York. Option 2. Just dismantle everything with a bulldozer. 

Many of the celebrities could then be sent to bootcamp for 6 months before they return to the media or if they do. Univeristies and schools have safe zones now which can be entered if you are offended. This was agreed by education student unions. Some want to extend it to the workplace. Bootcamps have safezones, this one for example (run to  safe zones here ) and the safe zones could be extended to media car parks and university playgrounds.

Pensioners could turn the TV off, spit the mind dampening drugs out, over power the guards and go on a spree. Kirk Douglas  reached one hundred this week he once made a film which did just that in effect. (not quite the same but in it and over 80 he had a whale of a time. In the gym and with the girlfriend. The name and title of the film is unknown) An 89 year old pensioner (veteran of d-day) 2 years ago, escaped from the care home and made his way to France for the D Day celebrations and returned again with everyone looking for him. He passed on a year later but had a great time. This is a man who who was involved up to D,DAY, before during and after and with all that experience and knowledge since of the war but he still went back. The afternoon TV is mind numbing and destructive to the soul. Kirk Douglas  made Spartacus which is one of the great films of all time. The reason; it is based on real history and appeals today, and of course goes back into history and towards the middle east and round the world. Clint Eastwood starred and directed in another great film "The Gauntlet".James Woods starred in "Vampires" in 1998 and was extraordinarily convincing. Dennis Leary though when picturing a return trip to Vietnam Nam and being asked "if he make movie" Leary said "not this time pal". The likes of Kirk Douglas, Eastwood and Woods do not live in the movies and the recent years in America with the debates and with the transgender debate  and the different genders (repeated here from Germany (to find last video; "BRILLIANT: German Politician Mocks PC, Addresses Parliament in 60 Different Genders" in you tube) has now revealed 60 or so genders. It seems a surreal ridiculous situation until it becomes an epidemic and unspoken secret across society which controls it by fear. (this has happened in countries slowly) 

The front line of the media is glimpsed above (and it has always been 60 % liberal) but the recent media control via I Phone and internet and film and television has changed. It is crazy and the news is simply mentioning news negatively surmising headlines in which now people do not know the fake news from the real. Yet if the news has always been fake (or mostly) then fake news is what ? The public in Britain and the USA do not seem to be falling for it anymore since Brexit and the Presidential elections. 

Total Student hysteria at University. (videos on you tube; 1.'Tucker Carlson destroys liberals and their safe spaces '  2. 'America Divided': Berkeley students supporting Trump facing threats & attacks 3. Woman Screams No When Trump Gets Inaugurated '   The behavior (no free speech allowed ruled by professional protesters who get paid to protest, such as common purpose see North Korea essay in chapter 5 ) is not just protest it is a cult and triggered neurosis (see the whole of the North Korea essay below in chapter 5, which relates how the neurosis was perfected in the west and not just on the North Koreans as guinea pigs and also in China under Mao and Cambodia and Russia. North Korea is a communist country. Unable to accept the one human race concept or that social Marxism is actually designed to destroy society. The left are the racists (as is shown when it was suggested whites should not be allowed to run the democratic party which is the source of supremacist views from the Muslim brotherhood and others and who employ former soviet methods )The west has human rights for gays, but will protect its faith also. Russia has moved away from it (Marxism / Communism) and liberalism but allows those subjects to be encouraged in other countries. It bans Monsanto GMO as does Germany but this is not banned in the USA. The USA trade deal with China is destroying the USA and jobs and buys influence to reshape society through trust educational institutions into a quagmire. China enslaves people in ever new and ingenious ways (see chapter 5 on North Korea and wonder how that could possibly happen and from which starting point did it grow, and which really oppresses woman who should not have to re-produce to be classed as a person or female, but suppressing this need to reproduce ourselves is destructive. Chapter 5, the next chapter also asks if North Korea will go Nuclear) 

America has a constitution which allows freedom, with checks and balances. However new student safe zones  are not just for students but could work well  also for teacher training which many students may enjoy watching.

The truth of it is, the softer gay / transgender debate who should leave children's bathrooms alone (but who have deafening and forceful hysteria for persuasion) As you travel along or until you go along the gender line from 1 - 60 and get to (also) the 'cat gender'  (cats of course scratch a hole in the ground and do their business in that) the delusional    "trans-human species"   (and Owl and probably tree frog and sloth gender, none of whom require a court order to crap etc. This feline in Norway thinks she is a cat. Does anyone want to step in and tell her the truth i.e. "You are not a cat, cool it" or similar words to that  effect. Is it fake news ? other areas are so bizarre you cannot tell) until down past the 30th gender and into the 40th up until 60 you get the "pedophile gender" and who now control much of the media and who have climbed out of the 9th level of hell, having morphed from Nosferatu and Alligator Lizard gender in the darkest part of the swamp before human settlement. Draining the swamp which was a feature of the election debate is full of surprises. And when it comes to draining the swamp, Duck Dynasty could go at that all day long.

The thing about Duck dynasty is they do hunt cold blooded reptiles, but they do not then put them in charge of the national  or local media networks. The slavery and trafficking of children of children accounts for 20,000 children a year, that they know about but it is higher than this. Many children in most cities (including  yours) are not moved but imprisoned and bound and stored in such a way they cannot kill themselves. First they die inside and then when they are no use, fresh meat is brought in. There are hundreds of thousands of children within these brothels worldwide. many are legal on high streets. These paragraphs on the media (and not all the media obviously) are linked to the paragraphs above under the heading Alicia's law. Lady Ga Ga has revealed she was raped as has Madonna, Lady Gaga is still suffering PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) Of course they would be and there are millions like her. Some medias can take people out of the shock slowly and subtly, if you can find them.Trafficked children in these brothels make you wonder what  the mainstream election type "liberal press celebs" are whining about (some paragraphs repeated here below) If the Robertons of Duck Dynasty go on a gator hunt, millions may join them. ( n.b. Gator or 'Gaytor' ? )

Total liberal neurosis

If Americans want to take their country back then should take the media back also. These attacks and information controls are meant to destabilize a country (along with other methods and tactics)

(repeated from above heading " Alicia's law" near the top of this chapter ... 

Media Control

Worldwide slavery is alive and well today in every city across the earth. It is a business worth $150 Billion dollars. In 2014 this was estiamted at 38 billion until new insights were obtained and categorized. The following news item from the BBC featuring Gillian Anderson (2.12.2016) gives an overview of the problem. Slave labour is a part of the problem but trafficking is the real business which is worth 150 Billion or more across the globe. 20,000 children may be trafficked each year but hundreds of thousands worldwide are kept permanently in chains in child brothels. In Britain thousands of children disappear permanently and many are not reported and thousands go missing from care homes each year. See the adjacent website and chapter 6

The control of the media by child abusers is growing and this is obvious from the revelations which came from the British Scottish, Welsh and Irish cases over the last few years which are detailed in the adjacent website and chapter 6. The media is an attractive place for the criminals in the pedophile business the Hollywood business is just as problematic.  An Open Secret Unedited   or Hollywoods Pedophile problem & During the USA Presidential elections the FBI and the Clinton emails scandals also revealed that the FBI (James Comey) have been involved in investigating pedophile and child abduction and violence around America and the World. The medias role is not just pornography but the everyday media we are fed through the internet and television. 90 % of the people who work in the media are not involved in any way, but those that are go to enormous lengths (which are subtle and incredibly organised and deviously sophisticated) and control media programming in many areas. This helps shape public opinion or soften public opinion but also allows grooming and trafficking to become invisible in plain sight. Television programming becomes a form of grooming from (literally ) the cradle to the grave.Children cannot fight back (always)

Rebel news has added to the continuing controversy which explains (video) "how the left pushes pedophilia"  It is a disgusting subject yet the women in the video warns in advance and explains what is going on. (see chapter 6 in the adjacent website) This girl summaries the supposed ambiguity (video; PizzaGate Definitive Factcheck: Oh My God) which supposedly had code words in the leaked wiki leak emails. Or CBS Host Admits 'Pizzagate Is Real' For children it is not a source of amusement as of course they are innocent and cannot fight back. Richard Huckle who is not a christian (Britain's worst pedophile although that is not  true shockingly) committed 71 offences and was charged in June 2016. Operation rescue by Europol in 2016 operated in 13 countries to catch one pedofile ring who were working across borders which is another reason border security is important. 80 % of trafficking, sexual abuse and rape is against females.

Pedophiles however are people who believe they are a oppressed minority and who should be considered a 'new gender' and they are relentless. in Britain they even had there own website called PIE or pedophile information exchange which many thought was naming  and shaming pedophiles but was actually run by them. PIE (pedophile exchange information) interview, you tube. In other words if an investigation breaks out, provide a false investigation front. PIE sought to reduce the age of consent so that a 40 year (for example) old could legally have intercourse with a girl or boy of 9 or 10 years of age. Many politicians and members of the LGBT community were members but have since disowned it. The links in the paragraphs above  Infiltrating Hollywood is (as with any network or media) a part of that ambition, and as you can see they are not just deluded or just mad or mentally ill but are completely aware of what they are doing across the board. This is important  as when prosecuted they claim they are mentally ill to avoid jail. Yet a mass and shared illness cannot stay organised, rational (i.e rational to them) and durable over such long timescales and then claim it is not connected and an invisible movement. They are criminals who should get life in prison, or the death penalty, as they purposely destroy innocence and cause physical and psychological damage. 0.2 % of the population control the media in this way as child predators. 3% of the population are gay yet they are employed to a higher degree by a ratio of ten to one in the front media as broadcast. How did that happen. The next stage in the nightmare fantasy is to marry a young child in the Church as they now want the same rights as gays. Who have rights already ? )

Cultural Marxism explained in 7 minutes or here as a MP4 Video file (or here on facebook ) before reading on to understand "critical theory" and cultural marxism)  or scroll down to Chapter 5 and North Korea and Chairman Mao for a long history of Critical theory and cultural marxism.


For more information see the adjacent website and in it Chapter 3, and also  Chapter 3A & up to date Chapter 3b  and Chapters 5 & 6.



Remaking the world in the image of the paedophile (who are also becoming parents in sham marriages) is a criminal deviant activity. For those who think this is science fiction, you are wrong and if you think its "homophobic" most of this information was predicted by homosexuals over 20 years ago who were (then) too afraid to speak out against it in fear. I know this to be true personally from conversations. Gay marriage is a long way away from these sick pursuits. Prosecutions and the death penalty should be sought in these areas for torturing and ruining children's lives andhetrosexuals have the right to protect their children physically, emotionally and otherwise, and speak out whenever they wish including children who are orphans or adopted. As for adult transgender neurosis whiners, just snap out of it and pull yourself together and find someone of the opposite sex.

Men and Woman of the opposite sex are prepared to take a stand on this issue (other than beheading, burning, flogging and 30 year prison sentences) and they feel that if hetreosexual boys and girls do not want to become a third sex at age 9 (as one transgender gay and transgender couple suggest) or be told they are abnormal when they are teengagers but can be glad to be straight, that is their right in every law which has existed (or will exist) since the beginning of time. Fight back now and repopulate the world. The H,H, H & H Community (Hetrosexual, hetrosexual,hetrosexual & hetrosexual) are in your neighbourhood.

Remaking the world in the image by homosexuals as abnormal despite the ratio of 96% Heterosexual to 4 % Homosexual. Children, babies and marriage is (some believe) a product of an abnormal pre-occupation withhetreosexuality or the marriage of adults to other adults as consenting adults. (Heterophobia is also a fear of the opposite sex)

All homosexuals have a choice to be gay or not, but even if this is not true all have a choice not to brainwash children or force them to have (in most cases) irreversible gender changing surgery. The 96% Heterosexual to 4 % Homosexual ratio means that 96% of people (Heterosexuals) choose to be Heterosexual because they love it. Further they do wake up every morning and think...lets work on gender reassignment of the kids. They choose not to do this.

Heterosexual parents do not wake up and say, lets discuss their new genders with the children, and then book little Johnny or Alice into a counselling ward for a couple of months of therapy and when they are done, book them in for reconstructive and irreversible surgery (in most cases) and collect them after the holidays for school in September. They do not explain to them that they would be no longer Johnny and Alice but Daphne and Alex when they got back and would have to swap action men and dolls. Why ? because it is their choice not to do so, just as it the choice of homosexuals not to brainwash and deliberately mess with a child's mind.

Take this clip regarding Ben Carson  and a Lesbian. ( the latter who chose to be at the conference and then leave as well as being a Lesbian) Like a scene from invasion of the body - snatchers she approaches and begins to let loose on Carson. Essentially she asks if he feels that she.. (who is not  a he) chose to be gay and then vents her anger. Ben Carson is of course a brain surgeon and given more time than he had, he could with brain surgery identify what is wrong. What could be revealed is that as a child she had mild "Heterophobia dysphoria" and not "gender dysphoria", it happens in all children and girls also (and can begin at a very young age from 3 upwards.... boys are smelly, girls are stupid etc) This is why these girls like this or this often grow up to be stronger and freer and more intelligent than other woman and men if left alone to blossom into heterosexual womanhood. Old fashioned views that woman should be silent such as the Mr Cholmondley Warner diagnosis is of course wrong for heterosexual woman, similar traits or behavior, unchecked in the mildly Hetrophobic mind of a young girl, can mushroom into full blown Lesbianism. The plight of the Lesbian is she has taken "Heterophobia dysphoria" too far and it has festered into gayness or 3rd gender delusions, instead of following the "Heterophobia dysphoria" feeling until it dissipates. If it does not, it sticks like an unseen flu symptom into later life taking the form of gayness or another gender delusion. The paragraphs above show that gays themselves do not believe Homosexuality is normal. Once identified the corrective treatment is found, and with a good man, soon she will be expecting triplets and singing like Doris Day. It is vital the herd address this issue or else it will thin out and whither away. Two bulls alone or two heifers alone do not a calf make. Hetrosexuals have been hitting the mark since day one. (its Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, or Eve and Janice)

If this diagnosis seems harsh or difficult to read (the 3 paras above) then remember this is exactly the kind of treatment (and worse) children receive from re-gender freaks in reverse. Scary and creepy from the other point of view ? that's how the gender change agenda seems to the 96%. but not to the 4% who claim a far higher % than the 4% of homosexuals have been born in the wrong gender or sex ? but are unaware of it (25 - 30 % etc) This underpins the reason why children should have gender changes according to this philosophy. Science does not agree. Adults can fight back of course against the barrage of being forced to agree but children cannot they do not know that what they are being told is destructive and wrong. Those that do unleash this subtle brainwashing on children, grooming them into gender changing operations including paedophiles and ghouls should be locked up for good as it is a sickness. Heterophobia dysphoria (in men and woman) is common with all children and it is not a third sex (gender) classification.

The Lesbian here (above) is completely self obsessed and is not concerned about children's welfare (in this area) Men of course commit 90 % of all rapes and many Lesbians have said they would never go with a man again or they have been abused sexually and verbally and quite rightly blame men for these crimes, which should be given life sentences or worse.This is still not an excuse for children to be abused into gender re-assignment, and gender re-assignment merchants are mocking society in the most sick and perverse way. No one is suggesting they (transgender merchants and proclaimers) should be thrown off building's or stretched on a rack, hung drawn and quartered, castrated or be forced to shop at wall-mart forever,with limited access to the hairdressers, its not a sharia law zone, but parents (to repeat) have the right to physically protect their children

Dr Carson has already spoken on the scientific consensus that DNA research (across the tribal divides) shows we all came from one source as one race an opposite stance to the Social Darwinist Eugenicists view. Obama Steiner and Margaret Sanger Hillary Clinton & Margaret Sanger Obama and Clinton agree with Sanger who wanted to eliminate race including the white tribes and prevent people from having children) see chapter 2 above but quoted here again.

Hillary Clinton and Obama above are following the same ideology which brought the "Jewish solution" six million Holocaust in World War 2 in Germany and others from Russia (Darwin to Stalinism / Marxism) from the first Gulags in World War 1 forward. (It is believed that North Korea still has Gulags (in which starvation and toil follow the Chinese Mao model) as does Russia, but what does cultural marxism / socialism look like or force you to believe in reality. A controlled society by media and strict order, including uniform but sensible fashion and music, all towards the praise and un-criticising obedience to the cult of the leader (& see the Chairman Mao statute built recently) or the political party in which there is a tense nuclear standoff with the West and daily broadcasts across the divide to consider as urgent issues. Wealth is not distributed in Korea, everyone is unequal and as a country it is attractive to the west as a country to bring under western control)

Defining the Korean war and the impending Nuclear war as a gay issue is the epitome of delusion and distraction. As for the truth on North Korea and its Gulags that information is further down in chapter 5 (the next chapter) after the heading Russian Soviet Gulags.

What (the hell) is Social darwinism / humanism and the differences between them i.e Darwin to Stalin and Nazism which began in Russia. Or are they just the same) Now that it is clearer the Germans in World War 2 sent thousands of Jewish people to Israel see the adjacent website and chapter 3, dated 24.10.2015 and the end of chapter 2 (until the merging of Islamic Nazism in 1942 - 1943) Eugenics was obviously rejected on the whole except it was pushed by the new elite believers in a faith and belief as a theory now proven incorrect scientifically (except to Hillary Clinton and Obama ) The destruction of diversity which is also the aim of the "Humanist society" which Angela Merkel who is a Communist says has failed, as of course it is not aimed at combining cultures or tribes but destroying them under the idea that nationalism or attachment to your country and lands are "bad" ? and/or bad for democracy when the opposite is the case. It is also not true that if you are a Nationalist you are a eugenicist, yet it is stated that you are, another fallacy. It is similar to the myth that socialism brought higher pay and benefits when in fact these rights (which were won by unions and craft guilds previous to this) were won a long time before Karl Marx wrote "Das Capital" yet it has been a systematic failure and you can win these matters without socialism / cultural marxism (see the pdf in chapter 1 EU, Rome,London, Israel) Russia is now a capitalist state with the highest number of billionaires (you can read to the end of this web page to see why) "Equality" (false equality) is made to bring freedom down to the lowest denominator. Equality began as a leftist destabilising agenda idea to bring in-equality in communist countries and then introduced into the west as a legal necessity they do not have (repeated elsewhere but here again... all equal with no rights equally)

Milton Friedman said "A society that puts 'Equality' before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both" And this is why the secular humanism version of society should be rejected and disassembled.

The young Lesbian in the Dr Carson clip above asked if Dr Carson thought she chose to be gay implying she was born that way (and so to, they claim are many children who are not aware of it as yet until they receive re-gender therapy etc) and some science is brought in too sometimes back up these claims. Yet as science, DNA is now proving that the theory of many evolved species of humans is false, and only one species from one single origin, (which is why Dr Carson and hundreds of scientists speak on the 'something cannot come from nothing' fact, in life or in the universe) therefore what species are homosexuals ? and why do transgender people claim they are a different sex in formation in the womb (God or nature made a mistake etc & Eugenicists believe there are different species etc) Why do they claim one twin is straight one is gay ? The world wants to know, because they are telling children this (in effect) and asking or forcing them to have gender changes or subtly introducing it as a option in society. Since there is only one human race, when did this mistake (by God or nature) occur, or do homosexuals acquire Homosexuality in later life (and children in early years up until 18 should not be asked to change gender therefore) Its a very serious question (and very tragic) to those who are now seeking to reverse their sex change operation

Most homosexuals do not want sex changes either and the new "transgender science" is a different agenda which requires legality for acceptance, via the media conditioning. Many people state they are gay if only to improve career prospects or for fashion in an entertainment industry which cannot conceive of Abba being Heterosexual. Cultural Marxism is the driving force behind it, but which has now damaged children, some beyond repair, yet cultural Marxism is only a belief (the breakdown of family structures or abolition of the family, except for their own of course see Communist Manifesto chapter 2) it is not scientific but a series of continued erroneous assumptions which lead to the Frankenstein society.

When you combine the information above with that of Dr Francis Crick (winner of the Noble Peace Prize for discovering the double helix Structure of DNA, the human blue print within each cell) and his associate Leslie Orgel who both actually claimed that 'spontaneous generation' of these cells did not occur by chance, (they need a higher power to form or generate into life) both of these admissions / discoveries have removed Darwinism from accepted Science.

" Today 140 years after Darwin it is now understood that DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is required to make Proteins, and you require DNA to make RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) and you need RNA to also then make proteins ! (and carbo-hydrates) hence the circular origin of life and the chain of coding and matter cannot have appeared from nothing on its own from the 'primordial swamp' (a name invented by a Greek philosopher) and evolved into living cells. Which came first ? DNA if incomplete in its code (like a computer code) fails to produce whole and completed lifeforms or species, and if you alter the code slightly in its early formation, it dies, hence it cannot mutate into a new species naturally or at all. DNA is not divisible creating sustained natural life, and Charles Darwin admitted he did not know where the first cell originated (no branch of science or theology can agree on this problem) " ....the conclusion is there is only one human race proven from DNA origins.

Adding to the DNA fraud is the Stanley Miller fraud of 1953 (also discussed above near the beginning of the chapter) which basically said he had generated life out of a vacuum in a glass bowl out of a few chemicals in a supposed scientific experiment. The problem is it was announced as a scientific breakthrough proving evolution which as a theory suggests many different species of humans evolved from many different locations all over the earth and this is still taught today as fact underpinning eugenics and socialism which is not naturally producing higher minds, bodies or souls but just the opposite. Just as DNA cannot generate spontaneously it follows cells cannot generate spontaneously. Here are the facts and in this video. And scientifically refuted here again. It is not admitted but quietly ignored that the fraud is a fraud as €Billions in research and spin offs like planned parenthood, transhumanism and ideological education depend on Stanley Millers pseudo science. This also includes the gay gene fraud, gender discrimination and racism. Hetrophobia becomes Hetrosexual Phobia in the twisting of logic and science. As you read you will notice the evolution debate is funded with Billions whilst scientists in thousands have to fund any other view on their own or lose their careers, and the scientific exploration is lost in dogma. Ironically the searched for "apotheosis" using socialism and eugenics is having exactly the opposite effect and outcome. Researchers into this area who compromise their initial enthusiasm and vocation by this ideology simply autopilot and go along with the dogma. Improving society is lost somewhere in their early careers. Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, cognitive and information technology towards genetics and robotics will not produce the advanced human kind into the apotheosis which is hoped for. The missing ingredients cannot be artificially re- produced hence those sciences following those methods or theories will produce slavery only.

Whether it is genetics in humans or food and plants (Monsanto Obama's retirement fund) the fraud. Genetics in humans or animals has the same false foundation which is inherently inferior to organic systems. The debate between these two farming genetic methods continues, but which is cited as science and also as a form of social control such as the gay gene and planned parenthood genetics. Spirituality is also genetically modified which you can read below (the singularity apotheosis promoted by the LGBT community). It is the left which perpetuate the delusion. Whilst many good ideas and projects are funded by foundations and trusts, education and the human geno experiment which is not just an ethical minefield but is illegal and the peer authority in this area is not a legal or moral branch of social sciences, collective consciousness or medicine in society and offshoots of it, including into food, are an invasion of natural human life, the family and society. The hoped for apotheosis and singularity is on the wrong track as the "left" have forgotten that ancient texts and wisdom was spiritually received not ideologically guessed or stumbled upon, and cannot be produced in a laboratory to complete. Further the "spiritual" researchers are themselves missing the true substance and nature of life and have missed the real insight and singularity spiritually, without which they are will produce only pale shadows of the research they hope for. Most do not even know what they are looking for, yet claim to understand alchemy and the sciences which with billions of dollars invested is neglecting the real point and aim of those sciences.

Adam Smith (who wrote the wealth of nations) did not rely upon chemicals for Agriculture in order to maintain a profit in his Capitalist and Conservative outlook. Adam smith and those who lived in his era ate healthy organic food and prospered upon it. They respected the land as "Gods Country" Farmers today cannot make adjustments to reduce or reverse this policy (by letting the land recover or go fallow) as it would ruin annual profits. Communist countries were/are in the same position yet they also ran land into dust bowls. Capitalist countries could use investment to research and rid itself of this blight which is having to produce genetically modified animals and soon genetically altered people to eat the food which we did not need to grow using that method in the first place. It is shown that land is more profitable without Monsanto and could feed 15 Billion people in this world. The end result is abnormal and unhealthy, but which reduces population.

Sexuality and experiments in social engineering are also fenced in to a narrow exclusive debate to control reproduction and overturn it from the norm and from the majority 98 % and it is a part of the experiment. Again ancient science, which modern non evolutionary science shows (due to increases in technological sophistication ironically) is actually more accurate and healthy as it actual relied upon male and female philosophy / spirituality which was naturally organic.

For people who think there is no connection to the Trans-human genetic human genome experiment, and other areas of genetics in any area, or that there is no connection to the LGBT lobby, then consider the following Transhuman article (or here ) Transhumanism is a Religion not just a science, and it exists with millions of dollars of funding, and in the alien minds of the dizzy but dangerous, which contemplates the moment the LGBT (and associated believers) community evolves into Trans-human.... otherness, consider the following quote from the article; " In the next 25 years, the human being will undergo a larger transformation of its evolutionary body than it has undergone in the last 100,000 years. Artificial hearts will likely become better than real hearts. Telepathy via brain implants will become an important form of communication. Men will be able to give birth with implanted uteri " and this is vastly supported by the LGBT community, which is a part of the "Transhuman Religion" which regards lower life forms (children, the church and poor and lowly educated and hetrosexuals in general ) as holding back the next giant leap into a united super consciousness.

It is just awkward as the heterosexuals keep having heterosexual sex and hetrosexual children and muddying the waters in the new religion. But as the 96 % / 98%, (hetrosexual homosapiens) we should wise up accept the future which so far looks like a cryogenic trans - human genetic nightmare. Do you as "human being" (see the above quote) want you or your children to exist only in a homogenized body, in which men exist to also give birth, and with only the ability to upload your mind telepathically to communicate with transgender gays ? or do you think your going to Barff at the thought of eating your babies "no gender" transgender gay placenta afterbirth. ( Woman in ancient and modern times did this, in order to regain vitamins and energy following the exhaustion of giving birth).

Understanding that the transhuman religion is a organised religion (which must be physically and academically taught to children) and a "apotheosis singularity" jump into digital hyperspace is planned (hoped for) in which bodies and especially hetrosexual bodies are no longer required thanks to technology (only technology) is an actual real religion. Understanding that the dissatisfied with human life, like some in the LGBT community who are at best confused or worst deranged. Asking people to pay for their own conscious imprisonment in the afterlife some suggest in their view, is similar to the belief or idea of trapping souls or minds in Crystals as portrayed in popular culture. (the superman or supergirl films come to mind) Whatever the case of that, or of the intent of this belief, the real truth on the afterlife is hidden from everyone including the LGBT people, and there is an afterlife.

The formless body (genderless and gender fluid) is a stage to the jump into super consciousness hence we should not worry, and if our bodies are frozen we will not need them anyway. After giving birth to a formless child these new norms will bring Diversity Unity and Joy in which you and your children can live for ever, immortal as the eunuch fish family. There is no doctrine of biblical or Torah or church sanctification for any of this abnormality or any evidence in science for it. You cannot live forever in your body or in another body, and consciousness artificially preserved in a computer programme sounds like literal hell ( People/idiots are paying a fortune for this. Refunds could be problematic if immortality has a virus or becomes unplugged from the mainframe or it simply sucks. Problems outside of the warranty period are uncorrectable, and if the company cease's to exist in 100,000 years then your super consciousness could be unplugged or sold on, which if stuck with billions of telepathic transgender gay minds could become a second nightmare) Body, Spirit and Soul have different "apps" ( but there are no apps or hashtag too download or upload your spirit or soul before or after cryogenics and frozen preservation) The religion is a very expensive technology hoax (the next dimension internet "apotheosis") which begins as a complete deception in part in the LGBT community who first need to get married or sue a church to take the leap of consciousness ? Children's education in which designer babies are a fashion accessory is a "change" which is not required or needed. The Humanist or transhumanist religion will not transcend mortality and is on the wrong track in consciousness for anyone in the LGBT community or without. If it takes a computer mainframe to achieve immortality, but a or your birth does not, then you can guess something is not right (if not your in deep trouble)

There are medical benefits as well as military applications which cybernetics and robotic technologies have, but the main impetus is combining them with the immortality aspect as a religion.

The transhumanist LGBT religion is a cult, and the harm it is doing to children is according to the FBI officially a danger to children, but also so is forced conversion i.e. "conversion therapy" (seeking to convince people they are straight) The insidious related other area of the paedophile racket which seek to convince children they are gay (which you can receive as treatment for on the national health service in Britain) The 3% may seek to create a new world without the 97% in the ultimate delusion in which they are ultimately exploited. To repeat Camilla Page

"Homosexuality is not 'normal.' On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm; therein rests its eternally revolutionary character Queer theorists - that wizened crew of flimflamming free-loaders - have tried to take the post structuralist tack of claiming that there is no norm, since everything is relative and contingent. This is the kind of silly bind that word-obsessed people get into when they are deaf, dumb, and blind to the outside world. Nature exists, whether academics like it or not. And in nature, procreation is the single, relentless rule. That is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction, no fancy linguistic game-playing can change that biologic fact."

Similar to how cults brainwash and how paedophiles brainwash it is disguised as a social science or need. The FBI have labelled it as a danger to children when converting from being gay it should also be bad the other way. Obama and Jarret state they are now against it and conversion therapy is terrible. But conversion therapy to become gay is brainwashed onto children in larger numbers, but how did it get to become a pseudo science at all. It begins with 3% of the population lobbying and taking the pseudo science from universities who state there is a gay gene which children are unaware of, but with therapy, conversion and sex (and the lowering the legal age limit ) it will help them, and if they transcend current awareness barriers and join in they will be enlightened new better people. but how ? did the need arise to be classified as gay when young ? just as promoting gay genes in children should be illegal, the current belief is children are born "neutral" and conditioned to be straight ? (this science is formulated by people who would not exist without their parents. Complete idiots) This Paedophile criminal quasi religion which needs marriage to condone it in church is grooming and trafficking. It is also practised in Britain substituting false science into a religion as grooming and trafficking. Obama and Jarret however will not prosecute it as a federal crime because they support it and the LGBT community as they they cannot criticise therapies they believe (see also chapter 6 in the adjacent website)

If it is a crime or terrible to use conversion therapy against gays, (and forced conversion is bad) then therapy to convert children to be gay is also a crime and should be banned federally and nationally also, beginning in the Whitehouse who have promoted the LGBT belief in the first place. Children who believe they are gay are first brainwashed to believe it may be the case they are gay (the universal gay gene idea from an early age which took scientific fraud to achieve) and then later again, they may be counselled against being gay, by which time years of confusion will have passed. The very basics of education by parents seems to have vanished and co-parenting is state confusion and usurps the role of the parent until there is no advice or guidance children can take as logical or humane without an agenda, which should not force children to believe they are gay by conversion to transgender, subtly forcing straight children to doubt they are straight. (or forcing gay people to convert) Transgender transhumanism believes the human race is designed incorrectly and transexuals believe God made a mistake. Why not just breed a new race of children (Atlantis) who can breathe through fish gills in their necks and who can give birth to eggs under water, it would be simpler and less stress. Children will be living in a genderless aquarium soon, forced to look at Bruce Jenner now known as Caitlin Jenner (tranny but who is still technically a man) sprinkling fish food. Not just the stepfords wives but the stepford kids, grandparents and transexuals at the transhumanist shopping mall. Alternative they could take Putins anti - gay (was a Stalinist now thinks it was mistake as child abuse was / is rampant in communist Russia) stance and take weapons training instead. with philosophy, history, cosmology and science, martial arts and all education subjects before 15 years of age.

At federal level the debate may however raise the debate to higher public scrutiny, which as a debate should not even exist as there is no gay gene. Therapies which belong to Obama care or planned parenthood have had enough public or federal scrutiny (they may illegally feel) and Cair (the Islamic USA and wider CAIR youth promotion) may also then get Federal criticism. This is Obama's stance, on the one hand therapy against gay conversion from being gay is bad, but keeping Federal hands out of Islamic or pseudo science gay promotions is good. This keeps federal hands out of trafficking and exploitation legally locked into the social care system away from scrutiny. Obama and Jarrett believe they can be judges in the land but allowing children to be brainwashed into being gay is a crime 16 - 18 and above is an age when people can see the bigger picture but not if it also fighting the state "co-parenting" idea which is a step to legal abduction. Forcing gay people to change is also just as problematic and should not be forced i.e. the 3%, but then adults are not children which as we have seen in the paragraphs above, some as young as 3 to 10 years of age being asked as a therapy if they are gay. 97 % of people do not even need to know about the subject as children full stop, yet they are forced to know and become enlightened. Science fact, this is occurring in fish land.

Groups including higher than the FBI, around the world who oppose trafficking and child trafficking especially could help to enlighten them along with parents, and victims.

The LGBT pseudo religion (and many gay people are not in it but are victims also anyway) is real and gay people are trafficked, abused and tortured also. Very complex and emotionally charged it is an area to understand.

Disgust and a line in the sand for families, woman and children requires funding for a long period ahead, 10 years fwd etc. Ideas and inputs into that are always welcome in any agency and families and victims can become aware of funding possibilities and solutions many of which are in this chapter on this page. Awareness that the crimes are cultural and quasi religious is important and the blurred lines between good and bad are compromised and legislated until crimes become legal. Separating them out again is at a point where people do not care about the legal or cultural distinctions any longer. Lady Gaga pointed out in her Oscar appearance 2016 that abuse and trafficking is real, whilst Dr Ben Carson points out that politics and corruption and the nausea within it (in this and other areas) throws a veil over the problems victims face.

This is why the Judeo Christian church wants a conscience clause and a separate church away from the bigotry and ignorance and not least because Children 4 to 5 years are taught Homosexual sex and abusive masochism at school instead of the teacher being arrested or strung up, as of course this is criminal sexual abuse and should involve the arrests of local, national, federal and government employees. It is a crime in each class and in each case and criminal offence.

Ben Carson who is a Phd follows the logic and centuries old discussion of Descartes and Heidegger i.e. how can something arise from nothing. (the remaining unsolved question in science, theology and philosophy) DNA does not generate out of nothing and therefore there is only one human tribe not many (races) Likewise there is no gay DNA separate from non gay DNA. Hence being gay is a choice.

Once eugenics is used as a starting point for our origins everything else (except nationalism which is a natural instinct to love your country and faith) disintegrates producing impossible quandaries and absurdities, including "evolved" absurd versions of being gay.(can you re-incarnate if you have not been conceived naturally, or conceived at all, which some Buddhists may mediate upon) The new secular ? transhumanist technological non - organic religion also requires a philosophy and a belief system and framework for it to become real, yet it is based upon eugenics as Transhumanism also.

Above we have read how the Stanley Miller fraud (circa 1955) which claimed to create life from nothing is still taught in Schools and Universities as fact.This is absurd. Building on this fraudulent darwinism claim that natural selection continues genetically, similar experiments were conducted in 2010 and 2014. They have continued since the early 1800s and will continue until the 'evolution' reaches "apotheosis singularity" in electric microchip heaven. Today these experiments are sometimes Cited as creating life out of nothing recreating or re-booting DNA into life (synthetically made ) which (it is suggested) is like creating a new computer and programme and exactly like "playing God". Yet it is similar to the Stanley Miller story in which life has not been created only synthetic cells have. Again two opinions arise, but both agree it is not real life and not as the way Stanley Miller would have liked in any case (spontaneous generation of cells from nothing or almost nothing before time began, evolution natural selection and so on) It is not organic created life. What is new concerns the building blocks for artificial intelligence (quote) " So it's the first living self-replicating cell that we have on the planet whose DNA was made chemically and designed in the computer.So it has no genetic ancestors. Its parent is a computer " This is not a science but is moving ino a religion disguised as science.(to repeat) " In the next 25 years, the human being will undergo a larger transformation of its evolutionary body than it has undergone in the last 100,000 years. Artificial hearts will likely become better than real hearts. Telepathy via brain implants will become an important form of communication. Men will be able to give birth with implanted uteri " Heterosexual reproduction is still the biggest and most enduring miracle which "science" still cannot explain completely.

Making a synthetic creature in a Uturi / Womb is a future ambition. making this acceptable to the public who can be experimented upon (transgender etc ) and watch the results over decades is a realised ambition. Breaking down family norms is attached to it, if only to make experiments socially acceptable, and all by people who view natural birth and hetrosexual relationships as a mistake God or nature committed and the new Gods of science may correct the defects (you the 97 %) if we will only let them. Making the cult acceptable as a religion requires hijacking the gay marriage scam, harvesting eggs from surrogate donors (Lesbian couples) who have a natural mothering instinct. Obtaining them requires a medical view that you are socially deprived (or black market from poorer countries) if you do not harvest other womans eggs, as is the need for men to give birth. It is introduced as medicine or social science. (which is being extended to children as they are those who do not know !.....that they are not hetrosexual !! , but have been brainwashed into believing they are ?) = Eugenics and fascism and racism all of which Hillary Clinton (from Dr Ben Carson) and Obama support. To repeat: Keeping legal ownership of your human genome is vital to society but those rights are being eroded.

Artificial Intelligence within transhumanism (AI) Computer processing is now so sophisticated and fast it is allowing stored data (clouds and mega clouds) in volume sizes unimaginable years ago. All data including all books, art, all history and essentially everything including the current Internet google data and for example all stored photos and images can be stored in one place. Quantum processing has taken the old binary system of 0 and 1 and changes the rules from this base, to interchange 0 and 1 (as either or) to dramatically speed up processing. Cloud and sophisticated processing chips increase pixel imaging a thousand times sharper than current use. Therefore one chip (cloud and storage) can have all knowledge throughout time and all pictures of the earth in every map and image in high quality. Similar to the cryogenic freezing which tries to achieve immortality, the next "upgrade" hopes that your personality and memory could be added to a highly sophisticated cyborg with Quantum processing so that you can achieve immortality this way, in a excellent body with added strength. The problem is they are unsure how much of you would interface with the technology ! Again that could be a very expensive fraud and if thousands are created what would happen then ? All of these issues are popularised in novels and films such as Metropolis (1920;s), Bladerunner, ( and an analysis of Bladerunner on the future) Robocop movies. Terminator movies and also Woody Allens film Sleepers. This theme is the actual theme of Simon and Garfunkel's sounds of silence if you read the lyrics. Creating machines to help us but which then overtake and overcome the creators bowing down to the created.

The LGBT movement did and does not want gay marriage or gay marriage licenses it simply wants to replace religion (some also in the Mormon church believe in the cult, most do not) with a cult called Transhumanism which requires a breakdown of body and sexuality norms in order that technology can bend their belief to become reality. This has to begin at school level. This has been promoted by a minority in the Church despite the protests and outrage against it. The LGBT transhumanist Cult requires taking over religions and politics and the media like any other cult. The recent supposed scandal involving presidential candidate Marco Rubio in March 2016 highlights ( Rubio Gay Prostitution Scandal Goes Mainstream) relates how a candidate can be groomed into position. It is denied as Rubio is married and has many children but the facts on how cults work is accurate and is shockingly described. The news continues on this issue here which is prostitution The news which is political has also said Rubio is against LGBT issues, but is funded in his campaign by LGBT funded billionaire Paul Singer who funds the transexual possibilities on the human body, and transhuman reproduction and cloning adventure. Obama supports the transhuman eugenics movement to map the human brain and then stick it in a robot and collectively warp drive to the next dimension. Woody Allen in the film Sleeper when asked what's is it like being dead for 200 years after cryogenics; replied, like a weekend in Beverly Hills in the continued New York / Los Angeles joke (although of course California and the West coast are great fun with wonderful people especially surfing which many Buddhists in the USA also enjoy)

Modern Religion infiltration

If anyone is not seeing a connection to family planning, the assault on the church by people who do not like church or believe in it yet want to be married in one, the rise in eugenics and body and gender experiments and gay and paedophile rights then your asleep. Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, and Synthetic Biology, augmented by geo-engineering and Genetically Modified food is not just assisting the disabled and society advances it is becoming a religion step by step. Scientist Stephen Hawkins who of course would love a disability revolution admits that Ai could be mans last invention and a danger to mankind. Commenting on the film Transcendence he points out that Julian Huxley and Aldous Huxley and fellow scientists and free thinkers had abandoned the West and looked to the East to achieve immortality. Eastern taoism believes we will transcend this reality and achieve immortality without God, although some believe we will become God. The impossible conception of trying to fathom the Universe thousands of years ago has not advanced philosophically even with science up until today. (with all respect to modern mathematical analysis of those arts) Taoism at least tried to conceptualise the impossible and is a noble aspect of eastern beliefs, but without a creator. Elon Musk and Bill Gates have issued similar concerns. What is incredible and having met every type of belief and people who have those beliefs there is actually a very real spirituality. Whilst this may seem to be alarmist and blown out of all proportion it is a religion and it is in error. Politics and economics are flexible but spiritual matters are far more serious a matter. Further down this paragraph (in more detail) one man who tried was to achieve immortality was Emperor Qin shi Huang (BBC documentary) for people who want to know what can happen when a earthy obsession which is essentially forcing your way into heaven, becomes futile and misses the mark watch the documentary.

Emperor Qin shi Huang was also the inspiration for Chairman Mao who as a Republican Communist but also a despotic dictator was opposed in public at least to the Royal family of Chin. Mao Tze Tung simply became the new Royal Emperor having removed the old, seeking worship as a communist religion by totalitarianism

The Infiltration by the cult into the Roman Catholic Church and others worldwide was first uncovered by members of the Roman Catholic Church and Community themselves and including the Police or Cops in those efforts to weed out the criminals (in response to the infowars clip above on Rubio) One example of this is the film Sleepers made in 1996 set in Hell's Kitchen New York, with Brad Pitt, Minnie Driver, Jason Patric, Dustin Hoffman, Robert de Niro set in the mid 1960's and there were scandals before this dealt with in the same way or similar and which gives a victim two choices on how to deal with abusers. There are millions of people worldwide at every level of life who want Justice and are intolerant to remaining silent or passive, and they are angry. The continued push for these "changes" are made by the depraved who wish to wreck the fabric of society in the country they reside within or anywhere.

The infiltration by the cult into the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church highlighted in the film Spotlight which won the academy award of best picture in March 2016, whilst the Protestant infiltration into its Church is larger and cannot be dismissed as a catholic problem only. Judaism and Islam and every major religion is also infiltrated. The secular world and secularists are also victims. It is then the cult becomes visible which seeks to destroy religion and spirituality and change the teachings (in any faith) at every turn. Of course the silence on it is due to fear and reprisals but the people in the cult are deranged and ultimately the cult is not born out of faith or spirituality but of Eugenics and social darwinism and a belief that people are animals and from animals and children are currency. This is the world's largest religion (secular humanism and communism) which parasites onto spirituality with people who should never have been allowed to go near a child or church, synagogue or mosque.

( Islam's leader was Mohammed who married a young girl aged 9 years of age named Ayesha, whilst he was in his mid 50's. Whilst this is recorded as consented between both parties and her father Abu Bakr as a political union in marriage it is a common practice. Her age is disputed although her own account which was recorded by the Hadith in Bukhari as betrothed at 6 and married at 9 years old. Today child brides are common also in Islam, as is slavery and trafficking in Islamic countries as there is no lower age limit for marriage, and consent can be the child's confusion or poor parent who has sold the child, who may be fit for marriage before 12 years of age or younger even by a community judge. The bible in Deuteronomy 6, 6 - 9, Psalm 127, 3-5, & Psalm 139, 13 - 16, Ezekiel 16 & Matthew 18, 6. is clear on these matters for child protection. For further information see the adjacent website and chapter 6)

The transformation of machine to human in all its aspects will not work and many brain surgeons report that actually the mind and brain have a quality which is not measurable, is unknown and a missing elixir. Love of course on all 3 levels (including Agape) cannot be reproduced and the soul cannot be programmed. Ben Carson who is a brain surgeon and like the untold millions against gay marriage (as Obama was against gay marriage in his 2008 presidential campaign but then changed his brain to support in 2012) should be listened to on this subject. (joined now by companies seeking to defund planned parenthood) The National Intelligence Council who believe the transgender cult of happily married robots seeking transcendence and repentance before God will be a reality by 2030, (including new artificial life eco systems and military soldiers, although we already have an eco system and soldiers) but others suggest real spirituality (men and woman are not Gods which is the drive behind the cult, which some in the Mormon church also believe) will transcend barbarity to children and the legal right to the Human Genome should be with each individual person, parents and children.

Consider the Dalai Lama who may have seen the recent attempt to make a Chairman Mao Buddha in communist China recently (one of the worlds biggest mass murderers) Do you think anybody and especially the Tibetan monks will be fooled by that (it is mentioned many times on here) It was built here to be worshipped as a man made god. It was destroyed here by man. The Buddhists are awaiting the return of the Maitreya who will sit in the Temple and bring peace and harmony. Yet if it was a fake cyborg man made machine version of Maitreya as opposed to a spiritual being, it is obvious the Tibetans and the Monks would say hold on this is rubbish. It cant "Ommm" or radiate anything harmonious. How can a cyborg model (Arnold Schwarzenegger / Terminator) be taught to have emotions or real organic empathy. Not very convincing. And essentially common sense and spirituality are powerful and not fake e.g. the belief in the Large and Small Soul Hindu's have, and some Buddhists share, which cannot be copied or digitally reproduced (we are a soul as opposed to, we have a soul, whilst Buddhists believe we are not soulless but we do not have an actual soul) The theorists then suggest that the delusion could be enhanced if a form of mass hypnosis was introduced to aid the delusion, not just emotional but spiritual (or if this fails a spiritual entity without robotics will lead the rest is one related complex theory) The book of Daniel in the bible says this has happened before in Daniel 3,5 and it was directed at half the known world at the time, which beg's another question, as how this music could travel so far and deep (Daniel 3, 7) into the vast multitudes. Music of course can also free people spiritually and Children know that Spongebob Squarepants ( and Patrick) freed the brainwashed fish world in Bikini bottom from the despicable clutches of Plankton. Spiritual music, the real thing is uplifting and freeing, so to is spiritual faith and worship, and the counterfeit in genetics and the Transhuman religion and/or spirituality would not fool the Buddhists, and the West should have the same insight.

Many deceptions are more subtle of course. It looks like the Communist party of the Maoists and the transcendent transhumanists are going to have to wheel them or it back into the shed/workshop and work on them some more. You couldn't make it up.

Whilst Chairman Mao Buddha may have been a poorly organized early 20th century type attempt to indoctrinate the masses on rolling caster wheels and railway tracks, China is home to the most sophisticated advance of quantum processing and artificial intelligence in the world. China wants Robots who can grow and birth Babies ! and the artificial uteri/womb is here already and has been mooted since 1955, and especially since 1970 when feminists wanted to free themselves from reproductive slavery. (many feminists however since then have realized natural conception is easier and more fulfilling) Whilst this may seem a science fiction and a step too far they are attempting it. In reality it is a new armaments race making Robotic Cyborgs as sophisticated as possible, and China may be leading it. One can imagine a future Ip man film (Ip man 7 = Ip man versus Fu Manchu robot baby) but who would be the first volunteer for the birth. Perhaps a transsexual with new implanted "Uturi". America is currently undergoing federal implementation of common core education (itself a dictatorship exercise in brainwashing and absurd in its methods) over and above local wishes of parents and teachers , but gay transgender sex can be taught. It should of course be scrapped. Communist china harvests the organs of the Fulan Gong faith and killed 120 million people of its own population. In the West experiments are more humane but begin in the health services departments. This is important as this is not an anti - Chinese people research but a study of how power controls a nation internally, then externally enlarges. If the advance is truth it may stand, if not it will lead to a catastrophe. Experiments we have never proved but only heard of occur mainly by people who have escaped. The regime has of course been opposed by the Chinese people but in order to understand the problem and the wider context of the Dalai Lama's plight (Tibet / Nepal) a deeper look is required.

Russian Scientists are considering immortality by uploading their minds into a computer " Itskov (a Billionaire) is putting a slice of his fortune in to a bold plan he has devised to bypass ageing. He wants to use cutting-edge science to unlock the secrets of the human brain and then upload an individual's mind to a computer, freeing them from the biological constraints of the body. "The ultimate goal of my plan is to transfer someone's personality into a completely new body," he says. This will be first achieved by mapping the brain in a "connectome" the same way the human genome is mapped. It is of course exactly the same desire of the LGBT gay cult although it has no connection the transhuman science into spirituality will require the same solutions. 2060 or 2075 is mooted for the singularity apotheosis, however the real aim is to complete this technology is by 2030. Karl Marx said religion was an opiate, and so far this procedure and technology seems to take a lot of faith, which seems a lot of effort to go to when you could just believe in God and procreate naturally.

The connectome project is situated in Maryland USA and under the Umbrella of the National Institute of Health and not a engineering institute for example although these and other departments cross and are connected. It will bring incredible neuroscience breakthroughs, which is why Dr ben Carson is thinking deeply on such matters as a brain surgeon and a christian throughout this chapter. Whilst this will bring medical benefits the ultimate driver is the search to extend life or immortality. as such they are highly moral, ethical questions for society not a political "pc" question, which is used to force it through like a cloak over the agenda.

Such a quest or project was undertaken in China by its first Emperor, but his obsession cost the nation all its time, money and manpower to achieve dubious or incomplete results. All the energies of the country were consumed into this project which was scientific, metaphysical and had/has an element of vanity.

Consider a wonder of the world in China. The Terracotta army, which when discovered revealed 8000 clay soldiers to full height buried with 130 chariots, 520 horses, 130 chariots, 150 cavalry horses. All the clay soldiers were fired in a Kiln and built to protect the Emperor Qin shi Huang the first Emperor of China who reigned over all of China's United kingdoms. The clay soldier protection was more than a funeral / burial area as it designed to protect him into the future when the soldiers and the Emperor would return, and in fact the Emperor spent a great deal of his time trying to obtain the Alchemical "Elixer of Life" which would restore him to immortality and restore his empire. China is known as Middle Kingdom and those outside are the barbarians (the West etc). His tomb is adjacent to the a Pyramid larger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt (exactly like the Egyptian pyramids) and his burial is surrounded by a moat like a river of poisonous deadly(☿) mercury. Foul and sinister yet we do not know much about it today. Mercury or quicksilver conducts electricity and also microchip processor information if possible at some stage.The technology can be perfected or used in trials to be perfected as time passes (disabled applications etc) It is a metal and is fluid it can become hard and soft, just like the Terminator movie (no 2) However it is called after Mercury the winged messenger of the Gods. Alchemy in Hindu/Hindi means "Rassayana" which translates as "the way of Mercury" Mercury is very dense despite being a liquid and the river of Mercury could be walked upon it is so dense. Mercury is also able to preserve abody and boost mummification and perhaps even change the skeleton over thousands of years.

Emperor Qin shi Huang;s obsession sucked in all the country's resources and manpower just to satisfy his quasi religious quest which took many lives to possibly give him, one man more life and ruin society by his vanity. This obsession continues today in a similar but new form.

Despite the records stating the terracotta army was discovered by farmers in 1974 its existence was known since it was built and exactly what was within was always also known. China practices ancestor worship and its ancestor records are the best kept in the world with the Irish records a close second.(many of which have not been translated as yet in Ireland) One very curious feature of the 8000 strong army or terracotta burial was that each face on each soldier was a copy of an actual living Royal guard. A mask was made of the guard and this means that each terracotta soldier looks exactly like the original guard. They could become cyborg duplicates etc. All including the emperor and the soldiers believed they would re-appear in some distant future war in which they would rule heaven and earth.

Each soldier has distinct features in what is one of the most incredible burials on earth. Each soldiers tomb or many of them are marked. As you have read it is possible to take DNA and synthesis it and DNA analysis from ancient corpses can be copied or remade. (as shown in the film Jurassic park but which is actual science) The Egyptian pharaohs were strong believers in this "magic" we now call the science of Alchemy. DNA from the Egyptian Pharaohs has been harvested and analysed today. Whilst the Samaritan tribes of Israel (see adjacent website & Chapter 5) are the original relations of the 12 lost and found tribes who left egypt in the Exodus. Chinese students are currently able to control robots with their minds using the computer technology (an area originally developed to assist disabled and incapacitated people) Yet they are developing them (2013) for battle and for warfare and today they are becoming more sophisticated every day. Eastern philosophy believes in reincarnation and combining all the above some suggest that the future aim is to synthesize, super warriors, with advanced Ai and spirituality re-incarnated spirits. Spirit mediums charge people real money for this ability today. If this is possible ? If so then Emperor Qin shi Huang may achieve his desired immortality, and by a form of time travel to live again. Modern Cyborgs could easily have the features copied from the clay terracotta soldiers. Although there are different versions of the future Maitreya (1. a world teacher or also a 2. war maker against the false) many in the East and who follow eastern philosophy are awaiting the Maitreya . It was Emperor Qin shi Huang stated aim to find and become immortal with an alchemical elixir of life eternity. he may still achieve that obsession.The western view would deride such notions, but since it can be possible with new technology the Ai (artificial intelligence) magicians believe it regardless. Obsessions and Billions of Yen can make anything appear to be real. China believes we in the west are barbarians, lazy western bourgeoisie who do not even know what is happening around them and if we did they would not be able to prevent it. China's army is over 1 million strong, its youth (and also in Russia) learn combat training and weapons and ... even sophisticated mind interaction with robot soldiers (which would make any computer game seem tame and not virtual reality but actual war reality) it is a fact not a fiction and (again) whether you believe it is irrelevant as they believe it.

The quest for immortality then is a vast expensive project, but ask to introduce the following subjects into schools together and it is considered preposterous ! i.e. 1. Intelligent design 2. Evolution or Creation 3. Evolution. The centuries old discussion of Descartes and Heidegger i.e. how can something arise from nothing. (the remaining unsolved question in science, theology and philosophy) What would the Dalai Lama teach his school children ?

A part of these websites is to ask what does the West believe in ? The Greek empire was first betrayed internally by bribes and deliberate in-action and concerns of political correctness. Of course they woke up and drove the Persian army out. Take the Maasai tribe in Africa, the semi nomadic warrior hunter, they do not aspire to copy the Chinese but are in themselves very efficient and noble warrior people. They have a religious belief in two Gods, one good the other bad, (the two powers within the Godhead) but many have also converted to Christianity (the 3 powers in the Godhead) They do not bury 8000 of their warriors as clay soldiers or make pyramids or make gay artifical wombs. (and would laugh at the notion all day long in Kenya. How many cattle would an artificial womb cost) instead with no belief in the afterlife as such, except if you are Christian, they preserve their immortality by reproducing themselves with children conceived and born naturally.Their traditions though are slowly being worn away) Cultures like them, which do not have imperialistic aims beyond the immediate joy of living and yet who are also not dead inside. This is a vanishing feature of tribes today. The West today is experiencing the same Greek betrayal from the inside first. Ironically this also occurred against the Tibetan people who could have held out against Chairman Mao for much longer.

As you read down you will notice that technology is becoming much more important than human life (woman and children trafficking and experiments) which is useable and can be discarded. Billions which could free the world are not employed first.

The family structure is one of the bonding and stable elements of society, and if you have read this far in this chapter, and consider what is happening (which you are paying for through taxes) and think you will hold out for something better, then a good start, is the evolution, intelligent design and creation debate. (the last two are excluded from education syllabus, whilst evolution which underpins eugenics and racism is a main topic) Whether you think it is all nonsense no longer matters as the geneticists believe it, and it is now a well funded science fact not science fiction (just like 50 million abortions every year is a fact) Chairman Mao Buddha who has to square the circle of Marxism which wants to destroy Spirituality yet be worshiped ?

Tibetans and the Dalai Lama are undergoing population displacement, genocide and the erasing of its history and faith (which is a cultural Marxist policy of critical theory) Those theories are applied whenever they can be applied even when science disproves them and preparing people to accept the non - science spreads into many areas in what is becoming a increasingly ludicrous and failed ideology which is not just racially replacing Tibetans but also ideologically against their spiritually.

Changing the spiritual tradition into something else (such as Chairman Mao Buddha, Mao who killed upwards of 120 million people to free people ?) by force or erosion is simply a way of destroying a society from within, but the Chinese now believe their ancient traditions in comparison to the man made Marxist replacements are inferior, which (as we have seen above) seek to separate children from their family or traditions.

The choice for children is not to be brainwashed into being gay, and the other sinister danger (homosexual couple adopt or here and rape their child and hetrosexual couple and paedophile adopt and rape their child. This development with the lowering of child consent is a doctrine of the pedophile, consider the following. DNA (Feb 2016) & Gene and dna splicing or "editing" can be legal on the pretext of medical grounds as it develops into full blown Eugenics and racism (designer babies already transgendered ? choose the sex, hair colour and so on, and control of future education) yet this gene splicing is a man made creation and does not occur naturally in nature, and the gay issue has also been hijacked from fighting for human rights to an issue of gay marriage (which did not improve or add to those civil rights, yet the fight for rights continues ?) and transgender sexuality in which children do not know they are gay they suggest. The next stage is to change the sex of a child at DNA level. Legally that would be difficult unless gender studies were "fluid" and did not apply, hence it is achieved in stages. The human race is not the race preferred it seems?

The sexual abuse of children is so vast that the authorities have now hired a prolific Paedophile as a consultant to catch paedophiles, but who has not been given a life sentence and is free, as it is considered a lesser offence and normal when they are predators and freaks who kill and destroy children's lives. Renu Daly, of Neil Hudgell Solicitors, a law firm representing victims, described the doctor as a "prolific paedophile" and said victims and families want a public inquiry into his abuse. (see also chapter 6 in the adjacent website). And this measure is one step (with all the others including Gay Marriage who have no more rights that they did 2 years ago) to legalise Peadofilia worldwide. The problem (which is a criminal pursuit first, and sickening excuses like this excuse or this excuse are dreamt up in the minds of psychologists who themsleves are criminal and peadofiles, and who deserve to prosecuted not paid ) goes to the very top of society and lawsuits are being filed everywhere and the growing tsunami tide of victims coming forward is unstoppable. Obama's social engineering intent (on this and other issues against humanity) on Sharia law is for the UN sanctioning of Sharia Law also paves the way for the legalization of pedophilia which allows homosexuality or rape to non Muslims and paedophilia as Jihad. Of course crusading against them with extreme prejudice is allowed.

Both Obama and Clinton support eugenics and planned parenthood, the wider threat to children is losing or reducing legal rights for children ? This raises questions on how parents and children should be allowed to defend themselves against the criminals and the ill. Real racism; i.e. Cultural Marxism and Socialist Eugenics and the other aspect of the gay marriage debate is piling down into children's rights (96% of people are not gay yet the "re-education" or control of the media is exactly the other way around percentage wise) and people have been prepared to fight back and education and the debate is not getting all points of view including Torah ? (chapter 5 continues this debate)

Molecular biology (Darwin said we mimic behaviour or are conditioned to accept) has not identified the transsexual gene (confirmed by Doctor Ngun) Germaine Greer has stated transgender woman are still woman, and transgender men are still men, in light of the scientific and cultural evidence. Patients in hospital seeking organ transplant operations, leave the hospital as men and woman as they went in it does not qualify them to be a new third gender. Having a body transplant and then having children (from man to a woman) would in the gulags and concentration camps have been considered a monstrosity but now it is fashion.This person or persons are still men or woman but who are mutated or mutilated and are not a new gender or sex. Woman to men transgenders also involves operations and are still pregnant as a woman whatever the legal status says. Adults can do as they wish but should reflect on all information.Children should be protected from the fraud. Dont force yourself or children, to have a "different gender" The people who have pursued this are mentally ill and it is child abuse and cruelty. These experiments on society are an obvious failure (for society) its a question for gay and straight people. How much longer until two paedophile men adopt a child legally and all 3 have gender changes As for the experiments on gender change, it would have been easier to stay as men and woman and hetrosexual and just had children in which a natural bond is formed. The real questions on spirituality are far better to pursue. ( ask a Eastern European or a Russian they went into the experiment many decades ago in 1917,and culturally as, or if they are Marxists, they are Nationalists now. See the gulags listed below in which many medical experiments were also initiated)

Children as fashion accessories like designer poodles as "genetically modified babies" are more sophisticated than slave farms on the surface. If you cannot afford a designer baby you can always rent for a day. Whilst this seems science fiction the breakdown of normal family life into a national movement overseen by a cult is not new, and these stages into these problems begin as a compromise at the beginning, and if you have read from the beginning of this chapter, you come across weirder current scenarios which people believed were scientific and factual, but the origins of the criminal illness originates with people who will stop at nothing. The FBI and other dedicated new agencies around the world are taking the future possibilities of reared and bred human trafficking "products" very seriously. Joint military and investigation agencies will have an impact.

Oscar Wilde is often quoted as an example of being unfairly treated. William Butler Yeats commented in his memoirs that he visited Wilde in London mentioning his nice home, his beautiful wife and his beautiful children. Later Wilde fell in love with a young man, yet the wife and children are not mentioned as hard done by as much, there is no literary volumes on how they coped or many poems about them. Likewise parents of children are not considered romantic and heroic for raising children with nothing to declare except their genius (as Wilde declared and no one could deny his talent) Humanism and Marxism praise Wilde, but in Russia (decades of undergoing and rejecting the "doctrines") they have left the idea of no gender and the no family society behind.

Gays are the same race or tribe. Love and Equality means stop forcing your views on those who do not agree, children cannot fight back. Adults can. If adults get in wrong in marriage this is not an excuse to have gender reassignment surgery for the kids. (which is incredibly another excuse the paedophile lobby use to "correct" love and equality ?) Leave children alone and that is a choice you can make.

Having said all this, the debate is what is actually a correct or good marriage if you are heterosexual, and there is always the ending of four weddings a funeral to consider (it could happen to anyone, etc)


Child sexual exploitation and the conscience clause.

The new laws (mentioned above at the start of this section and heading Dec 2015) to protect Children from sexual exploitation which is extended to woman are agreed In Ireland, but can carry only a discretionary sentence up to 14 years instead of life. These two crimes when legal underpin trafficking.

Laws which exist today legally allow paedophiles to re-enter society albeit on a leash with checks by police and social services. Instead of getting life sentences they may get 3 to 12 years. This is liberal society turned to anarchy who thought those laws up. Rapists and Paedophiles should go away for life. The fact they do not is a sign that some in the judiciary are corrupt, or they are bound by legislation made by corrupt legislators or government who are also paedophiles or rapists who spare not effort to normalise their activities. It is a sign of tyranny from government in which society is asked to change or conform to the sick and abnormal. Tyranny in the USA is checked by the right enshrined in the constitution to bear arms, not just the second and fourth amendments (2nd amendment "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed" ) Switzerland also has the right to bear arms against Tyranny, with many people suggesting it should be extended to the whole of Europe and Scandinavia (as it once did throughout without problems ?) in light of recent events in the migration invasion scams rapes and pillages.

Whilst they await that right which is afforded in the USA and Switzerland the epidemic of child abuse and rape could be checked by something which is legal against those who like to hurt or profit from children (paedophiles, rapists or traffickers) taking your community back is liberating. Its legal and comes in Jnr sizes also. (it also melts snow, cures garden weeds and repels insects and hornets nests as well as protecting children in urban or country areas) Harsh ? When the next legal entity is giving Paedophiles the same legal rights as Gay marriage (note in the last link).. it is first re-defined by "psychiatrists" who like hornets nests also appear in neighbourhoods and help define "children's gender dysphoria", then help shape a legal framework for new gender(s) classifications and form legislation which allows paedophiles early exit from jail, and who can then live next to schools and homes. (they are supposedly kept on a list and monitored yet corruption ensures they escape even this security check) Rape victims and children also get life and are maimed for life.This situation is also indicative of a society in deep trouble in many areas of law and ethics and almost as if a country which wishes to ruin yours is making your laws.

However the laws which were introduced by Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald should be extended to also apply to the criminal diagnosis of "gender dysphoria" which is a stage to grooming and sexual exploitation of children. It should be extended to also apply to paedophiles applying to be parents married or unmarried with a single paedophile parent or a couple. The extension should also apply to decisions on gender change operations until the child is over 18 years of age whether they are adopted, orphaned or as a result of one parent changing sex or freezing their eggs for future parenthood or human genome misdirection reasons.The transhuman agenda & Artificial Intelligence experiments and the future stepping stones. Currently these laws do not apply to these crimes which are now showing their real agenda.

The court cases (legal consent required) began immediately against anyone not just Churches.(who have not taken the Islamic retaliation view) Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who's refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses was jailed, but in contradiction a female Lesbian Judge (Tonya Parker) who refused to perform heterosexual marriages, yet she is not jailed or fired ? but hetrosexuals can go elsewhere to get a license or choose to actually understand a (pdf) Ketubah ( or here ) (an actual original real biblical marriage contract between man and woman and what it actually says in origin, since there is so much concern) Homosexuals can also go their own way and this is why a conscience clause is needed for hetrosexuals, not just to protect conscience but also children. The interference in democracy is insidious and predatory. This is heterophobia as an illness.

This gender change (mutilation) of course is against their human rights and universal human rights which have already been breached (criminally) over the last year and charges could already be brought (lying to a minor and forcing bodily harm as one instance) and previous to this. Ireland is facing a general election in early 2016 and there is a call to re- run the referendum on Gay marriage and to include a conscience clause, which will be introduced with or without a re-run of the sparsely worded and un-informed referendum which was not thought through as a deliberate act of hijacking the media in which people were silenced.

The court cases (legal consent required) began immediately against anyone not just Churches.

People may take matters further, and end up suing God, although if you do not believe in God why are you getting married in a Christian church ? No court of law is going to change them and legal rights are not jurisprudence in matters of personal faith.Christian Churches of different denominations (and there is more than one Church) and credo's and professions of faith have always separated and remained set aside if they choose too on any number of matters.

If you are Hetrosexual and have been a victim of Heterophobia then you should report it to your local community, the authorities and police and the human rights commision.

Obviously there are two levels or more to the agenda's, one reaching absurdity, the others serious and sinister (for the latter see the adjacent website and chapter 6)



The American College of Paediatricians has given its weight to the same sex marriage debate and the transgender cult. Aside fromAmerican states ruling that bathroom facilities simply say Male and Female (with or without the kneeing in the groin test which some girls and woman felt shocked enough to carry out against men wearing wigs in the female lavatory) so that men and woman can attend the bathroom in peace/ Why because there is not a "third gender" in science or in the bathroom which should allow bathroom use as according to what is on your birth certificate. States which have these bathrooms as a LGBT status should sue for sexual abuse against Heterosexuals.(which is what the LGBT community are doing the other way around) 

The American College of Paediatricians states that Transgenderism of Children is Child Abuse, American College of Pediatricians Rules " which is part of the transgender cult and same sex marriage scam. It is sexual grooming of children disguised as a social service and/or profession. It goes further and says same sex marriage is damaging for children. Paediatrics of course specializes in the medical care of babies, infants, toddlers, and adolescents. Paediatrics is a word from the Greek meaning  healer and of covers all aspects of childcare and of course many paediatricians have their own children (which is also a good teaching method in itself) Children deserve to be free to reach maturity to know for themselves without being abused which is taking away their innocence.

Paediatricians, Sociologists, healthcare professionals and parents speak out against, gender reassignment and the cult of transgender. (as mentioned) American paediatricians have spoken on the abuse 'gender dysphoria' teaching and education does to children. It is not just one paediatrician in the American college of paediatricians but also the American Academy of Paediatrics and the Paediatric Endocrine Society, the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the Christian Medical & Dental Associations, the Catholic Medical Association and anyone with common sense. The actual 'science' is explained here  Paediatricians in their experience and observation by Dr Michelle Cretella which concur with other experts in the field, and other 'other' experts i.e. parents, and see the last paragraph above. They state that suicides and child abuse are related to the 'gender dysphoria' teachings or malpractice. (to repeat) The USA has now 40 'gender clinics' Dr Cretella states;

' But transgender ideology is not just infecting our laws. It is intruding into the lives of the most innocent among us—children—and with the apparent growing support of the professional medical community. As explained in my 2016 peer reviewed article, "Gender Dysphoria in Children and Suppression of Debate," professionals who dare to question the unscientific party line of supporting gender transition therapy will find themselves maligned and out of a job'

Others would state it is a cult and bullying of parents, dissenting views and professionals on the issue is a sign that the proponents of gender dysphoria are mentally ill. 1 . Video  'Gabriele Kuby's The Global Sexual Revolution: The Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom' 2. Video; 'Full version: Transgender ideology is 'madness:' Sociologist'

Gabriele Kuby and her book  'The Global Sexual Revolution: The Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom' and people who face bullying by the piranha's. Why because there are only two genders, there is no gay gene and childhood is a gift not to lose or be diagnosed as having a faked and contrived non-existent condition (Remember Milly Molly Mandy, May Amelia or Pippy Longstocking and Just William books, hardly a relationship worry or gender fret in the world) Video, Dr Michelle Cretella 'How 'gender ideology' harms children'

The LBGT community now want 'safe spaces' away from anyone who disagrees with them, except away from innocent children of course as they continue to teach the false paradigms of the gay gene and gender dysphoria. The shocking facts are, it is children who require a Safe zone not the LGBT community. The sexualisation of children which seeks to enter all areas of a child's education is also subverting laws in any way it can. Ongoing from 2011 (increased activity since Jimmy Saville was caught and he was one of several thousand at that time including many 'celebrities' ) are the continuing arrest of paedophiles worldwide (trafficking at home and abroad) and which will continue into 2017 and 2018 and beyond. On a prevalent and parallel level this aim of re-gendering is aided by destroying gender and making new non existent gender pronouns enforceable by law (as Trudeau wants to enforce in Canada) as perversion like subversion. Kinsey and cultural Marxism (last video 'How the gay agenda began – full documentary

(see further the adjacent website and chapter 3a and heading dated 07.07.2017, down to 08.09.2017 on Children, the church and gay & heterosexual rights and above dated 22.05.2017 'The abortion in Ireland that never was ? and gay and Christian rights' )

The same sex marriage scam is obviously being run by fanatics on one level who are a cult of sinister intent. In March 2016 Queen Elizabeth has said she was opposed to same sex marriage. She opposed it because of her Christian faith and those strongly held views. Further as she is the head of the Church as " Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England " as such her faith is not just personal but also Spiritual and Temporal in that it is the law of the land which means any previous marriage law can be annulled and brought into civil state marriages as opposed to marriages in Church, or the Church. She is also head of the Commonwealth of Israel and 53 Nations (although Israel does not regard itself as a British colony) Christian and Jewish Israel (see the adjoining website and chapter 5)

This is actually also the position of Pope Francis who does not follow gay marriages. Named after St Francis who openly said that any Franciscan who wants to leave the vocation and get married can do this without burden or worry. If St Francis had married St Clare the attached female order (and it was rumoured etc) then this would only be the same as the Protestant position today. Pope Francis stance which is laid out here;

"In the United States, the gay rights Catholic group DignityUSA was more outspoken, issuing a press release calling the pope's remark a confirmation that "Pope Francis and other Catholic officials will continue to lead the charge to prevent either civil or sacramental recognition of same-sex relationships."

Pope Francis is successor to St Peter, or Simon Peter the disciple was of course married to a woman (St Peter the disciple) and the disciple and his wife were heterosexual who had all their original body parts (which may come as a shock today) Pope Francis as the Bishop of Rome also oversees many other Catholic areas around the Mediterranean and Holy land which are listed in the New Testament, (and the world) which said they and not Rome were successors of Simon Peter or the head of the Church without being successors to Simon Peter.

Further Caractacus or Caradog, the Welsh King is also rumoured to be the first Christian leader of Rome (see Caradog Bran who is mentioned in the Welsh Triads and the Mabinogi or Mabinogion who went to Rome and whose children are mentioned in 2 Timothy 4,21 in the adjacent website and Chapter 5 ) However there was always a possibility in time, one region or town would have emerged anyway in Rome or elsewhere in Europe, but Rome was the most likely as it was the Capital of the Roman Empire, whereas County Meath in Ireland was the Capital before this as Rome's armies enlarged, except for Scotland and Ireland which Rome did not conquer, although Scotland is based upon Roman law within the UK, and Ireland is now under EU law. In contrast Edward the 1st King of England circa 1300 ad known as William Long shanks was not a Christian and is rumoured to have thrown his gay son's boyfriend from a castle turret to his death due to interference in Royal life.

A common feature of them all (and even intertwined with Scotland's Roman law) is the Common law or Mosaic law (of Moses) from the Brehon law of the Irish Chieftains to the Deemings of King Alfred and equivalent's in Scandinavia and Europe. Without them or a realisation of them the West is being nurtured into a false legal position giving away its heritage and power. (equal rights with no rights, see further the adjacent website)

Obviously and despite Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth, who are spiritual leaders over Billions of people, they feel they cannot really speak their minds on an issue which affects Billions of people. This was the actual case during the Gay marriage referendum in Ireland in which many voices and real serious debate were silenced, censored, and bullied . The posters from the election on the issue speak for themselves. On one level it is hysteria, on a higher level it is a cult which includes harvesting eggs from heterosexual woman (often from poorer countries) for same sex couples which should be banned. People who wish to marry in a church ? but do not believe in God or the Church ? For instance, Queen Elizabeth's stance which she has recently voiced openly carries the following headline; " The Queen Of England Enrages Homosexuals And Says That She Cannot Support Homosexual Marriage Because It Is Against The Bible " Now If that Enrages Homosexuals then so be it, the Bible Is Not A Part Of The "Change" Agenda. If you do not believe the bible why ? are you insisting on a church wedding (= the erosion of spirituality, the family and this line of defence is then weakened in any country )

Being against the bible refers to the verses (for example ) in Colossians 3, 14 (have love etc without knowing what love is which we are all guilty of) and in contrast to 1 Corinthians 6, 9 which says Homosexuality is wrong but cannot be condoned in a Church or sanctified in a marriage. See also 1 Kings 15,12 or here (a cult which hides its real religion to displace the existing over many decades or even centuries)

In this debate (of children’s education) we come across the 'diagnosis' nonsense named as 'gender dysphoria' (which is ascribed to even very young children, but children do not have and which nobody has ) but which should be called "Hetrophobia dysphoria" and not "gender dysphoria", it happens in all children and girls also, and to repeat, can begin at a very young age from 2 to 3 upwards.... boys are smelly, girls are stupid etc. Of course education / teaching is serious and proper, and respect of educators is central to education, but gender dysphoria teaching in schools is itself a disorder especially combined with 'common core' education ( Parents are the authority not the state or school, who can also introduce Christian prayers and Torah / bible into class if they choose, with evolution and intelligent design and creation) What should you do if your school suggests a (or your) little boy or girl has 'gender dysphoria' and classes should be taught in this for them leading into full homosexual classes ? ( which schools are allowing unknown to parents, but who should be arrested, and the intent is to bring it into schools all over the USA and the world ) would you write a letter of concern, or would you take other sterner steps ?  (to employ artistic license) This mild unknown nothingness of 'hetrophobia dysphoria' in children normally dissipates (but it can linger and go beyond early adolescence if allowed to) and in fact it is not a disorder but a condition called childhood which combines with sillyness, day dreaming and/or incredible intense focus and interest (non - disorders) 

A Mother who is deeply concerned on these bizarre and inappropriate teaching ideas and methods, explains to the Board of Education at her local school in 2018, who is the parent and who is the employed servant of the people who are not there to indoctrinate young children, with gender studies which are false and scientifically wrong and which should be decided upon in the Supreme court of the USA (and morally wrong) . She explains what the school board role is  and what is not their role. See the activist Mommy The Activist Mommy - Elizabeth Johnston  and Video ‘Mama Bear Fighting Leftist LGBT Sex Ed Agenda At School Board’

(These doctrines are absurd, yet they are incredibly destructive and evil to bring this into school education, yet these are the same people who believe in abortion at full semester and who want to decapitate the child in the womb before sucking its brains out, and who believe paedophile is a ‘gender’)

Clearly when paedophiles are looking to become a third gender something is seriously wrong, and as the Spotlight film of 2015 highlighted unmarried priests (some of whom who were raped also) were pressured into sexual abuse in misplaced celibacy, whilst in Britain non co-ed boys boarding schools were also areas of rape. The film suggests that Catholic Priests should marry (i.e to members of the opposite sex who have retained their own original body parts) This is not about gay rights as their rights are not improved by marriage from the 2010 civil partnership status, and many of course (see the film spotlight again which the protestant church also has a serious problem as chapter 6 in the adjacent website shows) were afraid to speak out, as a cult acts in this way, but once people did, spirituality improves and the cult minority who control wither away. How this develops from there into rape which causes personality trauma and split personalities and violence is not made into a connection for fear of offending or enraging homosexuals? But they are 3%, and 90% of the 3% do not believe in the church. That is a real reason for outrage. Not raping children is a choice and abuse to children is not condoned in a church. Trans - genders (a bloke in a wig, or woman with a girdle jock strap) kill children and are not men and woman trapped in another body (Black or White) Michael Jackson was abused as a child, he grew up and changed his face trying to heal the inside by making the outside different, instead of healing the inside, which celebrities cannot do as they do not get time or solitude to do so. He was classed as a nasal cripple for re-shaping his nose area (the only area he in fact obsessed over) and hung children out of windows ( a child named blanket) and placed masks over their faces and slept in the same bed as them. (not his own children) The young Jackson 5 at the "ABC" song era time should have stopped and been taken to Jamaica and made Rastafarian's who are more knowledgeable and organic in their approach to life (see above about 50 paras up and beginning "Rastafarians") rather than face the life they had which was a tragedy. Clearly the abuse goes on into the next generation. Above this level prostitution, trafficking and paedophiles see gay marriage loopholes and the law changes as steps to ingratiating their lifestyles onto children.

A Welcome development ( which is the subject matter as it developed within the media and externally of chapter 1,2 and 4 above repeated and the heading "Alicia's law " ) in the fight, hunt and capture of paedofiles is the setting up of the "Human Exploitation Rescue Operative" in which ex army special forces injured and/or retired can become an extra but essential tier added to the FBI which fights online (and offline therefore or in the field) child pedophile exploiters which  is tied into Trafficking worldwide. An enriching and rewarding but harrowing profession which can be soul destroying (see chapter 6 in the adjacent website)  Injured soldiers can work again. Funding for disability and injured vets is also an issue which will work together and it is of course better that disabled or injured people form a business for disabled needs themselves Combining these two urgent and integral needs is an inspired solution, and of course they are both very underfunded. An outline article on this type of solution is here (facebook note & ideas ) which is not a proposal but an idea shaping a proposal for funding. (combined and multi funding sources in which nearly all are accepted of 6 or 7 proposed, and it can be duplicated in every country or city worldwide) 

The recent announcement by Elijah Wood and the Corey Feldman announcements are pertinent as normalizing pedophilia means the media is a target to aid the normalization process. (desensitizing people)

This is a cult and it is worldwide, but no one is suggesting the 3% gays should be rounded up into concentration camps in Siberia like many under Communist/Socialist Stalin and forced to dress in sackcloth and forced into slow labour before execution.

The Cult has no conscience and is similar to the Planned Parenthood scam which admits to selling "baby parts" (Planned Parenthood C.E.O Cecile Richards) defending its grave robbing activities of children who did not need to die. Scary and inhumane. Its President Mary Hogut  refuses to release its (planned parenthood) records and could face jail "for doing her job" as some have called it. It is mass murder in which grave-robbers sell baby parts ? 

In Ireland the leader of Fine Gael Leo Vradker has called (officially) the abortion referendum debate for 2018. The 8th amendment which currently gives equal rights to the baby and to the mother and which should be extended to the father. The referendum is being pushed by George Soros who has given €18 million to the campaign (which the left ignore) and Chuck Feeney from the USA who are also funding the 'planned parenthood' baby parts scam. Planned parenthood clinics are a production line and 'breast screening' mammograms or family planning is not their profitable business.  The LGBT community are on the whole in support of the abortion referendum ironically, but the debate should be between 'breeders' only (as the 98.5% heterosexuals are called ) Removing a child's right, a baby's right and an unborn babies right to life (all the same person from conception) is Murder and un-equality. If it is not then surely the same campaigners should approve of woman being beheaded in Saudi Arabia or in Afghanistan or in the Christian genocide (ongoing) after all it's the right to kill. It is not just a woman's body but a man's body alsowho should also have a choice and a say in the matter, to 50%, (and microscopic science has revealed much of the lies since the 1960's / 1970's & Roe versus Wade see post, dated 08.07.2017 above. The woman in this case kept her baby and became a Christian) In Ireland the EU Structural and investment funds drive or pressure social policy also as well as Soros or Chuck Feeney and can dictate a politician to Introduce profound and ill thought out measures (based on deception) But as for the baby it is not their 'crime', 'fault' or circumstance to be killed, it is murder pure and simple.

A lie which is added to the abortion row is a baby ('foetus') does not feel pain in the abortion?  In the USA now many states can ban abortion outright and also ban Planned parenthood. The late term abortion ban down to 20 weeks was passed in congress, and shows how 'science' real science can move the cut off date down to 20 weeks from whichever point it was at (including over 35 weeks) and can move down further. The indisputable science was baby's feel no pain in the first 28 weeks but now that has been proven wrong. Further a baby is bathed in salt saline solution with chemicals which burns it (and is still performed today) and causes it to stretch or if a week dislodge it, which enables limbs and head to be cut off. Babies feel pain before 20 weeks. Here is scientific proof of that  fact. Babies at a few days (or minutes) even can be considered hypothetically equally with someone who in adult life is paralyzed without feeling (to contrast a baby from conception to 20 weeks as a hypothetical). Should such a person be  killed anyway if paralyzed they cannot feel, after they would not feel being cut into pieces. Many operations under anaesthetic were incomplete and people without moving felt everything afterwards. Should either of these people be killed, of course not, and an elderly person at the end of their life is just as equal with a right to life even if only a few minutes are left. Life begins from conception and spiritual faiths not just Christianity but  including, believe it is a Gd given life. The bible says in Jeremiah 1,5 i formed you in the womb, Pslam 139,13 also says you were formed in the womb and i knew you in the womb. These verses and other verses also confirm this fact. Further steps on birth control improvement in the USA, which means paying for birth control as opposed to getting it free, means if it was not available at all and abortions were not available, that men would have to improve their attitudes to woman (yes men ) and not consider them a commodity. (a hypothetical which was once very real and was a wiser way than today, these are steps which make you think) A very difficult issue for teenagers, but the bible marriage ceremony is actually the Jewish Ketuba contract (but under Gd or Torah and witnessed by the families) which stipulates (or should) that a woman's family (yes the woman family) receives a dowry (payment or commodity) for the loss of their daughter as the girl or woman was / is considered a loss to a family, a valuable person and a benefit to a man not a commodity. We are taught of course that the bible is backward in its thinking when actually it is radically beneficial and actually 'progressive' (including also good dietary plans) and is exactly the opposite of our expectations in these areas.Of course babies are conscious from the very beginning, and of course life begins at conception. The following videos explain how since the 1970's there have been nearly 1 Billion abortions but rather how that genocide has occurred (of babies at all terms)

A new bill in the USA signed on the 6.10.2017 allows for total exemptions on abortion inducing drugs due to religious freedom of conscience and moral freedom (exemption from Obamacare )

Video; 'Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry – Arizona' 

The following video (in contrast to Dr Robert Lawlor in the above paragraph above these dated 8.9.2017) 'Abortion Procedures: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters' described in detail as the violent painful death it is, (i.e. Murder) is by an abortionist / Gynaecologist (former abortionist? Dr Anthony Levatino) As for marriage it is between a man and a woman only as they can procreate a child which has consciousness and awareness that a Gd may exist or be able to reason on those lines (i.e. us) It is not a contraception problem gone wrong to remove as soon as possible.

In the state of Georgia (USA) and others the state has passed laws which allow Churches who do not want to participate in the LGBT religion to opt out of the gay marriage church. This is of course fair and if objected to then it is obvious as many Gay activists admit that they are not interested in Gay Marriage only destroying the Church. (see above) Islam for instance does not allow gay marriage as it is against its religion and Obama and Hillary Clinton ( = Obama-ism) is not forcing them (Islam) to perform gay  marriages ? (there are also no transgender toilets in Mecca or attached as a prefab to the Kaaba stone ?) 

The Church of Scotland on 22.05.2015 held its General Assembly and decided as clerical members of the church (not the individual congregations) to allow some of its ministers to perform same sex marriage and be in same sex marriages as gay priests but allowed a "opt out" for individual congregations as follows:;  Officially, the Church's position on marriage remains traditionalist. But congregations can opt out if they want and call ministers in same-sex marriages. As Chalmers said: "We had a debate which made very clear that we were not interfering with our theological definition of marriage and were not going to the place where ministers or deacons could themselves conduct same sex marriages. It is an entirely different discussion."  ?

The idea is expressed here also   The problem is shared by "Thinking Anglicans"  who point out that "diverse" means having diverse theological opinions (away from the view that the Bible and Church teach Homosexuality is a natural and expressed part of their teachings) which is getting to the point that gay marriage is not a Christian marriage and the opt out should be extended to allow one church to go their way call it what they will and the other to go their way and having a no legal hassle divorce from each other. The growing scientific proof shows that transgender x and y chromosomes before (male) and after the artificial operation stay as X and Y chromosomes and the same with the "gay gene" before and after birth. (there is no gay gene) The "Church" is not a clerical political election it has a constitution which makes it clear ( the bible) that marriage is between men and woman and ministers who are gay are not a part of the christian church and neither are gay marries. 

Mexico on the 12.09.2016 saw over 1 million people across the country over 122 national Mexican cities (some estimate 3 million in total) against same sex marriage and will be followed by a second march on 24.09.2016. These people are not Homophobic but are concerned a small esoteric minority are trying to dissolve family values and destroy the Church (which is true)

Mexico again on the 25.09.2016 demonstrated against the same sex marriage bill. Mexico city brought 300,000 people and across the country nearly a million demonstrated again. On this occasion Pope Francis came out of Vatican to say he was against the same sex family bill proposed by President Pena Nieto. This comes 4 days after a Priest was murdered in Mexico. The same sex marriage bill is part  of a unified attempt to destroy society as if you do not believe in church or G-d why marry in a Church ? why take a Church to law ? From the heading  Family planning as an ideology paragraphs above it is not just against destroying the family but against society in general. It is incredible that gay activists who have already won all their human rights admit this.

The Pope also added his support to the gay marriage protests in Mexico. These protests were followed by Protests in Paris over two days in October 16th and 17th 2016 (and against pedophilia) The Church has a right to exercise its conscience and allow an opt out legally. 

Whilst in the USA the Presidential election debate (see here adjacent website and chapter 3 scroll down to the debate 3/4 way down chapter 3) revealed the meaning of full term / partial birth abortion and its horrific acts, which also linked campaign funding from planned parenthood to Hillary Clintons campaign who supported this procedure which basically sucks a babies brains out  and allows it to collapse enabling the head and body to be removed easily. After the US elections 2016 Colonel Allen West said until we right the wrong of abortion we will never be truly blessed as a nation which is very perceptive.

The West allows this debate and the truth which is not discrimination or an intended discrimination is better than a convenience for all concerned. It is a deliberate targeted deception to destroy the church which is admitted by gay people ? The opt out should be widened to allow the Christian church to emerge out of the quagmire in which the 2 or 3 % in the world (gay) of the 2 Billion named Christians worldwide of which only less than 1 % are gay Christians, and less than 0.1 are transgender Christians are dictating church policy ? That takes organisation and slow infiltration to appear natural

It is also against the Christian faith (can heterosexual Catholic Priests marry, reproduce and remain as Priests ? they should be allowed to choose and/or remain single) and these measures will allow the Christian Church to separate itself in the USA and worldwide (Catholic or Protestant amidst the real Christian Genocide which is a real issue ) from the LGBT church as Islam does. If Christians churches are not allowed this caveat (and gays can marry in other churches as they are found) then it is obvious that Christianity is being singled out by the Obama and Hillary Clinton cult, while Islam is allowed to maintain its religious faith objection ? Christian churches should be freed.

Queen Elizabeth's stance against gay marriage actually creates constitutional problems as her view as the head of the Church overrides previous gay marriages. Gay marriages which were not sanctified in a real church in any case. (Islam, Sikhs and Judaism also follow this law) This chapter 4 and beginning from the heading "family planning as an ideology" down to this point, lists the realities which actually occur. In Ireland this also causes a constitutional crisis. Ireland is not a monarchy, or as yet a full Republic some suggest, and as many Protestants voted in the Southern gay marriage referendum without this knowledge or instruction from the head of the Church (Queen Elizabeth) as did Roman Catholics (i.e the Popes stance above also) then this silencing was a part of that lack of debate. Ireland is mooted to join the commonwealth but it is resisted, yet staying in Europe is not. Emanon O'Ciuv (Eamonn De Valera's Grandson) proposed joining the commonwealth to accommodate Ulster Unionists on the road to a United Ireland.

Yet the Irish gay marriage position is now at odds with Queen Elizabeth's position and of course she and President Higgins are heterosexual. Ulster has refrained from the gay marriage permission as the larger picture is nothing to do with gay rights.

The LGBT community are forming their own church but they want it within the Christian church. (This  as Catholic Priests cannot get married legally ?) It includes transgender breastfeeding and teaching children that this is normal and within nature. (when the birth mother, a female actually supplied the breast milk) The commonwealth Church   is trying by legislation which  is outdated but based upon the bible which is in date, to overturn its laws ( 16 of the 53 Commonwealth member states only, which are chiefly territories that used to be part of the former commonwealth, the commonwealth of Israel as it is known, the current leader is the Queen who is a Christian) and allowed, if or as soon as it does, it is of course no longer a christian church in the Judeo Christian tradition, but which seeks to overturn all institutions relating to the family, health if related, and spiritual institutions in any country or system. (They including Archbishop Tutu and daughter are not part of the spiritual christian Church)

US Supreme Court Ruling 1.6.2018 After years of court hearings and angst the gay bake a cake case finally reached the Supreme court of the USA. The decision was set aside but vindicated Jack Philips as follows; ‘The court concluded that the commission violated Phillips’ religious rights under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment’   The real story is the gay couple drove over a 60 miles (some say 120 miles) and passed many other establishments who baked cakes including Muslim bakeries (Islam is not harassed to perform gay marriages, nor does it face any criticism or referendums to do so etc) The establishment could have  offered a subcontractor but that was ignored, but in any case, an establishment has the right to refuse anyone. They targeted the establishment and contrived a case vindictively and without ‘love’. The matter goes deeper as it is clearly out to discriminate against Christians. Gays who want to marry in a Christian church are using the law to bypass the Christian debate which should be afforded to Christians as it is a Christian Church and Marriage. No one joins a club and does not abide by its rules.( (Leviticus 18,22 & 20, 13. Romans1 26 – 27. 1 Corinthians 7, 2, I Timothy 1, 8 – 10. Hebrews 12,6, Revelations 22, 15, Jude 1,7, Ephesians 5, 5, 1 Corinthians 6, 9 – 11. Revelations 21,8 & Genesis 19) The Torah also forbids gay marriage. In Brazil the Anglican Church branch (who clearly do not understand the bible verses Mathew 22, 37 – 39 with John 3 1 – 16 which define each other) has approved gay marriage, and hence it is no longer a Christian establishment but a part of the Transhumanist church , (which also has the gay manifesto which is a real document, as it’s inspiration, and why there are so many gays pushing this in society as a ‘revolution’ from within) and it should lose its right to be a national Church leading nations, and state it is not a Christian church in any nation (again the church and state agenda is brought forward but from the wrong perspective as Sharia law and state trys to force its way onto national governments)  Jack Phillips was bullied and persecuted for his beliefs, just as John Kluge was/is (a school teacher also bullied and persecuted and still is) for refusing to name someone’s gender other than what it is i.e. male or female, boy or girl and so on. The people pushing the gender delusion should be sacked and forcing children to believe such nonsense is child abuse (madness) because they are not just opposing with an opposite religion but forcing someone to deny their religion or faith but selectively. The bake a cake gay nonsense should never have gone to the Supreme Court and it bankrupted (potentially) Jack Phillips and his business. They had no qualms about ruining his family’s life and no remorse, and this is also the case with John Kluge and his wife and children. It is not gays who are persecuted it is this lobby which is attacking the church, schools and education viscously with spurious and litigiously expensive drama’s. It is not rational or productive, nor is it avant-garde or shocking, it is a joke and is designed as such, but one in which children are forced to change sex (Gd or nature has made a mistake) but in many cases they commit suicide or change back or try to but in many cases it is too late) It is now time for these stacked up cases to be bundled and entered into the Supreme Court for the scientific test. i.e.  Q. How many genders are there ? A. 2 genders (next case … and then applied retrospectively including repayment of fines incurred, and after which Gays still have rights ?) If these people cannot do that or face the scientific test but apply hearsay and opinion with fines, ruin, and prison, then the lower courts should throw out all lower cases, and then free speech and common sense should prevail, in the 2 gender reality in schools, business and universally.

( ... a couple of weeks later from the above) Following the publication of the Supreme Court bake a gay cake drama and decision, many establishments have become irate. For example many Christians in the USA have served gays with food and clothing and all manner of retail and wholesale goods, and this goes on every day. (also no one mentions the gay persecution of hetros as hetrophobia) That is not the question, what is strange about this case is that the gays were forcing a man to state he should believe and comply with gay marriage, in which he refused as his faith states it is wrong as does the Judeo Christian tradition in fact and history. Many establishment's often display signs stating the have the right to refuse anyone. (Obama deported more people than any President in history but the democrats said nothing and the law to separate children and parents wasn't called for repeal from 2008 - 2016 ? Illegal immigrants are deported from Mexico and Japan and China and Russia, the EU and anywhere ?)  Since that date Sarah Sanders the Whitehorse spokesperson (and others) have been refused food in a restaurant in connection to this ruling ? Firstly she is not part of the Supreme Court and it was a 7 to 2 (7 Judges for and 2 against ) decision and nothing to do with her or any member of the Whitehouse or the Democrats or Republicans. No one asks why is this acceptable to refuse her a meal ? yet she left the restaurant and has not sued anyone in the Supreme court. She could have began that long journey to the Supreme Court and cited that as a Republican Christian  she was refused a  " Lemon & thyme chargrilled chicken, brioche bun chipotle mayo, iceberg lettuce, tomato, served with fresh cut chips & side of chipotle mayo "  because of her beliefs but she did not, she simply left the restaurant. Others may be refused in the 'Red Hen restaurant' or any restaurant or perhaps they will be served.

Researching how many transgenders apply to reverse their operations or their views is a  subject academia block's if possible. A testimony is available here from Walt Heyer (former transgender )  to the pain and suffering caused by Transgenderism ( or here by former transgender 'Diamond Dee' who also suggests 'de transing' or changing back is very common) Initially a gender expert advised Walt in what is a great deception and which is also being experimented upon very young children. The advice was based upon the Alfred Kinsey,(the paedofile  see video 'How the gay agenda began – full documentary )    Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin scale of gender theories, now known as the Kinsey Scale. which employed data and interviews from paedofiles to compile. Kinsey was a expert only in grooming victims and many children) Walt Heyer was deceived and the 'gender expert' charged a lot of money for the scam.    (his testimony continues here) It is a lucrative business. Similar profits and deceptions are pushed by Cecile Richards who retired from Planned Parenthood in early 2018 denying she was being investigated by the FBI, but who is estiamted to be responsible for over 3.5 million deaths or abortions. Walts family also suffered a great  deal as anyone could imagine. See also the professional science of  Quentin Van Meter, MCP who is a pediatric endocrinologist. He is a Fellow of the American College of Pediatricians and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. If Walt Heyer had been given alternative advice, he and his family could have escaped the tramua. Calling for a ban on conversion therapy for children (or adults) to become transgender in schools public or private or in clinics is a choice society can make to end what is effectively child abuse.

'Gender dysphoria' (especially in innocent young children ) is not a real condition but makes some people a lot of money. (To repeat Camilla Page ) Camilla Page who is a Lesbian says "Homosexuality is not 'normal.' On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm; therein rests its eternally revolutionary character Queer theorists - that wizened crew of flimflamming free-loaders - have tried to take the post structuralist tack of claiming that there is no norm, since everything is relative and contingent. This is the kind of silly bind that word-obsessed people get into when they are deaf, dumb, and blind to the outside world. Nature exists, whether academics like it or not. And in nature, procreation is the single, relentless rule. That is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction, no fancy linguistic game-playing can change that biologic fact."  

Essentially there are only 2 genders man and woman, and gays used to know that this was a fact, science at micro levels is also showing this to be so.

To get an idea in June / July 2018 of how the Children of the world are loved in the 'gay agenda' (see you tube video 2 paragraphs up which as an agenda has been hijacked ) and also the transhumanist  religion, education boards are forced to accept sex education training on children (although many are banning it outright) which states there are more than 2 genders which is clearly a lie. It is a lie from the very onset  (video'Pediatrician Shuts Down Leftists on Puberty Blockers Let Freedom Speak: The Daily Signal ' ) of education. Sex from birth cannot be changed (or even before) by surgery or feelings. It is also a method to destroy education and innocence. The Supreme Court should decide on the scientific 2 gender test as soon as possible. Child abuse and targeting children's education is a criminal activity not a educational option.

A few days earlier Pope Francis issued his statement on same sex marriage which states " But the human family as an image of God, man and woman, is only one. It is only one,” the pontiff said"    which echoes the views of the Ulster churches in Northern Ireland (they agree on this) The reason for this and earlier again is marriage is the image of Gd, hence why it is attacked in the most absurd manner. It has always been so not just in Catechism but from the Old Testament and the New Testament (see above 4 paragraphs) Asking the Christian Church to change its view and practice on this issue would put in opposition to God, which is the objective of the LGBT movement who on the one hand want to be married in a Christian Church but on the other they want to change the church as Gd or nature has made a mistake ?. Just as other beliefs  including Islam have their law and practice, then the secular law cannot be binding over a Church, but more than that marriage is a Covenant between humans and God, not just a law. A family is defined by conception and birth of a man and woman. 

The Church wants its own law recognized, and the issue of allowing Roman Catholic Priests to marry woman is surely much more urgent and pertinent in global referendum's ?

The growing split in the Church which is a natural split between the gay church and heterosexual church (the 98.5%) is the correct way forward. Over 150 Evangelical Pastors sign a manifesto on Christian marriage as solely between a man and a woman.The Church wants  the same rights in law to not perform gay marriages as its legal conscionable right.

Either gay marriage will leave the Church or the Church of Protestant and Catholics will leave and join one which opposes it or jointly form a new church, in Ireland, Britain and Europe and the USA. A further factor in the pressure brought to bear on governments by the cult is the financial one. If a country is heavily indebted then pressure can be brought onto a country to comply and silence those who oppose. The lack of broadcasting on the Popes and Queen Elizabeth's stances was not widely known. This was not widely known in Ireland, i.e. the exact stance of the Pope or Queen Elizabeth within the silenced referendum. People and ministers in the church are facing legal action unless they comply. The West is already tolerant and Christians deserve their rights also. Those (who did not introduce a conscience clause for the church in the referendum whilst others sat by) in Government and the Civil service in Ireland and Britain should resign.


The Communist Manifesto (and its 10 main points or planks, the 10 headings link to the manifesto)

1. Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.
Chinese survivors state that it was not just the Landlords (Bourgeoisie) who lost land and the means of production, but also the Peasants (Proletariat) in vast numbers. It is also the first step to control the masses. It is also easier to dispose of landless populations.

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax
So heavy was the taxation that eventually an income was abolished completely. Studies of currency circulation show it is possible to remove taxation and still pay for goods and services.

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
Not just for the higher estates or the rich but for everyone. Land is then mortgaged to a new bank and state mortgage in effect to the state for all land, or it was to become communal (with shared eating hall) . Chinese people state the peasants and the landlords (or anyone who disagreed) were forced into communal living in sub-standard housing where they met in a central hall in which they were allowed to bring one plate for one meal. They were not allowed to cook at home. Often the food ran out hence the mass starvation's. Their previous lands or homes were demolished or given to the state.

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
Those that escaped or rebelled lost all property and ownership.

5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
This is the current situation in the world's banking system. They are not state owned in the West but control the state. Previously small banks serviced a town, community or city and the 'MO' cash supply was not 3 - 5 % debt free it was 80 - 90 % . Europe employs lending through banks, whereas America turns to private means. The difference is the West recognises (especially after the last 8 years since the financial collapse, that financial collapse prospers no one)

6. Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state.
Stalin utilised this model to create paranoia and fear which he regarded as more powerful than just a standing army or stasi secret police.

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
Please see the whole of chapter 1 and chapter 2 and the pdf entitled (Chapter 1) EU, Rome London Israel at the very top of the page. Pol Pot in cambodia took the first 6 points above and forced all people to work as slaves on one meal per day, beginning history again from "Day 1" and caused the death of millions.

8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of Industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
Whilst this seems fair the industrial armies were the forced peasants and landlords who starved to death and production although increasing slightly at first caused massive unemployment, disorganisation and inappropriate farming and agricultural methods. Men and Woman were regarded as equal but since all rights were removed all had no rights equally and lived in squalor. The equal right to starve was not just for the men and woman and children second (as in a lifeboat situation on a sinking ship) but all could die equally including children.The family unit was broken and children were placed in authority over parents who could report them for counter-revolutionary activities (as mentioned) 100% employment (= no unemployed) is well paid employment not zero hours employment, or below the national wage limit.

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.
Breaking down of tradition and culture ensuring disorientation and a breakdown of tribal identity which also did not result in a fairer distribution of land, money and resources.(see see the whole of chapter 1 and chapter 2 and the pdf entitled (Chapter 1) EU, Rome London Israel at the very top of the page)

10. Free education for all children in government schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, etc
A good idea, but under communism this meant (under Pol Pot for example) simply brainwashing the population for free. The elite in communist hierarchies did not follow these 'ideals' listed above but instead see them as tools to enslave a population especially other nations weakening them over decades before invasion or by watching their societies collapse. Re-educating people to accept population reduction methods and policies in wider society and in the family.

Property which is hard fought for does not need to undergoe private ownership abolition "Hard-won, self-acquired, self-earned property! Do you mean the property of petty artisan and of the small peasant, a form of property that preceded the bourgeois form? There is no need to abolish that; the development of industry has to a great extent already destroyed it, and is still destroying it daily" (see link at the beginning) This means simply a transfer of ownership from one private source to another and a 'Vanguard' could have the pick of that transferred property not the proleteriat. This was the case in Russia, China and the Ukraine. (another Elite is formed) Religion based upon past morals, truth, juridical and philosophical ideals or ideas must be swept away. But this is precisely what people do not want, people want a sense of tradition and belonging tenure. Ancient societies were sophisticated and civilised and not backward or primitive with unique and advanced knowledge which has survived and multiplied except when previous ideas were abolished. If we have regressed then until now, then Pol Pot (and Chairman Mao and Stalin) who abolished everything including history and time only led to a closing down of the human condition and genocide is a step further in that regression (for example)

After these reforms were complete any